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Book4 unit1 Using language reaing0825

Reading Why Not Carry On Her Good Work?

1.Who was the writer? A high school student.
2.What is her problem?
She didn’t know what to choose to study at university.

br />3.What did she choose to study at last?

4.Which great woman helped her make the decision?
Lin Qiaozhi.

Because she was moved by LinQiaozhi and wanted to follow her example.


Lin Qiaozhi, a native of Xiamen, Fujian Province, graduated from Peking Union Medical College (北京协和医科大学) in 1929 and underwent post-graduate (研究 生) studies at Manchester and London Universities in Britain between 1932 and 1933, and Chicago University in the United States between 1939 and 1940.

Where was she born? Where did she receive college education? Where did she receive postgraduate education?

A brief biography
Name: Lin Qiaozhi Date: 1901-1983 Occupation: a specialist in women’s diseases Achievements: 1.She became a specialist in women’s diseases as well as writing books and articles. 2.She got a medical training for her career. 3.She made sure that about 50,000 babies were safely delivered.
Which words can we find in the text used to describe Lin Qiaozhi ?

hard work determination gentle nature kindness consideration

research on Lin One day,the writer did some_______ specialist in women’s diseases.He Qiaozhi—a________ found something about this great woman: she best to study medicine and wrote a did her_______ book for the women in the countryside devoted all her life to her patients and and________ respect medical career.She won ________from people.After getting this information,the writer decided to study at medical school and get _______training to help other people. medical

Language Points
1. research un./ v. (on/into ) They are doing some research on/into the effects of cigarette smoking. Will they publish the results of their research/ researches? research 这个名词是可数或不可数名词,但不可 与many连用. do some research ( on)

2.come across
come across=meet by chance偶然遇到 I came across an old friend of mine last night by chance. 昨天我偶然读到了一篇好文章。 came ______ across a good article yesterday. I _______

3.It seemed that Lin Qiaozhi had been very busy in her chosen career, traveling abroad to study and writing books and articles. 用法归纳: 1) seem (to be)+n. 2) seem(to be)+adj. / pp 3) seem to do / to be doing sth. / to have done sth. 4) It seems that... 5) It seems as if...意为"看起来像(仿佛)…

4.It was a book explaining how to cut the death rate from having and caring for babies by following some simple rules for keeping babies clean and healthy. 现在分词做定语,修饰book, 相当与 一个定语 从句 which explained how explain不能跟双宾语结构, 不能说explain sb. sth. 而只能说 explain sth. to sb. 或 explain to sb. sth.

care for sb. 喜欢或爱某人;照顾某人;

care for sth. care to do sth.
Eg :

“愿意;同意;”常用于否定 或疑问句,尤与would连用。

你愿意喝点儿酒吗? care for a drink Would you ____________________? care to have a drink _____________________?

care about 关心,在意,在乎
I don't care much about music. The young people should care about the old.

5. intend vt


1). What do you intend to do /doing next? 2).He intends no harm. 3). Our dictionary is intended for the students. ?be intended for“为· · · · · · 准备/预定的”

It hit me ... 6. It occurred to me ... 某人突然想起某事-It struck me...

It hit me that I had forgotten to lock the door.

It didn't occur to him that he had an emergency.

It suddenly struck me how we could carry on (with) our work.

7.Further reading made me realise that it was hard work and determination as well as her gentle nature that had got her into medical school.

强调结构:It is/was …who /that …

Yesterday I met my old friend at the market. (1) (2) (3) (4)
that I met my old (1).It was yesterday ________________________ friend at the market. ________________________. I who/that met my old friend (2).It was _________________________ at the market. _________________________. my old friend who/that I met (3).It was _________________________ at the market. _________________________. at the market that I met my (4).It was _________________________ old friend yesterday. __________________________.

8.…deliver a baby for a poor family… deliver a baby: 接生 be delivered of a baby: 生孩子 She was delivered of a healthy boy. 她生下一个健康的男孩儿。 delivers milk to ? Every day the milkman ______________ our house. (送牛奶) delivered a speech at the meeting. ? He ____________________ ? (作演讲) three babies every day on ? She delivers _____________________ average. (接生三个孩子)

9.devote v devote oneself / sth. to sb / sth. 他一生促进世界和平的发展。 He devoted his life to promoting/ the promotion of the world peace. 刘胡兰把生命奉献给了祖国。 Liu Hulan devoted her life to our country. 他所有的余闲都花在学英语上。 He devotes all his spare time to learning English.

10.carry on (with) sth.
carry on doing sth.

1)Carry on with your work while I’m away. 2)Carry on working while I’m away. carry out 实施,执行,履行

carry out ? Will the government ___________its promise to reform the law。 carry on driving ? You'll have an accident if you _________ like that. carry on ? It was so noisy it was hard to __________a conversation.

? 做…的研究 ? 偶然地

do research on by chance come across catch one’s eye cut the death rate free from sickness

? 碰巧看到
? 吸引某人注意

? 减少死亡率
? 不得病 ? 找到大夫

? 为…写的/打算的 be intended for
reach a doctor get medical training

? 学医


sth. hit sb.
second to

?接生 ?等不及做 ?成家 ?继续…工作 ?提高成绩 ?为高考做准备

deliver a baby
cannot wait to do have a family of one’ own carry on one’s work

improve one’s studies
prepare for the university entrance examination

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