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听写 4月1号 1.As we (all) know, light travels faster than sound. 2.The doctor did what he could to save the dying man. The doctor did all/everything that he could to save the dying man. 3.Is the factory the one (that) we visited last week? 4.He has a recipe for making dumplings with seafood (in them). 5.The prize for the funniest act went to Yang.

4月2号 1.This is the best way that Ms Zhang could think of to stop students from breaking the school rules. 2.It’s foolish of you to make such stupid mistakes. 3.Everyone else in this company was invited to the picnic except Jim. 4.Let’s walk there. Two kilometers is a short distance. 5.The students complained to the teacher of too much homework.

补: 6.Competition between families starts at a young age. 7.Children should have free time to relax.

4月3号 1. He suggested standing on the top of the mountain so that we could see the whole city

clearly. 2. I won’t believe that an eight-year-old boy can work out such a difficult problem until

I have tested him by myself. 3. Many children are under pressure because competition between families starts at a

young age. 4. 5. She was angry with Jim because she argued with him yesterday. Kate will keep a pet dog in her apartment in five years.

4.7 1. 2. 3. It’s foolish of you to fall asleep in class. The baby is so young that he can’t dress himself in a shirt. The passengers were waiting in the station when they arrived. It seemed that the train

was late again./ The train seemed to be late again. 4. There are different shapes of kites flying in the sky.

There are many kites in different shapes flying in the sky. 5. If you put your heart into your dream, it will come true one day.

4月8日 1. He thought his decision would surprise Mary. But to his surprise, he found Mary was

not surprised at his surprising decision at all. Then he said to Mary in surprise, “What makes(has made) you change your idea/thought?”


Don’t complain to your friend of/about your past experiences. You’ll find it necessary

to experience such hard experiences. 3. When an earthquake happens, you should keep calm and go to an open area as

quickly as possible. 4. 5. It’s important for a child to have enough, so it’s wrong of you to stay up. He is looking forward to buying the house at the original price.(最初的价格)

4月9号 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The best treatment for a headache is to lie down and have a good rest. Follow him to go along the road until you get to the barber’s. China was made host for the Olympics (the Olympic Games) for the first time in 2008. Yang Liwei became a national hero after his flight around the earth for 22 hours. While he was playing the accordion, someone knocked at the door.

补:The murder took place on a cold night.

4 月 10 号 1. 2. 3. 4. 补: To keep safe, everyone isn’t supposed to drive a car after drinking (wine). It is said that Doctors Without Borders helps sick people in poor countries. Jim gets nervous in public and has a hard time talking with strangers. Mary didn’t tell the truth, so mother was mad at her.


He has much experience in teaching physics and had made a decision to work in a

poor mountain village. 6. He has a house of his own and it was built on his own.

4 月 11 号 1. 2. 3. 4. The Great Wall is so wonderful a place that I want to visit it an eighth time. The factory has been open for three years and a half./three and a half years. Please tell me your reasons against becoming a professional athlete. The athlete got injured in a traffic and then he had to make a living (by) growing

vegetables. 5. 4.12 1.The population of the city has risen by 10percent in the past two years. 2.Tevilision has a strong influence on/over people. 3. I’ve learnt from the letter that he is in Spain now. 4.Ten days passed (went by). He ran out of all his money.(All his money ran out). So he had to sell his snow globe with bears in it for 50 dollars. 5.Jim does what he can to practice. He thinks that the more he practices, the better his English will be. The teacher took away my dictionary because I looked up the words in the exam.

补:The man has no influence on his children. They doesn’t listen to him.

