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2012-2013学年高二下学期英语复习题(第05周)选修七Unit 3 Under the sea

2012-2013 学年高二下学期英语复习题(第 05 周)
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Unit3 1. health n. 2. sugar n. vt. 3. __________ n. 4. __________n. 5.__________ n. 6. digest vt. 7. benefit v.& n. Under the sea __________ adv. __________ adv. __________ v. strong adj. __________ adj. __________ adj. __________ adj. curious adj. weak adj. __________ vt. __________ n. __________ adj.

【练习】用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空。 1). You look much ________ (health) than before. 2). The boy had burning ________ (curious) about what was going on. 3). The government decided to take some measures to _________ (strength) the economy. 4). Fresh air is ________ (benefit) to one’ s health. 5). Mike was the ________ (strength) boy in his class. 6). It’ s that ________ (sugar) smile of his that I can’ t bear - it makes me want to puke! 7). It’ s important to know your own strengths and ________ (weak). 8). Vegetables are usually cooked to aid ________ (digest). 1. disability n.无能;残疾 2. ambition n.野心,雄心 3.beneficial adj.有益的 4. independent adj.独立的 5.encouragement n.鼓励 disabled adj.伤残的 able adj.能干的;能够的

ambitious adj.有雄心的,野心勃勃的 benefit v.&n.受益;利益,好处 independence n.独立 encourage v.鼓励 depend v.依靠,依赖 courage n.勇气,精神

【练习】根据句子结构,用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空 1)The ______ girl swims well in spite of her _______.(disable) 2) Robert is a very _______ man and one of his ______ is to travel in Antarctica. (ambition) 3) If you want to be a _______, you should work hard at ______ and care for ______ situations. (politics) 4) It is known to all that fresh air is _______ to our health and the new park ______ us all, so we should keep it clean.(benefit) 5) The boy who used to ______on his parents now wants the ______ from them and is learning to be _______.(depend) 6) Praise acts as an ______ to the players, and therefore they will feel ______ and get the _______to continue and improve their performance.(encourage) 7) My brother ______ from a well-known American university. My parents attended his _______ ceremony yesterday.(graduate) 8) When someone ______ others on their success, he or she usually says “_______”.(congratulate) 9) This concert was _______ by a famous _______ from Vienna. (conduct)


I 单元要点预览(旨在让同学整体了解本单元要点) 词语 辨析 1.shore/seaside/beach/coast/bank 2.flee/escape 3. deep/deeply 1. _________ n. 词 汇 部 分 词形 变化 2. conserve v. 3.vivid adj. 4. 1. 2. _________ adj. adj. witness n. aware adj. help out upside down annual adj. reflect vt. 5. _________ 重点 单词 重点 词组 _________ adv. _________ v. _________ adv. _________ n. taste v.n accommodation n. scare vt. awe vt. _________ adj. abandon vt. deep adj.& adv.

sort out throw oneself out of


1. It was a time when the killer whales, or “killers” as they were then called, helped the whalers catch the baleen whales that were on their annual migration. 2. I had already heard that George didn’t like being kept waiting, so even though I didn’t have the right clothes on, raced after him. 3. I’m sitting in the warm night air with a cold drink in my hand and reflecting on the day-a day of pure magic! 被动语态(II)(见语法专题)


