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2014年《导与练》北师大版选修6英语同步教学课时作业:Unit 17 Laughter Seciton1(含答案)

Unit 17


Section Ⅰ Warm- & Lesson 1 up Ⅰ.品句填词 1.The public are particularly interested in amusing________(轶事) of celebrities(名人). 2.A ________(政治家)should be a servant of the people. 3.It is ________(难以置信的)that the little child can speak eight foreign languages. 4.My grandfather’ getting so ________(健忘的)—sometimes, can’ even remember his s he t own name. 5.After four years of college,the students have a much more ________(成熟的) attitude towards life. 6.One of the other passengers who were ________(排队)to get on the train suddenly had a heart attack. 7.The ________ (身份)of the aircrash victims hasn’t been clarified. 8.He only cleans up his room when it gets really ________(混乱的). Ⅱ.完成句子 1.所有的学生听了这个笑话后都大笑起来了。 All the students ________ ________ ________ at the joke. 2.咖啡馆人手不够,所以我们不得不排队等候。 The cafeteria is short?handed so we’ll have to ________ ________ ________ . 3.不要朝我那样叫嚷! Don’t ________ ________ me like that! 4.如果你继续开我的玩笑,我就揍你一顿。 If you go on making fun of me,I’ll give you a ________ ________ . Ⅲ.句型转换 1.All human beings are now living harmoniously. All human beings are now living ________ ________ . 2.She didn’t notice the spelling mistakes in her composition. She ________ the spelling mistakes in her composition. 3.What did you do with your prize money? How did you ________ ________ your prize money? 4.I study hard,so I may not fail in the examinations. I study hard ________ ________ I may not fail in the examinations. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.Both________ and ________ laughter do harm to your health. A.burst out crying;burst into B.to burst out tears;to burst into C.bursting into tears;bursting into D.bursting into crying;bursting out 2.Eventually the local government rebuilt the bridge ________ the appeal and even pressure of the public. A.in response to B.in favor of C.in place of D.in terms of

3.When Zhao Benshan played his comedy Selling Walking Stick,we all ________. A.fall about laughing B.fell into laughter C.fell about laughing D.fell about laughter 4.The building will be pulled down because it is not ________its surroundings. A.in honor of B.according to C.in harmony with D.in need of 5.You can never imagine what great trouble I have ________ your house. A.found B.finding C.to find D.for finding 6.________your living expenses,it can’t be a better idea for you to get a job. A.Of B.At C.For D.With 7.Actually,taking too many vitamins will do you no good.Instead,they may put your health________. A.in control B.at risk C.in charge D.on hand 8.(提升题)A young German fashion designer is revolutionizing high fashion by designing clothes ________ something she can find in her fridge—milk. A.with B.for C.above D.under 9.High?heeled shoes should be banned from the workplace ________ health and safety reasons,according to the trade union leaders. A.other than B.instead of C.due to D.apart from 10.(2012· 吉林实验中学模拟)We have to ________ the wheat as soon as possible because a storm is on the way. A.get hold of B.get across C.get through D.get in Ⅴ.阅读理解 Happy feet dance back THE penguins from the movie Happy Feet (《快乐的大脚》)are tap dancing(踢踏舞)back to the screen for Happy Feet Two,which opens in the US on November 18. Mumble,the dance master of the first film,has a problem.His son,Erik,is afraid of dancing.Erik runs away to escape all the dancing.He meets The Mighty Sven—a penguin who can fly.Sven soon becomes Erik’s new idol(偶像)and Mumble has no hope of competing with him. But losing the role model battle turns out to be the least of Mumble’s worries.Suddenly the community is faced with an ecological(生态的) disaster.However,this proves to be Mumble’s chance to shine.Erik learns of his father’s “guts and grit(勇气)”as Mumble brings together all of penguin?dom,along with hundreds of other creatures,from the tiny krill(磷虾) to the giant elephant seals,to put things right. Dancing penguins are just part of the movie’s theme.It also focuses on ecological problems.Two Hollywood stars,Matt Damon and Brad Pitt,play what are probably the smallest

