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【名师导学系列】2013年高考英语人教版第一轮精品配套练习选修6 Unit 3 A healthy life

Unit 3 核心词汇

A healthy life


1.He felt they had ____________(滥用,妄用)his trust by talking about him to the press. 2. It’s____________(违法的)to read other people’s private letters without permission. 3. was presented with an award for saving a woman at the ____________(冒险)of He his own life. 4. Let’s go swimming in that big pool,because swimming is ____________(禁止)in this deep lake. 5.It is very difficult for the child to solve the ____________(困难的)problem. 6.The little girl was ____________(感到羞愧的)of having failed in the final exam. 7.We must develop science to____________(加强)our education and army. 8 . After a ____________week of work , all the employees were extremely ____________and tired.They complained that few could work efficiently under____________.(stress) 9 . (1)Playing computer games is highly ____________.Once you get ____________to it,you will find it hard to get rid of it.Now,Henry,one of my classmates is fighting his ____________to the games.(addict) (2)As a ____________,he has good____________and never____________a person by his appearance.(judge)

1.________________ 2.________________ 3.________________ 4.________________ 5.________________ 6.________________ 7.________________ 8.________________ 9.________________ 由于…… 对……有瘾 习惯于…… 对……作出决定 想要(做)…… 不顾;不管 冒险 陷入;染上(坏习惯) 处境危险;遭受危险

1.I do hope so because I want you to live __________________as I have. 我的确希望这样,因为我想让你过上和我一样长寿而健康的生活。 2.____________you feel like smoking a cigarette,________________you are a nonsmoker. 每次你想吸烟的时候,要提醒自己你是一个不吸烟的人。 3. ________________, you do the same thing over and over again, begin to do if you it automatically. 你知道,如果你反反复复地做同一件事,你就会自动地做它。 4.________only ________the disease has progressed to AIDS ________ a person

begins to look sick. 只有当这种病毒发展成艾滋病时,人才会显出病态。

1stress n. 重压,逼迫,压力;重音;重点 vt. 加压力于;使紧张;重读

12 [归纳拓展] [例句探源] ①(牛津 P1997)Things can easily go wrong when people are under stress. 人在压力之下,办事情容易出差错。 ②(牛津 P1997)I think the company places too much stress on cost and not enough on quality. 我认为公司对成本强调有余,而对质量重视不足。 ③(牛津 P1997)He stressed the importance of a good education. 他强调了接受良好教育的重要性。 ④He was feeling very stressed and tired.他感到心力交瘁。 [即境活用] 1.Cooperation or teamwork,the importance of which is often________,plays an important part in football matches. A.stressed B.laid stress C.paid much attention D.talked 解析: 2.一听音乐,我就忘记了所有的怒气和压力。 When I listen to music,I forget any feelings ________ ________ ________ ________. 答案: 2quit vt. 停止(做某事);离开 (回归课本 P18)I was addicted in all three ways,so it was very difficult to quit. 我之所以上瘾是有着这三个方面的原因的,因此,要戒烟就很难。 [归纳拓展] [例句探源] ①(牛津 P1626)He has decided to quit as manager of the team. 他已决定辞掉球队经理的职务。 ② However,he didn’t quit,and he became a great pianist. 然而,他没有放弃,最终成为了伟大的钢琴家。 ③My father has quit smoking at last.我父亲终于戒了烟。 ④I got my present job when I quit the army. 我退伍后得到了现在这份工作。 [即境活用] 3.The majority of smokers say that they would like to ________ ________ ________(去掉这个习惯). 答案: 3due adj. 欠款的;预定的;到期的

