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河北省石家庄新乐市 2016 高考英语阅读类含语法填空练习(1)
阅读理解。 Photographs are everywhere. They decorate (装饰) the walls of homes and are used in stores for sales of different goods. The news is filled with pictures of fires, floods, and special events. Photos record the beauties of nature. They can also bring things close that are far away. Through photos, people can see wild animals, cities in foreign lands, and even the stars in outer space. Photos also tell stories. Reporting the news through photos is called photojournalism. At times photojournalists tell their stories through a single picture. At other times, they use a group of pictures to tell a story. Each picture is like a chapter in a book, which can do more than record the facts. It can also be a strong force for social change. Jacob Riis was among the first photojournalists. He took pictures of parts of New York City where the poor lived. Riis believed that poverty(贫穷)caused crime, and he used photos to help him prove his point. A few years later, the photos of small children working in factories by Lewis Hine shocked the public. Hine’s pictures helped bring about laws to protect such children. Hundreds of pictures may have to be taken in order to get one or two really good photos. It takes science to have the photo come out clearly and art to make a photo that has a good design and expresses feeling. Photojournalists make an actual record of what they see. A photo, however, can be both a work of art and an actual record. It can record an important event as a beautiful or exciting picture. As historical and artistic documents(文献) ,photos can become more important over time. Today photojournalists still have their pictures appear in newspapers and magazines. They also publish(发表) them in books and on the Internet. 1. The underlined word “They” in the first paragraph refers to A. beauties B. photos C. goods D. events . .

2. The photos of the small children by Hine show us that photos A. are also works of art C. often shock the public

B. are popular ways of reporting news D. can serve as a force for social change


3. What can we learn from the passage? A. News with pictures is encouraging. C. News photos mean history in a sense. 4. The text is mainly about . B. decorating the walls of homes D. expressing feeling through pictures B. Photos help people improve their life. D. People prefer reading news with pictures.

A. telling the story through pictures C. publishing historical papers 【参考答案】1—4、B D C A

语法填空。 阅读下面材料, 在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Every day has the potential to be a good and, in some cases, a great day for you. Few of us get up in the morning 1 (think)that we want this to be a bad day. Yet we worry

in many cases the day turns that way because of a person or an event 2 about.

Think about those small events which can throw you off balance and affect your whole day 3 (negative). Who stole your day? Was 5 4 a boss, an unruly child, an 6 an

erratic driver on the way to work, getting impolite waiter at lunch that did?

“F”on a history paper,

Every day numerous people or events can prevent us from having a good day, if we let them. The key is that we should adopt a positive attitude towards life. We cannot control 7 these events. Lao-tzu, a Chinese philosopher, he who conquers 10 is mighty. ” 9 (say), “He who conquers others is strong; happens to us in many cases, but we can control how we react 8

【文章大意】每一天既可能会朝着好的方面发展, 也可能会朝着坏的方面发展, 关键是看我 们对生活采取的态度。虽然我们不能控制会发生什么事 , 但我们可以控制我们对所发生的事 情的态度。 1. 【解析】thinking。考查现在分词。think 和逻辑主语 few of us 之间是主动关系, 应用 现在分 词作伴随状语。

2. 【解析】that。考查关系代词。that 引导定语从句修饰先行词 a person or an event, that 在从句中作介词 about 的宾语, 先行词中既有人也有事物, 不可用 which。 3. 【解析】negatively。考查副词。修饰动词(affect), 应用副词。 4. 【解析】it。考查代词。本句是强调句, 句中缺少 it。 5. 【解析】an。考查冠词。F 表示的是学业成绩中的 F 级别, 是一个可数名词, 此处是泛指 “一个 F 级别”, 应用不定冠词; F 是以元音音素开头的, 应用不定冠词 an 修饰。 6. 【解析】or。考查并列连词。an impolite waiter 和“F”on a history paper 是并列关 系, 表示的是一种可能性, 应用 or, 意为“或者”。 7. 【解析】what。考查宾语从句。control 后跟的是一个宾语从句, 从句中缺少主语, 应用 what 引导。 8. 【解析】to。考查介词。react to sth. 对某事做出反应, 是固定搭配。 9. 【解析】said。考查时态。表述过去发生的事情, 应用一般过去时。 10. 【解析】himself。考查代词。由 He who conquers others is strong 可知, 此处指的 是“征服自己的人才是强大的”。主语是 he, 所以反身代词用 himself。

