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2011《龙门亮剑》高三一轮(人教山东)英语选修8 Unit 5 课时作业详细解析

课时作业 Meeting your ancestors
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.I thought I knew the way,but________I got lost. A.therefore B.somehow C.otherwise D.so 2.There are several________plans and it’s up to you to decide

which to choose. A.alternative B.according C.effective D.positive 3.The look of his innocence he________had taken in all of the teachers present. A.took B.assumed C.undertook D.betrayed 4.—Is Jason all right?He looks so tired! —Not sure.He________deep into the night yesterday.He’s having an exam soon. A.may have studied B.should have studied C.might study D.must have been studying 5.A middle-aged woman came________to the bus stop only________the bus had gone. A.to run;to find B.running;to find C.and ran;found D.running;finding 6.We must________the weather into consideration first when climbing mountains. A.make B.consider C.regard D.take 7.You should have been more patient________that customer;I’m sure that selling him the watch was a possibility. A.of B.with C.for D.at 8.Tom continued to run away,________our shouts to him that he should return. A.as regards B.with regard to C.regarding D.regardless of 9. society was set up to________the endangered animal and plant life from dying out in this A area. A.reserve B.preserve C.observe D.deserve 10.Production at the factory was________for two hours because there was no electricity. A.interrupted B.disturbed C.missed D.lost 11.—It’s a long time________I saw you last. —Yes,and what a pity it is now that it will be a long time________we see each other again. A.before;since B.since;when C.since;before D.when;before 12 . These days the government has issued several economic policies that

will________prosperity of manufacturing industry. A.accumulate B.accomplish C.access D.accelerate 13.He was arrested________drunken driving on his way to the football game. A.with B.of C.for D.to 14.________you eat the correct foods________be able to keep fit and stay healthy. A.Only if;will you B.Only if;you will C.Unless;will you D.Unless;you will 15.He made a quick________from his illness which had been thought to be rather serious. A.relief B.recovery C.survival D.relaxation Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.要是他没有忘记发那封信就好了。(if only) ________________________________________________________________________ 17.俱乐部对所有新成员不分年龄一律欢迎。(regardless of) ________________________________________________________________________ 18.他不可能在这么短的时间内完成如此多的工作。(can’t have done) ________________________________________________________________________ 19.艾丽丝把肉切碎并开始煮。(cut up) ________________________________________________________________________ 20.灾区的人们需要食物。(in need of) ________________________________________________________________________ Ⅲ.完形填空 Over dinner a few weeks ago,the novelist Lawrence Naumoff told a troubling story.He__21__students in his introduction to creative writing course at UNC Chapel Hill if they had__22__Jack Kerouac.Nobody raised a hand.__23__he asked if anyone had ever heard of Jack Kerouac.There are more blank__24__. Naumoff began__25__the legend of the literary wild man.One student offered that he had a teacher who was just as__26__. 21.A.helped C.taught 22.A.read C.visited 23.A.But C.Then 24.A.puzzles C.smiles 25.A.describing C.showing 26.A.ugly C.crazy B.greeted D.asked B.recognized D.wrote B.Or D.So B.expressions D.feelings B.drawing D.painting B.handsome D.angry

Naumoff asked the professor’s name.The student said he didn’t__27__.Naumoff then asked this oblivious (健忘的) scholar,“Do you know my__28__?”

27.A.know C.find 28.A.story C.address

B.recognize D.care B.name D.work

After a long pause,the young man replied, “No.” “I guess I’ve always known that many students are just__29__my course to get a requirement out of the way,” Naumoff said.“But it was__30__to see that some couldn’t even go to the trouble of__31__the name of the person teaching the course.” The other UNC professors at the__32__began sharing their own stories about the troubling state of curiosity on__33__.All of them have noted that such ignorance isn’t__34__—students have always possessed far less knowledge than they should.But in the past,__35__tended to be a source of shame and motivation.Students were far more likely to be__36__by not-knowing,far more eager to fill such gaps by learning.__37__, nowadays as one reviewer once said, “It’s that they don’t__38__what they don’t know.” In our increasingly complex world, amount of the information required to master any__39__discipline—e.g.computers,life insurance,medicine—has expended geometrically (成几何级数增加地).We are forced to__40__specialists,people who know more and more about less and less.Curiously, a in world where everything is worth knowing, nothing is.

