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高二英语选修六unit3 Reading课件

Unit 3

A healthy life

Words preview
n. 香烟; 纸烟 n. 酒; 酒精 adj. 酒精的 n. & vt. 滥用; 虐待 n. 压力; 重音 vt. 加压力于; 使紧张 adolescent n. 青少年 adj. 青春期的 ban vt. 禁止; 取缔 n. 禁令; 谴责 cigarette alcohol alcoholic abuse stress

Words preview
due tough addicted accustom accustomed withdrawal automatic automatically adj. 欠款的;预定的 adj. 困难的; 强硬的 adj. 入了迷的;上了瘾的 vt. 使习惯于 adj. 惯常的;习惯了的 n. 收回; 撤退;戒毒过程 adj. 无意识的;自动的 adv. 无意识地;自动地

Words preview
mental mentally quit effect lung pregnant abnormal breathless adj.精神的; 智力的 adv. 精神上; 智力上 vt. 停止; 离开 n. 结果; 效力 n. 肺 adj. 怀孕的 adj. 畸形的; 异常的 adj. 气喘吁吁的;屏息的

Words preview
unfit adj. 不健康的; 不适合的 strengthen vt. 加强; 巩固; 使坚强 vi. 变强 packet n. 小包;小盒 desperate adj. 绝望的;拼命的 chemist n. 药剂师;化学家 disappointed adj. 失望的;沮丧的 ashamed adj. 感到惭愧或羞耻的

Expressions preview due to addicted to accustomed to decide on feel like (doing) 由于…… 对……有瘾 习惯于…… 对……做出决定 想要(做)


Looking at the following pictures. 1. What are they doing? 2. Which are healthy activities while which are unhealthy activities?





Playing basketball


Doing Taiji


Drinking alcohol


Eating too much




What’s a healthy person? A truly healthy person should be body and ______. mind healthy in both _____
A healthy life should

include ________ physical and ______ mental health.

1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 2. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. 3. Good health is over wealth. 4. Health is happiness. 5. By the side of sickness health becomes sweet.

6. A good healthy body is worth more than a crown in gold.

What health issues concern young people the most?
Cigarette smoking Physical fitness

Drinking alcohol
Drug abuse

Sexual health


Obesity ……

Unit 3 Reading


Can you list any harmful effects of smoking?

Smoking causes fire.

money It is a waste of _______.

Smoking is a bad example to children.

Smoking causes lung cancer.

Smoking affects the health of the nonsmokers.

Reading Advice From Grandad

Skimming to get general ideas


Reading Comprehension I

What’s the main idea of the passage?

James’ grandfather wrote to him to give him some advice and encourage him to quit smoking.

Reading Comprehension II Match the paragraphs with the main ideas. A. James’ problem of smoking. 2 3 B. Telling some different ways of becoming addicted. 5 C. The writer’s hope for his grandson and advice on stopping smoking. 4 D. Tell us the harmful effects of smoking. E. From the life the writer is living ,we 1 know the importance of healthy life.


Scanning to get detail information


Reading Comprehension III Go through the first two and the last paragraphs. 1. Who? James’ grandfather
2. To whom? James 3. Purpose? To give James some advice and encourage him to quit smoking


Reading Comprehension IV Choose the best answers to the questions. 1. Why James’ grandfather wrote to James? A. Because he wanted to tell James his experience. B. Because he wanted to tell James the harmful effects of smoking. C. Because he wanted to help James give up smoking. D. Because he wanted to help James get some information.

2. Which word can replace the meaning of "adolescent" in paragraph.2 ______. A. people B. children C. students D. teenagers

3. From Para.3, we can learn that______. A. a person can be addicted to nicotine because nicotine is one of the hundreds of chemicals in cigarettes B. a person will be addicted to smoking if he treats it as a habit C. a person will feel sick if his body gets used to having nicotine D. a person will really feel relaxed when having a cigarette

4. Which is NOT the effect of smoking? A. Causing terrible damage to heart and lungs. B. Affecting the health of non-smokers. C. Having the clothes turn yellow. D. Not enjoying sport. 5. What is NOT included in the advice about stop smoking on the internet? A. Relax. B. Determination. C. Courage. D. Get help from others.

