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Unit 3 Tomorrow’s world

Project: Writing a science fiction story

Just Another Pandora’s Box


The Characteristics of Science Fiction

>Advanced technology A setting in the future or in the past, or a setting in outer space or other planet or involving aliens New or mysterious superpowers or senses

Pre-reading Do you know what is science fiction? It is a type of fantasy writing based on imagination What do science fiction writers often write about? What will happen in ‘tomorrow’s world’.

What elements make up a story? Time, place/setting, characters, plot/storyline

1. Where do the German professor and his nephew travel to? They travel to the centre of the Earth. 2. How do they come back to the world above? A volcano in southern Italy brings them back to the Earth’s surface.

3. What do they see during their journey? During the journey, they see a big underground ocean, a beautiful forest, ancient animals that have already disappeared in the world above.

Read the text carefully and fill in the chart with the information in the text. Journey to the Centre of the Earth Characters Place 1 A professor, his 1. nephew and a guide A vast room with a large 2.ocean There was a forest and huge 3.mushrooms on the shore On a boat made by themselves Two dinosaurs rose and 4.fought each other

Place 2

In the forest Place 3 They saw huge insects, strange 5. creatures and a huge man sitting against a tree At the 6.exit Place 4 They made a bomb to 7. and their boat 8. floated
blow up

the rocks forward wildly

From the 9. bottom of the hole to the outside world Place 5 up The water pushed them 10. until into the sunlight

? Have you ever read about or seen a film about a time machine? ? What do you think a time machine can be used to do? ? Many people are interested in such a machine. Can you think of the reason(s)?

1866-1946 English writer

H G Wells H.G.威尔斯

1. What has the scientist invented?

2. What does he find when he travels to year AD 802,701?

He has invented a machine that can take him into the future.
He finds two kinds of creatures—the Eloi and the Morlocks.

3. What is the world thirty million years into the future like?

The sun no longer shines in that world, so it is cold and scary.

短语 as to 1.关于,至于 2.值得进一步发展 deserve to be developed further come across 3.偶然遇见 hold on to 4.紧紧抓住 5.表达某人的观点 express one’s views be of importance to 6.对……重要的 7.最后但同样重要的 last but not least 8.收拾行李 get the things packed

all of a sudden 9.突然 10.到处转悠 wander around concentrate on 11.把精力集中在…… look into the problems 12. 调查这些问题 13. be amazed at / by sth. 对某事感到惊讶 14. give out 释放出 气味 15. give way (to...)

? 1. 他收拾好自己的东西去Iceland,强迫他外甥 Axel和他一起去
He got his things packed and went to lceland, forcing his nephew Axel to go with him.


? 2. 他们再次起航,并且看到一个像出口的地 方但是它好像已经被从天花板上的岩石堵住。
?They set sail again, and saw what looked like an exit, but it was blocked by rocks which had fallen down from the ceiling.

3. 他们只能害怕地抓住船。
They could only hold on to the boat in terror.

1. They came across huge insects and many strange creatures. (P58, lines 14-15) come across (偶然)遇到,发现 e.g. She came across some old photographs in a drawer. 她在抽屉里偶然发现了一些旧照片。

come across 还可以表示“被理解”, “使产生……印象” e.g. He spoke for a long time but his meaning didn’t really come across. 他讲了很久,并并没有人真正理解 他的意思。 She comes across well in interviews. 她在面试中常给人留下很好的印象。

come about 发生 come at 扑向 come down 下跌/下落/传下来 come on 加油/ 快点 come out (书被)出版, (消息,秘密被)传出,结果是 come to 达到 (an end / an agreement / a stop / a conclusion),苏醒,合计,总共是 come over 走过来 come up 走近,被提出(讨论) come up with 某人提出… come across 偶然碰到 come back 回想起 come into (sight/being/existence/use/notice/effect)

about that you 1) How did it come _______ both got lost? I thought you had a map. back to me where 2) It suddenly came ______ I had seen the boy before. on now, or else we shall be 3) Come ______ late. at me like a tiger. 4) He came ______ 5) The price of petrol has come _______ down since the beginning of this year.