4.15 1.Do the chores right away. Don’t annoy your mother./Stop annoying your mother. She can’t stand you. 2.Etiquette means normal and polite social behavior. For example, you must wait in line, keep your voice down in public, take care not to cough or sneeze in public places. 3.—Look at the sign, please. It says, “No Smoking!” Would you mind putting out your cigarette? -- Sorry, I didn’t see / notice it. I won’t do it again. 4.Excuse me, you’re not allowed to drop litter here. Would you mind picking it up? 5.The sun is much nearer to the earth than any other star. 4.16 1.He suggests reading English every day. He thinks reading English books is a better way of learning English than watching movies. 2.Besides singing English songs, there are many other fun ways of learning English/to learn English. 3.The movie was boring. He fell asleep half way through it. 4.An 80-year-old man says dogs are too difficult to take care of. 5.The government encourages people to give away old books to the poor villagers. 4.17 1.The population of the village is one million. Three fourths /quarters of it are workers. 2.The city map makes it easier for us to travel around the city. 3.It’s better to see lions and foxes during the night because they’ll probably be awake.

4.It was yesterday that they decided to improve their pronunciation by watching movies 5.If you don’t go camping, neither will he. That means neither of you will have 2 days off.

补: 6.Friends like you make it easier for to get along in a new place. 7.非延续---延续 come to, arrive in, get ot , reach, move to -----be in die-------------------------------------------------------be dead leave----------------------------------------------------be away from join ------------------------------------------------------be in /a member of begin ----------------------------------------------------be on open/close-----------------------------------------------be open/closed borrow---------------------------------------------------keep buy-------------------------------------------------------have get (a job)------------------------------------------------have 4.18 1. The new way makes it easier for workers to finish the work. 2.It was in the street that the traffic accident happened to Jim. 3.Besides practicing pronunciation, he has done many other things to improve his English. 4.She dropped the plate and it broke into pieces. 5. It was in his forties that someone encouraged him to give away books to the villagers.

4.22 1.The frustrating movie made Jim (feel) frustrated. 2.The thinks the best way to learn new words is memorizing the words of pop songs. 3.Worrying about our problems can affect how we do at school. So we should learn how to deal with our problem. 4.Many families regard/treat/consider/look on(upon) their pets family members. 5.You won’t stay healthy unless you exercise every day. 补: 6.I’m excited about seeing him in Dongying/to see him in Dongying. 7I was strongly impressed by him because of his lecture. 8.It’s impolite to break off others’ talking. 4.25 1.He used to leave his with the door open, didn’t he? Now he is used to asking his secretary to close it. 2.To his surprise, the little wasn’t terrified of the snake. 3.Unfortunately, Jim still caused problems for him and his family. 4.I missed (catching) the train and I had to wait for the next one. 5.The doctor is very patient with his patients. 补: 6.Please pay attention to what I am saying. 7. His parents take pride in/are proud of his progress.

4.26 1.we don’t allow smoking in the cinema, but you are allowed to smoke in the rest room. 2.--Jim has decided to concentrate more on the English study. --So he has. So have I. 3.She hopes I can reply to his invitation as soon as possible. 4.Jim was serious about learning English and he caught up with others. 或 Jim is serious about learning English and he has caught up with others. 5.Only when you realize the importance of foreign languages, can you learn them well. Only+状语,倒装句。 补: 6.He has many years’ experience of/in growing flowers. 7.He succeeded in giving up smoking. 8.Sometimes these hobbies can get in the way of our study.

4.27 1.What if the plane doesn’t take off on time? 2. The first-aid book gives advice on what to do in lots of situations. 3.Many kind people have offered people in Ya’an money and food. offer sb. sth.= offersth. to sb. Provide sb. with sth. =provide sth. for sb. 4.He prefers going with us to staying at home.

He prefers to go with us rather than stay at home. He would rather go with us than stay at home. He would go with us rather than stay at home. 5.Don’t enter the room without permission. 补: 6.The old man treated the little girl as his own granddaughter. 7.The whole city was burned to the ground. 8.Dad was always watching me and would take pride in (be proud of)everything I did. 9.He showed/had/took much interest in reading novels. Now he isn’t interested in it. 4.27 1.China belongs to the developing countries while America belongs to the developed countries. 2.Ten doctors and five nurses have made up the medical team and will start out right now. 3.Be careful of the person who doesn’t talk and the dog that doesn’t bark. 4.You can’t make a person who is pretending to be asleep. 5.Its our duty to keep our environment clean.