阅读理解。 In the more and more competitive service industry, it is no longer enough to promise custome r satisfaction. Today, customer “delight” is what companies are trying to achieve in or order to keep and increase market share. It is accepted in the marketing industry, and confirmed by a number of researches, that customers receiving good service will promote business by telling up to 12 other people: those treated badly will tell their tales of woe to up to 20 people, 80 percent of people who feel their complaints are handled fairly will stay loyal New lunges for customer care have come when people can obtain goods and services through telephone call centers and the Internet. For example , many companies now have to invest(投资)a lot of money in information technology and staff training in order to cope with the “phone rage”—caused by delays in answering calls ,being cut off in mid-conversation or left waiting for long periods. “Many people do not like talking to machines,” says Dr . Storey Senior Lecturer in

Marketing at City University Business School. “Banks, for example, encourage staff at call centers to use customer data to establish instant and good relationship with them .The aim is to make the customer feel they know you and that you can trust— the sort of comfortable feelings people have during face-to-face chats with their local branch manager.” Recommended ways of creating customer delight inc lude: under-promising and over-delivering (saying that a repair will be calmed out wit hin five hours ,but

getting it done within two );replacing a faulty product immediately : throwing in a gift voucher(购物礼卷)as an unexpected “thank you” to rental customers ;and always returning calls ,even when they are complaints. Aiming for customer delight is all very well , but if services do not reach the high level promised , disappointment or worse will be the result . This can be eased by offering an apology and an explanation of why the service did not meet usual standards with empathy (for example,” I know how you must feel”), and possible solutions (replacement , compensation or whatever fames suggests best meets the case). Airlines face some of the toughest challenges over customer care. Fierce competition has convinced them that delighting passengers is an important marketing tool, while there is great potential for customer anger over delays caused by weather, unclaimed luggage and technical problems. For British Airways staff, a winning telephone style is considered vital in handling the large volume of calls about bookings and flight times. They are trained to answer quickly, with their name, job title and a “we are her e to help” attitude. The company has invested heavily in information technology to make sure that information is available instantly on screen. British Airways also says its customer care policies are applied within the company and staff are taught to regard each other as customers requiring the highest standards of service. Customer care is obviously here to stay and it would be a foolish company that used slo gans such as "we do as we please”. On the other hand, the more customers are promised, the greater the risk of disappointment.


) 1. We can learn from Paragraph 2 that


A. complaining customers are hard to satisfy B. unsatisfied customers receive better service C. Satisfied customers catch more attention D. well-treated customers promote business ( ) 2. The writer mentions “phone rage”(Paragraph 3) to show that .

A. customers often use phones to express their anger B. people still prefer to buy goods online C. customer care becomes more attention D. customers rely on their phones to obtain services ( ) 3. What does the writer recommend to create delight? B. Giving a “thank you” note. D. Promising more gifts.

A. Calling customers regularly C. Delivering a quicker service (

) 4. If a manager should show his empathy (Paragraph6), what would he probably say? B. “I appreciate your understanding.” D. “I know it’s our fault.” .

A. “I know how upset you must be.” C. “I’m sorry for the delay.” (

) 5. Customer delight is important for airlines because

A. their telephone style remains unchanged B. they are more likely to meet with complaints C. the services cost them a lot of money D. the policies can be applied to their staff ( ) 6. Which of the following is conveyed in this article?

A. Face-to-face service creates comfortable feelings among customers. B. Companies that promise more will naturally attract more customers. C. A company should promise less but do more in a competitive market. D. Customer delight is more important for airlines than for banks. 【参考答案】1—6、DCCABC

