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高中英语 Unit 4 Section Ⅱ Warming Up Reading Language Points课件 新人教版必修2

Unit 4 Wildlife protection
SectionⅡ Warming Up & Reading—Language Points
语言 点一 单词 集释 板块
识 记 · 掌 握 理 解 · 拓 展 应 用 · 落 实 识 记 · 掌 握

语言 点二 短语 荟萃 板块
理 解 · 拓 展

语言 点三 句型 解构 板块
应 用 · 落 实
识 记 · 掌 握 理 解 · 拓 展 应 用 · 落 实

课时 跟踪 检测

1.mercy 2.affect 3.decrease 4.respond A.to go down to a lower level B.to answer C.losing; something that is lost D.to try to catch or kill animals

6.loss 7.hunt 8.certain

E.a feeling of happiness
F.to have something inside G.to have an effect on H.kindness shown towards someone or something

9.contain 10.succeed 7.→D 8.→J

I.gain one's purpose or reach an aim J.not doubtful 3.→A 10.→I 4.→B 5.→E 6.→C 9.→F

答案:1.→H 2.→G

B:根据所给词性和汉语意思写出单词 11. protect v.保护;守护→ protection n.保护 12.appreciate vt.鉴赏;感激;意识到→ appreciation n.感 激;感谢 13. distance n.距离→ distant adj.远的;远处的 14. importance n.重要性→ important adj.重要的

15. power n.力量;权利→ powerful adj.有力的;强大的

16. secure adj.安全的;可靠的→ security


1.decrease vt. & vi.减少;(使)变小;或变少 (一)背诵佳句培养语感


If their habitat is threatened or they cannot

find enough food, their numbers may decrease. 如果它们的栖息地受到威胁或是找不到足够的食物,它 们的数量就会减少。 (鲜活例句) They are making every effort to decrease

the production cost.

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 decrease to ...
decrease by ... decrease from ... to ...

减少了?? 从??减少到??

①The price of wheat has decreased by 15%.
小麦价格降低了15%。 ②The number of new students decreased from 320 to 260 this year. 今年新生人数从320减少到260。

[活学活用] The number of the applicants from the university has decreased by 8% this year. (decrease) 来自这所大学申请者的数量今年减少了8%。

2.loss n.损失;遗失;丧失 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句) areas not enough food: loss of bamboo growing

(鲜活例句) He told the police about the loss of his car.

他向警方报失他的车子。 (鲜活例句) The closure of the factory will lead to a

number of job losses.


(二)归纳拓展全析考点 suffer a loss 遭受损失

at a loss


①They suffered a heavy loss as a result of the terrible

由于可怕的事故,他们遭受了重大损失。 ②Honestly speaking, I'm

at a loss

what to do next.


If I hadn't followed his advice, I must have suffered a loss . (suffer) 如果我没有听从他的建议,我肯定会遭受到损失。

3.respond vi.回答;响应;做出反应 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句) Daisy responded immediately. “I'd like to

see some endangered wildlife,” she said.
戴茜马上回答:“我想去看看一些濒临灭绝的野生动植 物。” (鲜活例句) I asked her what the time was, but she

didn't respond.


(二)归纳拓展全析考点 (1)respond to ... respond that ... (2)response n. 回应??;对??作出反应 回答说?? 响应;回答

in response to


make response to 对??作出反应(强调动作)

①I'm not sure how he will respond to your answer.
我不确定他对你的答复会作何反应。 ②He responded that party. 他回答说他很高兴参加派对。 ③The product was developed in response to customer demand. he would be pleased to attend the


[活学活用] He often feels angry with his friends for not responding to him in time. (respond) 他经常因为朋友没有及时回应他而生气。

4.relief n.(痛苦或忧虑的)减轻或解除;减轻痛苦的事物; 缓解;宽慰 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句) In relief Daisy burst into laughter.