补: 6.It’s a long time since last rain. The flowers need watering./ The flowers need to be watered. 7.Our class is made up of 60 students and four fifths of them are League Members.

5.2 1.Jim prefers the music that he can sing along with to the music that he can dance to. 2.Hangzhou is a great place to visit and I’m lucky to be here for an eight-month physics course. 3.Whenever I meet him, he says hello to me with a smile. 4.Jim suggested reading English every day. I took his advice and so did Kate. 5.The pictures remind me of the day which we spent together in the countryside years ago.

6.I like the teacher whose classes are very interesting and creative. I like the teacher who can give interesting classes. 7.The population of the village has increased to 10000. /by 5 percent 8. The doctor adviced him to stay away from smoking. 5.3 1.The students are supposed to wear uniforms when they are at school. 2.The door isn’t big enough for the elephant to go through. 3.Many people, including Lucy(Lucy included) provided food for the homeless in Ya’an. Many people, including Lucy(Lucy included) provided the homeless in Ya’an with food. 4.He is considering studying abroad. 5.The Smiths hope Zhu’s dream will come true one day/ some day. 5.4 1.He sailed across the Pacific Ocean, traveled across the desert and trekked through the forest.

2.According to the survey, most students want to achieve their dreams by finding out how successful people did it. 3.He dreamed/dreamt about/of becoming a scientist in his childhood. He held on to it and it came true at last. 4.She is willing to help me in any way she can. 5.Jim continued copying homework while the teacher was giving the chemistry lesson. 5.6 1.We will put off holding the sports meeting because of the heavy rain. 2.Not only does he works hard at school ,but(also) he makes many friends. 3.They volunteered to clean up the park once a week. 4.He’llbe able to put his experience to good use in this new job. 5.My opinion on the matter is similar to Jane’s. 5.7 1.In 2010, Jim joined“Animal Helpers” an organization (which is ) set up to help disabled people. 2.Please fetch me the bottle (which is ) full of (filled with) orange juice. Please fetch the bottle (which is ) full of (filled with) orange juice for me. 3.Gougou, the specially trained dog, has been trained to understand different instructions. 4.Your support has meant a lot to me during/at the difficult time. 5.Many modern roads have been built to make it more convenient for people to travel. 5.8 1.If more time is given,the work will be done better.

2.A law was passed to stop people from smoking in public places in 2010 3.Chinese is used /spoken by the largest number of speakers/people in the world. 4.The doctor decided to operate on the patient at once. 5.The strange thing was used to hold water./for holding water. 5.9 1.You shouldn’t sprinkle so much salt on/over the chips. 2.I noticed him enter the office.=He was noticed to enter the room. 3.The abacus was invented in the 6th century by the Chinese. 4.The scientist discovered a new star the other day. 5.She tasted the coffee and then added some sugar to it.

6.We didn’t start our discussion until everyone arrived. 7.According to the survey, China produced a small number of cars in the 1950s. 8.How can we remain silent on this thing/matter? 5.10 1.They divided themselves into 3 groups according to the age. 2.It is believed that ancient Chinese invented paper. 3.At least 300 million people are using QQ created by Ma Huateng to chat on line. 4.Waste paper shouldn’t be thrown everywhere. It’s our duty to keep the city clean. 5.People must be stopped from wasting paper.

6.Jim is often told to listen carefully in class. 5.11 1.Although the alarm clock went off, he didn’t wake up. 2.He came by and gave me a ride to the airport. He went past me and gave me a ride to the airport. 3.He felt embarrassed when he heard the embarrassing joke. 4.We were all exhausted after ten hours’ walk. 5.Peter asked me to come to his party, but he himself didn’t show up. 5.13 1.One day the truth of the event will be revealed. 2.The government announced that 28 workers lost their lives in the accident which happened in Luzhou, Sichuan. 3.Walles was so convincing that hundreds of people believed his story and panic set off across the whole country. 4.The shopkeeper said they had sold out all the shoes in my size. The shopkeeper said they all the shoes in my size had been sold out. 5.He has been married to Mary for 3 months.

