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专题专项集训(十一) 完形填空之夹叙夹议文体(一)

专题专项集训(十一) 完形填空之夹叙夹议文体(一)

(共 3 篇,每篇限时 18 分钟)


(2014· 天津高考)One night, when I was eight, my mother gently asked me a question

I would never forget.“Sweetie, my company wants to __1__ me but needs me to work in Brazil.This is like your teacher telling you that you’ve done __2__ and allowing you to skip a grade (跳级), but you’ll have to __3__ your friends.Would you say yes to your teacher?” She gave me a hug and asked me to think about it.I was puzzled.The question kept me __4__ for the rest of the night.I had said “yes” but for the first time, I realized the __5__ decisions adults had to make. For almost four years, my mother would call us from Brazil every day.Every evening I’d __6__ wait for the phone to ring and then tell her every detail of my day.A phone call, however, could never replace her __7__ __8__ apartment, I became and it was difficult not to feel lonely at times. how lonely my mother must have been in Brazil herself.It __11__ family During my fourthgrade Christmas break, we flew to Rio to visit her.Looking at her large __9__ was then __10__ I started to appreciate the tough choices she had to make on

and work.__12__ difficult decisions, she used to tell me, you wouldn’t know whether you make the right choice, but you could always make the best out of the situation, with passion and a __13__ attitude. Back home, I __14__ myself that what my mother could do, I could, too.If she __15__ to live in Rio all by herself, I, too, could learn to be __16__.I learn how to take care of myself and set high but achievable __17__. My mother 1.A.attract C.surprise 2.A.little C.well 3.A.leave C.contact 4.A.explaining C.wondering 5.A.poor C.final is now back with us.But I will never forget what the __18__ has really taught for me. B.promote D.praise B.much D.wrong B.refuse D.forgive B.sleeping D.regretting B.timely D.tough me.Sacrifices __19__ in the end.The separation between us has proved to be a __20__

6.A.eagerly C.nervously 7.A.patience C.intelligence 8.A.comfortable C.empty 9.A.interested in C.doubtful about 10.A.when C.which 11.A.abandoning C.comparing 12.A.Depending on C.Faced with 13.A.different C.positive 14.A.criticized C.warned 15.A.managed C.attempted 16.A.grateful C.independent 17.A.examples C.rules 18.A.question C.history 19.A.pay off C.run out 20.A.blessing C.failure

B.politely D.curiously B.presence D.influence B.expensive D.modern B.aware of D.satisfied with B.where D.that B.balancing D.mixing B.Supplied with D.Insisting on B.friendly D.general B.informed D.reminded B.offered D.expected B.energetic D.practical B.limits D.goals B.experience D.occasion B.come back D.turn up B.gathering D.pleasure


A (2014· 皖南八校高三第三次联考)A boy trembled in the cold Oslo winter, constantly rubbing

his arms around himself on a bus stop bench.He wasn’t wearing a coat__1__temperatures in the Norwegian capital regularly dropped to -10 ℃ during winter. What a (an)__2__scene, but the actions of the ordinary people who witnessed the difficult situation of 11yearold Johannes were both joyous and__3__. A young woman who sat__4__the boy noticed him rubbing his arms.She__5__asked him: “Don ’ t you have a jacket ? ”“No, someone stole it.” he replied.She questioned him and__6__he was on a school trip and was told to meet his__7__at the bus stop.She asked him the name of his school and where he was from as she__8__put her own coat around his shoulders. Later, another older woman at first gave him her scarf, then wound him in her__9__thick jacket. Throughout the day, more and more people offered Johannes their gloves and even the coats __10__their backs as they waited for their bus. All this was__11__by a hidden camera from Norwegian charity SOS Children’s Village as part of their winter__12__to gather donations to send muchneeded coats and blankets to help Syrian children__13__the winter.Many of the__14__of the civil war had left their homes without winter clothing. “People should__15__as much about children in Syria as they do about this boy,” Synne Ronning, the__16__head of SOS Children’s Villages Norway, told the local newspaper.She also__17__that the child was a(n)__18__who was never in any danger during the experiment. This story shows human nature in a__19__manner.You are sure to feel that human beings’ future__20__to be a hopeful one when seeing something like this. 1.A.as C.since 2.A.heartbreaking C.amusing 3.A.sad C.inspiring 4.A.far from C.next to 5.A.slowly C.hesitantly 6.A.answered C.caught 7.A.student C.teacher B.and D.or B.breathtaking D.amazing B.happy D.moved B.ahead of D.in front of B.immediately D.joyfully B.reminded D.discovered B.friend D.relative

