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Book6 Unit3

Unit 3 A healthy life 基础落实
Ⅰ.词汇与派生 1. abuse [?′bju?z] n.& vt.滥用;虐待 2. sexual [′sek???l] adj.性的;性别的 3.stress [stres] n.压力;vt.加压力于 4.adolescence [ ?d?′les?ns] n.青春期

5.ban [b?n] vt.禁止;取缔;n.禁令;谴责 6.addicted [?′dIktId] adj.入了迷的 7.embarrass [Im′b?r?s] vt.使窘,使为难→

embarrassed adj.感到为难的
8.withdraw [wI?′dr??] vt.收回,退出,撤回

9.mental [′mentl] adj.精神的;智力的 10. effect [I′fekt] n.结果;效力 11.strengthen [′stre?θ?n] vt.加强;巩固;vi.变强 12.desperate [′desp?r?t] adj.不顾一切的;绝望的 13.disappointed [ dIs?′p?IntId] adj.失望的;沮丧的

14.ashamed [?′?eImd] adj.感到惭愧或羞耻的 15.illegal [I′li?ɡl] adj.不合法的,非法的 16. survival [s?′vaIv?l] n.幸存者;幸存→ survive vi.幸存 17.quit [kwIt] vt.停止;离开 18.prejudice [′pred??dIs] n.偏见;成见

19. judgement [′d??d?m?nt] n.判断;看法;判决 20.awkward [′??kw?d] adj.局促不安的;笨拙的 语境助记——词不离句,句不离段 No adolescents can survive who are addicted to illegal drug or sexual abuse.They feel embarrassed,ashamed,disappointed and even desperate.They want to withdraw or quit,but it has little effect,so they can feel great stress and prejudice from normal people.

Ⅱ.短语与拓展 1.due to 由于;应归于 2.be addicted to对??上瘾;沉溺于或沉湎于 3.be/get accustomed to 习惯于?? be used to doing sth.习惯于?? 4.decide on/upon 对??作出决定 5.in spite of不顾,不管

6.feel like (doing)想要(做)?? 7.take risks (a risk)冒险 8.get into 陷入;染上(坏习惯) 9.stand for 代表;支持 10.be concerned with/in sth.与某物有关,涉及某物

Ⅲ.句式与运用 1.It seems amazing that at my age I am still fit enough to cycle 20 kilometres in an afternoon.令人吃惊的是,在我这个年 纪,依然很健康,能一下午骑车二十公里。 句式分析 某事”。 句式仿写 你年龄太小不能独自去旅行。 be+adj.+enough+不定式,意为“足够可以做

You’re not old enough to travel alone.

2.As you know,if you do the same thing over and over again,you begin to do it automatically.你知道,如果你反 反复复地做同一件事,你就会自动地做它。 句式分析 句式仿写 as引导非限制性定语从句。 众所周知,吸烟有害健康。

As we know ,smoking is harmful to one’s health.

3.I do hope so because I want you to live as long and healthy a life as I have.我的确希望你把烟戒掉,因为我希望你能像我 这样活得健康长寿。 句式分析 句式仿写 as+adj.+a/an+n.+as和??一样的??。 他和他弟弟是一样聪明的孩子。

He is as clever a boy as his little brother is.

4.You can have HIV in your blood for a long time,but eventually HIV will damage your immune system so much that your body can no longer fight disease.你可以在血液里 携带艾滋病毒很长时间,但最终它会破坏你的人体免疫系 统,致使你的身体不再有抗病能力。 句式分析 句式仿写 so...that...引导结果状语从句,意为“这么/那 他激动得说不出话来。 么??以致于??”。

He was so excited that he couldn’t say a word.

Ⅳ.高考源于教材 Do not be disappointed if you have to try several times ________ you finally stop smoking. job. A.when

(教材原句) (2010· 陕西,20)

John thinks it won’t be long________ he is ready for his new C B.after C.before D.since


It won’t be long before...是一个常用的句式,意思是“不久就 会??”。

Ⅴ.单元知识活用 翻译句子 1.健康的生活源于好的习惯。(due to)

A healthy life is due to good habits.
2.烟瘾、酒瘾都会使你感染疾病。(be addicted to,be infected with)

If you are addicted to smoking or drinking,
you will be infected with illnesses.