(鲜活例句) about it. 能和别人谈谈这件事,感到舒心多了。 It was a relief to be able to talk to someone

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 relief of/from ??的减轻/消除

in relief
to one?s relief


①I smiled in relief after I heard I had passed the examination. 听说我已经通过了考试,我轻松地笑了。 ② To our great relief , the children all arrived home safely.



Much to our relief , the software is easily taught and
easily learned. (relief) 让我们感到宽慰的是,这个软件易教易学。

5.mercy n.仁慈;宽恕;怜悯

(教材原句) Farmers hunted us without mercy.


(1)beg/ask for mercy
? show mercy to ? ? ? have/take mercy on?

乞求宽恕 对??怜悯;宽恕

(2)without mercy


at the mercy of sb./sth.任由某人/某物摆布或控制

①He was such a cruel man that he showed no mercy to
others. 他是那么一个残酷的人以至于对他人毫不怜悯。 ②He went down his knees and begged for mercy . 他跪下来,乞求宽恕。 ③The little boat was at the mercy of 在大海里小船任由暴风雨摆布。

the storm at the sea.



They allowed tourists to hunt only a

certain number of animals if they paid the farmers. 如果游客付给农民钱的话,农民允许游客猎取一定数量 的动物。

be certain to do sth. be certain of/about sth. make certain of/about/that ... It is certain that ... 确定做某事 对某事有把握;确信某事 确定?? 一定能??

for certain = for sure


①He is certain to pass the exam.

= It's certain that he'll pass the exam.
他一定会通过这次考试。 ②She made certain that 她确信已经把煤气关上了。 (2)adj.某一;某些 she had turned off the gas.

③ A certain Mr. Wang is waiting for you outside now.
有个王先生正在外面等你。 ④For certain (some) reasons/a certain reason, he didn't attend the meeting. 因某些/某个原因,他没参加会议。

[活学活用] It is certain that the event will have an effect on us. (certain) 这一事件肯定会对我们产生影响。

7.contain (教材原句) It contains a powerful drug which affects

它含有一种强效的药物,可以防止蚊虫叮咬。 (1)vt.包含;容纳 ①When he opened the schoolbag, he found that it contained two books, a pen and an eraser.


②How much water do you think this bottle contains?

(2)vt.容忍;控制;抑制 ③I was so angry that I couldn't contain myself . 我太生气了以至于无法克制自己。 比较 contain, include

contain 可指所包含或容纳的全部内容或某物的成分 指作为整体中的一部分而被包括进去,常使用 include “including+被包括部分”或“被包括部分+


①I'm on a diet. I have to avoid food containing fat and sugar. 我正在节食,我必须避免含油脂和糖分的食物。 ②Twentythree people, including three babies, were injured in the traffic accident. =Twentythree people, three babies included , were

injured in the traffic accident.

[活学活用] Car bomb killed seven, including two Americans/ two Americans included . (include)


8.affect (1)vt.影响 ①As a matter of fact, your opinion will not affect my \ decision.

②The noise from the coming and going cars of the street affected our study.

(2)vt.感动(相当于move) ③Most people present at the meeting were deeply

affected/moved by his speech.

④The disease has affected millions of people in the world every year. 这种疾病每年使全世界数百万人受到感染。 effect n. have an effect on/upon sb./sth. 影响 对??产生影响

⑤As is known to us, smoking has a bad effect on our health.


[活学活用] The increase in interest rates is said to be affecting the local stock market.(affect) 利率的增加据说正在影响当地的股票市场。

9.appreciate vt.鉴赏;感激;意识到
(一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句) You should pay more attention to the

rainforest where I live and appreciate how the animals live together.



Although a foreigner can't appreciate Beijing

Opera, he can enjoy it. 尽管一个外国人不能鉴赏京剧,但他能从京剧中得到快乐。 (鲜活例句) boss. Her abilities are not fully appreciated by her



I would appreciate it if ...
appreciate doing sth.


①I'll appreciate it if you help me with my English.

