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人教课标版 高二 选修7

Unit 2 Robots Language Points 【语言点】

Unit 2 Robots

Look at the reading passage to find words that mean the same.

embarrass cause sb

to feel ashamed 1.____________ satisfaction pleasure, comfort, happiness 2.____________ elegant 3.____________ fine, attractive, politeness alarm 4.____________ n. warning; v. disturb, frighten fiction 5.____________ stories, novels declare 6.____________pronounce, announce

smooth 7. _______________ adj. not rough, silky
ring up 8. _______________ call up, telephone, make a phone call desire 9. _______________ n. wish, need, longing v. want, wish, long for victory 10. ______________ success

awful 11. ______________ bad, terrible, unpleasant, horrible, dreadful, ugly
absurd 12. ______________ unreasonable, ridiculous

Useful phrases
1.facial expressions 2.test out 3.social position 4. ring sb. up 5.turn around 6.manage to do 7.disappear from sight 8.be pleased with 9.leave /let…alone/be 10 look at…with wonder 11. more than 12. or rather 1. 脸部表情 2. 试验 3. 社会地位 4. telephone sb. 5. 回转,转向 6. succeed in doing sth. 7. 消失在视野中 8. be satisfied with 9. 让……一个人待着 10. 惊奇地看 11. 不仅仅 12.确切地说

1. Do you think it is possible for a robot to have its own needs and desires? (P10) 你认为机器人有可能有自己的需求吗? desire vt. 渴望,希望,要求 n. 愿望,要求,欲望,向往的东西 desire sth. = have a desire for sth. 渴望得到某事 desire to do sth. = have a desire to do 希望/渴望做某物

desire sb. to do sth.希望某人做某事 desire that 主语+(should) do 【虚拟语气,
should 可以省略】 渴望…….

(have) a strong desire for sth. / to do sth. 渴望得到某事/迫切想要做某事…… meet / satisfy one’s desire 满足某人的愿望 do sth. at one’s desire 应某人要求做某事

We all desire happiness and health. 我们都希望幸福健康。 Everyone has a desire for success, but not everyone desires to get rich. 每个人都渴望成功, 但并非人人都渴望有 钱。 He desires you to go to see him at once. = He desires that you (should) go to see him at once. 他要求你马上去见他。

desire / wish / hope / expect / want /long



expect侧重表示“期待, 预期, 指望”。
wish 的语气比desire弱,一般用于难以实现或不可能 实现的愿望。

long 意为“渴望、极想”,常构成为long to do
sth.(极想做某事)和long for sth.(渴望某物)

desire (for) sth. / to do sth hope for sth. / to do sth wish for sth. / to do sth want sth. / to do sth expect sth. / to do sth want / wish /expect sb. to do sth. (但不能用


我请您立即回信。 an immediate answer of yours. I desire _____________________ 我们希望有个好结果。 ___________________________________ We desire to have a good result. 去请他进来。 _____________________________ Please desire him to come in.
他们要求你马上回来。 that you should come at once. They desire___________________________ 他有强烈的求知欲. a strong desire for knowledge / to learn He has_________________________________.

【即境活用1】 (2010·东北三校联考)We desire that immediate help________to the local villagers who have been trapped by the snow storm. A.be given B.will he given C.should give D.is given [ 解析 ]desire 后的从句用虚拟语气, should do,should 可省略。 [答案]A

2.satisfaction n. ( opp. dissatisfaction)
1)满足;满意;舒服(at; with) 2)令人满意的事物

我听了这个消息非常满意. with great/ much satisfaction I heard the news_________________________.
satisfy vt. satisfied adj. satisfying adj. 人满足;使满足


satisfactory adj. 令人满意的

express one’s satisfaction at/ with

find satisfaction in

with satisfaction


take one's satisfaction in one's daily life 随遇而安, 知足常乐

3. test out sth.试验;(彻底)检验;考验 =put sth. to the test【对新试做的物品或新产
生的理论进行“试用”或“检验考验”, 检验其试 用的程度或有效性, 以便加以改进。】

e.g. ① Their theory is going to be tested out.他们的理论将要被检验。 ②The new medicine hasn’t been fully tested out. 这种新药还没有经过充分检 验。

? test for 探测;对…进行测验 ? test on 在…身上做实验;在…做实验;对… 进行测试 ? test sb. for sth.为某事检查某人 ? put …to the test =test out 测验;检验; 考验 ? stand the test 经受住考验,经得起考验 ? try out 验证;试验;提炼;尝试

