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定语从句专练 160 题中易错题 5.The old man has two sons,___ are lawyers. A. both of them B. both of who C. both of whom D. both of they 7 Do you know the man___ just now? A. to who I nodded B.I nodded to C. whom I nodded D. Whom I nodded to him. 8.The man ___has gone to Japan. A. whom I told you B. that I told you C. whom I told you about him D.I told you about 19.It is the third time ___late this month. A. that you arrived B. when you arrived C. that you’ve arrived D. when you’ve arrived 20.It was in 1969___the American astronaut succeeded in landing on the moon. A. that B. which C. in which D. when 21.We often think of the days ___we spent together on the island. A. when B. which C. in which D. during which 22.Have you ever been to Shanghai, ____I left ten years ago? A. where B. which C. that D. when 23.He has left Beijing ,___a meeting is to be held. A. when B. where C. as D. which 24.This is the very place ___I’m wishing to live in. A. where B. which C. that D. in which 25.Is it in that factory _____”Red Flag” cars are made? A. in which B. where C. that D. which 27.Can you solve such problems ___raised by the audience? A. what were B. as were C. that were D. which were 28.The reason ___he didn’t come was ____he was injured. A. that, because B. why, that C. why, because D. that, that 30.His father died last year, ____made it impossible for him to go abroad. A. when B. which C. as D. that 37.This is one of the means ____the electric energy is conducted from one place to another. A. by which B. by that C. through which D. through that 38.The place ___you are going to visit is the ruin of a place. A. in which B. at which C. where D. which 44.Don’t do such things ___you are not sure about. A. that B. which C. as D. what 47.She wrote a letter to her father, ___she made her secret known. A. which B. that C. in which D. when 53.Edison had one suit ___very little money, and which he wore until it was thin. A. which cost B. which costs C. which was cost D. which has costed 54.The people ___in the paper did not like it, but other reader liked it very much. A. who was written B. who were written

C. who were written about D. whom were written about 65.Last year we visited the Summer Palace, ___is one of the most beautiful places in Beijing. A. where B. which C. in which D. that 66.Shanghai is the very place ___the foreigners are eager to visit. A. where B. in which C .that D. whose 67.The doctor ___is going to Europe next year. A. which the manager is talking to B. who the manager is talking C. the manager is talking to him D. the manager is talking to 72.Joan is one of the best writers who ___published a lot of books. A. has B. have C. have been D. are 74.He is ___everyone respects. A. the person B. the one which C. whom D. who 77.Both of them will remember the months and the years ____they spent in the army. A. which B. when C. in which D. what 81.Everything____should be_ __be done right now. A. that, done must B .that, must done C. which, done should D. that, should 83.Is the lab ___the foreigners visited yesterday? A. that B. where C. in which D. the one 85.I’d like to borrow_ __typewriter as was used yesterday. A. as B. the same C .the other D. same 86.I,____one of the sports-lovers, often spend some time in training in the stadium. A. who am B. who is C. that am D. whom is 89.In fact the Swede did not understand the three questions____ were asked in French. A. where B. who C. in which D. which 96.To get the job started, ____I need is your permission. A. only what B. all what C. all that D. only that 100.After graduation he asked to be sent to the place____ A. where he is most needed B. where he need C. where he is mostly needed D. where is he mostly needed. 109 That tree, the branches ___are almost bare ,is a very old one. A whose B in which C on which D of which 112 I can’t believe that restaurant, ___I have eaten such wonderful meals is going to close down. A at where B at which C which D in which 113 What especially impressed us was the way ____our teacher studied foreign language. A/ B which C by which D what 115 The beautiful dress ____ Miss Jones went to the ball was borrowed from a friend of hers. A in which B wearing which C that D wearing that

117 She hasn’t got enough money ___ to buy the rings. A for which B with which C that D which 118 The Second World War ____millions of people were killed in 1945. A on which B where C in that D during which 120 I’ll show you the store ____you may buy all ____you need. A that, that B which, that C where ,which D in which,/ 123 There isn’t so much noise in the country ____ in big cities. A as B where C Which D that 129. We are living in an age_ _______many things are done on computer. A. which B. that C. whose D. when 133.He made another wonderful discovery , ________ of great importance to science. A. which I think is B. which I think it is C. which I think it D.I think which is 134.Then the great day came ________he was to march past the palace in the parade. A. where B. since C. when D. till 139.I shall never forget those years ____I lived in the country with the farmer,____ has a great effect on my life. A. that;which B. when;which C. when;who D. which;that 143.He seldom finishes his work on time,________ always makes his boss very angry. A. that B. as C. that D. which 145.She likes to use words ________are clear to him. A. of which the meanings B. meanings of which C. whose of meanings D. meanings of whose 146.I’ve read all the books ________our teacher requires us to read. A. which B. that C. what D. they 151.I was so eager to leave that when I stood in the hall, ready to leave, I didn’t even think of saying good-bye to the friends ________I had eaten and slept for so many weeks. A. by whom B. of whom C. with whom D. with which 153.Gone are the days ________the working people suffered from cold and hunger. A. on that B. at which C. when D. with which 155.The time________ I spend on maths is much more than on English. A. that B. when C. at which D. during which 156.Mr.Green drove slowly on the way home until he reached the high way, ________ the speed limit was 60 miles per hour. A. because B. which C. where D. that 158.He arrived in New York,________ some time later,he became a writer. A. when B. where C. that D .which 159.The stories about this secret person,__ this is one example,are widely spread among people. A. about which B. of which C. which D. from which