3.你不应冒生病的危险去尝试它们。(take the risk of)

You shouldn’t take the risk of being ill to try them.
4.应习惯于早起锻炼身体。(be accustomed to)

You should be accustomed to getting up

early to take exercise.
5. 应时常提醒自己养成好习惯, 那是成功的关键。 (remind...of...)

You should often remind yourself of developing good habits,which is the key to success.

连句成篇——用适当的关联词或句将上述句子连接成文 As is known to us all, a healthy life is due to good habits.If you are addicted to smoking or drinking,you will be infected with illnesses.You shouldn’t take the risk of being ill to try them.If you want to be healthy,you should be accustomed to getting up early to take exercise and should often remind yourself of developing good habits,which is the key to success.I think that if you do the above things well,you’ll have a healthy life.

重点单词 1.abuse vt .& n.滥用;虐待;谩骂 abuse one’s power 滥用职权 abuse alcohol/drugs酗酒/嗜毒 scream/shout abuse高声谩骂/大声辱骂 (1)He was abused in the Press. 他受到新闻界的谩骂。 (2)Corruption is a major abuse in modern politics. 腐败是现代政界的主要弊端。

2.ban v. & n.禁止,禁令 (1)ban sb.from (doing) sth.禁止某人(做)某事 (2)a ban on sth.对??的禁令

lift/remove the ban on...解除对??的禁令 put/place a ban on sth.宣布禁止??
(1)After the accident,he was banned from driving . 事故发生后,他被禁止驾车。 (2)Chemical weapons are banned internationally. 国际上禁止使用化学武器。

写作句组——满分作文之佳句 a.The Chinese government has decided to ban smoking in public places across the country. forbid people from using plastic bags. c.Thirdly,we must stop water pollution by law. photos with animals. (2010· 广东) (2008· 安徽) (2010· 福建) (2009· 广东) b.To solve the problem,Chinese government decided to

d.Personally speaking, people shouldn’t be allowed to take

3.stress n.压力;重音;重要性;v.加压力于;使紧张; 强调 lay/put/place stress on把重点放在??上;强调 under stress在压力之下 under the stress of 为??所迫 stress the importance of强调??的重要性

(1)Being a parent is not always easy,and being the parent of a child with special needs often carries with it extra stress. (2009· 北京,35) 做父母并不总是很轻松的,而作为一个有特殊需求孩子的父 亲或母亲就时常需要承受额外的压力。 (2)He laid/put/placed particular stress on the importance of discipline. 他特别强调纪律的重要性。 (3)She has been under a lot of stress since her mother fell ill. 自从母亲病倒后她一直忧心忡忡。

4.infect v.(受)传染;污染;影响
infectious adj.传染的;有传染性的 infection n.传染(病);感染

be infected with受到??的影响;染上??病 infect sb. with a theory用一种理论影响某人 be infectious有传染性的

(1)Researchers believe infected animals may infect their owners. (2009· 全国Ⅰ,阅读理解C) 研究人员认为,感染病毒的动物可能会传染给它们的主人。 (2)Anyone with a bad cold may infect the people

around him/her .
任何重感冒病人都可能把疾病传染给周围的人。 (3)The patient is still infectious. 这个病人仍具有传染性。

5.due adj .欠款的;预定的;到期的 be due to do sth.预期做某事,预定要做某事 be due to sth./doing sth./sb.归因于某事/做某事/某人;欠某 人?? be due for sth.应有;应得到,due to意为“由于” 作表语或状语,不可置于句首

(1)She is due to complete her study and graduate later this year. (2008· 天津,阅读理解 C) 她将要完成学业,并在今年年底毕业。 (2)The meeting is due to start until three. 会议预定到 3 点钟才开始。 (3)His absence was due to the heavy rain. 他的缺席是因为暴雨。

对点训练 Ⅰ.语境填词 1.There is to be a total ban (禁止)on smoking in the office. 2.He felt they had abused (滥用) his trust by talking about him to the press. 3.All the donated blood is tested for HIV and other

infections (传染病).
4.The interview made me feel stressed (有压力的). 5.You are supposed to put everything in the hall in good order by Sunday.The professor is due (预定) to give lectures next week.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.The film was________ from being shown in several A countries. A.banned C.canceled B.protected D.ordered

解析 选A。


2.It has been reported that some government leaders ________ C their authority to get illegal profits for themselves. A.employ B.take C.abuse D.overlook 解析 句意为:据报道一些政府领导滥用权力为己谋利。可