8.A.selflessly C.politely 9.A.old C.short 10.A.from C.of 11.A.directed C.sponsored 12.A.campaign C.course 13.A.get over C.take over 14.A.survivors C.assistants 15.A.mind C.treat 16.A.club C.knowledge 17.A.demanded C.noted 18.A.interviewer C.orphan 19.A.soft C.weak 20.A.promises C.suggests

B.elegantly D.excitedly B.cheap D.large B.off D.on B.shown D.filmed B.show D.game B.get through D.break through B.sufferers D.attendants B.care D.worry B.school D.information B.commanded D.asked B.applicant D.volunteer B.hard D.strong B.preserves D.indicates B

(2014· 河南省六市第一次联考)Annually my family has a gettogether in a state park in the mountains of North Carolina.At one of the gettogethers, the weather was cloudy, and more rain was__1__.The family members who arrived early were__2__about the coming rain that would have a bad effect on the number of__3__.Just as the rain began to fall, a car__4__to the panic shelter and out of the passenger side jumped “Uncle Earl” who was 96 years old and had been blind for many years.Just the arrival of Uncle Earl immediately changed the__5__of the group. Ever cheerful and optimistic, Earl continued to__6__the family.He was the oldest member of the Miller Clan, and all gathered around him.One by one he greeted each child,__7__their hands

and giving them a piece of candy from his pocket, and made them__8__. __9__I stood back, I watched how his behavior and cheerfulness brought a smile to everyone’s face.He did not spend time telling everyone about his__10__as others were doing.I realized that it was his__11__to take the road to cheerfulness and not focus on the__12__sides of his life.By doing so, he was__13__an invitation to each family member and wished them to__14__in the same manner. Just before we began to__15__on the wonderful spread of food, Earl stood up and was asked to speak to the group for a few minutes.He__16__everyone to lead a good life and to take a lighthearted__17__to what may come in our way. Just for one day practice being__18__and see what happens.Try a new attempt on__19__; see if you can find some humor in the challenges or__20__them from an optimistic way. Be of good cheer! 1.A.poured C.needed 2.A.anxious C.calm 3.A.customers C.guests 4.A.pulled through C.pulled up 5.A.sense C.attitude 6.A.surprise C.entertain 7.A.carrying C.bringing 8.A.taste C.laugh 9.A.Although C.As 10.A.illness C.loneliness 11.A.attempt C.right 12.A.positive B.assumed D.predicted B.confident D.sure B.climbers D.visitors B.pulled in D.pulled out B.feeling D.atmosphere B.trouble D.control B.holding D.taking B.pay D.buy B.While D.Because B.richness D.happiness B.choice D.character B.negative

C.opposite 13.A.extending C.writing 14.A.survive C.respond 15.A.live C.depend 16.A.warned C.reminded 17.A.approach C.method 18.A.cheerful C.generous 19.A.adventures C.experiments 20.A.comment C.learn

D.creative B.accepting D.declining B.resist D.compete B.insist D.feast B.ordered D.wished B.way D.means B.brave D.curious B.projects D.challenges B.view D.judge

