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7B Unit6 期末复习---知识要点精华和复习练习

7B Unit6 期末复习---知识要点精华
一、 词组 1. a packet of sweets/ batteries 一袋糖果/电池 2. in a way 在某种程度上 3. (be) connected to 连接到 4. power station 发电站 5. washing machine 洗衣机 6. switch off 关(电灯,机器等) 7. t

idy up 收拾妥当;整理好 8. air conditioner 空调 9. look foolish 看起来傻乎乎的 10. know about 了解 11. flow through 流经 12. a moment later 过了一会儿 13. under the street 在街道下面 二、同义词/词组 1. a packet of = a bag of 2. reply to sb. / sth.=answer sb. / sth. 3. look foolish = look silly / stupid 4. be connected to = be joined to 5. a moment later = a minute later 6. Here you are. = Here it is. 三、重要知识点 1. I am going to buy a packet of sweets . 我打算去买一袋糖果。 be going to do 打算做某事 (be 动词有人称和数的变化) e.g. I am going shopping this afternoon and Daisy is going with me. 2. Does anyone want anything? 有人想要(买)什么东西吗? anyone = anybody 任何人 anything 任何东西、 事情 (两者通常都用于否定句 或疑问句) e.g. Does anyone know anything about electricity ? 3. You mustn’t say that, Benny! 你千万不要这样说,Benny. mustn’t 千万不要(表示禁止) e.g. Boys , you mustn’t go swimming alone in the river in summer. 4. What do you know about electricity, Benny? 你对电了解什么? What do you know about … ? 你对。。。 。。。了解什么? e.g. What do you know about the power station? 5. It’s like water, in a way. 在某种程度上,电像水一样。 in a way 在某种程度上 in many ways 在很大程度上 e.g. In a way , the Earth looks like a blue planet. 6. The chemicals inside batteries produce electricity. 电池里面的化学物质产生电。 inside batteries 在电池里面 7. Here you are. 给你。 e.g. ---May I use your mobile phone? Mine is not with me. --- Here you are.

四、语法 Modal Verbs A. can and cannot 能够/不能够 can 和 cannot(can’t) 表示有(或没有)能力做某事。 ①---Can you speak German and French,Daisy? ---No, I can’t , but I can speak English. B.may and may not 也许/也许不 ②---May/Can I come in , Sir ? ---Yes, you can/ may. C.must and must not 必须/ 千万别 ③ We must do reading every day. ④ You mustn’t touch electrical appliances with wet hands. 五、作文 1、 Write an article about importance of electricity and how to save electricity. (Level a & B) (写一篇 70 词左右关于电的重要性和节约用电的文章.) 1、离开房间时随手关电源; 2、不用电脑的时候把电脑关掉;不看电视的时候把电视关掉 3、夏天尽量使用风扇不用空调,因为空调更费电; 4、每天节约用电,支持低碳生活(lead a low carbon (/'kɑ?b(?)n /) life)。 In our daily lives, we spend too much electricity. Electricity is very important to us, so we have to save electricity . What should we do to save electricity? We need to start it from the very small things. First, when we leave the rooms, we should remember to turn off all the lights. Second, if we don’t use the computer or watch TV , we should turn it off. Third, we should use fans more than air conditioners, because air conditioners need more electricity. Let’s try our best to save electricity every day and lead a low carbon (/'ka:b(?)n /) life together. 2、Write an article about how to use electricity safely. (Level A) (请根据下面的提示 写一篇 70 词左右的安全用电手册。) 提示: 1、我们手湿时,不允许触碰电器; 2、电器不能工作时间太长,我们应该让它们停止工作,休息一下; 3、不能让小孩触碰到一些电器,比如微波炉等; 4、当我们清洁或者修理电器时,一定要先拔掉电源。 When we use the electrical appliances, we must be careful with them. First, if our hands are wet, we mustn’t touch them. Second, the electrical appliances can’t work too long and we should make them stop to have a rest. Third, we mustn’t let children touch some of the electrical appliances, such as microwaves or rice cookers and so on. Last, when we clean or repair the electrical appliances, we must cut off the electricity first. I hope all of us can use the electrical appliances safely.


7B Unit 6 Electricity 期末复习题 I. 音标
( ( ( ( ( )1. packet )2. reply )3. foolish A. / 'p?kit / A. / ri:'pli/ A. / 'fuli?/ B. / 'p?ki:t / B. / ri'pli/ B. /'fu:li?/ C. / 'pekit / C. / ri'pla?/ C. /'fu:li:?/ C. /,ilek'tri:s?t? / C. /'b?t?:ri/ D. / 'p?:kit / D. / ri'pli: / D. /'fuli:?/ D./, ilek'tr?:siti/ D. /'b?:t?ri/

)4. electricity A. /,ilek'tris?ti/ B. /,ilek'tri:siti/ )5. battery A. /'b?t?ri/ B. /'ba:t?ri/

II. 单词词组解释 ( )6. I want to have a conversation with you this afternoon. A. talk ( B. study C. fridge D. rest

)7. Does anyone know anything about the Earth? A. any people B. anybody C. any time D. any place


)8. Jim replied to the teacher in a low voice and we heard nothing. A. told B. answered C. repeated (重复) D. sent


)9. Please tidy your bedroom when you get up. A. make … clear B. make … dirty C. make… clean D. make … famous


)10.I forgot to switch off the kitchen light last night before I went to bed. A. put off B. take off C. get off D. turn off


)11. The teacher will test the students’ English this afternoon. A. teach B. have C. examine D. speak


)12. Don’t let the children touch the little dog. A. put their hands onto B. take good care of C. have a walk with D. be friendly to


)13. He looks foolish in front of his friends. A. stupid B. clever C. strict D. excellent

III. 单项选择 ( )14.---Would you like to go hiking with us this Sunday?

---I’d like to ,but I’ll have________to do. A. special something ( B.something special C.anything special D. special anything

)15.He spoke so ______that nobody could understand him. A.slowly B.clearly




)16.---The weather report says there is going to ____a typhoon tonight.

