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Inkjet Printed Polymer on Flexible Substrate OLED Applications
Fulvia Villani , Paolo Vacca , Guiseppe Nenna ,Olga Valentino , Gianabttista Burrasca,Tommaso Fasolino ,Garla Minarini and Dario della Sala Enea Centro Ricerche Portici ,piazzale Enrico Fermi 1 ,80055 Portici(NA),Italy J.Phys.Chem.C ,2009 ,113(30) ,pp 13398-13402 DOI:10.1021/jp8095538 Publication Date(Web):July 7,2009 Copyright 2009 American Chemical Society *Corresponding author ,Fulvia Villani ,CR ENEA Portici ,piazzale E.Fermi 1 ,80055 Portici(NA),Italy,tel .+39 081 7723344.

In optoelectronics, inkjet printing (IJP) technology is being developed as an alternative to the traditional techniques for organic materials deposition. In this work, we report the fabrication of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) on the flexible substrate by studying the effect of a surface chemical treatment on the inkjet printed polymer film morphology. The employed piranha treatment increases the substrate surface energy and improves the wettability, thus inducing a decrease in the IJ printed drop thickness. The IJ printed polymer (poly(9,9-dihexyl-9H-fluorene-2,7-diyl)) is the hole-transporting layer (HTL) of a hybrid structure in which the other layers are deposited by vacuum thermal evaporation. Furthermore, in order to determine the effect of the IJ deposition method on the manufactured OLED performances, we compare them to those of devices fabricated using standard technologies. With this aim, OLEDs with the same structure are fabricated by replacing the IJ printed polymer with a spin-coated film employing the same polymer solution. The electrical and optical properties of the electroluminescent devices are investigated and discussed. Despite the lack of thickness uniformity in IJ printed film, which is an intrinsic, technological limit, OLEDs with IJ printed HTL show electro-optical characteristics that are similar to the ones of OLEDs with spin-coated HTL.

译文: 译文: 喷墨印刷聚合物在 OLED 柔性底层的应用
在光电子学中,喷墨印刷(IJP)技术已经发展成为替代传统有机材料沉积 技术的一种新型技术.在这项工作中,我们通过研究对喷墨印刷聚合物薄膜形态 表面化学处理的效果, 报告了韧性底层上有机发光二极管 (OLEDs) 的构成. 的

处理不仅增加了底层的表面能,也提高了它的可湿性,从而诱发了喷墨印刷层厚 度的减少.喷墨印刷聚合物(聚(9,9-二己烷) )是一种混合结构的空穴传输层 (HTL) ,此结构的其他层面都由于真空热蒸发作用而被沉积.此外,为了测定喷 墨沉积的方法对生产的 OLED 性能的影响,我们用标准技术比较了其与原来制造 的设备.以此为目的,具有相同结构的 OLED 都被改造为将采用相同聚合物溶液 的旋涂薄膜代替喷墨印刷聚合物的新结构. 电致发光器件的光学和电学的性质都 已经研究探讨.尽管在喷墨印刷层中缺少统一的薄层厚度,这是内在的,技术性 的限制,具有喷墨印刷空穴传输层的 OLED 在光电特性上与具有旋涂空穴运输的 OLED 是相同的.

Highly Efficient Color-Tunable OLED Based on Poly(9,9dioctylfluorene) Doped with a Novel Europium Complex
Umberto Giovanella ,Mariacecilia Pasini ,Christelle Freund ,Chiara Botta ,William Porzio and Silvia Destri Istituto per lo Studio delle Macromolecole ,CNR Via Bassini 15,20133 Milano ,Italy ,and Polo scientifico e tecnologico del CNR,via Fantoli 16,20138 Milano ,Italy J.Phys. Chem.C ,2009,113(6),pp 2290-2295 DOI:10.1012/jp809088n


Publication Date (Web):January 21,2009 Copyright 2009 American Chemical Society *Corresponding author,u.giovanella@ismac.cnr.it

Tunable dichromic electroluminescence is obtained from a blend of Eu3+ complex in polyfluorene by a single spin-coatable emitting layer device with external quantum efficiency as high as 1%, the highest reported in literature to our knowledge. The design of a complex whose ligand increases the site isolation of Eu3+ ion allows reduction of the back-transfer quenching effects that prevented up to now the multicolor electroluminescence of Eu3+ complex/polyfluorene blends. Energy transfer mechanisms involving singlet and triplet excitons are analyzed by focusing on the effects of site isolation and polarity of the new ligand that provide homogeneous dispersion of the complex in the conjugated polymer.