如果你能帮我学英语,我将不胜感激。 ②We appreciate your offering help to us very much
in time of difficulty. 我们对你在我们困难时期提供的帮助非常感激。

[活学活用] I would appreciate it if you could reply my question early. (appreciate) 如果你能早一些回答我的提问,我会感激不尽。

10.succeed (教材原句) What must be done if wildlife protection is to

要成功地保护好野生生物必须做什么? (1)vi.成功 ①So long as you study hard, you will succeed sooner or later.

succeed in ?doing? sth. 成功做了某事

②After many years' hard work the scientists finally succeeded in sending the explorer to Mars.

到了火星上。 (2)vt.接替;继任 vi.继承;继任

succeed to sth.
succeed sb. as ...


③He succeeded in succeeding to his father's company as president of it. 他成功地继承了父亲的公司,并担任了公司总裁。 ④Obama succeeded Bush as president in the USA.

奥巴马继布什之后担任美国总统。 [活学活用]
Long ago, he wrote a paper on how to succeed in business. (succeed) 很久之前,他写了一篇关于如何在商业中获得成功的论文。

11.employ vt.雇用;利用(时间、精力等)
(一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句) Can they be employed to work in the park

and not hurt the animals? 能够雇佣他们为公园工作并且不伤害动物吗?


It is said that she has been employed in a

computer company since graduation. 据说自从毕业,她一直被一个电脑公司雇用。 (鲜活例句) You could employ your spare time better.


(1)employ sb. to be/as employ sb. to do sth. 雇用某人任…… 雇用某人干某事

(2)employ sb./oneself in (doing) sth.忙于某事;从事于某
事 = sb. be employed in (doing) sth.

①The boss employed a secretary to help him with his work. 老板雇了一位秘书来协助他的工作。 ②The manager employed himself in making a future plan for his company.


[活学活用] This is the first time that he has been so employed in the work. (employ) 这是他第一次这么忙于工作。

1.die out 2. in peace 3. in danger (of) 4. in relief

灭亡;逐渐消失 和平地;和睦地;安详地 在危险中;垂危 如释重负;松了口气

5.burst into laughter
6.protect ... from 7. pay attention to 8. long to do sth.

保护??不受??(危害) 注意 渴望做某事

1.die out灭亡;逐渐消失;逐渐熄灭 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句) As a result these endangered animals

may even die out.

(鲜活例句) dying out. 许多种动物都处于濒临灭绝的危险之中。 Many species of animals are in danger of

(鲜活例句) firewood.

The fire is dying out. You'd better add some

火快灭了,你最好添点柴火。 (鲜活例句) With society developing, many customs are

dying out.

die of因??而死?一般指死于内因,如疾病、饥饿、 情感原因等? die from因??而死?一般指死于外因,如外伤、 车祸、污染等? die away?声音、风、光等?慢慢变弱;渐渐消失 die down?兴奋、火等?渐弱;渐息;平息

The noise of the car

died away

in the distance.


[活学活用] We should do something to prevent the wildlife from dying out . (die) 我们应该采取行动来防止这种野生动物灭绝。

2.in danger (of)在危险中;垂危 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句) Why are they in danger of disappearing?



The dam was in danger because of the rising

洪水猛涨,大坝告急。 (鲜活例句) She was badly wounded and in danger of

losing her life at any time.


out of danger a danger to ... 脱离危险 对??有危险;对??是危险的物(人)

①The man was in danger of losing his life, but the doctor

helped him out of danger.
那个人有生命危险,但是医生帮助他脱离了危险。 ②As far as I'm concerned, he is a danger to society 在我看来,他是社会的危险分子。


3.burst into laughter突然笑起来;大声笑了出来 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (鲜活例句) laughter. Reading the funny story, he burst into


burst out crying? ? ?突然哭起来 (1) burst into tears ? ? burst out laughing ? ? ?突然大笑起来 burst into laughter? ? (2)burst into anger/applause 勃然大怒/爆发出 掌声

