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A absent adj. 缺席, 不在 from absorb v. 吸收, 吸引 be absorbed in 沉溺于 access n.通路, 访问 v.接近 to accompany v.陪伴, 伴奏 by accuse sb. of 控告, 谴责 be accustomed to 习惯的 according to 按照;

根据 adapt to 适应 adapted by 由…改编 be addicted to 成瘾的 adjust v. 调整, 调节, 校准, 使适合 to admit v. 承认, 准许(入场, 入学) to adopt v.采用, 收养 by angry adj.生气的, 愤怒的 with have an affection for 喜爱;钟爱 afraid adj.害怕的;担心 of agree v. 同意; 应允 with/to/on ahead of 在前 amount n. 数量 v.(与 to 连用) 等于;总计 apart adv.分离, 分别地, 分离着 adj. 分开的 apart from appeal v.请求, 呼吁;(常与 to 连用)吸引;引起兴趣 apply v.申请; 应用;适用 for/to approve v. 批准, 通过;(常与 of 连用)赞成,赞同 argue v.争辩, 争论 with arrive v.到达; 达到 at/in associate v. (使) 发生联系, (使) 联合 with attach v.附上, 贴上 to away adv. 离开; 远离 from attend v.出席, 参加, 照顾, 护理, 注意 to attention n.注意, 关心 to attitude n.态度, 看法 toward attractive adj.迷人的, 有吸引力的 to on average 平均 aware adj.知道的, 明白的, 意识到的 of B balance n. 平衡 of belong to 属于 benefit from 受益 base n. 根据地, 基地; v.(与 on, upon 连用)根据;基于 because of 因为 begin with 开始, 着手 behalf n. 为, 利益, 方面 on behalf of 代表 beneficial adj.有益的 to blame n.& v.责备; 责怪 for bury v. 埋; 葬 in busy adj. 忙碌的 with C care n. 照料, 保护; 小心 v. 介意…在乎; 关心 take care of = look after 照料;照看 care for 喜爱;关心 cater v.满足(需要),投合 to be cautious about 谨慎, 小心 charge v. 要求收费; 索价; 将(电池)充电 n. 费用; 价钱 charge sb. with 控告某人 combine v.使联合;使结合 with compare v.比较, 对照 with/to concentrate v.集中,浓缩 on congratulate on sth congratulations to you connect v. 连接, 把…联系起来 with consist of 由...组成 contrary n.相反 adj.相反的 on the contrary 相反 contribute v.捐助, 贡献, 投稿 to control v. & n. 控制 under control convince v. 使确信, 使信服 be convinced of 确信 crazy adj. 疯狂的 about curious adj. 好奇的 about D deal n. 量, 数额; 交易 a great deal of 大宗,大量 depend v. 依靠, 依赖, 指望; 取决于 on

description n. 描述, 描写 of be devoted to 奉献 differ v. 相异, 有区别 in different adj. 不同的, 有差异的 from difficulty n. 困难, 费力 in distance n.距离 in the distance divide v. 分, 划分 be divided into in the end 终了 equal adj. 平等的 v. 等于 be equal to equip v. 提供设备; 装备; 配备 with escape n. & v. 逃跑; 逃脱 from for example 例如 F face n. 脸 v. 面向; 面对 be faced with 面对 fact n. 事实, 现实 in fact=as a matter of fact 事实上 familiar adj 熟悉的 be familiar with sth. /be familiar to sb. in favour of 支持,赞同 famous adj. 著名的 as+身份/ for sth far (farther/ further; farthest/ furthest) adj.& adv. 远的;远地 away from fill v. 填空, 装满 be filled with feed (fed, fed) v. 喂(养); 饲(养) on/with find (found, found) v. 找到, 发现, 感到 out fit adj. 健康的, 适合的 v.(使)适合, 安装 be fit for = be suitable for 合适的 fix v. 修理; 安装 up flee (fled, fled) v. 逃走; 逃跑 to/from focus v. 使集中在焦点上 n.集中, 焦点 on fond adj. 喜爱的, 爱好的 be fond of friendly adj. 友好的 be friendly to full adj. 满的, 充满的; 完全的 be full of G in general 大体上说 graduate v. 毕业 from get (got , got) v.成为; 得到; 具有; 到达 to get on/along with 相处;进展 glance at 匆匆一看; 一瞥 glare at 瞪眼;怒目而视; grateful adj. 感激的, 感谢的 to sb./for sth H handful n.(一)把; 少数, 少量 a handfull of handle n. 柄, 把 v. 处理 with harm n.&v. 伤害; 损伤 do harm to harmful adj. 有害的; 致伤的 be harmful to head for 奔向;驶向 helpful adj. 有帮助的, 有益的 to sb. hold (held, held) v. 拿; 抱; 握住; 举行; 进行 on/up honour (美 honor) n. 荣誉, 光荣 v. 尊敬, 给予荣誉 as I impress v. 留下印象 be impressed with instead of 代替;而不是 interest n. 兴趣, 趣味; in join v. 参加, 加入; 连接; 会合 (in) K keep (kept, kept) v. 保持; 保存; 继续不断 key n.钥匙; 答案; 键; 关键 to kind n.种; 类 all kinds of 各种 kind adj. 仁慈的, 和蔼的, 亲切的 be kind to