译文: 译文: 基于聚( 基于聚(9,9-辛基芴)的一种新型掺杂铕的复合物的高效颜色可调 辛基芴)的一种新型掺杂铕 OLED
可调重铬酸电致发光是由一种含 Eu3+复合体与聚芴的混合物在外部量子效率 高达1%(已知文献中所报道的最高效率)的单层旋涂发光层设备上产生的.配合 物能够增加 Eu3+离子间的隔离的混合物的设计,可以减小背部猝火效应,从而可 以阻止目前为止 Eu3+复合体/聚芴混合物的多色电致发光.以粒子间间隔的效果 和新型配合物的极性为重点, 我们对涉及单态和三重激子的能量转移机制进行了 分析,从而提供了共轭聚合物中复合体的均匀分散.



Ligand Methylation and Coordination Geometry Effects on the Properties of Zinc and Lithium(8-Quinolinolato) Chelate Electroluminescent Materials
Linda S.Sapochak, Flocerfida L. Endrino, Jeffrey B. Marshall, Daniel P. Fogarty, Nancy M. Washton, Sanjini Nanayakkara Department of Chemistry ,University of Nevada ,4505 Maryland Parkway ,Las Vegas ,NV 89154-4003 Chapter 13,pp 171-186 Chapter DOI:10.1021/bk-2003-0844.ch013 ACS Symposium Series ,Vol.844 ISBN 13:9780841237827eISBN:9780841219472 Publication Date (Print): February 20, 2003 Copyright 2003 American Chemical Society

We present a study of the photophysical (absorption and emission) and thermal stability properties of zinc bis(8-quinolinolato) (Znq2), lithium mono(8-quinolinolato) (Liq) chelates, and their methylated derivatives. These materials are compared with aluminum tris(8-quinolinolato) (Alq3), which has proven to be viable for use in organic light-emitting devices (OLED's). We show that regardless of metal ion substitution the effect of ligand methylation on the photophysical and thermal properties is similar for all Mqn materials. However, strong solvent dependence of absorption, emission and 1H NMR chemical shifts for zinc and lithium chelates support a stronger ionic character of the metal-ligand bonding, which may have significant effects on electroluminescent properties.

译文: 译文:

配体的甲基化和调和几何作用对锌, 配体的甲基化和调和几何作用对锌,锂(8-羟基喹啉)螯合物电致发 羟基喹啉) 光材料性能的影响
本文介绍了对光物理 (光吸收和发射) 的研究和锌-二 (8-羟基喹啉) (Znq3) , 锂-(8-羟基喹啉) (Liq)螯合物以及它们的甲基化衍生物的热稳定性.将这些 材料与铝-三(8-羟基喹啉)作比较,而铝-三(8-羟基喹啉)已经被证明可用于 有机电致发光器材(OLED) .我们已经证明了无论是何种金属离子参加取代作用, 配体的甲基化对所有 Mqn 型材料的光物理性质与热稳定性的影响都是相似的. 然 而,锌和锂的螯合物的吸收,排放,核磁共振和化学位移对溶剂的强依赖性支持 较强的金属离子性配体结合,可能对发光性能的重大影响.

Chromophore-Labeled Quinoxaline Derivatives as Efficient Electroluminescent Materials
K. R. Justin Thomas, Marappan Velusamy,Jiann T. Lin, Chang-Hao Chuen,and Yu-Tai Tao Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, 115 Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan, and Department of Chemistry, National Central University, 320 Chungli, Taiwan Chem.Mater.,2005, 17 (7), pp 1860–1866 DOI:10.1021/cm047705a Publication Date (Web): March 5, 2005 Copyright 2005 American Chemical Society Academia Sinica To whom correspondence should be addressed. Fax: 886-2-27831237. National Central University.

Electroluminescent materials comprising quinoxaline, triarylamine, and

fluorophores such as carbazole, pyrene, and fluorene were prepared by using a key step involving a Pd-catalyzed CN coupling reaction. Chromophores were embedded both at quinoxaline and triarylamine units, and their influence on photophysical and thermal properties was investigated. Quinoxalines possessing more electron-donating amines exhibit lower fluorescence quantum efficiency and the photoluminescence (PL) is severely affected by the polarity of the solvent used for measurement. Bulky and rigid aromatic groups such as pyrene and carbazole enhance the glass transition temperature of the derivatives. Oxidation potential of the triarylamine was easily tuned by the aromatic substituents while retaining the reduction potential of the quinoxaline segment. This provides us a method for tuning the photophysical and thermal properties maintaining the energy levels of the dipolar compounds. The electroluminescent devices fabricated using these materials as hole-transporters and emitters led to intense light emission. The emission color is green and corresponds well with the film PL of the material used.