3.The spreading disease ________ her eyes,and she became C blind. A.affected C.infected B.had D.caught

解析 案。



4.Things can easily go wrong when people are under________. A A.stress C.load B.weight D.strength



under stress固定搭配,意为“在压力之下”。

5.It is reported that the accident________ careless driving,so a lot of money________ be paid by the driver. A A.was due to;was due to B.due to;was due to C.is due to;was due to D.is due to;due to




重点短语与句型 1.be accustomed to习惯于??

accustom vt.使??习惯于??
(1)be accustomed to (doing) sth.习惯于(做)??

get/grow/become accustomed to...变得适应了??
be/get used to (doing) sth.习惯于(做)某事 (2) accustom oneself to...使自己习惯于??

(1)—They are quiet,aren’t they? —Yes.They are accustomed to not talking at meals. (2008· 江苏,29) ——他们很安静,是吗? ——是的,他们习惯了吃饭时不说话。 (2)I’m not accustomed to getting up so early. 我不习惯这么早起床。 (3)Her eyes quickly got accustomed to the dark. 她的眼睛很快适应了黑暗。 (4)It took him a while to accustom himself to the idea. 他过了一段时间才习惯了这个想法。

2.be addicted to嗜好;热衷

addiction n.入迷,上瘾 addictive adj.上瘾的

addict vt.使沉溺,使成瘾;嗜好;n.入迷的人,成瘾的人
addict oneself to 沉溺于,醉心于
a video game addict游戏机迷

(1)While his wife was in hospital in the United States,he got totally addicted to alcohol. (2010· 福建, 阅读理解 A) 当他的妻子在美国生病住院时,他彻底地染上了酒瘾。 (2)She is addicted to television programs. 她对电视节目入了迷。 (3)They are rock music addicts. 他们是摇滚乐迷。 语境活用 He liked playing online games so much that it didn’t take him long to become addicted to (染上,上瘾) them.The

addiction (瘾) to games is taking over his life.So he is really a
game addict (对??入迷的人).

3.feel like (doing)想要(做)??;感觉自己像 feel sorry for 为??感到难过,遗憾 feel at home 感到自在;不拘束 feel oneself心情好;自觉健康 feel as if...感觉好像,仿佛 feel one’s way 摸索着前进 (1)Do you feel like a cup of coffee? 你想来一杯咖啡吗? (2)I don’t feel myself today. 我今天感觉不舒服。

4.get into陷入;染上(坏习惯);进入 get into the habit of染上??的习惯 get into trouble陷入麻烦 (1)They couldn’t get into the house. (2010· 江西,阅读理解A) 他们无法进入那橦房子。 (2)That’s another mess you’ve got me into. 你又一次让我陷入了难以摆脱的困境。 (3)He has got into the habit of smoking. 他染上了吸烟的习惯。

写作句组——满分作文之佳句 a.Our parents are checking our bags or diaries to make sure we’re not getting into any trouble. (2009· 安徽) b.Many homeless people get into the habit of begging to get enough money to stay alive. (2009· 陕西) c.I’d like to smile at myself so that I can gain more confidence when I am in trouble. (2009· 福建)

5.I do hope so because I want you to live as long and healthy a life as I have.我的确希望你把烟戒掉,因为我希望你能像我 这样活得健康长寿。 句式提取:do/does/did+动词原形 “do/does/did+动词原形”构成强调句,意为“确实,的 确”,用来加强谓语动词的语气,但须符合以下条件: (1)句子是肯定句; (2)句子的时态为一般现在时或一般过去时。 (1)He does enjoy listening to classical music. 他的确喜欢听古典音乐。 (2)Do be quiet! 务必安静!

6.Do not be disappointed if you have to try several times before you finally stop smoking.在多次尝试戒烟后没有成功也不要 沮丧。 句式提取:before 用作连词,引导时间状语从句 句型归纳 (1)It won’t be...before...用不了多长时间就会??(before 从 句用一般现在时) (2)It will be...before...得过多长时间才??(before 从句用一 般现在时) (3)It wasn’t...before...没过多长时间就??(before 从句用 一般过去时) (4)It was...before...过了多长时间才??(before 从句用一般 过去时)

(1)It was not long before he learned to use the computer. 不久他就学会了使用计算机。 (2)Write down the telephone number before you forget it. 记下电话号码以免忘记。

对点训练 Ⅰ.选词填空 be accustomed to,feel like,addict to,get into 1.He has been accustomed to the life in the mountains since his childhood. 2.He became addicted to drugs. 3.When she was wearing that dress,she felt like a princess. 4.We got into an argument about politics then.