①For some reason, she burst into tears, then burst out laughing. 不知何故,她一会突然哭起来,一会突然大笑。

[点津] 注意burst into与burst out后的单词形式不同。

②As soon as Wang Fei appeared on the stage the audience
burst into wild applause. 王菲一出现在舞台上,观众就爆发出了热烈的掌声。 [活学活用] She was hardly inside out crying . (burst) 她一进来就放声大哭。 when she burst into tears/burst

4.protect ... from/against保护??不受??(危害)

(教材原句) it replied. 它回答说:“我这样做是为了防止蚊虫叮咬。” (鲜活例句) He is wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes “I'm protecting myself from mosquitoes,”

from the strong sunlight. 他戴着太阳镜以遮挡强烈的阳光。


You'd better put on gloves to protect your

hands from (against) the cold. 你最好戴上手套保护你的手不受冻。

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 prevent ...(from) doing sth. stop ...(from) doing sth. keep ...from doing sth. Her sudden arrival 阻止??做某事 阻止??做某事 阻止??做某事

prevented /stopped/kept me

from going out. 她的突然到来使我不能外出。

[活学活用] An American doctor was stopped from boarding the plane on Saturday. (board) 星期六,一名美国医生在机场被拒绝登机。

5.pay attention to注意 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (鲜活例句) Nowadays our government pays more attention to the sharp rise in the price of housing.

(鲜活例句) The local government pays much attention to improving the people's life.

(鲜活例句) You speak English well, but much attention should be paid to your written English.

[点津] pay attention to中to为介词。

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 fix/focus one's attention on将注意力集中于 draw/attract/catch/get one's attention to ...

have sb.?s attention 请某人注意 ①The boy knocked on the window to catch my attention. 那个男孩敲着窗户以引起我的注意。 ②Ladies and gentlemen,may I have your attention , please?


This is a problem to which we should pay attention . (pay) 这是一个我们应该注意的问题。


Please take me to a distant land where I

can find the animal that gave fur to make this sweater. 请带我到遥远的地方,在那里我可以发现为制作这 件毛衣而提供毛绒的那种动物。 [典例背诵] Everyone wants to visit the place

where Zhou Enlai once worked.



It shows the importance of wildlife

protection, but I'd like to help as_the_WWF_suggests.
这表明保护野生动植物的重要性,但我想按照世界野 生生物基金会的建议来帮助(你们)。 [典例背诵] Ann wouldn't write down a series of facts

in her diary as most people do. 安妮不会像大多数人一样在日记中记流水账。


WWF is_very_concerned_about it as this is

a very important park for endangered animals. 世界野生生物基金会非常关心它,因为这个公园对于濒 危动物非常重要。


The meeting was concerned with reforms

and everyone present was concerned about their own interests. 这次会议涉及到改革,在场的每个人都担心个人利益。

It shows the importance of wildlife protection,but I'd like to
help as_the_WWF_suggests. 这表明保护野生动植物的重要性,但我想按照世界野生生物基 金会的建议来帮助(你们)。 (1)as 仿照;像??那样;如??,引导方式状语从句。 ①We'd better leave things as they are until the police arrive. 我们最好不要动这些东西,直到警察到来。

②The teacher asked you to do as he said .

(2)句中的suggest作动词,表示“提议;建议”,后面可以跟名 词、代词、动名词和that从句作宾语。后跟that从句时, 从句用虚拟语气,即谓语用“(should+)动词原形”。 ③Mr. Smith suggested a way out of the difficulty.

④Almost all his friends suggested that he (should) visit Mr. Black at once. 几乎他所有的朋友都建议他马上去拜访布莱克先生。

(3)suggest作“表明;暗示”讲时,后跟that从句时,从句用 陈述语气。

⑤Jane's pale face suggested that she was ill,so her
parents suggested that she have a medical examination. 简苍白的脸表明她病了,因此她的父母建议她去检查 一下。

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