parts in their careers.They lend their voices to a pair of krill,small shrimp?like(像虾一样 的)creatures at the bottom of the Antarctic(南极的) food chain(食物链). Penguins,seals and whales depend on krill to survive.Reuters reports that krill fishing has gone beyond sustainable(可持续的)levels.Animals such as penguins and seals are now competing for survival against industrial fishing ships.These two stars could help draw attention to the tiny animals’ cause. Happy Feet Two is directed by George Miller,who won an Oscar for the first Happy Feet.According to the Wall Street Journal,environmental concerns were not a large part of the original(原来的)story.However,Miller“[felt] compelled (被迫的) to emphasize(强调) the green theme” as his native Australia has been so strongly affected by global warming and overfishing. 1.What is the problem with Erik according to the article? A.He is no longer the dance master of the community. B.He doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps as a dancer. C.He shows no respect to his father. D.He wants to fly like a mighty penguin. 2.The appearance of Matt Damon and Brad Pitt in the movie is expected to ________. A.draw attention to the overfishing of krill B.stop people from polluting the ocean C.encourage sustainable fishing in Australia D.make the movie a huge box office hit 3.Which of the following statements is TRUE? A.Mumble shows other animals in the Antarctic that it is important for them to live together in peace. B.The movie shows the beauty of the Antarctic and importance of protecting it. C.The Mighty Sven leads all the penguins away from ecological disaster. D.Krill are dying out because there are too many penguins and seals eating them. 4.What is the theme of the movie Happy Feet Two? A.Humans’ terrible desires that are impossible to satisfy. B.Concerns about ecology and sustainable development. C.The magnificent landscapes and species in Antarctica. D.How love can bring parents and children closer together. Ⅵ.任务型读写 Throughout history,body decoration has been popular although its expression has varied from culture to culture.People decorate their bodies—comb, and style their hair; dye pierce (刺穿) their ears or other body parts;paint their faces;and even tattoo (纹身) parts of their bodies.In this story,a Japanese girl explains why people like body art. The first time I got my ears pierced was when I was 18 years old.I didn’t have any special reason to do that;then I wanted to get them pierced again and again.This feeling came up repeatedly.I thought of three reasons why some people tend to have body art. One reason why people have body art is that they want to have something that is their own thing and different from what others have.Usually tattoos have some meaning and express their identity and character.As I had my ears pierced more and more,I felt like that I could distinguish myself more from other people.Also,some people have body art done for a memory like a birthday or graduation from school.

When you have holes pierced or tattoos done,it is unavoidable to feel pain.I think another reason why people have body art is to show their fearlessness.As you have more holes pierced and tattoos done,you have to endure much more pain. The last reason is that it may be today’ trend.Many have them for fashion, so do I. s and And this trend is heading to extremes such as burning or cutting. Some people say a natural born body is the most beautiful.It depends on each person to decide whether body art is beautiful or not.Like the view of art varies from person to person,the view of body art varies from person to person. It has been 1.________ that people have some parts of their body 2. Introduction ________. ●She got her ears pierced when she was 18 years old,not knowing why she did that. ●She wanted to get her ears pierced 3.________. ●People with body art want to 5.________ themselves from others. They have different tattoos on their bodies to show their identity and 6. ________. ●Some people have body art done for a 7. ________. ●People have body art to show that they are not 8.________. ●People have body art because they think it is 9.________. People’s views of body art are 10.________ from each other.

A Japanese girl’s experience

Possible 4.________

People’s opinions 课时作业5

Unit 17 Laughter Section Ⅰ Warm- & Lesson 1 up Ⅰ.品句填词 1. anecdotes identification 8.messy Ⅱ.完成句子 1.burst out laughing 2.wait in line 3.yell at 4.black eye Ⅲ.句型转换 1.in harmony 2.overlooked 3.deal with 4.so that Ⅳ.单项填空 1.【解析】选 C。burst out 后接动名词,burst into 后接名词。作主语,burst 应都用动名 词形式。 2.【解析】选 A。句意为:“为了响应公众的呼吁,甚至是压力,当地政府最后重修了 这座桥。 ”in response to 意思是“响应,反应”;in favor of 意思是“支持”;in place of 意 思是“代替”;in terms of 意思是“按照,依据”。 3.【解析】选 C。句意为:“当我们观看赵本山的小品《卖拐》时,笑得前仰后合,无 2. politician 3. unbelievable 4. forgetful 5. mature 6. queuing 7.

