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人教版新课标高中英语必修二 unit4 wildlife protection Revision


1. 共有; 共用 In common 2. 依照我的观点 in my opinion 3. 走过, 过去, 时间飞逝 go by 4. 如此….以致于 so/such……that 5. 处理; 安排, 打交道 deal with 6. 没有别的选择只能… There’s no choice but to do 7. 在某种程度上 in a way 8. 弥补 make up 9.毕竟 after all 10. 在…帮助下 with the help of… 11. 看守; 监视 watch over

12. 我原先认为天会下雨的但没有。 I thought it would rain but it didn’t. 13. 这个孩子足够大可以自己穿衣服了。 The boy is old enough to dress himself. 14. 一个长发女郎 a girl with long hair 15. 遵循说明 follow instructions 16. 在那时 at that time 17.从那时起 since then 18. 与…交际 communicate with 19. 被用来做某事 be used to do 20. 爱做某事 love doing/love to do

Unit 4 Wildlife Protection

1.保护…不受(危害) protect……from 2.结果 as a result 3.灭亡 die out 4.和平地 in peace 5.在危险中 in danger of 6.申请某事 apply to do something 7.向…申请某事 apply (to sb) for sth suggest doing/suggest (that) 8.建议做某事 9.注意 pay attention to+doing sb (should)do 10.引起某人的注意 draw/attract one’s 11.对…有影响 attention have an effect on 12.形成 come into being (vi)

13.照料; 照顾 look after/take care of 14.关心; 在意 be concerned about dress sb/oneself 15.给…穿衣服 put on / be dressed in 16.穿上, 穿着 17.三年以后 in/after three years 18.掉了两颗门牙的小男孩是我弟弟。 The boy with two of his front teeth missing is my brother. 19.我爱我家即使它不富裕。 I love my family even if it is not rich. The house is being painted. 20.房子正在粉刷。

21. 在某方面取的进步 make progress in
22. 什么也没剩下 There is nothing left.

23. 转身

turn round

24. 有把握, 肯定的 for sure

25. 在…之前很久 long before

1. 单词

wild wildlife protection enemy loss reserve area hunt zone peace fur stomach apply suggest thick rub mosquito insect contain powerful drug affect attention whale bite effect butterfly dust recently fierce unlike lazy

2. 重点词组: as a result, die out, in peace, in danger protect …from…, pay attention to, come into being not long ago (不久前) in the same way(同样地) long before (很久以前) before long (不久以后)

3. 交际英语
1) 谈论意愿和目的 (Intentions & purposes) I’m going to (do) .... I feel like (doing) .... I would rather not .... I intend / mean / plan to (do) .... I'd like to (do) .... I will (do) .... I'm ready to (do) ....

2) 表示道歉 (Apologies)

I'm so sorry that ....
I'm afraid that ....

Thank you very much but ....
It's a shame that .... It was very nice of you but ....

4. 重点语法: 现在进行时被动 1)---How many kinds of animals are there in this hill? ---Now so many, Because many animals are being hunted by the farmers. 2) ----How is the environment in Shenzhen? ----It is very nice, but it is being destroyed now. 3)----Don’t enter the room. The door is being painted and it is not dry. ----Ok.

4) The room ____(clean) now. Now the new film ______(show) in the cinema. The baby ______(bite) by the dog now. Please go and help her. Look! He is _____(rob) of by the thief. Be careful! The road ______(rebuild) there now. Look! The play ______________(perform) Look! The big stone _____(remove). Be careful! The soup ______(heat) on the stove.

5. 句型背诵
1) Why are pandas in danger of disappearing?

2) She turned round and there was an

antelope with a sad face looking at her.
她转过身来, 看到一头羚羊带着忧郁的 神色望着她。

3) The tour companies applied to be allowed to hunt some for a fee, which made a lot of money for the farmers. (非限制性定语从句) 旅游公司申请批准作有偿捕猎, 这使得


4) I didn’t catch the bus. As a result, I was late for school. = I was late for school as a result of missing the bus. = Missing the bus resulted in my being late for school. 我错过公共汽车, 结果上学迟到了。

5) He is wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes from the strong sunlight. 他戴着太阳镜以遮挡强烈的阳光。 6) What do you suggest we (should) do to protect wildlife? 你建议我们应该做些什么来保护野生 动植物? 7) I disagree that national natural protection zones should be opened to tourists. 我不同意国家自然保护区应该向旅游 者开放。

8) What you do can affect the world we live in. (主语从句) 你的所作所为会影响到我们所在的世界。 9) They tried their best to bring the new law into effect. 他们尽最大的努力使这部新法律生效。 bring into effect 实行, 实施, 使生效, 实现 10) The number of South China tiger has risen from very few to about 60 after being left in peace with no hunting. 华南虎在停止受到猎杀后能平静生活, 数量增加到大约60只。

11) Rainforests are being cut and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the near future. (现在进行时的被动语态) 热带雨林正以如此的速度被砍伐和燃烧, 以致在不 久的将来它们将从地球上消失。 12) More attention should be paid to improving the living condition of farmers. 应该更加关注提高农民的生活条件。 13) He was dressed in old clothes, while his wife was wearing a very pretty skirt. 他穿着旧衣服, 而他妻子却穿着一条漂亮的裙子。

Fill in the blanks with the words given.
succeed employ harm bite come into being according to does great ______ to our health. harm inspect so that

1. Most people hold the opinion that smoking

2. The company ________ about 100 men employed
for the work.

3. The astronauts __________ in returning succeeded
from the moon to the earth.

4. He was ________ by a dog this morning. bitten 5. _____________ the radio, it will snow According to

6. It was ______ cold _______ there was so that

almost nobody on the road.
came into being 7. In this way the Youth League _____________.

8. A man came to ________ our school inspect

Fill in the blanks with words you learned in this unit.
I am really ___________ about the concerned w______ in the r___ f_____. But at the ildlife ain orest moment, I have no idea how we can protect ndangered the e_________ animals there. No matter what happens, I will p____ more a________ ay ttention

t__ wildlife p__________ from now on. o rotection

1. 你终究会成功的, 除非你放弃。 You will succeed in the end, unless you give up. 2. 我们已经成功地生产出这种药物。 We have succeeded in producing this new drug. 3. 他们刚刚雇用了五个服务生。 They employed five waiters just now. 4.他最近一直忙于打猎。 He has been employed in hunting recently.

5. 过量饮酒对你有害。
Too much drinking will do harm to you. 6. 苏珊刚才在树林里被蛇咬了。 Susan was bitten by a snake in the woods. 7. 一条蛇咬到了苏珊的腿。 A snake bit Susan in the leg. 8. 两个军官来视察这个军队。 Two officers came to inspect the troop. 9. 根据天气预报, 明天会下雨。 According to the weather report, it will rain tomorrow.

Revision of the Passive Voice
1. Every year over 29,000 antelopes

________ are killed (kill) in Tibet. ---Present Simple 2. In the past, the elephants __________ were killed
(kill) by farmers. ---Past Simple

3. In the past twenty years, a large number
of bamboo areas have been set up (set up) ______________ to help pandas grow. ---Present Perfect 4. Nearly all the Milu deer had been killed _____________ (kill) before they were brought back from UK. ---Past Perfect

5. At present a new home ____________ is being built
(build) for pandas. ---Present Continuous 6. WWF hopes that more and more wild animals _______________ (protect) in will be protected the future. ---Future Simple

1. Try to remember the word
and expressions. 2. Finish the Ex2 and Ex3 in your workbook on page 64.

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