II 词语辨析 (旨在提供完形填空所需材料) 1). shore/seaside/beach/coast/bank n.海边,海岸 【练习】选择 shore/seaside/beach/coast 或 bank 并用其适当的形式填空 1) Last summer we spent all our holiday at the _______. 2) I enjoy lying on the _______ with sunglasses in the sun. 3) It’s dangerous for children to play on the _______ of the river. 4) We often see many ships on the sea about several miles off the ______. 5) The land is barren on the east ______. 2). flee/escape v.逃避, 逃跑, 逃走 【练习】选择 flee 或 escape,并用其适当的形式填空 1) The enemy ______ in disorder. 2) Citizens were forced to ______ the besieged city. 3) He narrowly _________ death. 3) deep/deeply adv.深深地; 【练习】选择 deep 或 deeply 并用其适当的形式填空 1) The police found out the lost child _______ in the woods at last. 2) All of us were _______ shocked at the bad news. III 词性变化 (旨在提供语法填空所需材料) 【练习】根据句子结构,用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空 1) The lake is over 20 meters in _____ so we were all moved ______ by the man who dived _______ into the lake to save the little boy. (deep) 2) I ____ remember the girl dressed in ______ color he drew in the exhibition.(vivid) 3) Anyone who launches a war is ______ and is _______ by people who love peace all around the world. (awe) 4) The _______ of energy will help us research the way to save and _______ the energy. (conserve) 5) Though the soup is _______, I’ve lost my sense of ______ and it ____just like ______water.(taste)

VI 重点句子 (旨在提供句子结构等所需材料) 1. It was a time when the killer whales, or “killers” as they were then called, helped the whalers catch the baleen whales that were on their annual migration. 1) It was a time when motorcars were rare. 2) It was a time when she could not bear the pain and wanted to kill herself. [练习] 汉译英 1) 曾经没人能理解我的计划和雄心。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 现在这一社区的人们相互帮助,和谐相处。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. I had already heard that George didn’t like being kept waiting, so even though I didn’t have the right clothes on, raced after him. 1) We won’t give up even if we should ten times 2) Even though you may lose the chance of meeting your friend, you can not miss the meeting this afternoon. [练习] 汉译英 1) 即便你无路可走,你也不能任由自己放弃自己的目标。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 尽管他已经说了很多遍“对不起”,他的女朋友还是不愿意原谅他。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. I’m sitting in the warm night air with a cold drink in my hand and reflecting on the day-a day of pure magic! 1) The teacher came in with a thick book in her hand. 2) With a local villager leading the way, we found his house easily. 3) With a lot of problems to solve, the newly-elected president felt like a cat on hot bricks. 1)我睡觉时喜欢开着窗。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2)妈妈讲着故事,小孩很快就睡着了。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 二、课文要点 1 课文词汇等填空(旨在复习本课文中的单词拼写和主要词语等) 根据课文内容完成下面语法填空,注意单词拼写和词语用法: 1 the morning of 19th January I went snorkeling. 2 (see) such extraordinary beauty, I thought every cell in my body woke up and 3 was like discovering a whole new dimension of life. During the trip, I first became aware of the vivid colors 4 (围绕) me and the fantastic corals, in and around 5 all kinds of elegant fish 6 (be) swimming among them. 7 there are still something 8 made me feel 9 (害怕). For example, I didn’t want to get close to the eel, the giant clam and the grey reef sharks, for they made me scared to death 10 a moment. 3 课文佳句背诵与仿写 (旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 1.【原句】It was a time when the killer whales, or “killers” as they were then called, helped the whalers catch the baleen whales that were on their annual migration. (本文中同类句 I thought, at the time, that this was just a story but then I witnessed it with my own eyes many times. 【模仿 1】在十九世纪早期,广州,正如西方世界所知道的,是世界最出名的港口之一。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 【模仿 2】使我们感到惊奇的是,他所做的和他所说的没有任何联系。