【易混辨析】test 和examine

? test 是以某种手段来试一试某人或某 物是否达到了一定的标准。 ? examine 是通过观察、调检或测试 来确定某人或某物的资格或性能。

? A spokeswoman says this kind of intelligent A and will be on sale for domestic robot is ____ use in six months . ? A. being tested out B. tested out ? C. testing out D. to be tested out ? 解析:考查被动语态。句意为:一位女发言人 说,目前这种智能机器人正处于试验阶段,6个 月后才可以上市出售为家用。 ? 答案:A

D the new product to see whether it is ? They _____ applicable (adj. 可适用的;可应用的 ). ? A. examined B. inspected ? C. investigated D. tested ? 解析:examine 检查,审查, 指对事物进行的仔细 检查,没有实验的意思;inspect指很内行的调查, 还可指视察;investigate指对某一问题进行调查; test检验,检验的目的在于找出问题并改正。 ? 答案:D


3. Claire didn’t want the robot in her house, especially as her husband would be absent for three weeks, but Larry persuaded her that the robot wouldn’t harm her or allow her to be harmed. 克莱尔并不想把机器人留在家里, 特别 是在她丈夫离家三周的这个期间。但 是克莱尔被拉里说服了。他说, 机器人 不会伤害她, 也不会让别人来伤害她。

[点拨] 该句是一个由but连接的并列句。 第一个分句包含一个as引导的原因状语 从句, 说明克莱尔不愿让机器人留在家 里的原因; but之后的句子的主干为 Larry persuaded her。 persuade后面是双宾语: her充当间接宾 语, that引导的宾语从句充当直接宾语。 还要注意在该宾语从句中的not ... or ... 的意思是“既不……也不……”。

1) especially adv. in particular 特别地 I love the country, especially in summer. 辨析: especially和specially ? especially adv. 强调尤其、特别地、 格外地 ? specially adv. 强调专门地、特意地 I bought a present specially for you. The ring is of especial importance to their marriage.

【辨析】especially/ particularly/ specially ●particularly adv.“尤其;格外地”,通常以不寻常 的方式突出某一事物的个性或独特之处。它可和especially 通用,但更强调“与众不同”。 例如:This handbook is particularly useful for middle school students.这种手册对中学生尤其有用。 ●especially adv.“格外地、主要地、尤其”,用于强 调某种特别感受。在介词或连词前常用。例如: The sight here is very beautiful, especially when there is fog.这儿的景色很美,尤其是有雾的时候。 ●specially adv.“为了某一特别的目的;专门”,例如: These shoes were specially made for you. 这鞋是专门为你做的。

I'm sorry you don't like the skirt ,____because he brought it ___for you. A. specially, specially B. especially, specially C. particularly, especially D. specially, especially
According to the recent survey, cancer is the leading cause of death among young adults, ________in this area, women. A.obviously B. especially C. specially D. probably

2) absent adj. ? 缺席的, 不在场的(+from) Three members of the class were absent this morning. 今天早晨该班有三人缺席。 He is absent on business. 他因事缺席。 He is absent from Hong Kong. 他不在香港。

? 缺少的, 不存在的 Snow is absent in his country. 他的国家不下雪。 ? 茫茫然的, 心不在焉的 He looked at me in an absent way. 他茫然地望着我。 He had an absent look on his face. 他脸上露出心不在焉的神色。

vt. 不在; 缺席 Why did you absent yourself from school yesterday? 昨天你为何不到校? absent的反义词是present出席的, 在场的 How many people were present at the meeting? 到会的有多少人?

3) persuade sb. to do sth.=persuade sb. into doing sth.说服某人做某事 persuade若用于过去式,是指劝说成功, 若劝说不成功,就不应用persuaded, 而应用tried to persuade或advised.
She tried to persuade/advised his husband to give up smoking, but failed. 她曾劝说她丈夫戒烟, 但失败了。

He was persuaded to give up smoking at last. 他最终被说服戒烟了。

4. alarm n. 警报,惊慌 The fire caused much alarm. 火灾引起很大的恐慌。 相关短语: give/raise/sound the alarm …发警报 take (the) alarm at… 对….感到吃惊 a fire alarm 火警 a false alarm 虚惊一场

vt. 使警觉, 使惊慌
I don’t want to alarm you, but there is a strange man in your garden.我不想吓唬你, 不过你花园里 有个陌生人。

●be alarmed at … 被…吓了一跳 I was alarmed at his entering the home.

●be alarmed for… 对…放心不下 I was alarmed for her safety.我担心她的安全。

●be alarmed to do …做…感到恐慌

5. He was tall and handsome with smooth hair and a deep voice. 他的头发又黑又滑,声音低沉浑厚。
●smooth adj.平坦的,平滑的,顺利的 vt. 使……光滑、平坦或顺利 ●have

a smooth temper 性格温和

●run smooth 进展顺利

The course of true love never did run smooth. 好事多磨。

smooth away / over difficulties / problems...

smooth the way for ... 为……铺平道路/排除障碍 6. She felt embarrassed and quickly told him to go.她感到有点儿不好意思,赶紧叫他离开。 embarrass vt. 使困窘, 使局促不安 embarrassed adj. 尴尬的, 害羞的 embarrassing adj. 令人尴尬/难堪的


sb. with sth. / by doing sth.