6) The word came ______ into use many years ago. 7) When the examination result came out he had already got a job. ______, 8) The bill came _____ to over a thousand dollars. 9) He came up to me and told me that the up at the meeting security issue came _____ just now. 10) The truth is that her new book will out soon. come _____

2.The Morlocks even tried to catch and kill me, but luckily I was able to use the Time Machine to escape. (P59, lines 17-18) escape vi./vt. 逃跑,避开,被遗忘 e.g. He escaped from prison this morning. 他早上从监狱里逃跑了。

escape v.逃跑;逃走;被忘掉;被忽视; n.逃 跑 escape+n./doing sth.逃脱了/避免了…… escape from/out of...从……逃脱, sth. escape sb.某事被某人遗忘;未被注意 注意下面两个短语的区别: escape from prison 越狱 escape prison 逃过牢狱之灾 (1)You are lucky to escape punishment. =You are lucky to escape being punished. 你逃过了处罚,真是幸运。 (2)他九死一生。 He had a narrow escape.

impression n.印象;感想;影响;效果 给某人留下……的印象 leave/make/create a/an...impression on sb impress v.使钦佩;使敬仰;使铭记;给……留下深刻印象 impress...on...把……印在……上 impress sth. on/upon sb.=impress sb. with sth.使某人牢记某 事 be impressed by/with sth.对某事印象深刻 (1)过去三年里学校发生的巨大变化给我留下了深刻的印象。 I am deeply impressed by the great changes that have taken place in the school over the past three years. (2)He tried to impress me with his extensive knowledge of wine. 他试图用他对酒的广博知识影响我。 (3)I think the boss was favorably impressed by/with your presentation. 我认为老板对你的报告相当满意。

Days and nights zipped by and everything changed before my eyes. (P59, lines 4-5) zip vi./vt. (使沿某方向)快速移动, 拉上 拉链 e.g. I’m just zipping into town to buy some food. 我正急着到镇上买点吃的。 A sports car zipped past us. 一辆跑车从我们身边呼啸而过。

This jacket zips up right to the neck.

zip 还能作名词,表示“拉链”
e.g. My zip is stuck. 我的拉链卡住了。

As they were wandering around, they

noticed a man sitting against a tree in
the distance--- he was at least four

metres tall. (P58, lines 15-17)


句中as they were wandering around用作

时间状语;sitting against a tree in the
distance 是现在分词短语,用作宾语a

e.g. My dad placed the piano against the


terror n. U 恐怖 C 可怕的人/事物 terrible adj. 可怕的;严重的terrify vt. 使(某人) 惊恐 terrified adj. 恐惧的,受惊吓的terrifying adj. 令人恐惧的 in/ with terror 惊恐地 terrify sb. into doing sth. 吓唬某人去做某事 be terrified of (doing)… 害怕…… be terrified at/ by … 被……吓了一跳
him into taking out all of his money 1. The robber terrified ______________________________________ with a gun. 这个抢劫犯用枪吓唬他拿出所有的钱。 2. They were ___________________ terrified by/ at his sudden appearance. 他突 然出现,他们吓了一跳。 in terror 一听 3. On hearing the news, the people fled ___________. 到这消息,人们惊慌地逃走了。

so与such引导的结果状语从句置于句首时,主句 要部分倒装。 So far does light travel ◆ ________________________that it is difficult for us to imagine its speed. 光的速度如此快以致我们很难想象它的速度。 many questions did they ask me ◆ So ____________________________that I got confused. 他们有如此多的问题问我,以致我困惑了。 A The _______look on his face shows that he’s
greatly ___________. A. terrified; terrified C. terrifying; terrifying

B. terrified; terrifying D. terrifying; terrified

1. In the accident, he was lucky to escape _______. D A. killing B. to be killingC. killed D. being killed 2. — What was it that made Susan weep? 一 ______cheating in the exam. B A. Charged with B. Being accused of C. Charging with D. Accusing of B that she was able to 3. Marie told us that _____ set up new branches elsewhere. A. so successful her business was B. so successful was her business C. such successful business had she D. so her business was successful

4.-Do you mind if I record your lecture? C - ___________. Go ahead. (2008江苏卷) A. Never mind B. No way C. Not at all D. No, you'd better not 5.---- Do you mind my opening the window? It’s a bit hot in here . - ______, as a matter of fact. C A. Go ahead B. Yes, my pleasure C. Yes, I do D. Come on (2009 全国 )
对 mind 提问的句子,回答时应该针对 mind 表态。 如果介意,常用的回答是 Yes, I do(是的,我介意),或者用委 婉说法,找一个借口拒绝,经常用“Yes, I‘m afraid...” 。 如果表示不介意,可以用 Of course not(当然不介意),或者 Certainly not, go ahead(当然不介意,做吧)。

Writing a science fiction story

Now you are going to write your own
science fiction story. You will be able to

start your project after you answer the
following questions.

1. What interesting science fiction
stories have you read? 2. Which one do you like best? Why? 3. What would be a good setting for a story?

4. Who will be your main characters?

5. What do the main characters do?
6. How many paragraphs will your story have? 7. Who will write each paragraph? 8. Who will read the story to your


Today we have ? read two pieces of science fiction stories ? discussed the basic elements of a story ? write the outline of our own story

1. Finish the WB exercises(D1, D2)
2. Finish writing a science fiction story.

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