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2014高考英语 单项选择精英定时训练题(6)

2014 高考英语单项选择精英定时训练题(6)及答案

单项填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1. 5 分,共 30 分) 从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 例:It’s so nice to hear from her again. years ago. A. What’s more C. In other words

答案是 D。 21. (甘肃省武威六中 2013 届高三第二次诊断考试)Yue yue, was hit, began to slip into A. the ; / 【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析:本题考查冠词的基本用法。第一空2-year-old girl 是 Yue yue 同位语,其后受定 语从句 who was hit 的修饰限制,特指主语,故用 the; 第二空,说主语陷入一种更糟的状态, 故用 a;所以选 D。 22. (甘肃省武威六中 2013 届高三第二次诊断考试)— $100, but that is my last offer. — A. Good idea! C. Oh, it’s up to you 【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析:该题考查情景交际中的回答语。这类题目要求学生理解交际发生的场景和说话人 的意图、目的,此题情景为购物砍价,最终成交,所以选 D。 23.Hardly ______ when the flood peak arrived. A.they had left their village C.did they leave their village 【答案】D 【解析】

, we last met more than thirty

B. That’s to say D. Believe it or not

2-year-old girl who

worse state on Tuesday night. C. a ; the D. the ; a

B. the ; the

B. what did you say ? D. OK, it’s a deal .

B.they left their village D.had they left their village

试题解析:否定副词 hardly 放于句首构成倒装句。Hardly+had+主语+done when...did... 是固定的句式。句意:他们刚离开他们的村庄,洪峰就来到了。 24. (山东省莱芜市莱芜四中 2013 高三 4 月月考英语模拟)— What’s the price of petrol these days ? — It _______ frequently since last year . A. is arisen 【答案】C 【解析】 试题解析:该题考查动词时态。根据语境可知“从去年以来汽油一直再涨” ,应该是 C 项,D 项动词 raise 运用不得当。 25.The boy went swimming in the deep lake, A.but for 【答案】B 【解析】 试题解析:该题考查介词短语辨析,四短语意思是:but for“要不是;如果没有”; regardless of “ 不顾,不管”表示让步关系;apart from “远离,除?之外;且不说; 缺少”; instead of“代替;不是?而是?”根据句意应选 B。 26. (甘肃省武威六中 2013 届高三第二次诊断考试) There is a A. nice new big plastic C. nice big new plastic 【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:本题考查多个形容词做定的顺序问题,这类问题岁难度不大,但是学生易混易错 的考点。一般多个形容词做定的顺序是: 绘形容词—大小(长短高低)形容词—形状形容词— 年龄(新旧)形容词—颜色形容词—国籍形容词—材料形容词—用途(类别)形容词—名词.根 据这一规律,该题选 C。 27.—Did you remember the days ______ we studied in the university? —Certainly. Especially the hard times ______ we spent together. A.which;when 【答案】B 【解析】 试题解析:考查定语从句。第一个空从句中的 study 为不及物动词,不缺少宾语故用 when 引



C. has been rising

D. has raised

his mother's fear for his safety. D.instead of

B.regardless of

C. apart from

cup on the table .

B. new plastic big nice D. new nice plastic big




导定语从句修饰先行词 days;第二个空 spend 是及物动词且缺少宾语故用 which 引导定语从 句。 28.What do you think of the suggestion ______we organize a football club? A.which 【答案】C 【解析】 试题解析:考查名词性从句的引导词。that 引导的是同位语从句,表示 suggestion 的内容, that 引导同位语从句时,从句中不缺少主语或宾语。 29.Calculations,which are astronomically exact,have been made ______ with the use of computers. A.possible 【答案】A 【解析】 试题解析:考查 make calculations possible,因此不再用 it 作形式宾语。句意:随着计算 机的应用使得航天方面的精确计算成为可能。 30. (北京石景山区 2013 学年高三第一学期期末考试)If we the meeting wouldn't have been so successful. A.haven't made C.didn't make 【答案】D 【解析】 试题解析:该题考查虚拟语气,根据上下两句的时态可知表示过去时间,所以选 D。 31. Nobody but doctors or nurses and those ____ by Dr Li ____ to enter the patient’s room. A. being invited, allowed C.invited, is allowed 【答案】C 【解析】 试题解析:该题考查非谓语动词和主谓一致。第一空过去非此短语作定语;第二空是谓语动 词,主语的中心词是 nobody,所以选 C。 B. are invited, are allowed D. invited, are allowed B.wouldn't make D.hadn’t made a full preparation, B.it possible C.possibly D.to be possible B.whether C.that D.what


