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开篇语 It is the first time that sb. has done sth. It was the first time sb. had done sth.

Hardly had sb. done sth. when sth. happened. No sooner had sb. done sth. than

sth. happened.

sb. is always doing sth. 表说话者说话时的一种情感色彩,赞扬、责备或批评。 表位移方向的动词的现在进行时表将来。 I’m leaving for Shanghai tomorrow. by+将来时间状语或表将来时态的句子,要用将来完成时态; by+过去时间状语或表过去时态的句子,要用过去完成时态。

动词时态解题要素之------语境暗示 语境暗示主要是指上下文语境或前后语境提示。如 What’s the noise 或 look, listen 等在题干中出现时要用现在进行时;并列句、复合句前后语境里时态的暗示等。考生在解答 时态试题时,若题干中既找不到时间状语,又不是测试的固定句型时,考生得从上下文语境 考虑了,即题干前后时态或句子意思的暗示。这样就能迅速而准确的找到关键信息点,问题 就迎刃而解了。此类考点也是高考时态试题测试的重点。考生应该重点掌握。

高考题示例(划线的斜体部分为高考题的正确答案,加粗字体部分是语境暗示部分) 1. I was just going to cut my rose bushes but someone had done it. Was it you? 2. I walked slowly through the market, where people were selling all kinds of fruits and vegetables. I studied the prices carefully and bought what I needed. 3. The church tower which is being restored will be open to tourists soon. The work is almost finished. 4. We have been working on this project for four hours. Let’s have a rest.


5. ——When shall we restart our business? ——Not until we have finished our plan. 6. You’ve failed to do what you were expected to and I’m afraid the teacher will blame you. 7. Linda makes sure the tables are set before the guests arrive. 8. The telephone was ringing, but by the time I got indoors, it stopped. 9. Teenagers are damaging their health because they play computer games too much. 10. ——What’s that noise? ——Oh, I forgot to tell you. The new machine is being tested.

解题步骤: 步骤之一:结合选项确定此题是考查动词的时态语态。 步骤之二:结合句子的意思来确定主语与谓语动词是主动还是被动的关系,排除错误选项。 步骤之三:从解答动词的时态语态的三要素 ------时间状语、固定句型和语境暗示来确定正 确 答案。

金题精讲 题一: I wonder why Jenny ____ us recently. We should have heard from her by now. A. hasn’t written hadn’t written 题二: At this time tomorrow ____ over the Atlantic. A. we’re going to fly B. we’ll be flying we’re to fly 题三: My brother is an actor. He ____ several films so far. A. appears 题四:

B. doesn’t write

C. won’t write


C. we’ll fly


B. appeared

C. has appeared

D. is appearing

The two friends ____ on the internet for three hours, and they would go on till the next morning. A. had been chatting been chatting 题五: Mrs. White became a teacher in 1985. She ____ for twenty years by next summer. A. will teach been teaching 题六: As you all know, it is the second time I ____ your boarding school. A. visited 题七: —Did you make a phone call to your stepparent? —Certainly. Hardly ____ the airport when I phoned her. A. did I arrive at get to 题八: —Is your father a party member? —Sure. He said it was 21 years since he ____ the Party. A. joined 题九: It was not until he took up fishing that he ____ to relax. A. had begun B. began C. has begun D. begins B. has joined C. had joined D. joins B. have arrived at C. had I reached D. did I B. had visited C. have visited D. visit B. would have taught C. has been taught D. will have B. had chatted C. were chatting D. has

题十: Should it rain tomorrow, we ____ ourselves at home. A. will enjoy 题十一: —Will you go to the party?

B. would enjoy

C. are going to

D. are to

—Of course, I will if ________. A. having invited be invited 题十二: I’ve won a holiday for two days to Florida. I ____ my mum. A. am taking have taken 题十三: I ____ ping-pong quite well, but I haven’t had time to play since the new year. A. played 题十四: John and I ____ friends for eight years. We first got to know each other at a Christmas party. But we ____ each other a couple of years before that. A. had been; have seen C. had been; had seen 题十五: —You haven’t said a word about my new coat, Brenda. Do you like it? —I’m sorry. I ____ anything about it sooner. I certainly think it’s pretty on you. A. wasn’t saying didn’t say 题十六: Scientists think that the continents ____ always where they ____ today. A. aren’t; aren’t weren’t; were 题十七: —Did you tell Julia about the result? —Oh, no, I forgot. I ____ her now. A. will be calling 题十八: 1. This kind of cloth _________.

B. invited

C. I was invited

D. I will

B. have taken

C. take



B. will play

C. have played

D. play

B. have been; have seen D. have been; had seen

B. don’t say

C. won’t say


B. aren’t; were

C. weren’t; are


B. will call

C. call

D. am to call

A. sells good sold good

B. sells well

C. isn’t sold well

D. isn’t

2. The bestseller ___________ up so far. A. has been sold B. has sold C. is sold D. sells

课后拓展练习 注:此部分为老师根据本讲课程内容为大家精选的课下拓展题目,故不在课堂中讲解,请同 学们课下自己练习并对照详解进行自测. 题一: I wasn’t sure if he was really interested or if he ______ polite. A. was just being just be 题二: Experiments of this kind _______ in both the U.S. and Europe well before the Second World War. A. have conducted C. had conducted 题三: After getting lost in a storm, a member of the navy team _____ four days later. A. rescued rescued 题四: When I got on the bus, I _____ I had left my wallet at home. A. was realizing realize 题五: —I hear you ______ in a pub. What’s it like? —Well, it’s very hard work and I’m always tired, but I don’t mind. A. are working be working

B. will just be

C. had just been

D. would

B. have been conducted D. had been conducted

B. was rescued

C. has rescued




B. realized

C. have realized



B. will work

C. were working



金题精讲 题一:A 题二:B 题三:C 题四:A 题五:D 题六:C 题七:C 题八:C 题九:B D 题十五:D 课后拓展练习 题一:A 详解:句意:我不确定他是否真的感兴趣,还是仅仅表现的有礼貌。主句是过去时,从句应 该用过去的某个时态,B 是将来时,可以首先排除;C 是过去已经表现的有礼貌,D 是过去将 要表现的有礼貌,均可排除。过去表现的一直有礼貌,所以选 A. 题二:D 详解:before the Second World War 是过去的时间状语,且句意表示动作已经发生了,所以 用过去完成时,had done;另外主语和谓语之间是被动关系,要用过去完成时的被动语态 had been done,所以选 D. 题三:B 详解:在风暴中迷失之后 4 天,一名海军成员就被营救了。可以判断是过去时态,且海军成 员是被营救,要用被动,因此选 B. 题四:B 详解:当我上车之后我意识到我把钱包落在家里了。从句是一般过去式,根据“主将从现、 主过从过”可知主语应用一般过去式,选 B. 题五:A 详解:从问句和回答可以看出是现在时,根据回答:工作虽然繁重,很累,但是我不介意, 推理应该问:我听说你正在酒吧工作,怎么样?用现在进行时,选 A. 题十六:C 题十七:B 题十八:1.B 2.A 题十:B 题十一:B 题十二:A 题十三:D 题十四:


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