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连系动词(即系动词)用于连接主语和 表语,说明主语的状态,性质,特征或 身份。表语通常由名词、形容词,或相 当于名词或形容词的词或短语等充当, 说明主语是什么或怎么样。
常见的系动词是be,它的变化形式为: am/is/are/was/were . 除了 be 动词, 其他的系动词(半系动词)大致可 分为四类:

1.“感觉”类:与五种感觉器官相关的动 词.常见的有: look(看起来), feel(摸上去),smell(闻起来) , taste(尝起来),sound(听起来)等。 例如: What he says sounds (like) a good idea. Those oranges taste good. She looks much younger in her red dress.

2. “主观判断”类: 包括 seem(似乎是), appear(似乎、显得),prove(证明是), turn out (结果是, 证明是) 等. 例如:
He appears/seem to be very friendly with us. They appear/seem to have misunderstood me. It appears/seem that she will win.

3. “状态变化”类: 表示主语从一种 状态变化成另一种状态。

常见的有: become, turn, grow, go, come, fall, get 等。 例如: Put the fish in the fridge, or it will go bad in hot weather.

4. “状态持续”类:表示主语持续某种 状态。
常见的有: remain(依然),keep(保持), stay(保持),lie (呈…状态,置于), continue(继续、仍旧)等。例如: —Why don't you put the meat in the fridge? —It will stay fresh for several days. The population growth in China remains a problem. The book lay open on the desk.

半系动词 感官性 系动词 主观判断 系动词




主动表被动 系动词主动表被 动 不定式可主动或 被动

look, sound, + adj. smell, taste, feel + like + n. etc. seem, appear, turn out, prove, happen etc. become, turn, grow, get, go, come, fall, etc. keep, remain, stay, lie etc.

( 特殊: feel )

系动词一般现 +(to be) adj./ n. 在或过去时 + to do sth. + adj. + n. 注意记忆 惯用搭配 不定式可用各 种形式 现在\过去\ 将来\进行\ 完成时

状态变化 系动词


状态持续 系动词

+ adj.

+ n.

一般现 在或过 去时


feel 作系动词的用法

1. 表”某物体给人的感觉”,只用一般现在或过 去时
Silk feels soft.


2. 表”主语自身的感觉”, 用于各种时态
------ How are you today?

------ Oh, I haven’t felt as ill as I do now for a long time.
I’m feeling a little better today.

Choose the best answer
1. The

water _____ cool when I jumped into the pool for morning exercise. A. was felt B. is felt C. felt D. feels

Choose the best answer
2. He shook his head ______ and looked ____ when he was told the bad news. A.sadly; sadly B.sad; sad C.sadly; sad D. sad; sadly

Choose the best answer
3. I love to go to the forest in summer. It ____ good to walk in the forest or sit in the shade of trees. A. does B. feels C. gets D. makes

Choose the best answer
4. ----I was wondering if we could go skating on the weekend. ----_____ good. A.Sound B.Sounded C.Sounding D.Sounds

As time went on, his theory proved (to be) true. Everything turned out (to be) well. He seems to know everything. I happened to be standing next to him when he fell. They appear/seem to have misunderstood

Choose the best answer
1. His method should be popularized; it ___ practical. A. proves B. is proved C. has been proved D. was proved

2. To everybody’s great surprise, the fashionable young lady ____ to be a thief. A. found out B. proved out C. put out D. turned out

3. Do let your mother know all the truth. She appears ____ everything. A. to tell THINK IT OVER B. to be told C. to have been told D. to be telling

4. John seems _____ well at his job. He looks content with it. A. to get on B. to be getting on C. getting on D. to have got on

状态变化系动 词

多指朝坏的方面变化,也常与表 颜色的词连用

wrong, bad, mad, hungry, blind etc.

go turn grow

表 “颜色,气味,天气,职业,年龄, 1特殊用法,可接年龄和时间 2 接单数名词时,单数名词前 时间”等

表成长,发展中的变化 表由动态到静态的转变 表事物的发展转向好的状态 表发展的状态不是人们所希望 的

strong, tall, thick, healthy etc. ill, sick, silent, asleep etc. all right, true, alive etc. dry, short, wild etc.

come run
get become


become 接名词时,名词前 接冠词

表达“到达或超过(某一年龄或时间)”, 用turn 不用become Eg. My son turns 6 in July. It turned midnight.
turn +单数名词 成为一名… become a/an + 单数名词 Eg. He has become an excellent actor. = He has turned excellent actor.

? Poor

Tom has gone blind! ? It worried her a bit that her hair was turning grey. ? The children have been running wild since their parents divorced. ? The milk will go sour if you don’t put it in the fridge.

Choose the best answer
1. The discussion_____ alive when an interesting topic was brought in. A.was coming B.had come C.has come D. came

2. Happy birthday, Alice! So you have ____ twenty-one already! A.become B.turned C.grown D. passed

3. The traffic lights_____ green and I pulled away. A. came B.grew C. got D. went

4. --- Is your headache getting _____? --- No, it’s worse. A. better THINK IT OVER B. bad C. less D. well

Choose the best answer 1. -----Would you advise me on how to stay_____? -----Try to live regularly, eat more vegetables and be in a good state of mind. A. health B. healthy C. healthily D. more healthily

2. He kept _____ after her, trying to catch her. A. run B. to run C. running D ran

3. He _____in the shade because it was very hot. A. keep B. to keep C. kept D.keeping

remain + n.

remain + adj.
remain + v-ed / ing

remain + prep. phrase
remain + to do sth.