32. He didn't _____ what I read because his mind was on something else. A. hold on 【答案】C 【解析】 试题解析: 该题考查介词短语辨析。 : 四短语的意思是: take in(=understand)理解; hold on(打 电话时)不要挂断;catch on 明白(作不及物动词用) ,catch on to 懂得,明白(作及物动 词用) ;get over 克服。 ”根据语境应选 C。 33. He thought this was the first pair of shoes that had fitted him _____. A. perfectly 【答案】A 【解析】 试题解析:该题考查介词短语辨析。四短语的意思是:perfectly(=quite well, completely) 十分,完全地。justly 公正地,正当地,应得地;rightly 正确地,恰当地,正直地;fairly 公正地,正当地;相当,还算;清楚地。根据句义应选 A。 34. ____ the civil service has its obvious advantages, it doesn’t necessarily suit everyone. A. While 【答案】A 【解析】 试题解析:该题考查状语从句。根据句意,前后两句是让步关系,所以选 A。 35. (北京市东城区 2013 学年度高三期末检测)—Mum, I'm tired. —Well, if you A.can 【答案】D 【解析】 试题解析:该题考查情态动词。在条件从句中 will 可用表示“意愿、意志等” ,所以选 D。 B.may go to bed after midnight every night, what do you expect? C. should D.will B. Because C. Since D. When B. justly C. fairly D. rightly B. catch on C. take in D. get over


1. —Can I pay by credit card? —Yes, _________. A. with pleasure it 2. You can be ______ success, but you don’t need to be ______ Bill Gates to be successful. A. a; a B. the; / C. the; the D. /; the B. take care C. no problem D. don’t mention

3. The school rules state that no child _______ be allowed out of the school during the day unless they are with an adult. A. shall B. will C. need D. might

4. The bad weather is reported _______ the passenger plane crash in Iran on January 9. A. to contribute to C. contributed to B. contributing to D. to have contributed to

5. _______ winning Video of the Year, Lady Gaga also took home another seven prizes. A. Owing to B. Instead of C. In addition to D. According to

6. The pain is gone after weeks of the operation, but the scar _____. A. stops B. remains C. pauses D. leaves

7. Mum disliked ______ when I behaved badly in front of the guests. A. this B. that C. one D. it

8. We need to _____ how we are going to get there. A. work on B. work up C. work out D. work at

9. I tried every means to reach my goal but failed. So desperate ______ that I almost lost heart. A. I did feel B. did I feel C. felt I D. I felt

10. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of the site Facebook, ______ you can have a look at each other’s pictures. A. where B. which C. when D. as

11. We tried our best and won the football match ____ one goal in the end. A. for B. to C. by D. of

12. —I’d like to have a chance, someday, to return your favor of paying for my lunch yesterday. —_______. You are my best friend. A. Thanks anyway C. Take care B. Go ahead D. Forget it

13. As the idea of low-carbon life is now _____ accepted, more and more people travel by public transport. A. mainly B. slightly C. widely D. deeply

14. It surprised us all ______ Kate made such big progress in this final exam. A. when B. that C. how D. whether

15. The experts along with the head teacher _____ discusssing JK Rowling’s works ______ that _______ popular among students. A. are; are B. are; is C. is; are D. is; is

参考答案 1-5CAADC

6-10 BDCBA

11-15 CDCBA

名词训练 名词是英语学习中的难点,同时也是高考的热点。名词的常见考点有:名词的可数与不 可数;名词的格的使用和意义;名词作定语的用法及名词的一些习惯用法。 1. He is such a man of many ______ that all of us respect him. A. ability talent 2. The Xi’an _____ happened on December 12, 1936 in Chinese modern history. A. Incident B. Accident C. Event D. Affair B. abilities C. competence D.

