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this word derives from Latin and means “Terra is a country in the southern hemisphere


comprising the mainland of the Australia mainland of


as well as the


and others smaller inland in the Indian and

Pacific Oceans.The nation’s capital city is


is the six

colonies in total in Australia.Now I will show you.

New South Wales,whose main city is Sydney.The city is
the oldest settlement in Australia .You can find the famous


Opera House aborigines Didgeridoo


the Sydney Harbour.The Australia

was living here.In the ancient Australia,Aborigines use the that is the oldest tool to hunting birds.and the that is one of the oldest musical instruments to 1786 the explorer


James Cook



maps to sailing around the southern tip of the south


and he continued sailing westward until he

landed in a beautiful bay that cook named

Botany Bay because of the

beautiful plants that he founded there.In 1785,Great Britain established a

Penal colony


convicts in Australia.People called the colony as First Fleet of Britain sailed into the southern of Good Hope). after they continued sailing to Jackson

New South Wales.So It was the earliest colony that Britain established.Then the tip of America(Cape

the southern tip of Africa and finally they arrived the

Pot,Sydney Cove,

where they settled.So the day was regarded as it was a day that they landed in Sydney


Cove.and people celebrated annually the day and lived here forever. There are also famous for animal husbandry,such as the Jumbuck. The second colony is


main city is


are many famous scenic spots,for example


Barrier Reef,in which the largest of the world’s largest coral reef.In
1858people founded gold in north of New South Wales,then they wanted to create Queensland in order to search for more gold quakily. The third colony is

South Australia.It

mains city is


are many fascinating place,such as the


island,in which is the most ancient island,Adelaide Hills is rich in wine because of growing lots of grapes and also is a famous land of Honey and Milk,Lake Eyrenational Park,located in

the outback.In

1836 South

Australia was established to the west of the

Great Dividing Range

and this colony had many free of convict labors.In 1795.the people of colony became

self-sustainable and free. They were about to explore Blue Mountain.then
discovered “Lake

and crossed the highest

Alexandrina”,in which was a inland sea and many rivers. Victoria, whose main city is Melbourne.In 1851 the majority
of immigrants came to the New South Wales to found more gold.Therefore they built a new colony in order to set up their own

colony:Victoria.The last colony is Western Australia,which mains city is Perth.There are around the more desert and salt lake.So On1 January


six colonies federated and the commonwealth of Australia

was formed. In addition.it is a special thing that children can study by school

of air

and people can take

road train

to go anywhere in Australia. is

Patient also enjoyed

the Royal Flying Doctor Service,It

difference from other countries.In Australia there is a large Australia flightless bird,similar to the ostrich but with three-toed feed and gray or brown the

plumage.It called Emu.and the thylacine was though to be
equivalent of the wolf ,with similar body


size.Unfortunately the most precious thylacine disappeared from all the world.Moreover Australia people has a


that is about the

Rainbow Serpent how to create everything.such as water,grass and
even human being.So everyone regarded the Rainbow Serpent as a

Finally,I want to introduce a song about a jolly swagman camped by a


under the shade of a

coolabah tree.this


inapparent sympathy with the poor workers.It named


Matilda that it is more typical of a national anthem than a story of a
man who takes a sheep and then jumps a lake.So Waltzing Matilda is Australia’s unofficial national anthem.those are what I know about



is the world’s four ancient civilizations and has created a

splendid civilization of Indian River.When we talked about India.perhaps we though of




is pronounced “meh-HEN-di’ In

India the mehndi is used to decorate the skin and hair.especially in wedding .but most English people say

henna rather than mehndi.Now I

will show you some long history of India.we all knows,Buddhism descends from ancient India and it was introduced to China by sea or land. So,I will show you the story.The prince born somewhere in Nepal or India.he named Siddhartha

Gautama.his father so loved him that he

side his son in order to see suffering.After when he was 29,he went to outside and saw an old man who told him about all people grow old.He not only became a begging

ascetic,but also suffered sickness and pain enlightenment

withing left the place and went to Rajagaha.He was offered a throne.However he refused.He sticked to seek finally founded Buddhism. and

King Ashoka

was a king of the Mauryan dynasty in India.He

fought against Kalinga state (now called

Odisha) and he conquered this

war.But more than 100.000 people had died in this war and many innocent women or children were killed.So king Ashoka regretted.After

this he converted to Buddhism and began to spread Buddhism all around Asia.He hoped that his people have King

good lives.


was a man of Mongol Empire.In 1527Babur

controlled India and founded the Mongol Empire.Then he tried to expand business and established trade relations between Dersia and Europe.He created a language because of the military called when they invaded India.So he created Urdu which similar to military’s name. Shah Jahan’s father was a king of the Mughal Empire.He named


who established business with England.In 1617 he promised

the English East India Company to product freely within India
and received all the merchants of English nation.It would be improved the level of India production technology constantly. The king

Charle ||

was a king of England who encouraged to

established trade relations with India and he gave the company rights to

mint mony

and gave land even hold armies.The Britain won the and took control of

Battle of Plassey



controlled the company of India and prepared to use the Britain

Raj)in India.
is the great-great-grandson of Babur. He married

Shah Jahan

with persian woman.He loved his wife so much that he gave her the title

Mahal”which means “Jewel of the Palace”.However she

died when she gave the birth to their fourteenth child.So he was

sadness.In honor of his late wife.he built a gorgeous tomb for his wife.the tomb called the “Taj


the story goes.There is a famous

mountain beside the Yamuna River with “like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time”.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

was born in western

India.He advocated independence for all of India and Indian treated fairly.After He traveled to England to study western law. When he was 46 years old, he returned to India and he appealed to Indians to implement “ahimsa” and “satyagraha” which means non-violence and truth

and honesty. He leaded the famous “Saty

agraha Salt March”.in

order to protest of British taxes on salt.But when he demanded independence again during the 1948Gandhi was

World War ||, he was imprisoned. In
Then more than two million people


joined the five-mile long funeral procession and visited where he was assassinated to Raj Ghat. The Muslim


enhanced power and right. They had a good

relations with the British and hoped that the British separated the


and the


Withing the Indian Civil War approved of Indian



independence.The king Jawaharlal India.

Nehru becames Prime Minister of

Finally, I would introduced a ruler and classical dance.The ruler

called Kashmir.In India ,A Sikh named Hari Singh,who asked Indian to never gives up


our Kashmir, because It caused endless

trauma for India now.In ancient India, There were four Important texts that were written in


language,the texts called


nobody can study except the educated people.So the fourth Veda was created.it called


which was regarded performance art

and dance in India. India’s people hoped that everyone can understood the spirtual wisdom in India society. There are some main factors in Natyashastra that is hand\ eyes and emotion. So the dance demanded dancer to achiever where the hand goes, eyes follow. Where the eye goes, there the mood follows. Where the mind goes, there arises the sentiment.When you watching the dance as a audience,How about you feeling?How do you describe the dance?The word are


dious\Marvelous\Tranquil\Love toward God\love toward children,So which one can you choice? Maybe you don’t no feeling or

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