His brother has become an engineer while he remains a worker. ? The weather still remained cold in April. ? When I returned, she remained sitting there. ? He left and much work remained undone. ? His family remained at home while he looked for work in London. ? Nothing remains to be said. (现在已经没有什么好说的了)

Choose the best answer 1. It is a good plan in theory, but it _____ to be seen whether it works in practice. A. waits B. stays C. stands D. remains

2. He remained ______ though we repeatly asked him to sit down. A. stand B. to stand C. stood D. standing

3. The true author of the book remains _____. A.know B. to know C. unknown D. knowing

get + 过去分词
“get + 过去分词” 有被动含义, 用来突发事 件或事故。 ? 与get搭配的过去分词比较少,有: broken, caught, hurt, killed, changed, married, engaged, paid, dressed, stuck, separated等。 Eg. I got caught for speeding. Some glasses got broken when we were moving. Sarah, hurry up. I’m afraid you won’t have time to get changed before the party.

Choose the best answer 1.-----How are the team playing? -----They are playing well, but one of them _____ hurt.

A. got B. gets C. are D. were

2. Be careful when you cross this very busy street. If not, you may ___ run over by a car. A. have B. get C. become D. turn

3. As we joined the big crowd, I got ____ from my friends. A. separated B. spared C. lost D. missed


dishes my mother cooks taste delicious. I tasted the dishes and found they were delicious.


goes bad easily in summer if you don’t put it in the fridge. Many students in our school go in for sports.


people remained calm when they heard the exciting news. Almost no trees remained along the beach after the tsunami.

1.Although all of the apples ____, none of them____ good. A. have been tasted; taste B. have been tasted; are tasted C. have tasted; taste D. have tasted; are tasted

2. The medicine tastes_____, but works_____. A. bitter; well B. bitter; good C. bitterly, well D. bitterly; good

3. The dog looked______. The boy looked ____at the poor dog. A. dead; sad THINK IT OVER B. dying; sadly C. deadly; sadly D. dying; sad

4. The cloth that she bought looks ____, feels _____ and sells_____. A. beautiful; soft; well B. beauty; softly; well C. beautifully; softly; good D. beautiful; soft; good

主语+系动词+ to do = It + 系动词+ that+从句
? 能够进行这种转换的系动词有:seem,

happen, appear,turn out和 prove等.

You seem to have made a mistake here. It seems that you’ve made a mistake here.

It happened that they had been arrived too. They happened to have been arrived too.

She appeared to have been told everything. It appeared that she had been told everything.

It turned out that she was a friend of my sister.
She turned out to be a friend of my sister.

Fill in the blanks
seems The old man _________ (似乎) deaf . appears (显得) quite ?2. He _________ well . didn’t /doesn’t feel ?3. She _________________ (没感觉) safe enough .

The mixture ____________ tasted / tastes (品尝) terrible . has come ?5. Now my dream _________ (变为) true . grew /grows ?6. James ______________ (长) bigger every year . keep ?7. You must ______( 保持) healthy .

Fill in the blanks

Country music today ________( remains 依旧) much the same as before . proves (证明) a very ?9. She _______ strict teacher and her students are afraid of her. ?10. It sounds _______(听起来) a good idea. Let’s have a try.

Translate Chinese into English

1 这首歌听起来很美,但很难唱。(sound) ? 2 你的手摸上去很凉。你怎么了?(feel) ? 3 这些苹果闻起来、吃起来很好,卖起来好卖。 (smell, taste) ? 4 尽管他在会议上被要求发言,他却仍然保持沉 默。(remain) ? 5 可怜的妈妈,您的头发全都变白了。(go) ? 6 她在度假时病倒了。(fall) ? 7 通过实践,我们的计划证明是正确的。 (prove) ? 8结果英语晚会开得很成功。 (turn out) ? 9 你看上去一点都不比5年前老, 你是怎么保持 这么年轻的? (look, stay) ? 10 这款手机时尚,深受年轻人的欢迎。(be)

Translate Chinese into English
? 1.

这首歌听起来很美,但很难唱。 (sound) The song sounds beautiful, but it’s difficult to sing. 你的手摸上去很凉。你怎么了? (feel) Your hands feel very cold. What’s wrong?

? 2.

? 3.

这些苹果闻起来很好、吃起来很 甜,卖起来好卖。(smell, taste) The apples smell good, taste good, and they sell well.

? 4.

尽管他在会议上被要求发言,他 却仍然保持沉默。(remain) Although he was asked to speak at the meeting, he remained silent.

Translate Chinese into English
? 5.

可怜的妈妈,您的头发全都变白 了。(go) My poor mother, your hair has gone grey completely! 她在度假时病倒了。(fall)

? 6.

She fell ill while she was on holiday.

? 7.

通过实践,我们的计划证明是正 确的。(prove)

Through practice, our plan proved (to be) correct. ? 8.结果英语晚会开得很成功。 (turn out)

The English evening turned out (to be) successful / a great success.

Translate Chinese into English
? 9.

你看上去一点都不比5年前老,你是怎么 保持这么年轻的?(look, stay) You look not a bit older than you did 5 years ago. How do you stay so young? 这款手机时尚,深受年轻人的欢迎。(be) The mobile phone is fashionable, so it is very popular with the young / young people / youngsters.

? 10.

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