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牛津高中英语模块5 Unit2 Language points

Language points

Read the text again and pay attention to the language points in it.

1. open the floor for discussion
the floor意为“发言权”。又如:

After they h

ad each said a few words,
Professor White took the floor.


The President then took the floor and
answered the journalists’ questions.


2. waste waste在此处为名词,意为“废物,残 物”。如: Industrial waste must be prevented from polluting our rivers. 千万不能让工厂的废物污染我们的河流。 Where do you put the kitchen waste? 你把厨房的丢弃物扔哪儿了?

此外,waste还可以用作动词,意为“浪 费(金钱、劳力、时间等)”。如: There is no use wasting time in

discussing how it happened. 讨论这件事情是如何发生的是没有用的。 You had better not waste your time on such a thing. 你最好不要在这种东西上浪费时间。

3. large numbers of large numbers of 许多,大量,后加复数名 词,相当于a large number of, a great / good many。如: Large numbers of whales have been killed by these Japanese ships. 这些日本捕捞船已经杀死了许多鲸鱼。 Numbers of people came to the meeting from all over the country. 全国各地许多人来参加这个会议。

4. lay eggs lay eggs 下蛋,产卵
A turtle lays many eggs at a time. 乌龟一次下许多蛋。

To kill the goose that lays the golden


5. cut back on

cut back on“削减,缩减”,相当于cut down on。 如:Try to cut back on foods containing too much fat and sugar. 要 尽量少吃脂肪和糖份含量过高的食品。 After the big job was finished, the builder cut back on the number of men working for him. 这项大工程完成以后,建筑商削减了工 人总数的三分之一。

与cut相关的短语 cut across 走捷径 cut away 切除,剪掉 cut in 插进来说,插嘴,干预 cut off 切断,停掉

cut down 削减,砍倒
cut up 切碎

6. …are very concerned about concern (vt.) 与??有关;对??有影 响;引起??的兴趣(关心)。如: This letter does not concern you. 这封信与你无关。 The result concerns everybody. 这结果关系着每一个人。 The princess’ marriage concerns all the people in the country. 公主的结婚引起国内所有人的关心。

be concerned about/for/over 担心;挂 念。 如: I was very concerned about his illness. 我很担心他的病。 He is much concerned for her safety. 他很挂念她的安全。 be concerned with 与??有关 如: The story is concerned with fairies. 这个故事与小神仙有关。

7. asking around为现在分词短语作时间 状语,相当于时间状语从句 when I ask around。 如: Take care while crossing the street. =Take care while you cross the street. Wandering through the street, I saw a tailor’s shop. =While I was wandering through the street, I was tailor’s shop.

ask around 四处打听 I will ask around and see if anyone can help. 我要四处打听一下,看有没有人能够 帮忙。

1. With me are Ms Lin Shuiqing, from the

Green Society, and Mr Qian Liwei, a
business development consultant.

1) 句子结构分析:本句为倒装句。主语

是Ms Lin Shuiqing and Mr Qian Liwei,
句首的with me作表语;

介词短语from the Green Society作定语修

饰Ms Lin Shuiqing;a business
development consultant是Mr Qian Liwei

的同位语,说明Mr Qian Liwei的身份。


2) 语言知识分析:由于句子主语很长,

重脚轻采用了倒装结构。如:Here are
some books donated by the students of

our school to those who are living in the

2. What I’m here to say is that having worked with many environmental consultants , I know that a healthy environment and development should be possible at the same time. [分析] 1) 句子结构分析:本句是一个多重复合 句。What I’m here to say是主语从句;

that having worked with many environmental consultants , I know that a healthy environment and a stable development should be possible at the same time在整个句子中作表语。在表语 从句中,that a healthy environment and development should be possible at the same time是that引导的宾语从句作know 的宾语;

having worked with many
environmental consultants是-ing分词短



2) 语言知识分析:having done 为V-


finished his homework, he went to play
football with his friends.

3. There are many factories and industries which control the amount of pollution they produce, and are very careful to spend money repairing any damage they cause. [分析] 1) 句子结构分析:这个句子比较复杂, 在这个句子中,which 引导一个定语从句 修饰factories and industries;

定语从句的谓语是两个动词短语control the amount和are very careful;而每个动 词短语中又各自带有一个定语从句,即 they produce修饰pollution,they cause修 饰damage。通过分析可以看出,整个句 子的意思为:有许多工厂和行业,他们 一方面控制生产的污染量,另一方面花 钱来修复他们所引起的损害。

2) 语言知识分析:在there be句型中,

比较:a. There is a blackboard and fifty
desks and chairs in the classroom. b.

There are fifty desks and chairs and a
blackboard in the classroom.

[拓展] 在there be句型中,除了可以使用 系动词be以外,还可以使用其他一些动 词,如there stands / appears / belongs / comes / exists / lives / lies / follows等。同 时, there be中还可插入情态动词,如 there ought to / has to / seems to be等。其 反意疑问句的构成有:aren’t / isn’t there; don’t / doesn’t there等。如:There lived an old man named Wang Lin here in the past, didn’t there?

高考链接 1. It is clear that you are very concerned about the present situation of our environment. [考点] situation [考例] The collapse of the World Trade Centre has put US economy in a difficult _____. (上海2003春) A. occasion B. case C. situation D. background

[点拨] 选C。句意为:世贸中心的倒塌 将美国经济置于非常艰难的境地 (situation)。occasion场合,机会; case情形,情况,案例;background背


2. What we need are better laws to preserve the environment and still allow our country to grow. (P23)

[考点] what引导的主语从句。

[考例] After Yang Liwei succeeded in circling the earth, _____ our astronauts desire to do is walk in space. (上海2004) A. where B. what C. that D. how

[点拨] 选B。在这个句子中,After Yang Liwei succeeded in circling the earth是时间状语从句;后面的主句中, what our astronauts desire to do是主语 从句,walk in space 是表语。因为系动 词前面有实意动词do, 所以省略系动词 后面的to。

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