【2013 界广东省惠州市模拟】

Kilimanjaro Climb : a Rite of Passage for Father and Son Climbing Kilimanjaro is a transformational experience for many people. The things that make the mountain hard are the very things that make it so powerful. In the case of my son Josh and I,the walk up Kilimanjaro proved a powerful symbol of his transition into manhood, and a great change in our relationship. Day three on the mountain, Josh was hit with massive headaches. He told me every step felt like a nail driving into his head. And then, on the night we climbed the crater rim, less than 40 minutes from the summit, Josh fell. I was walking ahead, and did not even see it. He was so exhausted that he could not get up. He recalled our guides, debating whether or not they should take him straight down. Josh snapped out of it. He forced himself to his feet, shook the guides off. He set his face towards the peak and just kept marching. Near the summit he caught up with me and we reached the peak together. “ I’ ve never been in so much pain and so happy at the same time, , , he said, as we sat side by side on the frozen rock and looked down over Africa. “You know, in the past when we’ d go on camping and rafting trips, you guided and took care of me through it all. But on Kilimanjaro it was different. From the bottom up, I climbed it. I never felt like a kid, even when 1 was in pain. You never acted like a parent.” “That’s not quite true, ” I replied. “When you told me that on the summit you fell-and I did not even notice, my first thought was, ‘Oh my God! I’m such an awful parent!’ But then it hit me, ‘He got himself up. He walked to the peak on his own. He didn't need me to help.,” I realized as I spoke that two people had died that night on Kilimanjaro. A child and a parent. It was just two friends who walked down the mountain together. 31. What is NOT mentioned in the first paragraph? A. B. C. D. Kilimanjaro is powerful. Kilimanjaro is hard to climb. Many people, including Josh, have changed after climbing Kilimanjaro. The writer has a distant relationship with his son after climbing Kilimanjaro.


【解析】 细节理解题。 根据文章第一段提到乞力马扎罗山很强大, 很难爬, 很多人, 包括 Josh 都在爬过乞力马扎罗山后改变了。没有提到 D 选项的内容,故选 D。 32.From the second paragraph we know that_____ A. B. C. D. Josh had a slight headache. Josh reached the top of the mountain with the help of the guides. Josh overcame various difficulties on his way to the summit. Climbing Kilimanjaro was too hard for such a child as Josh.

【答案】C 【解析】细节理解题。根据第二段的句子:He forced himself to his feet, shook the guides off. He set his face towards the peak and just kept marching. Near the summit he caught up with me and we reached the peak together.可知 Josh 在登上山顶的过程中克 服了很多困难。.故选 C。 33. What does the underlined phrase in the second paragraph mean? A. cheered up B. gave up C. burst out D. ran out

【答案】A 【解析】细节理解题。cheer up 振作起来;gave up 放弃;burst out 突发;ran out 耗尽。 根据 He forced himself to his feet, shook the guides off.可知:snap out of 重新振 作起来。故选 A。 34. What can be inferred from the talk between the father and the son? A. B. C. D. Josh felt quite good about his independence. Josh appreciated his parents ,company and care. The father felt guilty all the time. The father should have taken good care of Josh as usual.

【答案】A 【解析】推理判断题。根据:“ I’ve never been in so much pain and so happy at the same time, , ,可知 Josh 对自己的独立感觉很好。故选 A。 35. Why did the father feel that two people had died? A. B. C. Because two people had lost their lives while climbing Kilimanjaro. Because the father and son had become friends. Because they had witnessed an accidence of a father and son.


Because two friends had misled him.

【答案】B 【解析】 细节理解题。 根据 It was just two friends who walked down the mountain together. 可知父亲觉得和儿子成为了朋友,所以以前的两个人死了。故选 B。

【2015 届河北省唐山市高三 9 月模拟考试】 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 (请将答案写在答题卡上) Do you believe fate can bring together people who are far apart? Here is a true story. As he posed for a holiday photo on the beach, six-year-old Nick Wheeler paid no attention to the little girl 1 (make) sandcastles a few yards away. It was only

when he showed his fiancee Aimee Maiden the phot0 20 years later that she pointed at 2 five-year-old in a swimsuit and cried 3 4 (surprise): "That's me!”

the picture was taken in 1994, the pair lived hundreds of miles apart, yet 5 (meet) and fall in love at sixth-form college, 11 6 Miss Maiden

fate determined that they

years later. After their college years, Mr.Wheeler joined the army trained as a teacher.

They moved in together three years ago and got engaged last year. They hosted a party, where they showed off the photo 7 their friends and family. The couple 8 the photo was taken

married on Saturday at Gulval Church in Mousehole, 20 years and just a 9 (minute) walk from the same spot.