6.Words can’t describe the beauty of Wuyi Mountain. 7.On April Fool’s Day, most students were fooled by Jim.

5.14 1.I made a telephone call to him, but there was no reply/answer. 2.Taking subway is quite convenient in London. It’s convenient to take subway in London. 3.The moonlight was shining on me through the window. 4.He has nothing to say on this matte. 5.The doctor did what he could to save the girl (who was badly hurt in the accident.)

6.People in Switzerland enjoy free medical care. 7.Mother got him to get his clothes washed yesterday.

5.15 1.He met his friends while (he was )walking along the beach. 2.As we all know, good results depend on hard work. 3.Eating too much junk food can lead to health problems. 4.I want to borrow a bike from Tom, but he didn’t lend it to me. (lend me it 错) 5.In order to pass the exam, he studied even harder.

6.Using certain extra words helps to make language more polite. 7.Choice of language depends on the relationship and situation. 8.His words offended Lucy. Lucy was offended at/by his words/.what he said.

5.16 1. He dropped by his father’s house when came back home from work. 2.No one can be successful without hard work. 3.I met him in the theme park for the first time last year. 4.The Greens are lying on the beach and they feel relaxed. 5.You should have told me the news early. 6.To keep safe , you are supposed to wear a seat belt in the car.

5.17 1.Our biology teacher always goes out of her way to help us. 2.He got bored with his new work several weeks later. 3.Don’t experiment with such dangerous drugs. 4.They are familiar with the subject. The subject is familiar to them. 5.I want to make an appointment with Mr.Smith.

6.They are experimenting with the new material. They are doing an experiment with the new material. 7.He found it difficult to fall asleep because he got angry with the man upstairs. 8.Some films can combine education with entertainment.

5.18 1.I think winter is a beautiful season, especially when it snows. 2.We wear sunglasses to keep out the bright sunshine. 3.People should be stopped/prevented from killing endangered animals. 4.The instruction on the bottle is confusing. 5.The houses are specifically designed for young people. 6.Now it’s possible to design cars with the computer. 7.You can’t depend on him, for instance/example, he didn’t complete the task last month. 8.Many ads are aimed specifically at teenagers.

5.20 1.He got up to get some sleeping pills but found there was none left at home. 2.I found it boring to begin/start with, but I soon got used to it. 3.To make things easier, People would rather just give money. 4.Different people have different thoughts on this subject. 5.Thay want every minute to count. They hope every minute counts. 6.How many students like the song? None of us like it. It sounds terrible. 7.He pretended that nothing had had happened when he met her.

5.21 1. A refrigerator is used for keeping food from going bad. 2.People often light the birthday candles when they celebrate their birthdays. 3.Don’t forget to lock the door if you are the last person to leave. 4.His face turned white when he heard the news. 5.They are going to go on a world tour in which they will perform in ten different cities. 6.The road goes through the village. 7.He is not sure what the speaker will talk about. 8.We were out of luck. The train had been away from the station when we got to the station.

5.22 1.Thanks to the nurses, the patients were taken good care of. 2.Many police are searching the forest for thief. /in search of the thief./ to search the thief. 3.He had many interesting experiences while traveling in Australia. 4.The purpose of the organization is to help homeless people. 5.I’ve just returned from a two-week trip to Shandong Province in Northern China. 6. Robert is just one young overseas Chinese who has come to visit his ancestors homeland, as part of the In Search of Roots summer camp program.

5.23 1.She had to sell the house even though it was against her own wishes. 2.They urged us to give our support.

3.The way can’t be suitable for everyone. 4.Stop complaining about the traffic. Just think about what we can do to improve it. 5. She lives in a house that she built herself out of trash. 6.It’s not easy to educate teenagers. 7.The school canteen provides us with 3 meals a day. The school canteen provides 3 meals a day for us. 8.Recycling rubbish costs money and requires special equipment. 9.The windows and doors came from old buildings around the town that were being pulled down.

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