Careful reading to get detailed information

Information from the reading passage. Different ways 1. physically addicted people can become to nicotine addicted to 2. addicted through cigarettes habit 3. mentally addicted

physical effects

on smokers

1. do terrible damage to heart and lungs 2. have difficulty in becoming pregnant 3. smell terrible 4. ends of fingers turn yellow 5. become breathless 6. be unfit

1. babies may have a Effects that a smaller birth weight person’s or be abnormal smoking can have 2. do harm to nonon other people smokers 3. other people dislike the smell Effects that smoking can have on sporting performance be unable to enjoy sport

How can you stop smoking?

The part on P19 is about some ______ advice from ____________. the Internet

What are the suggestions to quit smoking that James’ grandpa found on the Internet?
1. Prepare yourself. 2. Be determined. 3. Break the habit. 4. Relax. 5. Get help if you need it. 6. Keep trying.

Read How can you stop smoking again and fill in the blanks: stressful to quit smoking. Choose a day that is not _________ Make a list of all the __________ benefits you will get from away all your cigarettes. stopping smoking.Throw ___________ Reread the list of benefits when you feel like _________
smoking. Develop some other habits to keep yourself _____. busy If you feel nervous or stressed, try some ___________ relaxation exercises like deep breathing. You can stop smoking with a _______ friend or join a group. If necessary, ask a doctor or _________ chemist for help. The most important is to keep _______. trying Don’t feel _________ ashamed if you smoke again. Just ___ try again.

Discuss these questions in groups to check your comprehension. 1. What kind of person do you think James’ grandfather is? He is fit and healthy and leads an active life. He takes an interest in his daughter’s and grandson’s well-being. He is knowledgeable. He reads the Internet. He appears to love his grandson.

2. What other information could

have been included?
3. What do you think can be done

to protect non-smokers from

Suppose your father or your
relative is a smoker, how will you persuade him to quit smoking?

How to give suggestions? In my opinion, you can (not)…
I think/suppose you’d better (not)… You’d better (not)… You should (not)… You ought (not) to… If I were you, I would (not)…

Using the words below to make a short dialogue in pairs.
healthy cough badly be harmful to be addicted to cause lung cancer heavy smoker smell terrible It’s no good (doing)

without income

cause fire


Quiz I
Complete the text with words below and then retell it. adolescents 青少年 cigarettes 香烟 quit 停止; 戒 due to 归因于 eventually 终于 addicted 上瘾的 drugs 毒品 stress 压力 alcohol 酒 manage 管理; 努力做

Smoking _________, ______ cigarettes drinking alcohol or taking other drugs _____ produces many harmful effects and have no real benefits. So why do adolescents __________ do it? Perhaps some think it makes them look cool. Others think it will help with _____ stress in their life possibly ______ due to pressure from their parents or teachers.

Some just want to see what it is like. What they don’t realize is that they will get into the habit and _________ eventually become quit ________. It will then be difficult to ____ addicted the habit. A few people _______ manage to quit easily but for many it is a very painful process. Of course, the best way to deal with these drugs is not to start in the first place.

Quiz II


1. ________________ It seems amazing (似乎令人感到惊 奇) that at my age I am still fit enough to cycle 20 kilometres in an afternoon. how easy it is to 2. Believe me, I know ________________ begin smoking and how tough it is _________________________________ to stop (吸烟容易戒烟难). ________

3. I was addicted in all three ways, __________________________ so it was very difficult to quit (戒烟很难). It is not easy to stop smoking 4. _________________________ (戒烟不容易), but millions have managed to quit and so can you.

Write a composition: “How can we live a healthy life?”

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