29.A.getting C.taking 30.A.exciting C.pleasing 31.A.finding out C.putting up 32.A.class C.room 33.A.train C.campus 34.A.old C.long 35.A.ignorance C.knowledge 36.A.troubled C.touched 37.A.Therefore C.However 38.A.go through C.meet with 39.A.common C.particular 40.A.act C.call

B.putting D.making B.interesting D.disappointing B.looking for D.pointing to B.dinner D.house B.bus D.literature B.short D.new B.curiosity D.gaps B.moved D.respected B.Otherwise D.Anyway B.take in D.care about B.simple D.easy B.become D.want

Ⅳ.阅读理解 There are two factors which determine an individual’s intelligence.The first is the sort of brain he is born with.Human brains differ considerably,some being more capable than others.But no matter how good a brain he has to begin with, individual will have a low order of intelligence an unless he has opportunities to learn.So the second factor is what happens to the individual—the sort of environment in which he is reared.If an individual is handicapped environmentally,it is likely that his brain will fail to develop and he will never attain the level of intelligence of which he is capable. The importance of environment in determining an individual’s intelligence can be demonstrated by the case history of the identical twins,Peter and Mark X.Being identical,the twins had identical brains at birth,and their growth processes were the same.When the twins were three months old, their parents died, they were placed in separate foster homes.Peter was reared and by parents of low intelligence in an isolated community with poor educational opportunities.Mark was reared in the home of well-to-do parents who had been to college.He was read to as a child, sent to good schools , and given every opportunity to be stimulated intellectually.This environmental difference continued until the twins were in their late teens,when they were given

tests to measure their intelligence.Mark’s I.Q.was 125,twenty-five points higher than the average and fully forty points higher than his identical brother.Given equal opportunities,the twins,having identical brains,would have tested at roughly the same level. 41.This selection can best be titled________. A.Measuring Your Intelligence B.Intelligence and Environment C.The Case of Peter and Mark D.How the Brain Influences Intelligence 42.The best statement of the main idea of this passage is that______. A.human brains differ considerably B.the brain a person is born with is important in determining his intelligence C.environment is vital to determine a person’s intelligence D.persons having identical brains will have roughly the same intelligence 43.According to the passage,the average I.Q.is________. A.85 B.100 C.110 D.125 44.The case history of the twins appears to support the conclusion that________. A.individual with identical brains seldom test at same level B.an individual’s intelligence is determined only by his environment C.lack of opportunity blocks the growth of intelligence D.changes of environment produce changes in the structure of the brain 45.This passage suggests that an individual’s I.Q.________. A.can be predicted at birth B.stays the same throughout his life C.can be increased by education D.is determined by his childhood

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.B 句意为:“我原以为我认识路,但是不知怎地我迷路了。therefore 因此;somehow 不知怎地;otherwise 否则;so 因此。 2.A 句意为:这儿有几个可供选择的计划,你来决定选哪一个。alternative 可供选择 的;according 依照;effective 有效的;positive 肯定的,积极的。 3.B 句意为:他一脸假装的无辜把在场的所有老师都给欺骗了。assume 假装,假设; undertake 承担,从事;betray 显露,背叛。 4. 表示对过去发生的情况的推测, A 应该用 may/might have done 结构。 should have done 意为“本应该做某事而没做”,must have been doing 表示对过去某段时间内一直在进行的动 作的肯定推测。 5. 句意为: B 一个中年妇女跑着来到公交车站, 结果却发现公交车已经开走了。 running 为 v.-ing 形式作方式状语,only to find 表示意想不到的结果。 6. 考查固定短语。 D take...into consideration 作“把??考虑在内”讲, 相当于 consider。 7.B 句意为:你应该对那位顾客更耐心一些,我敢肯定本来是有可能让他买下那块手 表的。由 patient 构成的固定短语有两个,即 be patient with sb.对某人有耐心,be patient of 则 意为“忍受”。