Be careful not to embarrass others by asking embarrassing questions.
注意不要问令人尴尬的问题, 那样会使人难堪。

Little James seemed embarrassed in the presence of the guests. 小詹姆斯在客人面前显得局促不安。

7. Claire thought it was ridiculous to be offered sympathy by a robot. 1) to be offered是不定式的被动式, 在 宾语从句中作真正的主语, it是形式主 语。不定式的被动式可在句中作多种 成分, 是高考的热点之一。

[考例1] The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to struggle ___. (浙江2007) A. to be heard B. to have heard C. hearing D. being heard [点拨] struggle to do sth. 努力做某事, 又因I 与hear之间构成逻辑上的被动关 系,所以用不定式的被动式,故选A。

[考例2] It took a long time for the connection between body temperature and illness _____. (江西2006) A. to make B. to be made C. making D. being made [点拨] 根据“It takes / took (sb.) + 一段 时间+ to do sth.” 可排除C、D, 再根据 make与connection构成动宾关系, 所以 用不定式的被动式, 故选B。

[考例3] Energy drinks are not allowed _____ in Australia but are brought in from New Zealand. (上海2006) A. to make B. to be made C. to have been made D. to be making [点拨] allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某 事, 又因make与energy drinks构成动宾 关系, 用不定式的被动式; 再根据句意说 的是一般情况, 无完成含义, 故选B。

2) sympathy n.同情心,同感 sympathetic adj. 同情的 express feel/have /sympathy for…对……表示慰问/同情 a letter of sympathy 慰问信
(be) in sympathy with… 赞同……
have sympathy with / for 赞同;支持 win sympathy of 博得…的同情= get sympathy from … out of sympathy 出于同情

I felt much sympathy for the blind. 我同情盲人。

? 5.—My parents died when I was very small, and I started to make a living by selling newspapers at the age of ten. ? —I really have much________for you. ? A.belief B.pride ? C.sympathy D.strength ? 解析: sympathy 同情,同情心; have sympathy for对??同情。句意为:“我很 小的时候,父母就去世了,我十岁时就开 始以卖报为生。”“我真的很同情你”。 ? 答案: C

? 6.(2011· 银川模拟)The story of the homeless orphan has________ sympathy from the public. ? A.aroused B.attracted ? C.defended D.adopted ? 解析: 句意为:这个无家可归的孤儿引 起了公众的同情。arouse引起、激发情感; attract 吸引 ( 注意力 ) ; defend 保护;护卫; adopt收养;采纳。 ? 答案: A

8. elegant 优雅的,高雅的 an elegant vase 别致的花瓶 an elegant gentleman 举止文雅的绅士

? 9. As a favour Tony (课文,P11)…作为帮忙,托尼…. ? ★favour =favor vt. 赞成;喜欢;像;赐予;证实 n. 喜 爱;欢心;好感;恩惠 ? ●do sb. a favour = do a favor for /to sb. 帮某人一个忙 ? ●ask sb. a favor of sb. 请某人帮个忙 ? ●owe sb. a favor 欠某人一个人情 ? ●in one’s favor 对某人有利/有帮助 ? ●in favor of 支持;赞成 ? 例句:①Could you do me a favor and pick up Sam from school today ?今天你能帮我个忙去学校接萨姆吗? ? ②I owe him a favor so I couldn’t say no to him.我欠他 一个人情,所以我不能拒绝他。 ? ③We are all in favor of your ways of solving the problem. 我们都赞成你解决这个问题的方法。 ? ④A mother mustn’t favor one of her children more than the others.母亲不应该偏爱某一个孩子。

? ①Most of them were in favor of my opinion while David was against it.他们大部分人赞成 我的观点,而戴维反对。 ? ② I asked a favour of him once , but he refused. ? 我求过他一次,但他拒绝了。 ? ③Will you do me a favour and take this to the post office for me? ? 你可以帮我把这个拿到邮局吗?