_____________________________________________________________________________ 答案:What he did , to our surprise, had nothing to do with what he said. 【模仿 3】他有了一个新的发现,我认为那对科学来说是非常重要的。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 三、单元自测 1 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21—30 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡 上将该项涂黑。 词数:159 完成时间: 分钟 13 难度:*** Globalcall Communications has grown from a telecommunications solutions provider for local businesses in the greater Seattle metropolitan area to a truly global corporation providing telecommunications solutions for clients both large and small. Established to 21 a significant market gap for simple communication solutions, the company first 22 to most major North American cities before becoming a major multinational player. 23 , the company is extending operations to include voice over IP, as well as high-speed cable Internet access. Globalcall Communications team includes more than 40, 000 specialists worldwide in more than 20 countries on three 24 . Next year we will see the deployment (分配) of a third 25 wireless communications network in Asian countries. The future looks 26 for Globalcall Communications. By 2005 the company will be 27 more than 15 million households and businesses 28 . Globalcall Communications will have become a famous word. We look forward to serving clients and are planning to do everything in our 29 to make sure that your communication future is unlimited and 30 . 21. A. fill B. fall C. fit D. follow 22. A. enlarged B. expanded C. grew D. increased 23. A. Shortly B. Soon C. Presently D. Previously 24. A. cities B. countries C. lands D. continents 25. A. generation B. period C. type D. kind 26. A. happy B. bright C. shining D. sparkling 27. A. serving B. helping C. supporting D. supplying 28. A. earthly B. locally C. worldly D. globally 29. A. power B. control C. energy D. force 30. A. complex B. simple C. concrete D. common 2 语法填空 阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的词或使用括号中词语 的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 31-40 的相应位置上。 词数:161 完成时间:8 分钟 难度:*** Mr. Smith works in an office. He's very busy and has 31 time to have a good rest. Every evening, 32 he comes back from work, he's always tired and wants to go to bed early. 33 his wife often has a lot of interesting things 34 (tell) him after supper. She doesn't stop talking 35 she falls asleep, but it's usually very late and Mr. Smith has to get up on time in the morning when she is 36 (sleep). One day the man felt terrible 37 couldn't go to work. He decided to go to see a doctor. Mrs. Smith went to the hospital with him. Before her husband could say 38 was the matter with him, the woman 39 (tell)the doctor everything. The doctor looked over Mr. Smith and then gave medicine to 40 Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He said to Mrs. Smith, "They are sleeping pills. When you take the pills, your husband will be all right."


keys:1) disabled; disabilities 2) ambitious; ambitions 3) politician; politics; political 4) beneficial; benefits 5) depend; independence; independent 6) encouragement; encouraged; courage 7) graduated; graduation 8) congratulates; congratulations 9) conducted; conductor

1.Keys: 1)It was a time when no one could understand my plan and ambition. 2)It is a time when people in the community would like to help each other and live harmoniously. 2.Keys: 1) You should not resign yourself to giving up your goal, even though you may no way to go. 2)Even though he has said “sorry”for many times, his girl friend would not forgive him. 3.Keys: 1) With her mother telling stories, the child could fall asleep soon. 2) I like to sleep with the window open. 答案: 1. On 2. seeing 3. it 4. surrounding 7. But 8. that 9. frightened 10. for 5. which 6. were

答案:By the early 19th Century, Guangzhou ,as it was known in the English-speaking world ,was one of the world's leading ports. 答案:He made another wonderful discovery, which I think is of great importance to science. 答案: 21 . A. 填补一个巨大的市场空缺。 22.B.首先在北美几个大城市扩展。 23.C. 目前公司正在扩充业务。 24.D.世界范围之内三大洲的专家。 25.A. 第三代无信通信网络。 26.B.Globalcall Communications 公司前途光明。 27.A. 到 2005 年公司将为全球范围内超过 l,500 万的家庭和公司服务。 28.D. 29.A. 尽我们的能力确保您的未来的通信通畅无阻。 30.B.并且简便。 答案: 31.no/little 32.when 33.But 34.to tell 35.until 36.asleep/sleeping 37.and 38.what 39.had told 40.both 31.no/little has no / little time= doesn't have any time/hasn’t any time,no 是形容词。 32.when,考查由 when 引导的时间状语从句。 33.But,此处表转折关系。 34.to tell 考查 have something to do 的结构。 35.until,until 引导的时间状语从句,表“直到……才……” 36.asleep/sleeping.be asleep/sleeping 表状态。

37.and,表并列关系。 38.what,what was the matter with him 是固定搭配。 39.had told,考查动词的过去完成时态。 40.both,both…and…是固定结构,表“……和……都,两者……都……”


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