答案 Ⅰ. 语篇解读: 这是一篇夹叙夹议文。 母亲离开家人一个人在巴西生活的经历使作者感悟到要学 会独立,照顾好自己。 1.选 B 由下文母亲比喻作者跳级的问题可知,母亲要升职,但是要到巴西工作。

promote“提升,晋升”。 2.选 C 本句中的“allowing you to skip a grade (跳级)”表明老师说孩子做得好,因此 选 well。 3.选 A 因为需要跳到高一个年级学习,所以要离开昔日的朋友。 4.选 C 根据上文的“I was puzzled.”可知,作者对这个问题不是很清楚,因此这个问题 让作者思考了后半夜。keep me wondering“使我冥思苦想”。 5.选 D 根据第三段中的“the tough choices”可知,这里指成年人必须作的艰难决定。 6.选 A 下文中作者谈到想告诉母亲他每天的事情,由此可知,他每天晚上着急地等 候电话响。 7.选 B 上文提到了母亲离开家到巴西工作,因此母亲不在这里。presence“出席,到

场”。 8.选 C 由下文中的“how lonely my mother must have been”可知,作者看到的是母亲住 在空旷的公寓中。 9.选 B 看到母亲生活的空旷的公寓,作者意识到母亲一定感觉很孤独。 10.选 D 这是一个强调句式,句中强调了时间状语“then”,因此选 that,构成强调句 式的结构。 11.选 B 由句中的“tough choices”可知,作者理解了母亲在平衡家庭和工作上所作的 艰难选择。balance 是及物动词,“使均衡”。 12.选 C 在困难面前,她过去常常告诉作者。faced with“面临”。 13. 选 C 由连词“and”可知, 该空所填的词与“passion”是近义词, 再根据上文的“difficult decisions”可知,应用满腔的热情、积极的态度去应对困难。 14.选 D 回到家中,作者经常提醒自己母亲能做到的,他也能做到。remind“提醒”。 15. 选 A 作者到巴西时, 母亲已经在那里生活了一段时间, 因此选 manage。 manage to do sth.“设法做成了某事”。 16.选 C 看到母亲一个人在巴西生活,作者认为自己也能学会独立。 17. 选 D 作者学着照顾自己, 并制定高的但可以实现的目标。 句中的“set”和“achievable” 暗示着这里指的是目标。 18.选 B 由上文的“My mother is now back with us.”可知,这里指作者的母亲一个人在 巴西生活的经历。 19.选 A 因为母亲的离开,作者学会了独立生活,因此这样的付出得到了回报。pay off“取得成功,奏效”。 20.选 A 与母亲两地分离是不幸的,但是作者感悟很深,也培养了自己的独立性,因 此这是因祸得福。blessing“幸事,福气”,符合语境。 Ⅱ.A 语篇解读:本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。寒冷的冬天,一个衣着单薄的男孩在汽车站的长椅上被 冻得瑟瑟发抖,路过的人纷纷伸出了援助之手。这是一个慈善机构组织的一项活动,男孩只 是一名志愿者,活动的目的是为了筹集物资,帮助那些需要帮助的人。 1.选 B 根据上文中的“He wasn’t wearing a coat”,并结合选项和下文内容可知,空格 前后是两个并列的句子,因此 and 符合语境。故选 B。 2.选 A 根据第一段第一句“A boy trembled in the cold Oslo winter,constantly rubbing his arms around himself on a bus stop bench.”可知,那是一个多么令人心碎的(heartbreaking) 画面。故选 A。 3.选 C 根据后几段内容可知,人们对小男孩伸出了援助之手,结合空格前内容可知, 普通人所做出的行动既令人高兴又令人鼓舞,因此 inspiring 符合语境。故选 C。