法自制。 项时态错误。 ”A 4.【解析】选 C。句意为:“这座建筑将被推倒,因为它和周围的环境不协调。 ”A 项 意思是“为了纪念”; 项表示“根据”; 项表示“和??协调一致”; 项意为“需要”。 B C D 5.【解析】选 B。题中 trouble 为先行词,后接定语从句(that) I have...,构成固定句型: have trouble(in)doing sth.。因为 in 可以省略,所以选 B 项。 6.【解析】选 C。考查介词辨析。这里用介词 for 表示目的:为了维持你的日常开支, 找份工作是个绝妙的主意。 7.【解析】选 B。考查介词短语。语意表示“摄入过多的维生素对身体没有好处,反而 会使自己的健康受到威胁” risk 表示“处境危险,受到威胁”。 。at 8.【解析】选 A。考查介词辨析。这里用介词 with 表示“使用,借”:用她在冰箱里能 找到的东西——牛奶来设计衣服??。 9.【解析】选 C。考查介词短语。语意:工会的领导们认为,基于健康和安全方面的原 因,工作场所应该禁止穿高跟鞋。due to 表示“因为”。 10.【解析】选 D。get in 收获,收割(庄稼);get hold of 抓住;get across 使??被理解, 把??讲清楚;get through 到达,通过,打通。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 【语篇解读】 本文介绍了《快乐的大脚 2》即将上映,超“萌”企鹅再度来袭。同时 提醒人们关注经济和持续发展,注意全球变暖。 1. 解析】 B。 【 选 细解理解题。 由文中第二段“His son, Erik, afraid of dancing....escape is all the dancing”可知 B 项正确。 2.【解析】选 A。细解理解题。由文中四、五段可知电影 Matt Damon 和 Brad Pitt 的角 色提醒人们要关注对磷虾(krill)过渡捕捞。 3.【解析】选 B。细解理解题。由文中四、五段可知,B 项正确。 4. 【解析】选 B。细解理解题。由文中最后两段可知,电影的主题提醒人们关心经济 持续性发展,注重全球变暖问题。 Ⅵ.任务型读写 1.【解析】捕捉信息题。根据文章首句可知答案。 【答案】popular 2.【解析】信息转换题。根据文章首句“Throughout history,body decoration has been popular although its expression has varied from culture to culture.”可知答案。此处运用 have sth.done 结构,宾语补足语与宾语之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,所以用过去分词。 【答案】decorated 3.【解析】信息转换题。根据文章第二段中“then I wanted to get them pierced again and again”可知答案。 【答案】repeatedly 4.【解析】综合信息题。根据文章第三、四、五段内容,结合右栏信息可知此处是归纳 可能存在的原因。 【答案】reasons 5.【解析】信息转换题。根据文章第三段首句“One reason why people have body art is that they want to have something that is their own thing and different from what others have.”可知答 案。tell/distinguish oneself from 意为“使自己和??区别开来”。 【答案】distinguish/tell 6.【解析】捕捉信息题。根据文章第三段第二句“Usually tattoos have some meaning and express their identity and character.”可知答案。

【答案】character 7. 解析】 【 捕捉信息题。 根据文章第三段最后一句“Also, some people have body art done for a memory like a birthday or graduation from school.”可知答案。 【答案】memory 8.【解析】捕捉信息题。根据文章第四段第二句“I think another reason why people have body art is to show their fearlessness.”可知答案。 【答案】fearful 9.【解析】捕捉信息题。根据文章第五段前两句“The last reason is that it may be today’s trend.Many have them for fashion,and so do I. ”可知答案。 【答案】trendy/fashionable 10.【解析】信息转换题。根据文章第六段第三句可知答案。 【答案】different