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高中英语:M4U2 chemical or organic farming课件 人教版必修4

Chemical or Organic Farming
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chemical bacteria pest nutrition mineral adj. 化学的;关于化学的 n. 细菌 n. 害虫;害兽;害鸟 production n. 生产;制造

n. 营养;滋养;食物
n. 矿物;矿石

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discovery focus soil reduce root n. 发现;发觉 n. 焦点;中心点 vt. 集中;聚焦 n. 土壤 vt. 减少;减缩 n. 根;根源

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skim summary comment vt. 浏览;略读 n. 总结;摘要;概要 n. 评论;议论 vi.& vt. 表达意见; 做出评论

underline vt. 画底线标出;强调

? In this unit we have learnt about a great man, do you still remember who he is? ? What is his achievement? ? Can you think of other ways to increase our crop harvest?

What is the matter we put on the soil which makes crops grow ? It is fertilizer.

chemical fertilizers

natural fertilizers


1. What is organic farming?
Farming without using chemicals.

2. What is the goal of using organic farming methods?
To grow good food and avoid damaging the environment or people’s health.


Main idea

P1. Long-term use of chemical fertilizers can cause damage to the land and people’s health.
P2. Problems caused by chemical fertilizers P3. Farmers and customers turn to organic farming. P4. Other methods to keep the soil fertile.

II. Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks. Chemical Advantages Stopping crop Farming disease and

__________ production

Chemical Disadvanta Damaging the land: Farming ges killing the helpful ________________ bacteria and pests Damaging people’s health: ◆Many chemicals in the food supply can lead to cancer or other illnesses. ◆Food grows too fast to be full of much nutrition ________.

Organic Methods ◆Using _______ waste natural farming from animals as fertilizer ◆Changing the kind of crop in each ______________ field every few years ◆ Using different levels _____________ of soil to plant crops grass ◆ Planting _____ between crops

1. They use waste from animals. 2. The soil is not exhausted.
3. They make full use of the soil. A. Peas and soybeans renew the minerals in the soil. B. They plant different crops, and keep the soil. C. The soil is richer in minerals.

1.化肥 2.对…造成损害 3.洗掉某物 4.导致;造成(后果);通往 5.逐渐增强,建立 6.另外(还有) 7.使…免受(影响); 使…不含(有害物) 8.集中(注意力、精力)于 9.每隔几年 10.避免做…

chemical fertilizers cause/do damage to wash off lead to bulid up in addition (to) keep…free from/of focus on every few years avoid doing

1.supply. 1) 用作名词时: a) 指“供给;供应”等,其反义词为 demand (需求)。 supply and demand 供与求 be in short supply 供应缺乏,供应不足 food supply 食物供应 water supply 供水

b) 当“供应品;生活用品;补给品” 等,常用复数supplies。 military supplies medical supplies 军需品 医用品

household supplies 家庭用品

2) 用作动词时,指“供给,提供,备办”等, supply sb. (with) sth , supply sth. to /for sb. -- They supplied food to/for them. 他们供给他食物。 -- The library is well supplied with books. 图书馆备有充足的书籍。

2.lead to
[即学即练] 用lead to的适当形式完成句子。 1. Students should always remember that hard leads to work is the main way which ______ success. led to 2. The bad weather _____ a terrible accident a few days ago.

3. focus用法
[猜一猜] 根据语境推断focus在下列 句子中的含义, 并从a-d中找出与每 句话中的focus相符合的英文释义。

1. The focus of the meeting changed from population growth to the education of women. a 2. Bring the object into focus if you want a clear photograph. b 3. She tried to focus her mind on her work. d 4. She turned the camera and focused on Martin’s face. a. the thing, person, situation, etc. that people pay c special attention to b. a point or distance at which the outline of an object is clearly seen by the eye or through a lens c. to point a camera at something, and change the controls slightly so that you can see that thing clearly d. to give special attention to one particular person or thing, or to make people do this

[归纳总结] focus作名词, 意为“焦点、 中心点”; 作动词, 意为“集中、聚焦”, 常构成短语focus on, 意为“集中(注意 力、精力等)于”。

1. Crops such as peas or soybeans put
important minerals back into the

soil, making it ready for crops such
as wheat or corn that need rich and

fertile soil.

[分析] ①本句结构比较复杂。其主干结构为: 主句(Crops put important minerals back into the soil) + 状语(making it ready for crops)。

②状语中又包含“make + it + 形容词”

need rich and fertile soil)。

2. Some organic farmers prefer planting grass between crops to prevent wind or water from carrying away the soil, and then leaving it in the ground to become a natural fertilizer for the next year’s crop. [分析] ①本句的主干结构是一个简单句, 其结 构是: 主语(farmers) + 谓语(prefer) + 并列宾语(planting ... + leaving ...)。

②其中between crops和in the ground作


作目的状语(to prevent wind or
water from carrying away the soil和 to become a natural fertilizer for the next year’s crop)。

cause/do damage to, wash off, lead to, bulid up, in addition(to), keep…free from/of, focus on, avoid doing

1. His mistakes led to his failure. _____ bulid up 2. These chemicals in the food supply______ in people’s bodies over time. lead to 3. All roads _______ Rome. focus on 4. Please _____ your mind___ the following problem. 5. Children should ______________ violence. be kept free from

cause/do damage to, wash off, lead to, bulid up, in addition(to), keep…free from/of, focus on, avoid doing In addition 6. He likes basketball.___________,he likes football. He likes basketball in addition to _____________football. off 7. Little Tom stuck to washing the mud ____ his ________ shoes by himself before he came in. 8. I tried to avoid meeting ______________(meet) him because he always bores me. has caused 9. The storm on May 3 ___________ great damage to people in Burma so far. __________

.The whole country was __ by the storm, which had a bad ___ on people’s life. A. affected,effect B. effected, affect C. affected,affect D. effected, effected

1.Write a summary of the advantages of organic farming and the disadvantages of chemical farming.
2.Collect some information about the safety and importance of green food.

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