160.Mr.Green is an Australian,________ I know from his accent. A. who B. whom C. which D. that Unit 1 School life 单词拼写 1. Our country has _______great changes in the last thirty years.(经历) 2. No girl who _______herself would be dressed like that for the important meeting.(尊敬) 3. The great inventor was given a prize for his scientific ______.(成就) 4. He had an e______ time when he studied in Britain. 5. He thought it better to begin our work _______(立刻,马上) 6. We often study Shakespeare’s plays in our _______ class.(文学) 7. She accepted her friend’s _______to swim across the lake.(挑战) 8. I am sure Mr White needs no _______.(introduce) 9. After graduation I c______to devote myself to doing this reaearch. 10. All the members are ______to attend the meeting.(require) 11. He _____to me for stepping on my foot.(道歉) 12. We are ______nuclear weapons to do away with nuclear weapons.(发展) 13. Missing the flight m_____waiting another 3 hours. 14. Their grades are well above a_____. 15. It is d______to remember all the names and faces. 16. Upon ______the homework, he went out to play.(完成) 17. I ______to say that the job has been filled.(遗憾) 18. I like cats while she _____pandas.(更喜欢,愿意) 19. I am going to be late for my ______with my friend.(约定,约会) 20. After _______from university, he went to China to study music.(毕业) 21. He has decided to _____all his money to his country.(捐赠) 22. C______this book with that one, and you’ll find that one is better. 23. He ______me that our class teacher asked me to go to the office.(通知) 24. You must have the idea _______by your teacher and then go home.(通过,同意) 25. Are you ______of the result?(有信心的) 26. I was s____at first, but soon I stopped worrying. 27. When you write a notice, you must make it clear and ______as soon as possible.(吸引人的) 28. We should make _______after thinking twice.(decide) 29. I have moved into a flat where a G______professor has lived for 3 years.(德国) 30. All the students are making _______for the word test.(prepare) Unit 2 Growin Painswww.xkb1.com 1.No one goes to the school during the v______. 2.Will you be p______by your parents if you can`t get well-prepared for the coming English test.

3.A dictionary _____(解释)the meaning of each word. 4.I have got c_______of your class tomorrow so you must do well as I tell you. 5.The car accident was not the driver`s f_____as there was a man suddenly running across the road. 6.This kind of film is suitable( 适合的 ) for both children and a_____. 7.The room was a m________after the party. 8.Please take the g_____or rubbish with you when leaving the theatre. 9.The first s______ in the second act contains a very long speech. 10.Tom d_____ the gold medal in the speech competition as he had made so many efforts that hardly could anybody imagine. 11.He was nearly driven m_____by the terrible noise near the airport. 12.Professor Wang often gives some good a______on how to learn English well. 13.The students went c___________ when their team came first at the football match. 14.The policeman followed the person whose ___________(行为 )was so strange for a while and then caught him. 15.This kind of pop music is popular with the-_____________(青少年 ). 16.I had better say a few words by way of __________( 解释 ). 17.I think that you should accept the plan without ____________(争辩 ). 18.Childrens are ___________( 禁止 ) to smoke. 19.The tsunami ( 海啸 )_________ (毁坏) _many trees and buildings so that the local people lost their homes. 20.He wastes so much of his valuable time__________(聊天)on line. 21.The village where they live is very________(令人厌倦的,乏味的). 22.I want to do things that_______me(感兴趣). 23.I`m allowing him his______(自由). 24.How can I help my son without harming our_______(关系). 25.I got one of the top _____(得分,分数)in the class. 26.What did you do with the______(现金)we left. 27.The (窗帘,幕布)are closed. 28.You weren`t ______(应该,应当)to come home until tomorrow. 29.I don`t know the_______(原因,理由)why the house is so dirty. 30.Miss Xu_______up(混淆,弄乱)my results with someone else`s yesterday. Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good 1.Staying (苗条的)means everything to him. 2.His father is very short,which he often feels (害羞的)of. 3.Zhou Jiejun's songs are (受欢迎的)among young people. 4.I (后悔)telling him the secret。

5.Every woman wants a slim (体型). 6.He was r from the serious illness,which made his parents very happy. 7.The story is so t that tears ran down my cheeks. 8.Life is p 。We shouldn't do anything at the risk of it. 9.I studied English very hard last year;h ,I didn't make any progress. 10.He (强调)his opinion again. 11.Please (打圈于)the correct answers. 12.He was in the (体育馆). 13.I can't (支付得起……的费用)a trip to Europe。 14.The concert is (免费的). 15.The bank has (分行)all over the country. 16.The city’s population is (扩大,膨胀). 17.He does exercise to improve his (健康). 18.We'll discuss the (细节)of the plan. 19.This is a factory with modern (设备). 20.The (生活方式)of some teenagers is not proper at all. 21.The (结合)of read and white forms pink. 22.He will (推荐)you for the job. 23.He keeps listening to tapes to (提高)his listening skill. 24.After finishing so much work,he felt quite (放松的). 28.He (释放)the bird from the cage. 25.He suddenly (增加)the speed of the car. 26.There is only small (数量)of food. 27.Those girls,including my elder sister,are now learning performing in the school.They dream of becoming famous in the future. (演 员) 28.Martin:What made you feel so just now?(尴尬的) Kevin:Calling our headmaster's names without knowing he was standing behind me. 29.How can you find a shirt to your blue jacket?(相配) 30.Mary received an o last week,and now she is recovring from liver failure in the hospital.