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一、动词(谓语\非谓语) 给出动词的原形,根据句子结构的需要给出适当的形式。填动词形式,首先抓住主谓结 构,确定主句,剩下的部分,如有连词,则是句子,仍然有主谓结构,否则就用非谓语;是 谓语就思考时态,语态,主谓一致,是非谓语就看主动被动,有否先后关系。 1. ...Ms Chen______________(teach) me English

since junior1, and to show my appreciation I decided to get her a present. 2. ...I was certain she would like it because I _______________(tell) by my classmates that she loved hot food. 3. ...The exam,which was originally to be held in our classroom , _______________(change) to the library at the last minute. 4. I had leave work to take him to the hospital because he _____________(break) his finger. 5. The child, Nicole Hobson , ______________(take) by her mother to Children`s Memorial Hospital about 11 p.m.,Wednesday to check ... 6. A transit spokesman said the driver should ___________(make) radio call to the control center for help. 7.An official from the Ministry of Education said that China follows an educational policy that _________________(encourage) students to study abroad. 8. One of them was a visitor,saying he wouldn`t have been there if he ____________(watch) the weather forecast the day before. 9. We must also consider the reaction of the person ___________(receive) the gift. 10. ...With the problem ____________(solve),I felt proud of my achievement. 11. ...I then noticed that I had just 10 minutes left _________ ____________(complete) the rest. 12. There ,___________(place) neatly beside the empty dish,were two nickels and five pennies---her tip! 13.___________(compare) with the previous year, the number of students who went abroad for study was increased by 15,000, or a rise of 13%. 14.storms swept along New Mexico`s border with Texas on Friday,_________(destroy) homes and other buildings and injuring. 15.We must practise speaking and ______(write) the language whenever we can. 16.but it is not enough only ______(memorize) rules from a grammar book. 17.The television viewer makes no choice and no judgment. He is completely passive and has everything________________(present) to him without any effort on his part. 二、代词 挖掉代词,句子的结构受到破坏,句子间出现不连贯。 1. ...I patiently walked to the library, took my seat and did some deep breathing to help relax ___________


2. The little boy pulled_________right hand out of the pocket and studied a number of coins in it. 3. ...the driver did ___________to help and even stopped once to pick up more passengers. 4. If you give your children ...that they can never do anything quite right, then they will regard ___________ as unfit or unable persons. 5. Some 134,000 Chinese students went to study abroad, and 120,000 of ___________ were self-funded students,... 6. Firstly, we must understand the language when we hear _________ spoken. 三、定语从句的引导词。 必须根据定语从句的信息和先行词进行推断, 从而补出引导词, 这本身就是考查逻辑思 维能力。 1....The exam,___________ was originally to be held in our classroom, was changed to the library at the last minute. 2....Then I went to the department store ___________ I worked part-time and bought her an expensive gift box of Sichuan beef. 3.It was a poem about me,___________ included the time ... 4.At the same time, there had been a growing number of overseas students _________ ________ came back to china after study. 5.More and more Chinese students go abroad for study, _________ is supported by the Chinese government. 四、连词(从属连词\并列连词) A)引导各种从句的连词教从属连词。如名词性从句的引导词 what, who, which, where, whatever, whoever, whichever, whether; 副词从句引导词 where, wherever, when, if, how, unless, until ... 1....Many things must be considered such as _______the person is interested in and how old he is. 2. My face turned red on hearing ___________ my mother said. 3. She would point out _______ they had mastered and declared firmly they could learn what they had missed. 4. The American Academy of Pediatrics (儿科) says ________ children really need for health development is more good, old-fashioned playtime. 5. I almost stared to yell his name ________ I suddenly remembered he was bed asleep.