译文: 译文: 标记生色团的喹喔啉衍生物作为高效电致发光材料 标记生色团的喹喔啉衍生物作为高效电致发光材料 生色团的喹喔啉衍生物作为
电致发光材料包括喹喔啉,三芳胺和荧光团如咔唑,芘,芴等等,它们的 制备都要经过一步关键反应,其中都涉及钯催化的 C - N 的偶联反应.生色团都 被嵌入在喹和三芳胺的单位,以此来研究它们对光物理和热性能的影响.拥有较 多的电子基胺的喹喔啉有较低的荧光量子效率,同时,发光(PL)受到用于测量 的溶剂的极性的极大影响.大分子芳香族化合物如芘,咔唑会提高衍生物的玻璃 化转变温度. 三芳胺的氧化能很容易在保留喹喔啉部分的还原电位的同时被芳香 基团调整. 这为我们提供了在保持偶极化合物的能量水平的同时调整光物理和热 性能的方法. 以此为空穴运输材料和发射器所制造的电致发光器件会产生强的发 射光.发射的光是绿色的并且很好地符合了所用材料的薄膜发光颜色.

Amorphous 2,3-Substituted Thiophenes: Potential

Electroluminescent Materials
Yi Zhen Su ,Jiann T. Lin ,Yu-Tai Tao ,Chung-Wen Ko ,Su-Ching Lin ,and Shih-Sheng Sun Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan 115, Republic of China, and Department of Chemistry, National Central University, Chungli, Taiwan 320, Republic of China Chem.Mater., 2002, 14(4), pp 1884–1890 DOI:10.1021/cm011671e Publication Date (Web): March 27, 2002 Copyright 2002 American Chemical Society Academia Sinica. Corresponding author: Fax Int cod + (2)27831237; e-mail jtlin@chem.sinica.edu.tw. National Central University. Present address: Department of Chemistry, State University of New York at Binghamton, NY, 13902-6016.

Amorphous2,3-disubstituted thiophenes and 2,3,5-trisubstituted thiophenes which contain two and four peripheral triarylamine moieties, respectively, have been synthesized and characterized. The compounds are weakly to moderately fluorescent with a lifetime of 1 ns. Double-layer devices were fabricated (10) using or



2,3-bis{4-[4'((1-naphthyl)(phenyl)amino)-p-biphenyl]thiophene (12) as hole-transport as well as emitting materials. Both green light-emitting device ITO/10/TPBI (or Alq3)/Mg:Ag (TPBI = (1,3,5-tris(N-phenylbenzimidazol-2-yl)benzene); Alq3 = tris(8-hydroxyquinolinato)aluminum) and blue light-emitting device

ITO/12/TPBI/Mg:Ag exhibit promising physical performance.

译文: 译文: 取代噻吩:具有潜能的电致发光材料 无定形 2,3 -取代噻吩:具有潜能的电致发光材料
包含两个和四个周边三苯胺基团的无定形 2,3 -二取代噻吩和2,3,5三取代

噻吩,分别被合成和表征.这种复合物是中弱性荧光化合物,只有1纳秒寿命的. 双层器件通过采用2,3 -二(5' - [4' - (二苯胺基)苯基] -2'-噻吩)噻吩(10) 或2,3 -二(4 - [4'( 1 -萘基) ( (苯基)氨基)-对联苯]噻吩(12) ,被制造 为空穴运输以及发光材料.无论是绿发光器件 ITO/10/TPBI(或 Alq3)/镁:银 (TPBI =(1,3,5 -三(正-苯基咪唑 - 2 -基)苯);Alq3=(8 -羟基喹啉)铝) 还是蓝色发光器件 ITO/12/TPBI/Mg:银的都展现出的其物理性能的前景.


Anne Louise Gimsing1 ,Afonso Maria dos Santos2 1 Department of Natural Sciences ,The Royal Vetetinary and Agricultural Universiity ,Thorvaldsensvej 40,1871 Frederiksberg C.,Denmark 2 INQUMAE and Departmento de Química Inorgánica, Analítica y Química Física, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Ciudad Universitaria Pabellǒn II 3er Piso, C1428EHA Buenos Aires, Argentina Chapter 16 ,pp 263-277 Chapter DOI:10.1021/bk-2005-0910.ch016 ACS Symposium Series ,Vol.910 ISBN13:9780841238978eISBN:9780841220287 Publication Date(Print):July 21,2005 Copyright 2005 American Chemical Society

The herbicide glyphosate (N-phosphonomethylglycine) interacts strongly with many soil components. It forms strong complexes with many metals in solution, and it is adsorbed through innersphere complexation to iron- and aluminium oxides.