8. as regards 关于某人/某物; D with regard to 关于??, regarding 关于, 至于; regardless of 不顾,不理会。句意为:Tim 不理会我们喊他回来,继续跑。 9.B 句意为:成立一个团体来保护濒临灭绝的动植物不会绝迹。reserve 预订,保留; observe 观察;deserve 值得。 10.A 句意为“因为没有电,工厂的生产中断了两小时”。disturb,miss,lose 都不合 句意。interrupt 打断,中断。 11.C 考查连词用法。It is+一段时间+since+句子,自从??以来已有多久,since 从句中的谓语动词用一般过去时;It will be+一段时间+before+句子,再过多久才??,从 句谓语用一般现在时表示将来;或 It was+一段时间+before+句子,没多久就??,从句谓 语用过去时。 12.D accelerate 加速。access 进入,通过;accumulate 积累;accomplish 完成,实现, 均不符合题意。 13.C arrest sb.for sth.因??逮捕或拘留某人。 14.A 本题考查倒装结构。only 后面接状语从句时,主句部分要使用倒装结构。 15.B Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.If only he had remembered to send that letter. 17.The club welcomes all new members regardless of age. 18.He can’t have finished so much work in so short a time. 19.Alice cut up the meat and began to cook it. 20.People in disaster area are in need of food. Ⅲ.完形填空 21.D 小说家劳伦斯· 诺莫夫在授课时“问”(ask)学生。 22.A 结合上一句理解:??有没有“读过” (read)杰克· 克鲁亚克(的文章)。用 read 符合语境。 23.C 没人举手,“于是”(then)他又问??。 then 表示递进关系,符合语境。 24.B 学生们仍—脸茫然的“表情”(expressions)。 25.A 诺莫夫开始“描述”(describe)这个文学界狂人的故事。 26.C 有个学生提出,他以前有个老师跟此人一样“疯狂”(crazy)。与上文的 wild man(狂人)吻合。 27.A 学生说他不“知道” (know)。由下文的...this oblivious scholar 和 Do you know... 可推知。 28.B 你知道我的“名字”(name)吗?根据上文 Naumoff asked the professor’s name. 以及下文...the name of the person teaching the course.分析推知。 29.C 我想很多学生“选修”(take)我的课只为拿学分??。take one’s course 选修某 人的课。 30.D 当你知道有的学生会连授课老师的名字都懒得“弄清楚”(find out),这也实在 令人“失望”(disappointed)。 31.A 结合上一句理解,选 finding out。 32.B “餐桌上”(at the dinner)其他教授们也开始讲述自己的沮丧遭遇。根据文章首句 的信息暗示 Over dinner a few weeks ago,这些教授们是在餐桌上谈论此事的。 33.C 教授们感慨着“校园”(campus)内好奇心的缺失多么令人不安。 34.D 他们指出,这种无知并不“新鲜”(new)。 35.A 但在过去,“无知”(ignorance)往往让人惭愧并催人奋进。

36.A 过去的学生更会由于不知道某些东西而“感到苦恼”(be troubled),更会去刻苦 学习以弥补差距。 37.C “而”(however)如今,像一位书评家所说的??。 38.D 像一位书评家所说的:“问题是他们对此还满不在乎。”用 care about 表示“关 心,在乎”的意思,符合语境。 39.C 我们的世界越来越复杂,要掌握任何一门有“特殊”(particular)规律的学科—— 如计算机、人寿保险、医学——所需要知道的信息都按几何级数地大规模增长了。 40.B 我们被迫要“成为”(become)专家??。用 become 符合语境。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 41.B 考查主旨大意。本文主要讨论了智商与环境之间的关系,并以一对失去父母的 双胞胎兄弟的实例加以证明。 42.C 考查推理判断。虽然人的智商是由两个因素决定的。但是本文用大幅篇章说明 了环境的重要性:好的学习、教育环境对于一个人的智商发展来说是必不可少的,并以一对 失去父母的双胞胎兄弟的实例加以证明。 43. 考查细节理解。 B 由倒数第二句“Mark’s I. Q.was 125, twenty-five points higher than the average”可知选 B。 44.C 考查细节理解。由 Peter 的例子可知糟糕的教育环境会阻碍智商的发展。 45.C 考查细节理解。由 Mark 的例子可知,好的学习、教育环境可以提高一个人的智 商。

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