6. _________ children believe they can succeed,they will never become totally independent. 7. Statistics show that _________ China carried out the opening-up policy, a total of one million students have gone abroad for study. 8. __________we are satisfied with only a few rules we have memorized, we are not really learning the language. 9. Some people, however, maintain that this is precisely ________ the danger lies. B) 并列句的各种关系连词叫并列连词,如 and, but, or, though, although, so ... 挖掉关联词, 要想补上连词,思路必须与作者思路相吻合。 1. ...I had no idea how to do it.I tried to stay positive and persevered _________ I finally found the solution. 2. ...I asked my classmates about her interest ________ I made my final decision. 3. Tom, an 8-year-boy, entered a hotel coffee shop ________ sat at a table. 4. It is difficult for parents of nearly every family to teach their children to be responsible for housework,________ with one of the following suggestions, you really can get your children to help at home. 五、挖掉表示起承转合的副词或副词性短语。 此功能与关联词相似。只是这种副词(短语)在用法上更加灵活多变。典型的有 though, however, also, therefore, still, besides, in addition, instead, or, otherwise, first, second, then, finally, in a word 等等。 1. This, __________, didn`t bother me because maths had always been my strongest subject. 2. Don`t always scold and give lots of praise __________ . 六、特殊句型(会固定短语) 考查队固定结构(短语)的熟悉掌握程度。属于字词层面考查语法。 1. It was not long ________ the waitress came back and then she began to wipe down the table. 2. ..._________ was only after I heard she became sick that I heard she couldn`t eat MSG! 3. So careless was I ________ I had forgotten all about that. 4. ...”as a matter of _______, you have done well and made great achievement... 5. When Carettson, 29 , a passenger , was trying to bring _________ Nicole`s life... 6. The child was stricken about a mile away ___________ the hospital.


七、冠词 1. ...But my mood quickly changed when I saw ________ first question. 2. ...Then I went to the department store ... And bought her _________ expensive gift box of Sichuan beef. 3. Tom,________ 8-year-boy, entered a hotel coffee shop. 4. He talked about how I wrestled with him in the evenings and _______ good many other things. 5. I told the bus driver than my baby had just had heart operation and that she having ________ _________ heart failure. 6. Television is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also _________ comparatively cheap one. 八、词形变化或者词性变化 给出单词的原形,通过句子分析,缺少什么成分,再用正确的单词形式补充完整。这属于比 较基础的单词拼写方面的能力要求。 1....Mr Chen has taught me English since Junior 1, and to show my ______________ (appreciate) I decided to get her a present. 2. ...____________(fortunate), I then noticed that I had just 10 minutes to complete the rest. 3. Some people were now waiting for her service and the waitress grew a bit. 4.“Thirty-five cents,” she said ________ (rude). 5.I don`t know if he placed the pome next to the failing grade to ______ (soft) the blow,but it work. 6.I must know to care for others and try not to ___________ (understand) them. 7.You have done well and made great achievement in the __________(entertain) field. 8. These people have made great ____________ (contribute) to China with their work. 9....to check her __________ (recent) inserted(插入) pacemaker. 10.The tornadoes damaged several _________ (new) built buildings,... 11. Numerous studies have shown that free play is very ___________(benefit) .It can help children become creative... 12. They can see plays, films, operas, and shows of every kind, not to mention the latest ________ (excite) football match. 九、介词或数词 1. I was always told that the three ps,.... , were a sure path _______ _________ success. 2. “Don`t be always particular _________ your present work and income. 3. It began to make sense to me that I could include praise along ________constructive criticism. 4. He showed the public a limited edition four-wheel drive car, which is especially made _______ his personal taste.


5. Five were in critical condition ________ head trauma(外伤,损伤) , said Liz Crouch, the center`s chief operating officer. 6. There is no easy way to success __________ language learning. 7. It was his ___________ (nine) year of school. 十、形容词\副词 1. One of the ________ (bad) gift choices I ever made was for my high school English teacher,Ms Chen. 2. I put the paper aside and turned to the ______ one, at the top of which... 3. Many other actors are _______ (badly) off than me at present, ... 4. In 2006 , over 40000 overseas students came back , with 33000 of them being self-fund students , 20% ______ than the year before .


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