Ⅱ.翻译句子 1.他的确显得很疲倦。

He does look tired.

It will be a long time before we finish the task.

She did at least write to say thank you.

Before they reached the station,the train
had gone.

Ⅲ.单项填空 1.Tom ________ the Internet failed in the exam. C A.addict C.addicted to B.addict to D.addicting to



who was。

2.The student________ writing down every data during his D experiments. A.used to C.is fond of B.get use to D.is accustomed to

解析 句意为:这个学生习惯于写下实验中的每一个数据。 可知应选D项。

3.He has________ the habit of turning on the computer as C soon as he comes back from work. A.got in C.got into B.got down to D.got on to


get into the habit of养成??的习惯。

4.I was so angry and I just didn’t________ looking for C another job. A.want C.feel like

B.plan D.tend

四个选项中, 只有 feel like 后可跟动名词且符合句意。

5.—How long do you think it will be________ China sends a D manned spaceship to the moon? —Perhaps two or three years. A.when C.that
解析 才??”。

B.until D.before

考查 It will be...before...句型,“得过多长时间

6.Cars moved very slowly in the 1930s,but they________ B faster than in the 1920s. A.were moving C.had moved B.did move D.would move



日记是把自己一天中所见、所闻、所经历过的最重要或最 有意义的事件记下来。英文日记的格式一般是在第一行的左边 写日期和星期,如:Oct.16,Thursday;在第一行的右边写天 气状况,如:sunny/fine/rainy/cloudy/windy/snowy。不过考试 中,日记的格式通常已经给出。 日记的题材广泛、内容多样。由于日记是记叙已经发生过 的事情,因此,常用一般过去时;人称一般是第一人称。

典例展示 假设今天是你同学杨帆的生日,由于他父母在外打工,你 作为班长及他的好朋友,特意为他举办了一个生日聚会。同学 们在聚会上尽情地吃蛋糕、唱歌、跳舞、讲故事,杨帆感到很 开心。请你就此用英语写一篇日记。 要求:词数 120~150。开头已经给出,但不计入总词数。 Oct.8,Saturday Fine It is Saturday today,Yang Fan’s birthday __________________________________________________ ______________________


作为学生日记,这篇文章存在着很多不足。首先,日记是 记述已经发生了的事情,动词时态应该用过去时(-3分);其 次,有些句子使用不当,如Don’t worry./Don’t mind.(-2 分);文章中人称代词误用较多(-3分);最后由于句型单一, 文章结构比较松散(-1分),因此文章按第三档给分。

失分原因 (1)日记中的时态一般为过去时,但用引号引起 来的句子,其时态要根据具体情况而定;指代自己时用第一人 称,指代他人时用第三人称。因此句①应该改为“Yang Fan’s parents were not at home and Yang Fan felt very sad.I said”;句②应该改为“He smiled doubtfully.I went to the shop nearby”;句③应该改为“We sat around Yang Fan and sang”;句④应该改为“We ate cakes,told stories and danced”;句⑤应该改为“Yang Fan was happy and we were glad”;句⑥应该改为“Yang Fan went to my bedroom and said”;句⑦应该改为“I’m very glad to have you as my friend”;“I say”改为“I said”;句⑧应该改为“I felt very happy,because I did a good thing.”。

(2)说话要得体,如“Don’t worry.”表示当别人焦急、担心时 对他(她)的安慰,而“Don’t mind.”表示当别人做错了事情时 对他(她)的安慰,因此在上面作文中这两处使用均不合适,应 该删去。

Oct.8,SaturdayFine It is Saturday today,Yang Fan’s birthday.Since his parents were working in Guangdong,he felt very sad.As monitor of the class as well as a good friend of his,I felt very sorry for him and decided to hold a birthday party for him.This afternoon,I bought a big cake secretly and prepared for the party with our classmates.When it was evening and all the students were in the classroom,I announced that we would have a birthday party for Yang Fan.Everyone was very glad and immediately began to sing “Happy Birthday to You” to Yang Fan.We sat around Yang Fan,eating cakes,telling stories, singing and dancing.Yang Fan was very happy,saying, “Thank you very much,everyone!I won’t forget this evening forever.”

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