knock n.& v. 敲; 打; 击, 碰撞 into 撞上 at 敲 L lack of 缺乏, 缺少 the latter n. 后者 the same lead (led, led) v. 领导, 带领 n. 铅 lead to 通向;导致 least n. 最少, 最少量 at least 至少 at most 最多 leave for 动身去 lend to 把…借给 look like 看起来像 link v.连接; 联系 with listen to 听 a loaf bread 一条面包 M be made of/from in a manner n. 用…方式 marry v.(使)成婚, 结婚 be married to match with 相配, 成对 n. 比赛, 竞赛; 火柴 matter n. 事件, 问题, 物质 v. 要紧, 有重大关系 with at maximum n.最大量; 最大限度 move v.移动, 搬动, 搬家 to means n. 方法, 手段; 财产 of mercy n. 怜悯 on merry adj. 高兴的, 愉快的 to in mess 凌乱 keep …in mind 谨记在心 at minimum 最小 minority n. 少数; 少数民族 the majority/minority of mistake (mistook, mistaken) v. 弄错 n. 错误 as mix v. 混合, 搅拌 with as a monument 作为纪念碑 at the moment 在此刻 N in nature 在自然界 nervous adj. 紧张不安的 about next to 紧挨着 at night 在夜间 none of 无一人 at noon 在正午 return to normal 恢复正常 nothing like 一点也不像 a/the number of O occur v. 发生 it occurs to sb. offer sth to sb. 提供 once in a while 偶尔 in one’s opinion/view 看法, 见解 oppose v. 反对; 反抗 to ought to 应该, 应当 owing to 由于 due to on one’s own 靠自己 P a pair of 一双, 一对 participate v.参与, 参加 in pass v. 传, 递; 经过; 通过 on to point to 指向 pay for 付钱 pay off 偿清; 回报 a period of 一段时间 pick up 拾起 a piece of 一块(片, 张, 件…) a pile of 堆 take the place of 取代 play with 玩耍 plenty of 充足, 大量 be polite to 有礼貌 be popular with 受欢迎 prefer to 更喜欢 prejudice against 偏见, 成见 protect from 保护 prepare v. 准备, 预备 get /be prepared for=be ready for at present 现在 prevent from 防止, 预防 take pride in 自豪, 骄傲 be proud of 自豪 provide sb with sth 提供 provide sth for sb. in public 公众场合;公开地 on purpose 故意地 Q quantity n. 量, 数 a quantity of=quantities of quarrel with sb./ about sth 争吵, 吵架 quarter n. 四分之一, 一刻钟 a quarter to

quit = resign v. 离开, 辞职, 停止 from R be ready for 准备好 receive v. 收到, 得到 from recognise (recognize) v. 认出 as get rid of 摆脱 recover v. 痊愈; 恢复 from refer to 谈到,查阅 as regard …as 把…看做 regardless of 不管, 不顾, 不注意 be related to 有关 rely on 依赖, 依靠, 信赖 remind sb. of 提醒, 使记起 be rude to 无理的, 粗鲁的 respond to 回答,响应, 作出反应 as a result (of)结果, 效果 return to 归还; 返还 play a role/part in 扮演角色 rob sb of 抢夺, 抢劫 S on sale 在售, 廉价出售 be satisfied with 满足, 满意 scare v. 惊吓, 受惊, 威吓 be scared of sceptical/skeptical adj. 怀疑性的,好怀疑的 about search for 搜寻, 搜查 separate from 分离 send for sb. 派请某人; send to 邮寄至 sense n. 感觉, 意识 a sense of sensitive adj. 敏感的, 灵敏的, 感光的 to sentence n.句子, 判决, 宣判 v. 判决, 宣判 to serious adj. 严肃的, 严重的; 认真的 about settle down 安家, 定居 share with 分享, 共同使用 in silence 安静, 沉默 be similar to 相似的 of a size 尺寸相同 in size 大小方面 be sorry for 对不起, 抱歉; 难过的 sort out 把…分类, 拣选 sound like 听起来像 speak up 大声说 speed up 加速 spend on sth. / in doing 度过; 花费(钱、时间等) stare at 盯, 凝视 stick to 坚持;粘住 stop sb. from doing 阻止某人做 be strict with sb 严格要求某人 be strict in sth. submit v. 提交, 递交 to suffer from 受苦, 遭受 be suitable for 合适的, 适宜的 supply sb. with sth 供给, 供应 tear into pieces 撕成碎片 be terrified of 感到恐怖 thirst n. 渴; 口渴; 渴望, 热望 for in total 合计, 总计 translate sth into 翻译 treat v. 对待, 看待 as as usual 像往常一样 trick n. 诡计, 把戏 play tricks on 捉弄 turn to 旋转, 翻转, 转变, 转弯 on/off on vacation n. 假期, 休假 in vain 徒劳地, 无效地 a variety of 种种, 种类 in my view 依我看 wait for 等, 等候 warn sb. of 警告某人 in a way 以…方法 by the way 顺便说一下 on the way to 在去…路上 whisper to 低声地讲;耳语 work on 致力于 work out 制定出;算出 be worried about 担心 worthy of

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