3. To tell you the truth, ______, not words are what we need. A. actions B. deeds C. behavior D. acts

4. He is one of her many _______.

A. admiration C. admirers

B. admirer D. admirations

5. Honest ________, though unpleasant to the ear, induces good conducts. (prov.) A. advices suggestions 6. We haven't seen each other for _______, though we are in the same city. A. eras B. millennium C. epoch D. ages B. proposal C. advice D.

7. Our older generation used to advise us not to build ____ in the air, but that’s not realistic at all. A. attics B. castles C. building D. rostrums

8. Usually passengers are required to arrive at _____ one hour before ______ takes off. A. airport; aircrafts C. an airport, a aircraft B. the airport, aircraft D. the airport, the aircraft

9. Which of the following is not a flying machine? A. plane B. aircraft C. kite D. space ship

10. As middle school students, raising pet ______ all day long is a sheer waste of time. A. beasts B. creatures C. cat D. dog

11. Don't judge a person only by his _____. A. look B. appearance C. appearances D. faces

12. --- What's on tonight? --- I hear there is going to be a pop song contest. A group of famous singers from Hong Kong and Macao are ____ in our village theatre. A. making his first appearance C. making their first appearances B. appearing on the stage D. appearing themselves

13. The voyage diaries were handed down by his great grandfather, so their brothers have kept them as ____ . A. the apple in their eyes C. the apple of their eyes B. the apple of their mouths D. an apple of their eyes

14. Traditionally in West, people usually play ____ on April Fools' Day. A. funs B. jokes C. fool D. fools

15. Justice has long ____ . (法网恢恢) Whoever breaks law will be punished by the people after all. A. shoulders arms 16. As a work of ____ , we can't judge its value by appearances. A. art B. arts C. the art D. the arts B. hands C. fingers D.

17. With the help of our class, Little Mike made such great progress in Chinese that he can write a 200-character ____ . A. compositions article 18. Deng Xiaoping was our general designer of reform and opening up to the outside world(改革开放). After he passed away, his ____were scattered over the sea. A. ashes B. ash C. dusts D. dust B. papers C. essays D.

19. Russia is a country which extends across _____ . A. Asia B. Europe C. Asia and Europe D. Africa

20. "What can I do for you?" or "May I help you?" is a pet phrase used by _____ . A. an assistant engineer C. a helper B. an assistant manager D. a shop assistant

参考答案 1—5BAACC 11—15BCCBD 6—10 DADCB 16—20ADACD

41. If you don’t advance, you would be behind _____. A. time B. the time C. the times D. times

42. Which of the following groups is meat? _____ A. mutton, beef, chicken, fish C. egg, beef, chicken, fish B. mutton, beef, chicken, pork D. mutton, beef, fish, pork

43. A ____ in the hand is worth two in the bush. (prov.) A. bird B. pigeon C. eagle D. sparrow

44. With a _____ of snow covered them, the small hills look very beautiful. A. cloth B. blanket C. bed D. sheet

45. They are ready to fight the enemy _____ the last drop of their _____. A. to; blood for; time 46. With his own _____ Huang Jiguang, a fighting hero _____ the enemy's machine gun. A. life; blocking C. body; blocked B. body; covered D. body; stop B. to; bloods C. for; breath D.

47. He earned scarcely enough to keep _____ together. A. body and heart C. heart and soul B. body and soul D. body and brain

48. _____ and butter ____ the daily food in west countries. A. The bread; are C. Both bread; is B. Bread; is D. Many bread; are

49. ____ and friends should be few but good. (prov.) A. Money B. Jobs C. Books D. Interests

50. John is on the bottle again. This sentence probably means _____. A. John is standing on a bottle now. now. C. John threw away a bottle. 51. --- Who is at the _____ of all this trouble. --- I don’t know. A. base B. bottom C. reason D. cause D. John begins to drink wine again. B. John is holding a bottle

52. I shall walk with you to the bottom of the road. The underlined part means ____. A. end B. top C. side D. base

53. --- Please tell me how to work out this maths problem. --- Use your ______ , then your find a way. A. heart B. brains C. hand D. mind

54. Because of the year 2008 Olympic Games, the American corporation board of trustees(董事会) decided to set up a Chinese _____ in Beijing. A. room B. group C. counterpart D. branch

55. All ____ not baked in one oven. (prov.) A. bread is B. breads is C. breads are D. bread are

参考答案41—45DBADA 46—50CBBCD


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