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【题型四】选用方框中所给单词或短语,并用其适当形式填空。 [中考真题] 用方框中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子。 laugh, 1. Be careful when you walk 2. They were 3. I hope I’ll be 4. We couldn’t help 5. I have made a [专项训练] Ⅰ 从方框中选用适当的单词填空。注意词形变化。 . none interview great instead warmth opinion pronunciation mistake spare write public smell energetic believe kilo hospital fight courage money safe real, the street. surprised at the wonderful magic tricks. enough to get a free ticket to the places of interest in Beijing. when we watched the funny performance of Xiao Shenyang. to travel to Taiwan in the summer vacation. decide, cross, luck

1. — How many peaches do you want? — Two . .

2. I think time is more important than 3. Can you 4. Kate’s mother is an something burning? tennis player.

5. Students should pay enough attention to their 6. Do you think it’s 7. John was touched by the 8. The teacher praised Tom for his 9. If someone is sick, please take him to the 10. Don’t be late for your to swim in the river? of their welcome. this morning. at once.

when they speak English.

, or you won’t get the job. with his friends. that they can win the match. of them worked it out. from Monday to Thursday. time.

11. My brother is a naughty boy. He often 12. They have confidence and 13. The maths problem was so difficult that 14. The museum is open to the

15. The boy in a red shirt likes making something in his 16. The little girl made so many

in her homework yesterday. , Jim?

17. Most students have talked about their ideas. What’s your 18. Li Qingzhao was one of the

women poets in ancient China. . .

19. We didn’t have enough money for a movie, so we went to the park 20. I often read books written by Wang Meng. He is one of my favourite

Ⅱ 从方框中选用正确的动词,并用其适当形式填空。 . prepare water change happen skate give trust refuse put play

1. My grandmother 2. Can they





lots of pigs in our backyard last year. to look after the house? it off any more. during the winter holiday? supper in the kitchen now. a lot since she entered Harvard University. next. to do anything that’s illegal (违法的). the classroom.

3. It’s Saturday today. Don’t 4. Can you teach me 5. My mother is 6. Liu Yiting 7. We asked them what 8. We must

9. The new term is coming. The students are busy 10. The teenagers are not 11. Mr Smith 12. I’m sorry to keep you 13. Would you mind my 14. 15. I to drink wine. a talk on country music next Monday. for a long time. you a question?

computer games too much is bad for your eyes. the flowers at that time yesterday.

Ⅲ 从方框中选用正确的短语并用其适当形式填空。 . have a good time be famous for again and again look over work out come to an end find out as soon as take place on duty thousands of

sell out
1. Wow! The tickets have

in trouble

put away
within hours.

sooner or later

2. The country will set up her own space station 3. An accident 4. China 5. Keep trying, and you will 6. We should give the people 7. Don’t worry. I’ll call you 8. James, your socks are on the chair. Please 9. How clean the classroom is! Are you 10. Please tell me if you 11. The mother thanked the policeman 12. There are 13. When the summer camp

at the centre of the city yesterday. the Great Wall and pandas. the difficult problem. a hand. I get the news. them . today, Helen? at King’s party yesterday. for finding her lost child. parents waiting for their children outside the test centre. , the students felt sorry to say goodbye to each other.

14. The doctor

the boy, and then gave him some medicine. the time for all the

15. I’ll have a meeting in Shanghai tomorrow. Would you mind flights to Shanghai for me?

【题型五】根据句意及汉语提示完成句子 [中考真题] 1. 根据提示用正确的单词完成句子。 If you don’t go, I will not go (2009江苏扬州) 2. 根据提示用正确的短语完成句子。 They (同意) us on some matters yesterday afternoon. (2009河北) . (也)

3. 根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ① 当非法建筑物被拆除时,它的主人看上去很尴尬。 The owner of the illegal building was . (2009山东济南) very when the building

② 电影《功夫熊猫》的故事以幽默的方式告诉我们一切皆有可能。
The story of Kung Fu Panda tells us in a funny way that [专项训练] Ⅰ 根据句意及汉语提示,写出单词。 . 1. What’s the 2. She is of medium 3. Can’t you see the sign? Don’t 4. We must consider these matters as a 5. You can light the candles with these 6. It’s windy today. The highest 7. They have no 8. Danny says there will be a 9. We will do an (人口) of this country? (身高) and has curly hair. (停车) here. (整体). (火柴). (温度) is 18℃ . . (2009山东德州)

(选择) but to work hard. (暴风雨) tomorrow. (试验) to prove what I said is true. (象征) of peace. (九十) birthday. (野餐) by the lake.

10. The dove and the olive branch are 11. Mr Wang is preparing for his father’s 12. It was a sunny day. Let’s have a 13. Don’t

(浪费) too much time on computer games. (私人的) questions in public. (困乏的) in class today. (工程师).

14. You shouldn’t ask her 15. I stayed up last night, so I feel

16. My father works in the factory and he is a computer 17. He is one of the most famous

(现代的) writers in China.

18. A large number of people died 19. My mother likes reading books and 20. Science is my favourite 21. Who has the 22. I’m afraid that Jim has 23. Our government has made several 24. A computer is one of the greatest

(在……期间) World War Ⅱ . (报纸) in the evening. (科目). Do you like it?

(最少的) rubbish, Danny, Jack or Bill? (忘记) we’ll have a meeting this afternoon. (法律) to protect children. (发明). I can’t imagine our life without it. (树叶). (耐心地). (帐篷).

25. Some animals, for example, elephants and koalas, live on grass and 26. The teacher is explaining the maths problem to the students 27. The injured people are in great need of supplies, such as clothes, food and 28. More and more (外国人) want to learn Chinese.

29. The doctor devoted herself to doing

(研究) on blood diseases day and night. (重要性) of time. They spend their time

30. It is a pity that there are a lot of people who do not know the smoking, drinking and playing. Ⅱ 根据句意及汉语提示,用正确的短语并用其适当形式填空。 . 1. Please help me 2. Why don’t you it (关掉) the radio. (考虑) for a while?

3. My grandfather likes reading and 4. How soon will you 5. The blue skirt looks very nice. May I 6. No matter where we are, we should 7. Mr Smith gave us 8. Everyone should 9. My grandmother 10. The boy likes animals and 11. Though I didn’t do well in my lessons, I never 12. You

(下国际象棋). (用完) the bottle of oil? it (试穿)? (对……有礼貌) others. (一条) advice on how to keep healthy. (做贡献) to protecting the environment. (照料) my brother while my mother was out. (对……感兴趣) snakes especially. (放弃).

(最好) check over your exam paper carefully before you hand it in. (和……交朋友) an old gardener last year. (收到……的来信) my pen pal in Canada for several weeks. (中秋节). Would you buy some mooncakes, Mum?

13. Steven likes gardening. He 14. I haven’t 15. Tomorrow is

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