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Have you ever been star-struck?

Crazy fans

A Survey ON it

? 1.Have you ever been a super fan?

A survey on fandom


? 2.When did you become a super fan?

A.In primary school B.In middle school C.In high school D.In colleage

? 3.Why do you love your idols?

A.Beatiful appearance B.Outstanding talents C.Remarkable achievements D.Fasionable dress-up E.Great personality F.Just follow the majority G.No reason

? 4.How much time do you spend on news every day?

A.Under 1 hour B.1~2 hour C.more than 2 hours D.whenever E.Hardly

? 5.What‘s your attitude when your idol have some

? negative reports?

A.Explain for him/her without reason B.Believe he/she is innocent. C.never love him/her after D.No effects

Are you crazy?

? 疯狂追星女杨丽娟自1994年迷上刘德华后,便一直没有上学、没有 工作,全职做追星族,父母为达成女儿心愿倾家荡产。父亲2006为 让女儿筹募旅费,甚至想到了卖肾;杨丽娟已如愿见到刘德华,可仍 不满足于只与偶像留影纪念。2007年3月26日,其父在香港跳海自 杀,留下的遗愿竟是希望刘德华再见女儿一面。 ? The crazy fan girl Yang Lijuan had quited school since she was attracted by Andy Liu in 1994. From then on,she never went to school, and didn' t find any job, but took fandom as her profession. His father even thought about sell his own kidney to help her daughter take trip to Hong Kong. But Yang was still displeased when she met Liu and took a photo with him at last.On March 26th,2007, Yang' s father ended his own life by jumping into the sea in HK, leaving his last wish -- hope Liu could meet her daughter for another time.


? Yes, I have had been involved in chasing stars when I was young. I argued with my classmates about whose idols were more better. Moreover, I quarreled with my teachers in account of her misunderstanding of my behavior. ? I thought I was so brave instead of feeling ridiculous. 是的,我过去非常疯狂。 我和我的同学争论谁的偶像更好, 甚至因为老师的不理解和老师发生争吵。 那时候我以为这是无畏, 丝毫不觉得自己荒唐可笑。

Whenever my friends refer to my former behavior, I feel truly ashamed because of my innocent thoughts. Now, thanks to my growth, I can calmly give an account of my star-struck career.
每次朋友提及我过去的幼稚举动,我感到非常的不好意思。 如今,感谢成长,让我能如此平静的反思我的人生。

Thanks to my parents ? They can understand me and never abuse(辱 骂)me in account of it. ? One day, I talked with my mom about chasing stars. I asked my mother if they felt disappointed to me when I was young. ? My mom said that, 'I know that you will grow up gradually.’
? 某一天我问我妈,我小时候那么疯狂是不是让你很失望。 ? 我妈说: “不会啊。我知道你会慢慢长大的。”

My opinions about star-struck

? a high goal to reach ? learningfromstars,moremotivation ? charity ? developing intetrests ? hot topics


? a waste of money ? less concentration on study ? negative effects of stars ? more superficial

My opinions
Like all the hobbies, star-struck is nothing but a common behavior. Maybe many people always look down on those who are fond of idols. But I must claim that everyone has its right.

? In fact, I don’t advocate ? star-struck according to my ignorant youth. But I am not in favor of extreme thoughts to those who are keen on idols. Just maintain a balance between your social life and entertainment. ? ? Still a lot of students work hard in order to become excellent persons like their idols.Isn’t it positive?To be positive or negative, it depends on you.

事实上,我并不支持 追星,因为我体会过 过无知的过去。但是 我并不支持大众对于 追星就是有病的某些 极端想法。只要在现 实生活和娱乐方面保 持平衡就可以。 依然有很多人为了成 为和自己偶像一样优 秀的人而刻苦努力着。 不也有正面的能量吗? 这件事是积极或者消 极,取决于你自己。

The End Thanks

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