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新人教版高中英语选修七 U2 课文重点句汇集 1. Recently it had begun experimenting with a household robot. It was going to be tested out by Larry's wife, Claire. 最近,该公司要对一个家用机器人进行试验。这项试验将由拉里的 夫人克莱尔来尝试。 Claire

didn't want the robot in her house, especially as her husband would be abs ent for three weeks, but Larry persuaded her that the robot wouldn't harm her or allow her to be harmed. It would be a bonus. 克莱尔并不想把机器人留在家里,特别是在她丈夫离家三周的这个期 间。但是克莱尔被拉里说服了。他说,机器人不会伤害她,也不会让别人来伤害她。这 样会是个意外的收获。 3. On the second morning Tony, wearing an apron, brought her breakfast and then asked her whether she needed help dressing. 第二天早晨,托尼戴着围裙,给她端来了早餐,然后 问她是否需要帮忙穿衣打扮。 4. Also she felt her home wasn't elegant enough for someone like Larry who wanted to improve his social position. She wasn't like Gladys Claffern, one of the richest and most powerful women around. 还有对于像拉里这样很想提高社会地位的人来说,她的家也不够高雅。 她跟格拉迪斯’克拉芬不一样,格拉迪斯是远近闻名的有钱有势的女人。 As a favour Tony promised to help Claire make herself smarter and her home more elegant. So Claire borrowed a pile of books from the library for him to read, or rather, scan. 托尼为 让克莱尔高兴,答应帮助她,使她变得漂亮,使她的家变得高雅大方。于是克莱尔从图 书馆借来一堆书给托尼阅读,或者说给他浏览一下。 As he was not allowed to accompany her to the shops, he wrote out a list of items for her. 因 为不允许托尼陪克莱尔去商店,所以托尼就给她写了一份购物清单。 7. By the amused and surprised look on her face, Claire knew that Gladys thought she was having an affair. After all, she knew Claire's husband's name was Larry, not Tony. 从格拉迪 斯脸上的那种有趣而又惊奇的神色来看,克莱尔知道,格拉迪斯认为她有风流韵事了: 毕竟格拉迪斯知道她的丈夫是拉里,而不是托尼。 By that time, Tony expected the house to be completely transformed. 托尼想在此之前将房 子改装得焕然一新。 9. Tony worked steadily on the improvements. Claire tried to help once but was too clumsy. She fell off a ladder and even though Tony was in the next room, he managed to catch her in time. 托尼有条不紊地搞着装修。克莱尔有一次想来帮忙,但是太笨手笨脚了,竞从梯子上掉 了下来。尽管托尼当时在隔壁房间里,他还是及时赶过来把她接住了。





10. What a sweet victory to be envied by those women! She might not be as beautiful as them, but none of them had such a handsome lover. 受到那些女士的妒忌,这该是多么甜美的胜 利!克莱尔也许并没有她们那样漂亮, 但是他们中没有任何一个人拥有这样英俊的情人。 11. Tony had protected a human being from harm. He had prevented Claire from harming herself through her own sense of failure. He had opened the curtains that night so that the other women would see him and Claire, knowing that there was no risk to Claire's marriage. 托尼 保护了一个人免受伤害,他使克莱尔没有因为她的失败感而伤害自己。那天晚上,他拉 开了窗帘, 让其他女人看到了他和克莱尔在一起, 他明白这么做对克莱尔的婚姻并不造 成危害。 12. The robots would scan the literature for the latest ideas in home decoration. Often the robots would favour designs that were grander than their owners wanted.

13. He felt it was absurd to be filled with hatred for someone he had never met. 他觉得 对从来 没见过的某人充满仇恨 是荒谬的。 14. Asimov had both an extraordinary imagination that gave him the ability to explore future worlds and an amazing mind with which he searched for explanations of everything, in the present and the past. 阿西莫夫不仅有着超凡的想象力,使他能对未来世界进行探索,而 且还有着惊人的智力,使他能对现在的和过去的各种事物作出解释。 15. Asimov's life ended in New York on 6 April, 1992, when he died as a result of an HIV infection that he had got from a blood transfusion nine years earlier. 阿西莫夫的一生在纽 约结束,他死于 1992 年 4 月 6 日。他是因为 9 年前的一次输血中感染了艾滋病病毒而 去世的 16. He helped out through his school and university years until 1942, a year after he had gained a master's degree in chemistry. In 1942 he joined the staff of the Philadelphia Navy Yard as a junior chemist and worked there for three years. 他读中学和大学的那段时期都在糖果店 里工作, 一直到 1942 年, 也就是他获得化学硕士学位一年以后他才停止糖果店的工作。 1942 年,他在费城海军造船厂里担任初级化学师,干了三年。 17. This really surprised Asimov and from that moment, he started to take himself seriously as a writer. 这使阿西莫夫很惊讶。从那以后,他就开始认真地从事写作了。 18. Among his most famous works of science fiction, one for which he won an award was the Foundation trilogy (1951-1953), three novels about the death and rebirth of a great empire in a galaxy of the future. 在他那些最富盛名的科幻小说中, 有本获奖的书叫做 《基地三部曲》 (1951—1953),有三个小故事,讲的是未来银河系中一个伟大帝国的灭亡与复兴。 19. I'll take seriously whatever advice you put forward. 20. I'm still waiting for you, those small happiness, I take it seriously, you at will. 我仍旧为你 守候,那些小幸福,我当真,你随意。 21. As with anything, the more you practise, the better you become. It’s the same with writing in English –the more you write, the better your writing will be. 任何事情都是这样,练得越多, 越好 Unit 2 Robots workbook 翻译 1. 那本关于《圣经》的书需要在这周末之前还给图书馆。 That book on th Holy Bible needs to be returned to the library by/before the end of the week. 2. 下周末前,这个旧扶手椅将由一个沙发代替。 That old armchair is to be replaced by a sofa next week. 3. 不要着急,你有足够的时间把那个传真发到你的公司。 Don’t worry — you still have plenty of time for that fax to be sent to your company. 4. 你同妻子离婚的决定必须要得到她的同意。 Your decision to divorce your wife has to be made with her agreement. 5. 刚刚出了一起事故,不过没有必要惊慌,没有人受伤。 There has been an accident but there is no need to be alarmed. Nobody has been hurt. 6. 虽然她考得不错,但是她预料父母还是会对考试的结果感到失望。 Although she had done well, she expected her parents to be disappointed by her exam results. 7. 当在医院进行大手术的时候,她得到了家人的关爱和支持,(为此)她感到非常高兴。 She was happy to be supported by the affection of her family when she had a serious operation in hospital. 8. 他为自己被宣布成为智力竞赛冠军得主的事感到十分兴奋。

He was so excited to be declared the winner of the talent competition. 9. 他把他们已经得到的 2000 元与将提供的 1500 元加在一起,总共 3500 元。 He added the 2,000 yuan they had received to the 1,500 yuan to be offered, making 3,500 yuan in all. 10. 没有主力队员的参与,他们一定会在即将到来的比赛中被打败。 Without their key/leading player, they are bound to be beaten in the coming competition.

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