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2014届高三英语二轮专题精品卷 完形填空和语法填空(7)

2014 届高三英语二轮专题精品卷:完形填空和语法填空(7)
I.语言知识及应用(共两节,满分 45 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选 项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 When I walk through the streets of San Francisco’s business districts, white people stare at me as if I were a circus clown. Their staring eyes don’t see that I get ____1____ A’s in school, or that I am a captain of the football team, or that I belong to ___2____youth organizations. All they see is that I am 6-foot-4, young ,black, and male-----a potential ____3____to them. White men look at me as if I am up to no good, or as if they are ____4____to me. White women just look at me with____5____, say, sometimes they cross the street when they see my friends and me coming, or walk in the street and only get back on the sidewalk after we ____6____. Many people come to San Francisco to get away from the stereotypes(成见) of the cities they were born and ____7_____ in. The majority of the blacks and Latinos who live in this city don’t have that luxury. How can you feel at home when people are_____8_____telling you to get back to Africa or Mexico ----or just back to “where you belong”? My way of dealing with this kind of thing has _____9_____over the years. In the past, when my friends and I would walk the streets and a hundred pairs of white eyes would look at me as if we were the lowest form of dirt, it would make us angry enough to hurt or ____10____them. Now I’m more likely to use ____11____ to defend myself against those eyes. To women who clutch their purse in terror, I’ll say, “Man, I ain’t gonna do anything to you, I got money in my pocket!” My cousin has even started wearing a T-shirt ____12_____ in big letters, “NO, WHITE LADY, I DON'T’ WANT YOUR PURSE.” The most painful thing is when we get those___13____ stares from black people, especially elderly ones. I want o say to them, “We’re black too. Why would we do

something to you?” Usually I react more ____14____to all of this than a lot of my friends do. Some of them, so brainwashed, just think it’s part of life and that there is nothing you can do. But for me, that’s not good enough. I just can’t stand it when every day a hundred pair of eyes tell you you’re not_____15_____.
【文章大意】本文主要讲述了作者— 一个黑人在美国受到的不公平的对待,这种不公平主要是 精神上的歧视。他们会被当地人视为贼或危险人物,对此作者表达了其内心的一些想法。 【小题 1】 A. almost 【答案】B 【 解析】句意:他们凝视的眼睛并没有看到我在学校的成绩多半是 A。A.差不多,几乎;C.仅 仅,只不过;D.特别地,独特地。根据句意可知选 B。 【小题 2】 A. social 【答案】C 【 解析】句意:我参加了很多积极的青年社团。从上下文的文意可知这里是说作者是一个很优 秀的青年。social 社会的 ;local 当地的;new 新的。 【小题 3】A. danger 【答案】A 【 解析】这里是说当地的美国人眼中看不到作者的优秀,只是一个年轻的黑人,对他们来说是 潜在的危险。 【小题 4】 A. better 【答案】D 【 解析】句意:白人看待我就好像他们比我优秀。A.更好的;B.近的;C.完美的。根据句意选 D。 【小题 5】 A. fear 【答案】A 【 解析】句意:白人女士会呆着恐惧看我。with fear 恐惧的。interest 兴趣;honor 荣誉; despair 绝望。 【小题 6】 A. run 【答案】C