【即境活用6】 (2010·湖北黄州区一中月考)You are really very kind.I'll never forget the________you have done to me. A.favor B.deed C.help D.good [解析]do a favor to sb. 帮某人个忙。 [答案]A

? 10. pile n.堆 vt. 把…堆起来;积聚 vi.堆起;堆 积 ? ●a pile of=piles of 一大堆,一大团,大量 ? ●make one’s pile 发财;挣够钱 ? ●pile into / out of …争相进入/ 离开 ? ●pile in / out 一窝蜂地进入/ 离开 ? ●pile up 堆积;积聚 ? ● pile on 使迅速增加;把…堆上 ? ①I have a pile of work to do this evening.今晚我 有一大堆工作要做。 ? ②We have had piles of letters from viewers.我们 收到很多观众的来信。 ? ③Pile the books into a stack. 把这些书堆成一摞。

? 11. or rather 更确切地说(常作插入语,修正前面 所说的话) ? 【同近义词】to be exactly = exactly speaking =properly speaking 确切地说 ? 例句:What I want is the truth, or rather a series of truth. 我需要的是事实, 准确地说是一系列事 实。

12. absurd 荒谬的, 可笑的 an absurd opinion 谬论 Don’t be absurd!别胡闹! 13. As he was not allowed to accompany her to the shops…. 因为克莱尔不让托尼陪她去商店。 accompany vt. 陪伴,陪同,同时存在 或发生,为……伴奏

accompany sb. to a place

accompany sth. with / by sth. 与某事物同进存在或发生 keep sb company 陪伴某人,和某人做伴 in the company of sb. 在某人陪同下

? ★accompany vt. 陪伴,陪同,同时存在或发生, 为……伴奏 ? ●accompany sb. to some place 陪伴某人去 ? ●accompany sth. with / by sth. 与某事物同进存 在或发生 ? ●accompany sb. at/ on sth. 给某人伴奏 ? ★company n. 公司;陪伴【U】(作陪伴是不可 数名词) ? ●in the company of sb. 在…陪伴/ 同下 ? ●keep sb. company =keep company with sb.陪伴 某人 ? ●for company 做伴;作伴 ? ★companion n. 同伴,伙伴【C】

accompany sb.to...陪某人到???to为介词? ? ? (1)?be accompanied by由??伴奏/伴随 ? ?accompany sb.at/on sth.?尤指用钢琴?为??伴奏
?company n.陪伴;交往;公司;商号 (2)? ?keep sb.company陪伴某人

(3)companion n.同伴,伙伴

He accompanied the frightened girl to her
house and kept her company until she calmed down.他陪那个受惊的女孩

Thunders accompanied by heavy rain in this season are very common.

14. ring sb. up=call sb. up=give sb. a call/ring=call sb. on the telephone=phone sb =make a (telephone) call (to sb.);打电话给某人 ●ring off the telephone挂断电话=hang up ●call back=ring back 回电话
●answer the telephone 接电话
●hold on 别挂电话

15. As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern. 当她转过身去时, 格拉雷斯· 克拉芬 站在那里。 turn around同turn round 转过身 1) 与turn有关的短语:

turn back 折回, 翻回

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

【归纳】turn back 折回, 翻回 turn in 上交 turn down 拒绝, 调小/低 turn out 结果是; 生产 turn on 开(灯等) turn off 关(灯等) turn up 出现;到达 turn about转身;转向;调向 turn against背叛;反抗,使对抗 turn away 把(脸)转过去;抛弃 turn over翻转;移交


---What are you reading, Tom?

C____ ---I’m not really reading, just
the pages.
A. turning off B. turning around

C. turning over D. turning up

解析: C 本题考查动词短评辨析。turn over意 为“翻动”,“把……反过来”;

turn over the pages即“翻动书页”,

2) there stood... 此句为存在结构, 常用 于这种结构的动词有stand, seem to be, happen to be, be likely to be, live, come, enter, lie等。 There happened to be nobody in the room.

16. By the amused and surprised look on her face, Claire knew that Gladys thought she was having an affair. After all, she knew Claire’s husband’s name was Larry, not Tony. 从她脸上惊奇的表情判断, 克莱尔知 道拉迪斯认为她有外遇, 毕竟她知道 她丈夫的名字是拉里, 而不是托尼。

1) by prep. 此处相当于according to根据,
按照 By my watch it is two o’clock. by的用法: ? “到......时为止”, 其后若跟过去时间, 时态多用过去完成时; 若跟将来时间, 时态多用将来完成时。

By the age of 15, he had taught himself advanced maths. 到15岁时, 他就自学完了高等数学。 ? 表示时间时, 还有“在……期间, 不迟 于”的意思。 I have no idea why he often sleeps by day. 我不知道他为什么常在白天睡觉。

By tomorrow he will be here. 他明天就到这儿。 ? by 作为介词和副词, 意思还有“在附 近, 在旁边, 经, 由, 依据, 通过, 用, 以……方式”等。 There is a mall table by the bed. 在床边有一张小桌子。 Please let me by. 请让我进去。

2) affair 暖昧关系, 事情, 私通 Don’t mind one’s own affaires/business. 别管闲事! have an affair with sb. 跟某人有不正当的男女关系 She was having an affair with someone who has a wife (有妇之夫). It’s not my affair. 这不关我的事。

current affairs时事 state affairs国事 family affairs家事 foreign affairs外交事务 public affairs公共事务 private affairs私事 affair 含义最广,可以指公共或政治的事务,也可 以指个人的事务。 accident指意外事故。 incident指“小事件”或“政党事件”和“政治事 变”。 thing 一般用词,指各种事 (大事小事,好事坏事) event指“重大影响的事件”或体育比赛的赛事。 matter指“事情;问题”, 常常需要考虑和处理的事


3). after all 毕竟, 别忘了 You should be proud of him, after all, he

is just a child.