---So we had better _____out. A.be;not go ( B.have ;not go C.be;not to go D.have ;not to go ---Oh, ____ letter s” doubled. “ is D.the; the

)17.---You have dropped ____ “s” the word “necessary”. in A.a;a B.a;the C.an;the ---____________


)18.----Don’t be late next time,Mike. A.No,I don’t B.Don’t worry

C.Sorry,I won’t

D.I don’t know


)19.You’d better not always look up the new words_______the dictionary while reading.

Sometimes we need to guess. A.in ( B.on C.at ---In a couple of weeks C.How often D.How long D.from

)20.---______will you be away? A.What time B.How soon


)21.There______a big cake and many candies at the party yesterday. A.was B.were C.is D.are


)22.----- ______should we clean the library ? A.How many B.How much

-----______twice a week C.How long D.How often ----______ D.Goodbye!


)23.-----I am going to Sanya for my holiday tomorrow. A.Have a good time! B.You’re right. C.It is good


)24.---Do you mind if I smoke here? A.Yes,please B.Never mind

----______you can go to smoke in the next door. C.You’d better not D.Of course not.


)25.---Have you decided where to spend your summer holiday?

---Not yet.We______go to Qingdao. A.must ( B.should C.need D.may

)26. You needn’t _______too much about your son. He is old enough to take care of himself. A. worried B. worrying C. worry D. worries


)27.Will you please _______me _____this evening, Amy? A. to help; to wash clothes C. help; with the cooking B. to help; cook supper D. help; doing some washing


)28. She lives in a place _________Hefei. A. calling B. to call C. calls

D. called


)29.---Can you get here on time tomorrow morning? A. No problem

---______________. D. Never mind

B. That’s all right C. It doesn't matter


)30.How long does it _________you to get home from school? A. spend B. take C. has D. make ----Only ________kilometers. C. Where , many D. How , much


)31.----___________is it from here ? A. How far , a few

B. How long , a little


)32.-----What ______that boat look like ? A. do , look B. does , look

----It __________like a duck . C. does , is D. is ,looks


)33.Who sits____________? A. in front of yours B. in the front of you C. in front of you D. on front of you


)34. --Could I borrow your dictionary? A. would B. will

---Yes, of course you _________. C. can D. should


)35. You ________open the door before the train gets into the station. A. don’t have to B. should C. must D. mustn’t


)36.---By the way, have you got_____ e-mail address?

---Oh, yes, it is swimonland @ hotmail.com A.a ( B.an C.the D./

)37.---_____apple a day keeps the doctor away!

---What do you mean ? I have never heard of _______saying(格言) before. A.an ;a ( B. an;the C.A;the D.a,a

)38. ---Whose shirt is this? A.Could

---It ________be Li Lei’s. It is too big for him? B.must C.can’t D.might


)39. ____ , you made a big mistake. A. On the way B. All the way C. In a way D. In the way


)40. --- Do you know the thief got into the house ?

--- Yes. He got in ____ the window in the kitchen. A. with ( B. about C. through D. from

)41. ---What should I do if I want to use the washing machine to wash clothes?

--- Put your clothes and some water in the washing machine and_____. A. turn on it B. turn it on C. switch off it

D. switch it off


)42. ---Where are you going , Benny ? We are discussing the problem.

--- But I have to leave _____. I’m sure I will be back in half an hour. A. in a way ( B. after all C. in the end D. for the moment

)43. --- _____ do you know about football ?

--- Well , the football looks like the basketball, but the _____ of both games are different. A. What , rules ( B. How , time C. When , shapes D. Where , power

)44.Even(甚至) Jane can’t work out this problem, so it ____ be very difficult. A. don’t B. can’t C. must D. need


)45. My brother can play football , but he ____ play basketball. A. can’t B. can C. won’t D. mustn’t

IV. 根据句意,用括号内的单词的正确形式填空 46. It is necessary for us to use _______________ (electricity) appliances safely. 47. Anyone should obey the traffic ______________ (rule). 48. “ You mustn’t touch the microwave with wet hands!” Mum __________( reply ) to me seriously. 49. You have to get four _______________ (battery) for the flashlight (手电筒). 50. Look, the boys are _____________(tidy) the chemical lab. 51. There are many different ____________ (wire) in the fridge. 52. A moment ____________ (late), the lights went out again. 53. “Finding Nemo” is a very ______________ (touch) cartoon. 54. We will use many different kinds of _____________ (cook) in our daily lives. 55. A pipe is ________________ (connect) to the washing machine. 56.Electricity is very helpful, but we must remember the _______________(safe) rules. 57. Remember __________________ (take) the keys when you go out. 58. We mustn’t touch the TV set with wet _____________ (hand) because it is dangerous. 59. There ___________(be) a football match in our school tomorrow. It must be very exciting. 60. Electricity is _____________(danger). We should be careful when we use it.


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