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高三月考试卷 英 语
满分 120 分 时间 100 分钟
第一部分 阅读理解 (共两小节,共 20 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 第一节 (共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) A Gift Idea The other day I was shopping for Grandma when I realized I had no gi

ft ideas at all.It was not a birthday gift or anything like that.It was simply sort of a hello gift.That is how we do things in my family. We don't really give gifts for special occasions. Instead, we occasionally just give presents to each other to tell other people that we are thinking about them. That was why I wanted a gift for Grandma. But it was like my imagination had dried up. I have gone through all of the gift ideas in previous years, fruits, wines, cheeses, little handmade crafts, and anything else that you can give to a grandmother. I had even given her gift watches and CDs. What else was there? I have always found gift ideas for men a little bit easier than for women, because for men, you can always get the usual things, such as video games, power tools and things like that .With a woman's gift idea, however, you have to know more about her. You cannot just get someone a book or a CD. You have to know all about her taste in movies, music, and literature. My grandmother likes to read a lot, but what she likes is always pretty popular.I didn't want to get her a book that she might not like, but I was running out of time. I needed a gift idea for this weekend and went to visit her.After all, I hadn't seen her for a long time.I wanted to give her a gift so she would not feel ignored. Finally, I came up with the perfect gift idea. I made a collection of all the stories I had written in the past year. It wasn't a typical gift idea like a bunch of flowers, but it really worked in the situation. You see, I am a writer and my grandma has always been my fan. Anyway, I had been learning about bookbinding recently, and had pretty much mastered the art.I figured that I would add a little bit of handmade artwork to the stories, bind it altogether, and give it to her.It took hours to complete, but it was well worth the effort.She absolutely loved it. 1.The writer chose a gift for Grandma to _____. A.celebrate a special family occasion B.please her during a weekend visit C.congratulate her on her birthday D.beg her pardon for ignoring her 2.What gift did the writer finally decide to give his grandma? A.Gift watches. B.A bunch of flowers. C.Artwork made by hand. D.Stories written by himself. 3.How does the writer feel about giving gifts to women? A.Interesting. B.Challenging. C.Time-wasting. D.Popular. B When it comes to hard, noisy traveling, we?ve found that sometimes we?d rather read about it than actually go. Here are some bestsellers for armchair travelers.

The Station by Robert Byron. In 1928, the 22-year-old man made a journey to Mount Athos, resulting in one of the best travel books ever written, matched only by Byron?s own, much more famous The Road to Osciana. In Darkest Africa by Henry Monton Stanley. It?s about his great efforts to save an unlucky German doctor Eduard Schnitzer, who had no desire to be rescued at all. A Traveler?s Alphabet: Partial Memoirs by Sir Steven Runciman. A to Z and around the world. He provides priceless information of long-gone princesses, priests, and places. South: A Memoir of the Endurance Voyage by Sir Ernest Shackleton. As the planet started the global war, Shackleton and his brave group of explorers made an unsuccessful but heroic journey to cross Antarctica from 1914 to 1917. The Michelin Red Guide: France 2005 Reading through this final listing of all the nice hotels and wonderful restaurants in France is better than going there, listening to Chirac talk about the poisonous American culture, and spending the price of this book for a tiny cup of tea and a cookie the size of your thumb. The Past Is a Foreign Country by David Lowenthal. This great book of an armchair exploration tells us what has happened in the past and shows the relationship between us and the past travelers. 4.The underlined phrase “armchair travelers” in the first paragraph refers to those who___________. A. can only travel with special equipment for the disabled B. find fun teaching others how to travel to other places C. like to write about their strange traveling experiences D. like to read about travels instead of traveling themselves 5.Which of the books has a very low price according to the passage? A. The Past Is a Foreign Country. B. South: A Memoir to the Endurance Voyage. C. The Michelin Red Guide: France 2005. D. A Traveler?s Alphabet: Partial Memoirs. 6.What can we learn from the passage? A. The Station is more famous than The Road to Osciana B. Henry Monton Stanley, was saved by a German doctor in Africa. C. It took Shackleton and his men 3 years to cross the Arctic. D. In his book, Lowenthal focuses more on history than the present. 7.This passage is written____________ . A. to warn readers against traveling B. to sell more books about travels C. as an introduction to famous travelers D. to tell people where to travel C Going green is something that affects every single one of us. Whether by recycling those plastic water bottles, or by cutting down on electricity in your home, the importance of going green on a personal level is extremely important. But, when you?re a millionaire NBA basketball star, how do you help out the environment? Yao Ming is a basketball player that plays for the Houston Rockets and has spoken out against hunting of sharks for fins, a delicious food in his native China. He is also the United Nations? Environmental champion. His goal is to raise awareness of climate change and energy-saving. “I will work with young people across the world and try to inspire them to plant trees, harvest rainwater and to become environmental champions in their own communities.” The Philadelphia Eagles, a professional American football team, are really doing their part to give