B. mostly

C. merely

D. particularly

B. local

C. positive

D. new

B. treasure

C. gift

D. neighbor

B. close

C. perfect

D. superior

B. interest

C. honor

D. despair

B. walk

C. pass

D. move

【 解析】句意:有时候当她们过马路时看到我和我的朋友们走过来,她们会在我们通过之后再 过去。pass 在这里指过马路。 【小题 7】 A. known 【答案】C 【 解析】A.知道的;B.发达的;C.抚养,养育;D.坐落于。由文意可知选 C。 【小题 8】 A. honestly 【答案】B 【 解析】句意:当人们不断地告诉你让你回到非洲或墨西哥去你会做何感想 constantly 不断 地;honestly 诚实地;hopefully 充满希望地;freely 自由地。 【小题 9】 A. changed 【答案】A 【 解析】由本段大意可知,作者对待这种歧视的方式改变了。 【小题 10】 A. kill 【答案】B 【 解析】A.杀死;B.抢劫;C.损害,损毁;D.偷。由文意可知选 B。 【小题 11】 A. actions 【答案】D 【 解析】句意:现在我更可能会用语言来保护自己不受到这种目光的歧视。由本段的大意可知, 作者对待歧视的方式改变了,以前会很冲动的用武力抵制,现在则是用语言去还击。 【小题 12】 A. writing 【答案】D 【 解析】句意:我的表哥甚至开始穿上面写着:“不,白人女士,我们不想要你的钱包。”这 样的 T 恤衫。saying 在此处意为 t 恤衫上写着。 【小题 13】 A. fearful 【答案】A 【 解析】A.可怕的;B.可疑的;C.遗憾的 D.感人的,印象深刻的。由句意可知选 A。 【小题 14】 A. strongly 【答案】A 【 解析】由本段意思可知,作者对待人们的歧视的反应更强烈。 【小题 15】 A. sincere

B. developed

C. raised

D. located

B. constantly

C. hopefully

D. freely

B. formed

C. strengthened D. increased

B. rob

C. damage

D. steal

B. deeds

C. signs

D. words

B. printing

C. telling

D. saying

B. doubtful

C. pitiful

D. impressive

B. actively

C. disappointedly

D. casually

B. mature

C. welcome

D. gentle

【答案】C 【 解析】句意:对我来说,我不能忍受每天有几百双眼睛告诉你你不受欢迎。


语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分)

阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的 词或者括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 16~25 的相应位置上。

Long ago, in a far-away place, an old tribal chief found himself terminally ill. So he called three most promising young villagers to his bedside and said, “As I ____16____(leave) you soon, I hope you can do one more thing for me. Young men, you three are all ____17____(usual) strong and resourceful, so I’d like you to strive to climb that high mountain we have always been worshipping _____18_____ a sacred place. Try to reach the top and then turn back to tell me about your findings. Three days later, the first young man returned smartly dressed and said ____19____(smile), “Lord, I’ve been to the mountaintop____20____I saw flowers of all sorts, spring water and singing birds. That’s a real nice place.” The old tribal chief replied with a smile, “Son, I’ve been there before. it's not the mountaintop ____21____the foot of the mountain. You can leave now.” A week later, the second young man also returned. “Lord, I’ve been to the mountaintop ___22___ a forest of tall pine trees and vultures circling in the air. That’s a really nice place.” “What a pity!” said the chief. “Son, you’ve been halfway up the mountain rather than to the summit. Now you can leave .” A month later, the third young man showed up in rags, his hair off-colored but his eyes clear and bright. “Lord, I succeeded in reaching the summit. There was nothing there but the highland wind and the blue sky ___23___(hang) over the land.” “So you saw nothing at all? Not even ___24___butterfly?” “No, Lord, nothing. All you can see is yourself. You just feel how insignificant you are in this infinite universe ___25__ standing at the top!”

“Son, you’ve reached the real mountaintop. Congratulations! You will be undoubtedly made our new tribal chief!”
【文章大意】 本文主要讲述了一个部落的首领在发现自己将不久与人世后, 在部落中挑选下一个 首领的故事。老首领让部落中三个优秀的年轻人去爬上一座高山,三人各自有自己的见识,最终 老首领选择了最优秀的年轻人成为新的首领。 【答案】

16 . am leaving/will leave 17. unusually 23. hanging
【 解析】

18.as 24. a

19. smilingly 20. where 21. but 22. with

25. while

16.am leaving 是现在进行时表示将来,或者用 will leave。由文意可知老首领还没有离 开人世,所以用将来时。 17.unusually,不同寻常的。 既然要选新的首领,当然要不寻常。 18.as 作为,当地的人把那座高山当做圣地来膜拜。 19.smilingly,是副词,微笑地。 20.where 在此处引导了一个定语从句。 21.not?but,不是?而是,此句意为:那不是山顶而是山脚。 22.with 带有 23.hang 悬挂,此处是现在分词做定语。 24.a butterfly 一只蝴蝶。句意:你什么都没看到?一只蝴蝶都没看到? 25.while 当?时候,这里是连词加现在分词的用法。


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