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Unit 3 Inventors and Inventions 词和词组教案 - 副本

Unit 3 Inventors and Inventions Vocabulary and expressions---教案
Teaching Goals:
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10. caution n. 小心 谨慎

adj. 小心的 谨慎的

Phrases: 1.打电话,想起 ca

ll up 2.不时地 偶尔 有时 now and then 3.着手, 开始 set about

1. To enable Ss to master key phrases and expressions 2. To enable Ss to learn how to use these words and expressions

Step 3: Do some exercises

I: word-spelling exercises
1. Anne left Germany in the 2. I was expectation of seeing her family again. abruptly seized by a feeling of great insecurity and loneliness. distinguish the difference between red and green

Important and difficult points:
1. How to keep these new words in mind as quickly as possible using the word 1 formation. 2. How to use their correct forms in different sentences. 2 3 4
To train the students’ correct pronunciation of

3.He is colour-blind and can’t easily.

Teaching Procedures:
Step 1: Read all the words in the first reading.
each word.

4.My secretary will call you to arrange a convenient

time to meet.

5 6 7 8

5.Petrol is the most important product of many Middle East countries. 6.The first English patent ( 专利) for a typewriter was issued in 1714. 7.The news should be handled with caution(谨慎) 8. She kept on gossiping merrily(高兴地), not realizing the offence she was causing. 9. 10. I have a set of stainless (不锈钢的) knives and forks. I recognised (认出) him as soon as I saw him.

Step 2: Enlarge their vocabulary by grasping word- formation
Words :
1. distinguish vi. & vt. 显示……差别 使…… 有所不同 adj. distinguished 有区别的

2. merciful adj. _宽大的, 仁慈的 慈悲的 adv.. mercifully 仁慈地 (反义词) adj. merciless 不仁慈的 无怜悯心的 n. mercy 怜悯 仁慈

3. convenient adj.便利的 方便的 就近的 4. expectation n. 预料,期待 ,期望。 expected adj. 预料的 期望的 期待的

n. convenience 方便 便利 vt. expect 预料 期待 期望 unexpected adj. 难以预料的 想不到的 认出 认可 承认

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the given words Distinguishing (distinguish) the colours is difficult for him.


2. Realizing his mistakes ,he appealed for mercy (merciful). 3. The bus stopped 4. Noodles are abruptly (abrupt), nearly tipping me out of my seat.

5. recognition n. 认出 认可 承认 6. product n. 产品 vt & n

vt. recognize

produce 生产 制造 产品(尤指农产品)

convenient ( convenience) to make in the morning for breakfast. (expect) of winning a prize. caution (cautious).

production n. 产量, (尤指大批量的生产,制造) adj. productive 由生产能力的,多产的 7. stainless adj. 无锈的,没有五点的 8. cube n. 立方体,立方 9. abrupt adj. 突然的 ,意外的 n.& v. stain 染污 玷污 ,染色剂,燃料,污点

5. He has little expectation

6. He told us to deal with the dangerous work with 7. There is a 8. He seized merry (merrily) smile on her face.

cubic adj. 立方的 abruptly adv. 突然地,唐突地

(seize) her by the arm all fo a suddenly. stainless (stain) steel.

9. Their coffee pot is made of

10. Sooner or later, he was recognised (recognition) as one of the best film stars.

12. The day they set out (off) was cold and windy and looked as if it would rain. 13. She set down all her working experience in her resume (履历表)。

Step 4: Study by yourself:
Group one :1. call up 3. call off 取消 ,停止

Translate the following phrases.(自助餐) 2. call in 邀请 ,请来 4. call on/upon 6. call 拜访某人,号召 at 拜访 (某个地点) 偶尔

14. Are you ready ? We will 15. The government has

set out

to climb the mountain.

打电话 , 想起

set up

a committee to look into the affair. set about packing all her goods.

16. Zhang Lijuan agreed to move and

5. call for 需要,要求,去接 Group two : 1. now and then 时不时地 3. every now and again 时而 ,不时 5. occasionally 偶尔,有时 Group three :

17. Before the fireworks were lit, my uncle

set off all the rockets(引线).

2. from time to time 有时,不时 4. once in a while

Step 5: Reflection of teaching :

1. set about doing 着手,开始, 2. set out to do 3. set off 出发,动身 5. set aside 7. set up 流出,对…… 不予考虑

出发,启程,开始做某事 记下,写下

4. set back 推迟,耽误,使延误 6. set down 8. set free 释放,使…… 获得自由

树立(榜样) ,设立,创立

Group four: Exercises: Filling the blanks using the phrases above 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. We called at mike's house yesterday. for help by radio in English.

All ships sailing on the oceans call I'll call on

my uncle at beijing railway station. in a doctor for the sick student. on the workers to take up the struggle.

Our headmaster called

Many of these songs called I shall call for him The match was called Call me up

by train tomorrow. off because of the bad weather.

tomorrow; my number is 536291. up the days when we worked together fifteen years ago. once in while .

Your letter calls

10. I am too busy in recent days, and I can only go there 11. When George set

aside his sister’s wishes she was very upset.

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