4.选 C 根据第一段第一句中的“on a bus stop bench”,并结合选项可知,此处指的是 坐在小男孩旁边的一位年轻女士。故选 C。 5.选 B 根据空格前后的内容可知,当那位女士注意到男孩在瑟瑟发抖时,就马上询 问情况。immediately“立刻地”,符合语境。故选 B。 6.选 D 根据上文中的“She questioned him”可知,她询问那个男孩,发现他是在参加 学校组织的旅行,discover“发现”,符合语境。故选 D。 7.选 C 根据上文中的“was on a school trip and was told to meet”,并结合选项可知,他 参加学校组织的旅行,被告知在车站与老师碰面。故选 C。 8.选 A 根据下文中的“put her own coat around his shoulders”可知,她无私地把自己的 外套披在他的肩膀上。selflessly“无私地,忘我地”,符合语境。故选 A。 9.选 D 根据上文中的“then wound him in her”和下文中的“thick jacket”, 并结合小男孩 11 岁这一事实可知,她用她的大厚夹克包裹住小男孩。故选 D。 10.选 B 根据下文中的“their backs”,并结合空格前内容可知,此处指的是有的人甚 至从身上脱下外套,因此 off“脱下”,符合语境。故选 B。 11.选 D 根据下文中的“by a hidden camera from Norwegian charity SOS Children’s Village”可知,所有这一切都被一个隐藏的摄像机拍下来了,film“拍摄”,符合语境。故选 D。 12.选 A 根据下文中的“to gather donations”,并结合选项可知,此处指的是筹集捐赠 物品的一个活动,campaign“活动,运动”,符合语境。故选 A。 13.选 B A 项意为“克服,恢复”;B 项意为“接通;通过,度过,熬过”;C 项意 为“接管,接收”;D 项意为“突破,突围”。根据上文中的 “gather donations to send muchneeded coats and blankets to help Syrian children”可知,此处指的是帮助孩子们度过冬 天。故选 B。 14.选 B 根据下文中的“of the civil war have left their homes without winter clothing”可 知,内战的难民在离家时没带冬天的衣物。sufferer“受难者, 受害者”, 符合语境。 故选 B。 15.选 B 根据下文中的“as much about children in Syria as they do about this boy”以及上 文内容可知,人们应该像关心这个男孩一样去关心叙利亚的儿童们。因此 care“关心”,符 合语境。故选 B。 16 . 选 D 根据下文中的 “head of SOS Children ’ s Villages Norway, told the local

newspaper”,并结合选项可知,此处指的是挪威 SOS 儿童村的信息负责人。故选 D。 17.选 C 根据下文内容,并结合选项可知.她也指出孩子是一名志愿者,在实验中不 会有任何危险。note“指出,注解”,符合语境。故选 C。 18.选 D 根据倒数第三段内容可知,这是该慈善机构的一次活动,所以这个孩子是一 名志愿者。故选 D。

19.选 A 根据上文中的“This story shows human nature”,并结合选项可知,这个故事 以温柔的方式显示了人类的本性。故选 A。 20.选 A 根据下文中的“to be a hopeful one when seeing something like this”可知,当看 到类似的事情时,你一定会感到人类的未来有望成为一个充满希望的未来。promise“前景, 允诺”,符合语境。故选 A。 B 语篇解读: 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。 作者全家在公园进行一年一度的家庭聚会时, 乌云密布, 大雨倾盆,大家担心这会影响参加的人数和欢乐的气氛。但是,96 岁高龄并且失明多年的 Earl 叔叔的到来为大家带来了欢乐。他告诉家人要以轻松的、积极乐观的心态面对生活中可 能发生的一切。 1.选 D 根据空格前的“the weather was cloudy, and more rain”,并结合选项可知,天空 中乌云密布,这预示着大雨即将来临。predict“预示,预报,预测”,符合语境。故选 D。 2.选 A 根据空格后的“the coming rain that would have a bad effect ...”可知,到得早的 家庭成员“担心”下雨会影响客人的出席人数,因此 anxious“焦虑的”,符合语境。故选 A。 3.选 C 根据文章首句可知,这是一次家庭聚会,由此结合选项可知,guests“宾客, 客人”,符合语境。故选 C。 4.选 C A 项意为“渡过难关,恢复健康”;B 项意为“(火车)进站”;C 项意为“慢 慢停下”; D 项意为“离开, 撤离”。 根据空格后的“to the panic shelter and out of the passenger side jumped ...”可知,一辆车“停下来”,因此 pulled up 符合语境。故选 C。 5.选 D 结合上下文内容可知,正当大家忧虑不安时,96 岁的 Earl 叔叔的到来改变了 当时的气氛,atmosphere“气氛”,与语境相符。故选 D。 6.选 A 根据空格前的“Ever cheerful and optimistic”可知,一向开朗和乐观的 Earl 叔叔 继续使全家人感到惊奇,因此 surprise“使惊奇”,符合语境。故选 A。 7.选 B 根据空格后的“their hands”,并结合选项可知,Earl 叔叔牵着孩子们的手,送 给每人一块糖果,因此 holding“握着”,符合语境。故选 B。 8. 选 C 根据下文中的“brought a smile to everyone’ s face”可知, 他让孩子们开怀大笑, 因此 laugh“欢笑”,符合语境。故选 C。 9.选 C 根据空格后的“I stood back, I watched how his behavior ...”可知,此处指的是当 作者站在人群后面时。C 项词义和用法与语境相符。故选 C。B 项在引导时间状语从句时, 从句谓语动词一般是延续性动词,不符合语境。 10.选 A 根据上文中的“had been blind for many years”,并结合空格前后的内容可知, 他并没有像其他人一样讲述自己的“病情”,因此 illness“疾病”,符合语境。故选 A。 11.选 B 根据空格后的“to take the road to cheerfulness ”,并结合选项可知,作者意识

