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When my twin sons, Chad and Brad, were born, I was concerned about everything . Five years later, our little girl, Becky, 1 our family.I wanted everybody to be healthy and happy.I

worked hard to see that they 2 . As the kids grew older, I worried about headaches, throat infections and many other 3 childhood illnesses.I didn't like it when the boys spent time "warming the bench (板凳)" during Little League football games.I worried about Becky when she 4 the ball while playing softball.Before long, the teen years were upon us.I stayed 5 late t night waiting for the boys to return home.Many times the 6 crossed my mind that I would call the police if they weren't home on time._7_, they always arrived home safe and sound 8 I had to take such measures. 9 him after a late arrival.The

"Please don't ever call the police," one of the boys said when I care of themselves.Would they starve?

day the boys moved away to college was a 10 day indeed.I worried about their being able to take A few months after the boys left college, our 11 rang in the middle of the night. It startled (惊醒)us when we looked at the clock.It was 3 o'clock in the morning." 12 must be wrong," I shouted to my husband, Roy, as we both jumped up.We ran to the door, opened it, and there 13 a police officer. "You need to 14 your sons," he seriously announced.I picked up the telephone, but unfortunately, it was 15 .A line outside had been accidentally (偶然) cut.Roy and I jumped into the car and 16 to the nearest telephone.My stomach ached.My husband was 17 so badly that he could hardly dial the number. On the first 18 , Chad answered the telephone."What's wrong?" Roy shouted into the receiver (听筒). "We were worried about you," Chad told him."We've been trying to call you all night, but you didn't 19 We called the police and asked them to go and check on you." For the first time in their lives, the boys were worried about us.And they were the ones who 20 had to call the police.

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)1.A.completed )2.A.did )3.A.serious )4.A.hit )5.A.down )6.A.plan )7.A.Strangely )8.A.after )9.A.threatened )10.A.nice )11.A.phone )12.A.Something )13.A.stood )14.A.call )15.A.gone )16.A.rushed )17.A.looking )18.A.night )19.A.talk )20.A.frequently

B.visited B.had B.common B.threw B.up B.advice B.Probably B.when B.told B.embarrassing B.clock B.Anything B.greeted B.email B.useless B.headed B.shaking B.arrival B.answer B.suddenly

C.tested C.were C.unusual C.got C.out C.worry C.Luckily C.before C.surprised C.happy C.alarm C.Everything C.turned C.see C.dead C.went C.suffering C.try C.wake C.actually

D.appreciated D.would D.incurable D.missed D.in D.thought D.Exactly D.since D.reminded D.sad D.doorbell D.Nothing D.came D.educate D.stolen D.moved D.seeing D.ring D.care D.rarely

D Who is smarter? A human being or artificial intelligence(人工智能)? The question swept the world last week when a Google-developed program called AlphaGo defeated the world top player, South Korean Lee Se-del, 4-1. So, what comes next? Some people have been arguing that artificial intelligence, or AI in short, will be a bad thing for humans. In an interview with the BBC in 2014, UK scientist Stephen Hawking warned that “the development of full artificial intelligence could mean the end of the human race.” So are we really about to live in the world shown in the Terminator movies? “Not quite,” answered The Economist. After all, it’s not hard to get a computer program to remember and produce facts. What is hard is getting computers to use their knowledge in everyday situations. “We think that, for the human being, things like sight and balance(视觉平衡), are natural and ordinary in our life.” Thomas Edison, founder of Motion Figures, a company that is bringing AI to boys, told the newspaper. “But for a robot, to walk up and down just like human beings requires various decisions to be made every second, and it’s really difficult to do.” As The Economist put it, “We have a long way to go before AI can truly begin to be similar to the human brain, even though the technology can be great.” Meanwhile, John Markoff of The New York Times said that researchers should build artificial intelligence to make people more effective. “Our fate is in our own hands,” he wrote. “Since technology depends on the values of its creators, we can make human choices that use technology to improve the world.”
28.What was the result of the match? A.Lee Se-del won AlphaGo 4-1. B.Lee Se-del was defeated. C.Google program beat AlphaGo. D.Neither side won the match. 29.What does Thomas Edison possibly mean in his remarks? A.It’s very hard for AI to beat the human brain. B.AI would take the place of human beings. C.AI can make various decisions quickly. D.AI does better than humans in sight and balance. 30.Who believes much has to be done to improve AI? A.Stephen Hawking. B.John Markoff. D.The Economist. C.The New York Times.

31.What does the underlined part in the last paragraph imply? A.AI will improve the world completely. B.AI is in the control of human beings. C.AI may bring disasters to human beings. D.AI will make our future out of control.

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