17.When Claire got home, she wept with anger.【P11.Line 18-19】 当克莱尔到家 事,她生气地哭起来。
●with=because of 因为,由于

Her fingers were numb with cold. 她手 指冻麻木了。

【P11Line 21-23】 Tony told her and suggested that she invite Gladys and her friends to the house the night before he was to leave and Larry was to return. [点拨] 该句是一个由and(第一个and)连接 的并列句。第二个分句包含一个that引导 的宾语从句, the night before ... 在句中作 时间状语。还要注意的是suggest意为 “建议”, 后接宾语从句时,从句的谓语 动词用虚拟语气, 即“(should +)动词原 形”。

[考点] was to leave和was to return是过去将 来时,表示按计划或安排将要发生的事。 [考例] In a room above the store, where a party ______, some workers were busily setting the table. (湖南2006) A. was to be held B. has been held C. will be held D. is being held [解析] 根据“some workers were busily setting the table”可知聚会尚未举行, 要用 将来时, 又因整个句子用了过去时, 故选A。

18. She fell off a ladder and even though Tony was in the next room, he managed to catch her in time.
● fall off: (decrease in quantity or quality)

(数量或质量)下降;跌落;减少;衰退 Attendance at my lectures has fallen off


? ①When you are learning to ride a bicycle, you often fall off.在你学骑自行车时,你常 常会从车上摔下来。 ? ②The quality of these goods has fallen off since last year.去年以来,这些货物的质量 开始下降。

关于fall的短语: fall in love with sb. 爱上某人 fall apart fall back on sb. /sth. 有困难求助某人 破裂, 破碎

fall behind sb. /sth. 落后于某人
fall behind with 拖欠

19. She cried out “Tony” and then heard him declare that he didn’t want to leave her the next day and that he felt more than just the desire to please her. 她大叫一声“托尼”, 然后听到托尼一 本 正经地说, 第二天他不想离开她, 而且他并 不满足于仅仅使她开心。 [点拨] 该句的主句包含两个并列的谓语, 即cried和heard。declare后接两个that引

? ●declare vt. 宣布;声明;表明;说明;宣称 ? 1)declare +n. 宣告 ? ●They will declare the results of the election soon.他们将很快宣布选举的结果. ? 2)declare+n.+(to be) n./ adj. 宣布…为… ? ●The judge declared him (to be) the winner of the competition.裁判宣布他为比赛的冠军. ? ●I declared this conference (to be) open.我宣布 这次会议开始.

我宣布这次会议开始. __________________________________ I declared this conference (to be) open. 3)declare +(that)从句 宣称;声称 她宣称她是对的. She declared (that) she was right. _______________________________ declare war on/ upon对…宣战 declare against 声明反对 declare for (in favour of) 声明赞成

【More examples】 ①The accused man declared himself (to be) innocent. 被告声称他是无罪的。 ②She declared that she didn’t want to see him again. 她宣称再也不愿见他了。 ③I declared at the meeting that I did not support him. 我在会上声明我不支持他。

4) 申报(纳税品等) I have nothing to declare. 我没什么要申报的。

(1)announce指正式地“公开;发表;宣布”,侧 重“预告”人们所关心或感兴趣的事情,尤指 新闻之类的消息。 ? It was announced that there would be a celebration on Sunday. ? 据宣布,星期日要举行庆祝(活动)。 ? (2)declare指正式地、明确地向公众“宣布;宣 告;声明”,侧重“当众”发表,多用于宣战、 议和、宣判等。 ? We have time and time again declared that we will never be the first to use nuclear weapons. ? 我们一再声称我们决不首先使用核武器。

? 7.(福建高考)The moment the 28th Olympic Games________ open,the whole world cheered. ? A.declared B.have been declared ? C.have declared D.were declared ? 解析:考查时态和语态。the moment引导的时间 状语从句中,主语the 28th Olympic Games与谓 语是被动关系,所以首先可排除A、C两项。而B 项是现在完成时,不符合题干的时态要求。 ? 答案: D

? 8 . ( 山东 高考 )The fac t that s he nev e r apologized________a lot about what kind of person she is. ? A.says B.talks ? C.appears D.declares ? 解析: 句意为:她从来没有道过歉这个事 实很大程度上说明了她的为人。 ? 答案: A

? ●1)more than + n. 不仅仅是,不止 ? China Daily is more than a newspaper. It helps ? us to learn English. ? What he wants is more than money. ? ? 2)more than+数词 多于,大于, 超过 ? I have known him for more than twenty years. ? More than ten policemen turned up at the spot ? where the accident happened. ? 3)more than + adj. / adv. / v. 很 / 非常=very ? They were more than happy to see us come back.

