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一.连词的概念: 连词是一种虚词,不能担任一个句子成 分。连词在句中主要起连接词与词、短语与 短语及句子和句子的作用。 它主要是包括并列连词和从属连词。

? 表示意思转折的连词:But, yet, however ? 表示因果关系的连词:For, so, therefore ? 其他并列连词:And, or, either…or, neither…nor not only…but also, both…and, as well as
? 例句:1. Slow but sure. 要慢而稳。 2.She’ll be back either this week or next week. 她将在这周或下周回来。 3.I went and she went also. 我去了,她 也去了。

? 1、 并列连词and和or: ? ①and 和or 是用得最多的并列连词,可以连接: ? a. 两个并列的动词: We were singing and dancing all evening. 整个晚上我们都在唱歌跳 舞。 ? b. 名词、形容词等: ? This apple is big and red. Would you like fish or beef? c. 两个并列的分句(句子): I said it and I meant it. 我说话算数。 ? ②and 可连接两个分句,表示递进关系。 Give him an inch and he will take a mile. 他会得寸进尺。 ? ③or可连接分句,表示“否则”: Don’t drive so fast or you’ll have an accident. 别开这么快,不然 你会出车祸

? 1.Li Ming and (or, and, but) Li Hua are brothers. __ ? 2.Is this new bike yours __ ( and, so ,or) your or ? mother’s? ? 3.My aunt asks whether I like a woolen sweater ______ a cotton one. B A. but B. or C. and D. not

D 4.Hurry up, ______ we'll be late for the film. A. and B. but C. so D. or c ? 中考题:I like sports,___ it’s good for our body. ? A. but B. or C. and D. so

表示意思转折的连词:but, yet:
? ①but和yet的用法: The weather will be sunny but cold. 天气会晴朗但很冷。 It is strange, yet true. 这很奇怪,却是真的。 ? ②however, still 等为副词,但可起连接作用,表示意思的 转折---“但是”或“然而”。 a. however: His first response was to say no. Later, however, he changed his mind. ? 他的第一反应是不行,但后来他改变了主意。 b. still: It’s raining; still I’d like to go. 天在下雨,但我还是 要去。

? 1. so 表示结果,可译为“因此”、“所 以”。 Our cases were heavy, so we took a taxi. ? 我们的箱子很重,因此我们坐了出租车 ? 2. because :因为, 表示原因,不能与同 时出现在一个句子中。

both... and 的用法
? A man should have both courage and perseverance.一个人既要有勇气又要有毅 力。 ? -Which of the two skirts do you like better? c ? - ___ are OK. ? A. Each B. Either C. Both D. All

? 5、就近原则: ? 1)neither…nor… ? Neither Lucy nor Lily is a League member. ? Neither you nor Lily is a League member.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

2)not only…but also… Not only you but also he likes football. 3)either…or… Either Jim or Peter is right. 4)not…but… Not Jim but Peter broke the cup. 6、as well as的用法: I have read one of his novels as well as a few of his plays. 我读过他的一本小说和几个剧本。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (一)根据句意选用and, but, or, so填空。 so 1. This is our first lesson, _________ I don't know all your names. 2. Take an umbrella with you, _________ you'll get wet. or 3. We have classes in the morning, _________ we don't have classes but in the afternoon. and 4 .She is a doctor _________ I am a teacher. 5. Use your head, _________ you'll find a way. and 6. They went to the zoo yesterday, _________ they didn't see any . but animals. or 7. Be careful, _________ you will fall off the tree. 8. She was very thirsty, _________ she drank some water from the so river. 9. You must work hard, _________ you'll fall behind. or 10. My uncle doesn't have much money,_________ he always enjoys but himself.

? ? ? ? ?