到走快乐之路是 Earl 叔叔的“选择”。故选 B。 12.选 B 根据上文的语境,并结合空格后内容和选项可知,Earl 叔叔不关注自己生活 中“消极的”方面,此处与上文的“cheerfulness”相对。negative“消极的,否定的”,符合 语境。故选 B。 13.选 A 根据空格后的“an invitation to each family member”可知,他向每一个家庭成 员发出了邀请。动词短语 extend an invitation to“向??发出邀请”,符合语境。故选 A。 14.选 C 根据空格前后的内容,并结合选项可知,他希望每个家庭成员以同样的方式 回应。respond“回应,回答”,符合语境。故选 C。 15.选 D 根据空格后的“on the wonderful spread of food”可知,此处指的是一家人开始 尽情享受美食。feast 可与空格后的介词“on”构成动词短语,即 feast on“尽情享受,大吃大 喝”,与语境相符。故选 D。 16. 选 D 根据空格后的“everyone to lead a good life”可知, 他“祝愿”每个人都过上好 日子,因此 wished 符合语境。故选 D。 17.选 A 根据空格前的“take a lighthearted”,并结合空格后内容可推知,他希望每 个人以轻松的心态来面对人生中可能发生的一切。approach“方法,方式,步骤”,与 take 搭配,意为“采取??方式,以??的态度”,符合语境。故选 A。 18.选 A 根据第二段第一句“Ever cheerful and optimistic”,并结合选项可知,此处指 的是“快乐的”,因此 cheerful 符合语境。故选 A。 19.选 D 根据空格后的“in the challenges”可知,此处指的是尝试一个新的挑战,因此 challenges“挑战”,符合语境。故选 D。 20.选 B 根据空格后的“them from an optimistic way”可知,应该以乐观的方式来“看 待”各种挑战,view“查看”,符合语境。故选 B。

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2015年高考英语二轮专题限时训练(22)夹叙夹议完形填空(1)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。专题限时训练(二十二) [夹叙夹议完形填空(一)] (限时:30 分钟) (一...
2014高考英语 30分钟专题突破精讲 夹叙夹议文体完形填空
2014 高考英语 30 分钟专题突破精讲:夹叙夹议文体完形填空夹叙夹议文体完形填空 [文体特点与方法点拨] 一、文体特点 夹叙夹议文有以下三种情况: 1.首先叙述一...
2015届高考英语专题限时训练:夹叙夹议完形填空(3)_理化生_高中教育_教育专区。专题限时训练(二十四) [夹叙夹议完形填空(三)] (限时:30 分钟) (一) ...
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