Modern science is more than a large amount

of information. 现代科学不仅仅是大量的信息。 My trip to Beijing is more than sightseeing. 我去北京不仅仅是观光。

Kate was more than a teacher. She also did what she could to take care of her pupils. 凯特不仅仅是位教师,她 还尽其所能照顾她的学生。

Think and compare.

They were more than happy to see us come back from the expedition. 看到我们远征而归, 他们异常高兴。 I am more than happy to accept your invitation. 我很高兴接受你的邀请。

4)more + adj / adv / n / v + than 与其说…, 不如说… He is more scared than ill. 与其说他是病了,倒不如说他是受了惊吓。 5)more than+含有情态动词的句子 是……难以……,超过了……所能 The beauty of the village is more than I can describe. 我难以描述那个山村的美丽。 This problem is more than a child can settle. 这一问题超出了小孩的解决能力

6) no more than意思是“仅仅, 不过, 只 是”。 All his education added up to no more than one year. 他接受的所有的学校教育只有一年。 Their new flat has no more than 60 square meters. 他们的新居只有60平方米。

7) not more than至多, 不超过 Lying on the ground was a schoolboy of not more than seventeen. 躺在地上 的那个男学生最多十七岁。

8). more than与动词连用, 对动词起着加强
语气的作用。 Repeated advertising will more than increase product sales. 多次做广告意味着增加产品的销售。

20. impress :
impress sb with sth impress sth on / upon sb make an impression on sb 这位姑娘既活泼又有幽默感,给这位男孩留下了深刻 的印象. The girl impressed the boy with her liveliness and sense of humor . 他的话铭记在我心里 . His words was impressed on me . 他给我留下了深刻的印象. He made a strong impression on me .

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

21. envy vt. & n. 忌妒;羡慕 ●envy sb. (sth.) 忌妒/羡慕某人某事 ● envy sb. doing sth. 羡慕某人做某事 feel envy at…对……忌妒 ●out of envy出于忌妒 become the envy of…成为……忌妒(或羡慕)的目标 be green with envy 非常妒忌 be in envy of one’s success 羡慕某人的成功 envious adj. 羡慕的,忌妒的 【近义词】: jealous adj. 忌妒的 ? ①How I envy you! 我真羡慕您! ? ②They envied us our success.他们羡慕我们的成 功.

【即境活用5】 (2010·山东烟台模拟)The Smiths bought a new car,which was the________ of their neighbours. A.envy B.admire C.respect D.pride [ 解析 ]envy 羡慕,符合句意。 admire 羡慕; respect尊重;pride骄傲。 [答案]A

? 22.leave…alone 不要去管;不打扰;不理会; 让…独自待着【=let… alone】 ? ①Leave my book / my things alone.不要动我的 书/ 东西。 ? Leave me alone.别管我。 ? ●leave behind 留下;忘带;遗留 ●leave out 省去;排除;遗漏 ? ●leave off 停止 ●leave about 乱丢,乱放 ● leave …for…离开…前往…. ? ●let alone 连用译为“更不用说”

? 23.【考点归纳】But even though…rebuilt—you cannot have women falling in love with machines. 【课本 P12,Line 11.】总不能让女人和机器人相爱吧。 ? ★cannot have / wouldn’t/ won’t have sb. doing sth.不 容许某人做某事 ? ◆have sb. doing 意为“让某人做某事”,宾语后面用 v.ing 形式作宾语补足语,表示宾语与v-ing 形式表示的 动作为主谓关系,其动作正在进行。 ? ①I won't have you talking to your mother like that. ? 我不允许你这样和你妈妈说话。 ? ②You'd better have your car running slowly.你最好把 车子开慢点。 ? 【思维拓展】have sb. do 让某人做某事(do 表示动作由 sb. 发出)

? Whom would you rather ___with your C sister? A. have gone B. have to go C. have go D. have going ? Who did the teacher have ____ C an article for the paper just now ? A. written B. writing C. write D. to write

? As you ‘ve never been there before , I ‘ll have someone ___you the way . B A. to show B. show C. showing D. showed

【即境活用14】 The director had her assistant________some bread and drinks for the outing. A.picked up B.picks up C.pick up D.picking up [解析]have sb. do sth. 让某人做某事。 [答案]C