Glyphosate can also be adsorbed by clay minerals by forming complexes with interlayer cations. Because of these interactions, glyphosate is strongly adsorbed in soils. It is mainly the phosphonic acid moiety that participates in the adsorption, and therefore phosphate competes with glyphosate for adsorption sites. 译文: 译文

除草剂草甘膦(正-膦羧甲基甘氨酸)与许多土壤成分有强烈的相互作用. 它在土壤中能够与许多金属形成配合物, 并且通过内部球形络合作用被铁和铝的 氧化物吸收. 草甘膦也可以通过与间层阳离子形成络合物从而被黏土矿物质所吸 收.由于这些相互作用,草甘膦强烈地吸附在土壤中.因为主要是磷酸部分参与 吸附作用,所以磷肥化合物会与草甘膦竞争吸附作用点.

Effects of Surface Sorption on Microbial Degradation of Glyphosate
Ylva Schnürer ,Per Persson , Mats Nilsson ,Anders Nordgren ,and Reiner Giesler Department of Forest Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 901 87 Ume, Sweden, Department of Chemistry, Aquatic Chemistry, Ume University, 901 87 Ume, Sweden, and Climate Impact Research Centre, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science, Ume University, Box 62, 981 07 Abisko, Sweden Envir.Sci.Technol.,2006,40(13),pp 4145-4150 DOI:10.1021/es0523744 Copyright 2006 American Chemical Society Department of Forest Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Department of Chemistry, Aquatic Chemistry, Ume University. Climate Impact Research Centre, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science, Ume University.


Sorption may affect the bioavailability and biodegradation of pesticides in soils. The aim of this study was to test the effect of surface sorption on microbial utilization of the herbicide glyphosate as a source of phosphorus, nitrogen, or carbon. We added goethite to a humus soil to manipulate the soil's glyphosate sorption capacity. The addition of glyphosate generally either decreased microbial CO2 production or produced no effect. Additions of glyphosate, in combination with glucose and N, did not change the respiration rate in comparison with the same treatment but without glyphosate. In contrast, glyphosate additions combined with glucose and P decreased microbial growth, whereas the combination with goethite counteracted the negative effect. The different treatments were examined using attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform (ATRFTIR) spectroscopy; the results suggest that glyphosate was de-carboxylated in the sorbed state. Stimulating microbial growth by the addition of glucose and nitrogen resulted in further oxidation of glyphosate and only phosphate was detectable on the goethite surface after 13 days incubation. Our results show that sorbed glyphosate is microbially degradable, and it retards microbial activity. This study emphasizes the importance of combining quantitative measurements with a molecular-level examination, to better understand biogeochemical processes. 译文: 译文:

吸附作用可能会影响农药在土壤中生物利用度和微生物降解作用. 本研究的 目的是为了检测表面吸附作用对作为磷, 氮和碳的来源的除草剂草甘膦的生物利 用度的影响.我们将腐殖土中加入针铁矿以检测土壤中草甘膦的吸附能力.草甘 膦的加入基本上会增加微生物 Co2的生产或是不产生影响.加入草甘膦与葡萄糖 和 N 结合不加入草甘膦相比并没有改变植物呼吸作用的速率.相反,加入草甘膦 与葡萄糖和 P 结合会减少微生物的增长,而与针铁矿的结合会抵消这一负面反 应.我们用衰减全反射傅立叶变换(ATR - FTIR)光谱对不同的处理进行检测, 结果表明,草甘膦在被吸附状态会被解除羧化.利用增加葡萄糖和氮来刺激微生


物生长会导致草甘膦的进一步氧化,而且在微生物生长13天后,在针铁矿表面只 能检测出草甘膦.我们的结果表明,被吸附的草甘膦是可以被微生物降解的,同 时它会阻碍微生物的活动. 这一项研究强调了将定量测量与分子水平检测相结合 的重要性,以更好地了解生物地球化学过程.


磷酸二甲酯 分子式:C2H7O3P CRC(69版)中磷酸二甲酯的相关数据: 相对分子质量 110.05 沸点 170-1/7125 密度 1.220420

英文名称:dimethyl phosphite 相对分子质量:110.0

折光率 1.453520

磷酸二甲酯分析表征: 磷酸二甲酯可以通过 MS,CNMR,HNMR,IR,Raman 进行表征, 但不能通过 ESR 来表征 其结构. 以 HNMR 为例,分析磷酸二甲酯的结构表征: HNMR:普图:




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