(A ) 1. Either Mary ______ Lucy told him to come to see us. A. or B. and C. with D. nor ( ) 2. Be quick, ______ we'll be late. B A. and B. or C. but D. so ( ) 3. We ran to the trees, _____ we couldn't see any more monkeys. A A. but B. so C. and D. for ( ) 4. _____ Li Ping ______ Wu Fang ______ League members. C A. Neither; nor; are B. Either; nor; is C. Both; and; are D. Neither; or; is ( A ) 5. You can ______ stay at home ______ go out to play. A. either; or B. so; that C. neither; and D. both; and ( C )6. _____ Wei Hua ______ Ann______ very busy. A. Both; and; is B. So; and; is C. Either; or; is D. So; that; are ( A ) 7. ______ Monday______ Tuesday is OK, I will be free then. A. Either; or B. Neither; nor C. So; that D. Both; and ( C ) 8. ______ my brother_______ sister are doctors. A. Not; but B. Neither; nor C. Both; and D. Either; or ( 9. The B. )A. like teacher, as well as his students_______ football. B. likes C. enjoy D. play

( D ) 10. ______ I ______ she knows his telephone number, because it has been changed. A. Both; and B. Either; or C. Not only; but also D. Neither; nor

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.分类: 主要从属连词: 时间从句:when, while, as, after,until,till,whenever 条件从句 ;if, unless 目的从句: in order that, so that 结果从句:so…that, such…that, so that, so 原因从句 ;because, as, since 让步从句: although, though, even though(if), while 方式从句 :as if, as though 地点从句 :where, wherever 比较从句: than, as

2.引导时间状语从句的连词 (重点):
? when: Don’t get excited when you talk. 讲话时别激动。 ? When the alien got into the shop, the girl was shopping. while: While the boy was walking down the street ,the alien got out. as: He smiled as he passed. 他经过时笑了笑。 before: It will be five years before we meet again. 要五年后咱们才 能再相见。 ? after: I’ll tell them after you leave. 我将在你走后告诉他们。 ? until, till: I propose waiting till the police get here. 我建议等警察来 了再说。 since: How long is it since you came to London? 你到伦敦有多 久了? whenever: Whenever it is possible, they play outside. 一有机会他们 就到外面玩耍。

? 1)条件状语从句主要由if, unless, supposing(suppose)引导: if: If it rains tomorrow , we will have to stay at home. unless: I won’t write unless he writes first. 我不写信,除非他先给我写。

? so that: ? Ask her to hurry up with the letters so that I can sign them. 让她快点把信打好,以便我能签字。 ? 引导结果状语从句的连词 ? so…that: ? The boy is so clever that we all like him. ? such… that: ? She is such a good girl that we all like her.

? because: Because it rained he took a taxi. 由于下雨 他叫了一辆出租车。 as: As you’re sorry, I’ll forgive you. 既然 你悔悟了,我就原谅你。 Since: Since you will go there, I will go too. 让步状语从句的连词: although / though: Though / Although it is not large, the room was light . 房 间虽然不大,采光却很好。 even if: They’ll stand by you even if you don’t succeed. 即使 你不成功,他们也会支持你。

? ? ? ? ?

? where: I’ll drive you where you’re going. 你到哪儿我都可以开车送你去。 ? wherever: We’ll go wherever you say. 你说哪 里我们就到哪里。 ? everywhere: ? Everywhere he went, he was introduced as the current US champion. ? 不管他到哪里,人们都介绍他是当前的美国冠军。

引导主语从句和宾语的连词有 that和whether, if 可以引导宾语从句:
? that: She always complains that he is down on her. 她老是抱怨他看不起她。 whether: I don’t know whether you like flowers. 我不知道你喜不喜欢花

? ? (一)选择所给的连词填空: when, because, but, before, if, so….that, as….as, not…until, and, after, or, since Hurry up, please! _______you’ll be late for school. She ________go to bed ______ her mother came back. ? didn’t until because Yesterday Jim didn’t go to see the film, ________ he must go over his lessons. The students were talking about the sports meeting _______ the teacher came in. when I was ______tired ________I couldn’t walk any more. so that as This building is _______ tall ________ that one. as but Tom was ill yesterday, ________he still went to school as usual. He asked me ______I would go there with him. if since We have studied here ________ 1994. before 10. The child had studied English for two years ________he went to middle school. 11. _______the boy finished his homework, he went to bed. After 12. Study hard on your subjects, ________you’ll do well in the exam. and

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


? ( A )1. My father didn’t come back ____ he finished all the work. A. until B. while C. if D. as soon as ( c )2. He can’t decide which to choose ____ there’s no difference between them. A. but B. so C. because D. and (A)3. Life today is easier ____ it was hundreds of years ago. A. than . as C. what D. when (A)4. The film was so moving ____ Mike wanted to see it again. A. that B. and C. so D. where

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