? 15.(2010· 山东卷)I have a lot of readings________before the end of this term. ? A.completing B.to complete ? C.completed D.being completed ? 解析: 句意为:本学期结束前我有许多 阅读要完成。考查非谓语动词作定语。have sth.to do有某事要做,to do的逻辑主语需和 主句主语一致;当不定式的逻辑主语与主 句主语不一致时,可用have sth.to be done结 构。 ? 答案: B

? 16.—Manager,do you have something________at this moment? ? —No,thanks.I’ll call you if any. ? A.to be typed B.to type ? C.typing D.typed ? 解析: 句意为:“经理,现在你有什么 材料要打印出来吗? ”“ 不,谢谢。如果 有的话我会给你打电话的。 ” 根据题意, 答案只能在 A 、 B 之间选择, A 项表示动作 由别人执行, B 项表示动作由句子的主语 you执行,故答案为A。 ? 答案: A

? 17.(2011· 湖南三十校联考)I can’t see my old grandparents ________ alone in the country,so I’ll have them ________with me in the city at present. ? A.leave;stay B.left;stay ? C.leaving;to stay D.left;to stay ? 解析: 考查非谓语动词。第一空为过去 分词作补语;第二空构成have sb.do sth.结 构,表让某人做某事,该处have是使役动词。 ? 答案: B

? 18.(安徽高考)—Did Peter fix the computer himself? ? —He________,because he doesn’t know much about computers. ? A.has it fixed B.had fixed it ? C.had it fixed D.fixed it ? 解析: have sth.done 表示 “ 让别人做某 事 ” ,本题表示过去,需用一般过去时态。 ? 答案: C

? 24. set aside将……放在一边;为……节省或保留(钱或 时间) ? ①You’d better set aside some money in case of future use.你最好留出些钱来以备将来之用。 ? ②For the benefit of our health,we should set aside some time for exercise every day.为了身体健康,我们 应该每天留出时间锻炼. ? set about doing sth.着手做 set down 写下;记下 ? set off 出发;动身;使…爆炸 set out (to do sth.) 出发; 陈述开始做某事 ? set up 成立;建立 set apart (for) 留出(专用) set back 推迟;延缓 ? set foot in / on 登上;涉足;访问

? ③For all three years I have been working for others,I’m hoping I’ll set up my own business someday.三年以来一直为他人工作, 我希望有一天我能建立自己的事业。 ? ④I don’t want to set down a series of facts in a diary as most people do.我不愿像大多数人 那样在日记中记流水账。 ? ⑤I think we ought to set off at 7∶00,while the roads are empty.我认为我们应该7点出发; 趁那时道路畅通无阻。

? 11.(山东高考)Einstein liked Bose’s paper so much that he________ his own work and translated it into German. ? A.gave off B.turned down ? C.took over D.set aside ? 解析: 本题考查动词短语在具体语境中 的含义。give off发出;放出(光、热、气体 等);turn down拒绝;调低(声音);take over 接管,接任; set aside 臵 ?? 于一边;留 作 ?? 用;对某事臵之不理。由句意 “ 爱 因斯坦如此喜欢 Bose 的文章以至于把自己 的工作搁臵一边而把那篇文章译成了德文 ” 可知,应选D。

? 12 . People________hobbies which offer enjoyment,knowledge and relaxation. ? A.bring up B.set up ? C.pick up D.take up ? 解析: 考查动词词组辨析。 take up 开始 从事。而bring up养育,提出,呕吐;set up 建立,创立,竖立; pick up 拾起,学会, 好转,皆不合乎语境。 ? 答案: D

? 25.【课本P14. Ex2.第2小题】 Since Claire had become attached to Tony, the robot needed to be rebuilt.因为克莱尔爱上了托尼,这台机器人需 要改装。 ? be / become attach to 依恋…;爱慕…;附属 于… ? ①I have never seen two people so attached to each other. 我从来未见过两个人如此形影不离。 ? ②This middle school is attached to the university. 这所中学附属于大学

? 26. in all 总共 ? 例句:There are 45 students in all in our class. 我们班总共有45名学生。


1. Nearly all the students in our class have
got full marks in the maths test. Our

maths teacher smiled with s __________. satisfaction
2. I was absent a______ from the meeting this

morning because of the terrible

3. Don’t forget to smooth s______ down the board before you paint it. 4. The old lady was accompanied a___________ by her daughter to go to the hospital to have her eyes examined. 5. An a_____ awful traffic accident happened yesterday afternoon, which killed seventeen people, including three children.

desire better working 6. Many people d_____
conditions and more education for their children.

7.The little girl doesn’t like making
speeches in public; she thinks it

e__________ embarrasses her.

