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Warming up A garden in Suzhou Suzhou is famous for its parks. The Lingering Garden(留园), covering an area of 23,310 square meters, is the best garden as well as being one of the four most famo

us gardens in China. (The others are: the Summer Palace in Beijing(北京颐和园), the Mountain Resort of Chengde( 承德避暑山庄 ), and the Humber Administration’s Garden in Suzhou (苏州拙政园). It is known for the artistic way in which the spaces between various kinds of architectural(建筑的) forms are dealt with. Today the garden is separated into the eastern, central, northern and western parts. An artificial hill made from Taihu rock is always the main component of Suzhou gardens. Lingering Garden is characteristic of the classical gardens in south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze region(长江下游地区南部古典园林的代表) and in 1961 it was listed as a cultural relic of national importance.(国家重点保护单位)

Disneyland (1) There are several Disneylands in the world. The first Disney Park was opened in Los Angeles in 1951 by Walt Disney. All the Disney Parks are operated by the same company. The workers have very strict orders. In Disneyland you can find all the characters from Walt Disney’s films. The Sleeping Beauty Castle is a favorite place for visitors, you can also find the Tomorrow Land very interesting. Many of the streets in Disneyland are built to look like streets in the USA in the 1890s. People walk around wearing nineteenth-century clothes. They are very good theme parks.

Disneyland (2) In 1955, Disney opened a large amusement park called Disneyland in Los Angels. The park soon became a famous place to visitors. Disney died in 1966. He didn’t live to see the opening of another Disney amusement park. The new park is called Walt Disney World, opened in Florida in 1971. It is even larger than Disneyland and has become the world’s most popular holiday place. In both of the parks, visitors ride, walk, or boat through all kinds of places. There

are streets looking like those in the USA towards the end of the 19th century, where you can see the life of fairy tales and Disney’s cartoons and films. If you want something more exciting, you may experience your own adventures. For example, you can go under the sea in a submarine (潜水艇), visit an ancient city, go with Alice to the wonderland (奇境), or even have a ride in a space ship traveling among the stars. Since its opening, Disney World has been made larger and larger. It is made up of several wonderful and magic parts. Besides, Disney amusement parks have been

built in other parts of the world. Tokyo Disneyland Opened in 1983, and Euro-Disney near Paris opened in 1992.Tthe most recent Hong Kong Disney was opened in 2005.

(3) Walt Disney Walt Disney, who created his lovable cartoon characters, was born in Chicago in 1901. Later his family moved to a farm near Kansas City, where Walt worked for a time as a newsboy. But what he really enjoyed was drawing pictures. Disney decided to build his park in California, and in 1952 he began to buy land. In 1955 it was completed. The park is divided into five sections. It is possible, in a single day, to visit in imagination every continent and almost every historical period. There is something for every age group. Most of what has been said about Disneyland is also true of Walt Disney. But Disney himself did not live long enough to visit his Florida Park. He died in December, 1966.

Reading: America’s National Parks Many Americana often make use of their two-week or longer vacation to travel. There are 42 national parks in the United States, which draw over 200 million visitors every year, including tourists from all over the world. Many of the parks have public

camping areas, as well as hotels and restaurants. In many parks visitors can swim, go fishing, attend lectures, and engage in many other recreational activities(休闲活动). The National Yellow Stone Park( 黄石公园 ) is not only famous for its scenic attraction and wild animals, but also for its geysers( 天 然 喷 泉 ) which attract thousands of visitors from various countries of the world.

A Ferris Wheel (摩天轮) The Ferris wheel was the engineering highlight of the expositions(博览会的工 程亮点) and one of the most pervasive, lasting influences of the 1893 fair(久负盛名). The Ferris wheel was Chicago’s answer to the Eiffel Tower( 艾菲尔铁塔 ), the landmark of the 1889 Paris exhibition. The wheel is created by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Bridge(宾夕法尼亚匹兹堡大桥) builder George. W. Ferris. Supposed by two 140 feet steel towers, its 45 feet axle(轴杆) was the largest single piece of forged steel(铸钢)(轴杆) at the time in the world. The wheel itself had a diameter of 250 feet, a circumference(周长) of 825 feet, and the maximum height was 254 feet. It was powered by two 1,000 horsepower reversible engines. It is an important wonder in a park.

Using language: The solar system A solar system consists of an average star we call the sun, the planets Mercury( 水星 ), Venus( 金星 ), Earth, Mars( 火星 ), Jupiter( 木星 ), Saturn( 土星 ), Uranus(天王星), Neptune(海王星) and Pluto(冥王星). The solar system, together with the local stars visible on a clear night, orbits the center of our home galaxy, a spiral(螺旋形) disk of 200 million stars we call the Milky Way.(天河) The sun is the richest source of electromagnetic energy in the solar system,

containing 99.85% of all the matter in the solar system. The planets contain only 0.135% of the mass of the solar system.

Black hole A Black Hole is a region of spacetime from which nothing can escape, even light. How does it form? If you throw something hard enough it will never return, the gravitational attraction(地球引力) will not be able to pull it back down. As something is crushed into a smaller and smaller volume, the gravitational attraction increases, and hence the escape velocity(速率) gets bigger. Things have to be thrown harder and harder to escape. At this point, nothing can get out as nothing can travel faster than light. This is a Black Hole.

Workbook: Hawaii Hawaii is located about 2,500 miles southwest of the mainland USA, about a five-hour flight from the California coast. There are actually over 100 islands in Hawaii, including the leeward chain(一系列岛屿)that extends for a thousand miles towards Midway, but most people think of Hawaii as the six major inhabited islands. Honolulu( 火奴鲁鲁 ), the third largest island, is the center of government and commerce. About 1.2 million people currently live in Hawaii over 80% of the Aloha State’s population lives on Oahu(瓦胡岛), and the Polynesian Cultural Center(波利 尼西亚文化中心) is located about an hour’s drive from the famous Waikiki Beach(威 基基海滩). Hawaii is the only major part of Polynesia that is north of the equator(赤 道). The pacific Ocean The Pacific Ocean is the world’s largest body of water. It encompasses(占) a

third of the earth’s surface. Extending approximately(大约) 15,000 km. from the Bering Sea(白令海) in the Arctic to the icy margins of Antarctica’s Ross Sea(罗斯海) in the south, the Pacific stretches from west to east from Indonesia to the coast of Colombia, the western limit of the ocean is often placed at the Strait of Malacca(马六 甲海峡). The lowest point on the earth’s surface, the Mariana Trench(马里亚那海沟), lies within the Pacific. The Pacific contains about 25,000 islands, the majority of which are found south of the equator. The Portuguese(葡萄牙) explorer Magellan (麦哲伦) named the ocean. For most of his voyage from the Strait of Magellan to the Philippines(菲律宾), Magellan indeed found the ocean peaceful. However, the Pacific is not always peaceful. Many typhoons(台风) and hurricanes(飓风) batter the islands of the Pacific and the lands around the Pacific rim are full of volcanoes(火山) and often rocked by earthquakes, tsunamis(海啸), caused by underwater earthquakes, have devastated many islands and wiped out whole towns.

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