(回归课本 P18)I think my long and active life must be due to the healthy life I live. 我想我之所以长寿而且精力充沛,要归功于我的健康生活。 [归纳拓展] [例句探源] ①(牛津 P621) The project had to be abandoned due to a lack of government funding. 这项工程由于缺乏政府的资助而不得不放弃。 ② Some of the disease’s spread is due to global warming. 一些疾病的传播是由于全球气候变暖引起的。 ③He didn’t pay the rent when it was due. 他房租到期,却未付租金。 ④She is due to complete her study and graduate late this year. 她预计今年下半年完成学业毕业。 [即境活用] 4 . The old man said the accident________careless driving , so a lot of money________be paid by the driver. A.was due to;was due to B.due to;was due to C.is due to;has due to D.is due to;was due to 解析: 4accustomed adj. 习惯的,通常的 (回归课本 P18)This means that after a while your body becomes accustomed to having nicotine in it. 这就是说,过一段时间以后,你的身体习惯了香烟里的尼古丁。 [归纳拓展] [例句探源] ①(朗文 P15)It took a while for me to accustom myself to all the new rules and regulations. 我经过了一段时间后才适应了所有新的规章制度。 ②He quickly accustomed himself to/became accustomed to the new way of life. 他很快适应了这种新的生活方式。 ③She found it necessary to accustom her child to getting up early.她觉得有必要让孩 子养成早起的习惯。 ④Accustomed to climbing the steep mountain,he had no difficulty reaching the top. 习惯于爬陡峭的山,他毫无困难地爬上山顶。 [即境活用] 5.—They are quiet,aren’t they? —Yes.They are accustomed ________at meals. A.to talk B.to not talk C.to talking D.to not talking 解析: 5risk n. 危险;风险 v. 使冒险;冒……风险 (回归课本 P20)He felt he had to make up his mind on every step instead of taking

risks. 他认为他必须决定每一步而不冒险。 [归纳拓展] [例句探源] ①(朗文 P1768)There are measures you can take to reduce the risk of accidents. 你可以采取措施以降低发生事故的风险。 ②(朗文 P1768)I encourage people to take risks by trying new things. 我鼓励人们冒险尝试新事物。 ③I wouldn’t run the risk of being late for work. 我不会冒迟到的危险的。 ④When children start smoking,they don’t realize that they’re risking their health. 小孩开始抽烟时,并没有意识到是在拿自己的健康去冒险。 [即境活用] 6.He got wellprepared for the job interview,for he couldn’t risk________the good opportunity. A.to lose B.losing C.to be lost D.being lost 解析: 6get into 陷入;染上(坏习惯) (回归课本 P20)Of course the best way to deal with these drugs is not to get into the habit in the first place! 当然,对付毒品的最好的方法是首先就别养成(吸毒的)习惯! [归纳拓展] [例句探源] ①(陕西高考)Many homeless people get into the habit of begging to get enough money to stay alive. 许多无家可归的人开始养成乞讨谋生的习惯。 ②I’m sorry I got you into trouble with the teacher. 很抱歉,我让你跟老师发生了纠纷。 ③(重庆高考)Hi,Bob,how are you getting along with your spoken report?嗨,鲍 勃,你的口头报告准备得怎么样了? ④Isn’t it time you got down to marking the papers?(重庆高考)你是时候开始批改 试卷了吧? [即境活用] 7.(高考福建卷)We’ve just moved into a bigger house and there’s a lot to do.Let’s ________it. A.keep up with B.do away with C.get down to D.look forward to 解析: 8.I tried phoning her office,but I couldn’t ________. A.get along B.get on C.get to D.get through 解析:


1【教材原句】 I do hope so because I want you to live as long and healthy a life as I have. (P18) 我的确希望这样,因为我想让你过上和我一样长寿而健康的生活。 【句法分析】 此句式为 as+adj.+a/an+单数可数名词+as。 ①Mary is as beautiful a girl as Daisy. 玛丽和黛西是一样漂亮的女孩。 【温馨提示】 类似此句型的用法 too/so/how+adj.+a/an+n.。 ②I have never met so young a body with so wise a head. 我从来没见过这么年轻又这么聪明的人。 ③This is too difficult a problem for the beginners to solve. 这个问题对于初学者来说太难解决了。 [即境活用] 9.(杭州学军中学模拟)I haven’t seen ________Maggie since I came here. A.as lovely a girl as B.so a lovely girl as C.girl as lovely as D.as a lovely girl as 解析: 10.Bill is a good man,kind and diligent.Don’t be too hard on him.He’s doing the job________. A.as good as he can B.as well as he could C.as well as he can D.as best as he could 解析: 2【教材原句】 Every time you feel like smoking a cigarette,remind yourself that you are a nonsmoker.(P19) 每当你想要吸烟的时候,你就提醒你自己:你(已经)是不吸烟的人了。 【句法分析】 every time 可以用来引导时间状语从句。表示经常性的动作,“每 次”的意思。该从句中也用一般时态代替将来时。 ① Every time you smile at someone,you give a gift to that person. 每次当你向某人微笑的时候,你就给了那人一件礼物。 【温馨提示】 (1)下列名词词组可以起连词作用: the first/last time next/any/every/each time the moment/instant/minute (2)directly,instantly,immediately 等也可用来引导时间状语从句。 ②He loved her the first time he saw her.他对她一见钟情。 [即境活用] 11.________I was in trouble,I was hopefully confident that we can overcome the difficulties. A.The first time B.At first C.It was the first time D.For the first time 解析:

议论文 【体裁导航】 写议论文要注意三个问题: 1.议论文要有论点、论据和论证三个环节(即三个要素),并在论证的过程中, 让阅卷老师充分感受到你的英语水平。 2.议论文的时态比较灵活,应根据具体内容使用正确的时态。 3.英语的议论文受篇幅限制,短文开头就应提出论点。 杂议短评类的议论文,就是指通过语言或文字,对某一现象进行议论,或对所读 的材料进行评析,并通过议论,从而提出自己独到见解的分析文章。也就是我们 平常所说的“小论文”。 杂议和短评本身并无实质性的区别,只是其范畴有时可能存在一定的差异而已。 例如,某年的上海高考英语题,就曾要求对孩子被溺爱的现象进行杂议或短评。 近几年北京的开放作文,也多属杂议或短评类的一种书面表达形式。 【写作示例】 健康是福。但是随着人们生活水平的提高,生活节奏的加快,越来越多的人喜欢 吃形形色色的简单快捷的包装食品; 交通工具的改进也使得人们越来越缺少必需 的体力运动。所以出现了很多的“亚健康(sub?health)”人群。请你以“How to Be Healthy?”为题,写一篇 120 词左右的短文,就此事发表一下你的看法。 【写作要领】 一、审题要点: 1.体裁:议论文; 2.时态:一般现在时; 3.人称:第一人称。 二、内容要点: 1.描述出目前存在的问题:食物方面:吃快餐;运动方面:缺乏体力运动; 2.这些问题造成的后果:亚健康(描述一些症状); 3.提出自己的建议:多吃健康的食品,多运动等。 【金点模板】 一、开头 参考句式: 1.Nowadays, because of the fast pace of life, more and more people like eating fast food. 2.Today, people are busy with their work, so they always eat some fast food. 3.In order to save time, many people like eating fast food. 4.Because of the fast pace of life, people have to eat more fast food and have no time to take exercise. 二、主体 参考句式: 1.How can we keep fit? 2.What is the good way to keep fit? 3.We must pay attention to our health. 4.First we should ...and then we should ...

5.The most important thing is ... 6.It is good for us to... 为使各项内容衔接自然,可以适当添加过渡词语。如: firstly, secondly, thirdly ... on one hand ...on the other hand ... when, while, as ... but, however ... because, so, as a result ... 三、结尾 参考句式: 1.In a word, we must eat healthily and take more exercise to keep fit. 2.In short, if we want to keep fit, we must have a good habit and do more physical exercise. 3.As is said above, the healthier we eat, the fitter we will be. 可用来表示总结的短语: in a word, in short, in conclusion, all in all 等。 【范文点评】 How to Be Healthy? ①Today, with the fast pace of life and work, people like eating all kinds of fast food.Besides, the convenient vehicles make people keep away from walking.②Because of these,more and more people are confronted with the threat of sub?health, for example, some can’t sleep well, some are always feeling tired and so on. ③But how can we change these and keep fit? ④First, I think a healthy balanced diet is very important for everyone.Less meat, fatty and fast food, more vegetables and enough fruit are good for our health.⑤Only when we are in a hurry can we have some junk food, but not often.Second,we should take enough exercise because exercise can keep us energetic all the time. ⑥In a word, the better we get into good eating habits and the more we take exercise, the healthier our bodies will be. 点评: ①with 介词短语的使用增加了句子的灵活性。 ②关联词使句子上下衔接自然。 ③but 领起下文,使文章自然过渡到作者要表达的内容。 ④first,second 序数词的使用使文章清晰地表达出要表达的观点。 ⑤本句为以 only 开头的倒装句。不同句式的使用显示出深厚的语言功底,使文 章增色不少。 ⑥总结句的使用使文章首尾呼应,内容充实圆满。 【类题尝试】 当今, 有些家长选择用金钱奖励孩子在学习上的进步。请根据以下提示用英语写 篇短文。 1. 分析这种现象产生的原因及危害(工作繁忙, 溺爱孩子, 不利于孩子成长……); 2.你对这种现象的看法。 注意:1.词数 100 左右;

2.可根据内容适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________


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