8. I feel much sympathy ________ (同情) for those
homeless people on the street. 9. Our hotel offers some _______ elegant (高雅 的) rooms equipped with from air conditioners to TVs with free movies. 10. I don’t understand why the boy painted his fingernails _________ (手指甲) bright red.

11. Of course it is not true. What an a_____ idea! absurd

12. When he entered the church he
found many people kneeling on

the cushions _______ (垫子) to pray.

13. The Prime Minister spends most

time dealing with affairs a_____ of state.
14. Our school football team has had

three v_______ victories this month
against other schools.

15. I have always ______ envied (羡慕) your
good luck.


1. We had a _________ satisfying meal together last Sunday. All the guests are very _________. satisfied (satisfy)
sympathy for the homeless 2. Out of __________ children he gave them shelter for the sympathetic night. People say he was ____________. (sympathy)

3. She has always been ______ absent from work recently. Her boss is very

absence and wants to angry with her _______
dismiss her. (absence)

4. Making speeches in public always
____________ the actress. She feels embarrasses

___________ embarrassed when the reporters ask her personal questions. (embarrass)

5. I was sleeping soundly in the morning when a telephone _________ alarmed me awake. I was even alarmed ________ to hear the alarming news that another bombing had hit London. (alarm)

6. The escalator(自动扶梯) didn’t operate ________. What can I smooth do to smoothly ________ away the problem? (smooth)


1. 我们还不准备投入生产, 因为机器还
没有完全检验完。(test out)

We are not ready to go into
production yet, because the machines

have not been fully tested out.

2. 请稍等一会, 我立刻给经理打电话看看 他是否在办公室。(ring up) Please wait a moment. I will ring up the manager immediately to see if he is in the office.

3. 李平听到身后有响声, 便转过身来, 但什么也没发现。(turn around) Li Ping turned around when he

heard a noise behind him but found

4. 一宣布运动会开幕, 全校师生欢呼雀跃。
(declare) The moment the sports meet was declared open, the whole school cheered.

5. 为什么你只管你自己的事而不管我啊?

(leave ... alone)
Why do you just mind your own business and leave me alone? 6. 等公共汽车的时候, 我习惯浏览一下报 纸。(scan) I am used to scanning the newspaper

when I am waiting for the bus.

7. 这些天, 装满垃圾的塑料袋在街上逐

渐堆了起来。(pile up)
Plastic bags full of rubbish have been piled up in the street gradually these days.

8. 为了让别人听见, 海伦不得不大声喊 以使自己的声音超过音乐声。 (make oneself +宾补) To make herself heard, Helen had to shout so that her sound was above

the sound of the music.

9. 我向他提议我们用另一种方式处理这 个问题。(suggest)

I suggested to him that we (should)
deal with the problem in another way.


1. Jack is angry at present and we’d better not disturb him. Jack is angry at present and we’d better _____ leave him ______. alone

2. Don’t be nervous. It will not do

harm to anyone at all.
Take it easy and it will _____ harm no one

at all.

3. I intended to call you yesterday but

my cell phone was out of order.
ring you _____ up I intended to _____

yesterday, but my cell phone was out
of order.

4. The local government has taken some
steps to prevent the forest from being destroyed. Some steps have been taken to _______ protect the forest _____ from being destroyed by the local government.

5. It’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life. It’s the most ______ thing I have absurd

ever heard in my life.

V.用下列短语的正确形式填空 leave...alone turn around search for leave off carry out fall behind set aside turn out ring off fall in love with 1) You shouldn’t haveleft _____ Andyalone ______ in the mountains; it was very dangerous.

leave...alone turn around search for leave off carry out fall behind set aside turn out ring off fall in love with

2) The managers discussed the plan that carried out they would like to see it be _____________ next year. 3) He said what he had to say, and then, rang off before I could reply, he __________.

leave...alone turn around search for leave off carry out fall behind set aside turn out ring off fall in love with

4) Peter ______________ fell in love with Scarlet at first sight when they met in a party. fall behind 5) The illness caused him to ___________ the rest of the class. 6) The tenth of September is specially set aside as Teachers Day __________

leave...alone turn around search for leave off carry out fall behind set aside turn out ring off fall in love with

7) It’s twelve o’clock now, time for us to leave off _________ work and have lunch. 8) I was afraid that things weren’t going turn out smooth for you. to _________

leave...alone turn around search for leave off carry out fall behind set aside turn out ring off fall in love with

searching for the 9) The police were ________________ prisoner escaping from prison last night. 10) As he walked towards the hotel, he around and found an suddenly turned ____________ old lady following him.


? 1. Memorize all the language points by heart. ?2. Finish exercises of Discovering useful words and expressions. ?3. Do more exercises.
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