They are heading to Florida for _ 10 _ honeymoon and plan to frame the treasured picture as soon as they get back. 【答案】 【知识点】完形填空 【文章综述】 【答案解析】 1.making 考查动词用法。Pay attention to sb doing 注意到某人做某事。


考查冠词。句意:当他给他的未婚妻看 20 年前的照片时,她指着一个五岁的

穿着泳衣的女孩,吃惊的叫起来,那是我。The 表示特指。 3.surprisedly 考查副词。句意:当他给他的未婚妻看 20 年前的照片时,她指着一个五

岁的穿着泳衣的女孩,吃惊的叫起来,那是我。修饰动词 cried ,用副词的形式。 4.When 考查连词。句意:当 1994 年照这张照片时,他俩相距很远。

5.would meet/ were to meet 考查时态。句意:然而命运决定了他们将会相遇并且相爱。根 据 11 years later 过去将来时。 6. while 或 and 考查连词。 句意:大学之后,维乐参军而玛尼也当了老师,两个句子表示 对比。 7. to 8. after 9. minute’s 10. their/the 考查动词的用法,show sth to sb 给某人看某事; 考查连词。句意:他们结婚了,在这个照片照了 20 年后。 考查名词。句意:离当年照想的地方只有一分钟的路。 考查冠词。句意:他们前往佛罗里达去度蜜月。The 表示特指。

广东省语法填空 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入一个适当的 词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。 Many Chinese students studying abroad like to stay with host families to learn their language and culture. Nowadays, many Shanghai white-collar workers have received native English speaking __1__(nation) students as their host families, too, in order to learn English from them. It is usually free for foreign students to stay in a host family in Shanghai, hut he/she must take __2__ the responsibility of teaching English to at least one certain members of the family. Miss Li has always worried about her __3__(limit) English. “I never knew what to say to an English-speaking person. ” she said. She has taken a number of English courses, but __4__ has proved to be useful. Last year, she saw _5__ advertisement recruiting (征募) host families for foreign students, and that was how Carey (from Chicago, US) came to her home. Carey is actually not a student, but a manager. She stays in Li’s apartment for free,__6__ has to teach Li oral English for 1 hour every day. “She could hardly speak Chinese at the beginning, and we had to guess __7__ each other meant through gestures.” said Li.

Two months later, they could talk to each other __8__ gesticulating. Now, Li can communicate with any English-speaking person freely. About one hundred Shanghai families have received foreign boarding students, and the figure __9__(rise). However, foreign hoarding students can only help improve oral English, but __10__ examination skills. 1.[解析] 根据文章内容,英语为本族语的学生是“国际”学生,作定语要用形容词形 式。 [答案] international 2.[解析] take up the responsibility 表示“担起责任”。 [答案] up 3.[解析] 在 English 前用形容词作定语。 [答案] limited 4.[解析] 结合上下文来看,表示“没有一种课程”管用。 [答案] none 5.[解析] 指看到“一则”广告,表示“一个(块,张等)”用不定冠词。 [答案] an 6.[解析] 表示逻辑转折。文中指免费是有条件的。 [答案] but 7.[解析] 引导宾语从句并在从句中作宾语,用 what。 [答案] what 8.[解析] 指两个月后就“不需要”手势就可以理解了。 [答案] without 9.[解析] 由文意可知,指目前或近阶段每一百户人家中接受外国人居住的数目“正在 上升”。 [答案] is rising 10.[解析] 整篇讲的都是口语,所以,对应的“应试”问题就不能解决了。 [答案] not.

语法填空。阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形 式。 【全国新课标卷题型】 If the population of the Earth keeps on__1__(increase) at its present rate,there will__2__(event) not be enough resources left to support life on the planet. By the middle of the 21st century,if present trends continue,we__3__(use) up all the oil
- 10 -

that drive our cars, for example. Even if scientists develop new ways of feeding the human race, the crowded conditions on Earth will make it__4__(necessity) for us to look for somewhere else. But__5__of the other planets in our solar system are capable of supporting life at present. One possible solution to the problem, __6__, has recently been suggested by an American scientist, Professor Carl Sagan. Sagarn believes that__7__ the Earth's resources are completely__8__(exhaust),it will be possible to change the atmosphere of Venus and__9__create a new world almost as large as Earth itself. Something is difficult. Venus is much hotter than the Earth. __10__, there is only a tiny amount of water there. 1.______ 2.______ 6.______ 7.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______

答案:1.increasing 2.eventually 3.will have used 4.necessary 5.none 6.however 7.before 8.exhausted 9.therefore 10.Besides

- 11 -

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