back to the community. The Eagles Go Green page has a “Green Energy Calculator” and according to the web site fans have saved $ 73,674.90 a year and saved 666,320 pounds of CO2 per year. Also, the Eagles have set up a “Stop global warming virtual march (虚拟游行) on Washington”, a march across America for one year, through the Internet with a goal to bring fans together and to urge leaders to deal with the serious problem of global warming now. Bob Burnquist, a Brazilian skateboarder, is a member of Action Sports Environmental Coalition and founder of a program that gets organic foods and farming into schools for healthy lunch programs. Bob also has a huge homegrown organic farm where he hosted a gathering in celebration of Earth Day. Kelly Slater is a surfer and eight-time champion, but he also supports saving the coral reefs world wide. He has founded the Kelly Slater Invitational Competition which raises funds and awareness for Reef Check, which is able to get its message out to a large group of guests including professional surfers, film and music stars, and other famous people. 8.According to the passage, Yao Ming wants to ________. A. help the Houston Rockets win the NBA championship B. ask the United Nations to protect sharks in China C. encourage young people to care about the environment D. train more young people to become players of NBA 9.What have the Philadelphia Eagles done to help out the environment? A. They have called on fans to do things to reduce global warming. B. They have marched on Washington to bring fans together. C. They have saved $ 73,674.90 for solving global warming. D. They have reduced CO2 emission by 666,320 pounds per year. 10.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the last two paragraphs? A. Bob Burnquist created Earth Day. B. Bob Burnquist eats only organic foods. C. Kelly Slater donated a lot of money. D. Kelly Slater held a competition. 11.The best title for the passage would probably be _________. A. Highly Competitive Athletes B. Environment-friendly Athletes C. World-famous Athletes D. Millionaire Athletes D Microsoft has a problem:It desperately wants the remaining Windows XP users to upgrade to a newer version of the operating system but a lot of them still haven?t started.The latest numbers from NetMarket show that Windows XP still accounts for around 29.5%of all desktops in use even though Microsoft is due to end support for the l3-Year-old platform on April 8th.ZDNet reports that Microsoft plans to force remaining XP users to start next week by sending them notices reminding them again that it will end XP support within a month. However, as Computerworld reports,Microsoft may have a tough time convincing some Windows XP users to upgrade because it's trying to sell them on Windows 8,the newest operating system that has angered many longtime PC users by removing the traditional Start menu and by adding the interface (界 面)a special feature.Computerworld writes that many Windows users expressed anger last month when Microsoft asked them to help switch as many people as they could from Windows XP to Windows 8 partly because Microsoft hasn?t offered any sort of discount for Windows XP users making the switch. This is particularly tiresome, these users said,because switching from XP to Windows 8 won?t just require a software upgrade but will instead likely force them to buy new machines capable (能够)of running Microsoft?s new operating system.Some users were also annoyed that Microsoft only mentioned

Windows 8 and not Windows 7 as upgrade possibilities. In the end, it looks like when Microsoft ends support for Windows XP next month there will still be a large part of the desktop PC world using the platform.Hackers who have been saving up all their best new malware(恶意软件)for the day when Windows XP support ends are about to have a field day. 12.What problem does Microsoft have now? A.Windows XP is out of date and needs improvement. B.Windows 8 runs worse than Windows XP. C.No people like to upgrade their operating system. D.Lots of users refuse to switch from XP to Windows 8. 13.How will Microsoft remind users of the stop of XP support? A.By sending them notices. B.By sending them daily emails. C.By adding the interface a special feature. D.By removing the traditional Start menu. 14.Which is probably one of the reasons why users dislike Window 8? A.Microsoft hasn?t offered any discount for it. B.They like Window 7 more than Window 8. C.Microsoft refuses to offer them a new machine. D.It?s impossible for them to use the new operating system. 15.What can be inferred from the text? A.Windows XP will completely be out of use in a month. B.Windows XP will still be in use for a period of time. C.Windows 8 will have a longer history than Windows XP. D.Windows 7 will easily be attacked by Hackers. 第二节 (共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) One of the questions parents most often ask teachers is whether their children have friends in the classroom. Friendship seems to come easily for some children while others find it more difficult.__36__They need to learn it. There are some ways that parents can help children learn to relate well to others: ? Help your child become aware whether other people are feeling to develop emotion. __37__ Parents can talk with children about expressions on faces of people they see in magazines or around them. ? __38__ Parents can set up play dates with other children or enroll a child in some different activities or groups where they might meet others. A child?s teacher or group leader may have some suggestions about other children your child seems to get along with especially well. ? Help your child learn how to make apologies after hurting something or someone else. For example, ask a child, “What can you do to help him/ her feel better?” ? Emphasize(强调)kindness to others and help your child learn some techniques for solving conflicts with others, including quick fixes such as throwing a coin. __39__ Sibling(兄弟姐妹)relationships provide opportunities for children to become aware of the impact of their words and actions on others. ? Encourage your child to use strength and cleverness to help other people. Talk about what makes someone a hero. __40__ If a child is struggling with friendship issues, a parent can listen and share confidence that the child will figure out what to do. A school-age child who continues to struggle may benefit from participating in a friendship-skills group. A. Decrease meanness(刻薄,吝啬)as much as you can.

B. C. D. E. F. G.

Help teaches the difference between fear and respect. This is more natural for some children than others Childeren aren?t born knowing how to be friends. Help provides opp