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长宁区 2012 学年第一学期高三英语期终质量抽测试卷
第 I 卷 (共 105 分)
I. Listening Comprehension
Section A Directions: In Section A, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. The conversations and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a conversation and the question about it, read the four possible answers on your paper, and decide which one is the best answer to the questions you have heard. 1. A. At a gallery. C. At a furniture shop. A. School sports team. C. A swimming match. A. $8. B. $12. B. At a science museum. D. At a stationery store. B. The exam score. D. An Olympic organization. C. $40. D. $80.


3. 4.

A. They are going camping this weekend. C. They will join the outdoor club next year. A. Teacher and student. C. Travel agent and customer. A. The man arrived just on time. C. She didn’t expect him to come so soon. A. She dislikes watching fireworks. C. She’s already had plans for the night. A. To enjoy the nice weather. C. To take up their study together. A. The woman has too many keys. C. The woman is too forgetful.

B. They have recently visited Lake Dunmore. D. They have to change their weekend plans. B. Doctor and patient. D. Manager and office clerk. B. It is not the right time for her. D. Her cable TV set doesn’t need any repair. B. She has to get some movie tickets. D. She doesn’t want to go out with the man. B. To postpone the meeting. D. To start a project on weather changes. B. The woman shouldn’t get annoyed. D. The woman seldom looks for her keys.







A. He will change his plans for tomorrow night. B. He will be at both the appointment and the party. C. He has an appointment with Mary tomorrow anyway. D. He feels sorry that he cannot go to the birthday party.

Section B Directions: In Section B, you will hear two short passages, and you will be asked three questions on each of the passage. The passages will be read twice, but the questions will be spoken only once. When you hear a question, read the four possible answers on your paper and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage. 11. A. It could be dangerous if a sleepwalking person is woken up. B. Children are more likely to sleepwalk or sleeptalk than adults. C. Sleepwalking and sleeptalking are two different kinds of dreams. D. Sleeptalking doesn’t occur during non-rapid eye movement sleep. A. A guilty murderer. C. A terrible physician. B. A man in absolute horror. D. A man with mental problem.



A. People can be dreaming while they are sleepwalking. B. Sleepwalking sometimes can have serious consequences. C. Crimes committed during sleepwalking are often forgivable. D. Around 10 percent of people have experienced sleepwalking.

Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following news. 14. A. Queen Victoria. C. Queen Elizabeth. B. King George VI. D. Prince Philip.


A. They intend to return the favor of the public. B. They hope to see the change of these countries. C. They want to become more popular with the public. D. They plan to get more familiar with these countries. A. The magnificent history of the British royal family. B. A grand ceremony of Queen Elizabeth’s diamond wedding. C. The official tours of Prince William and his wife with other royals. D. A big celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne (在位).


Section C Directions: In Section C, you will hear two longer conversations. The conversations will be read twice. After you hear each conversation, you are required to fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard. Write your answers on your answer sheet. Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation.

Complete the form.

Write ONE WORD for each answer. Memo: (A)n 17 Jack Young To have his eyes Apartment 247-3006 4:00, 20 afternoon 19 18 . , 177 Chapel Street with Dr. Wilson

Patient’s name: Purpose: Address: Phone number: Time:

Blanks 21 through 24 are based on the following conversation. Complete the form. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. We mix our food with water and heat it in the 21 . ? We wash with wet cloths and 22 . ? We use air to 23 . We are fastened to the beds called ―sleeping stations‖ to 24 .

How do you cook in space? What do you use to keep yourselves clean in space? Why do you sleep like that on a spaceship?

II. Grammar and Vocabulary
Section A Directions: beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence. 25. 26. 27. The author received tons of congratulations ______ his great success in writing. A. in B. on C. from D. by Did you foresee that so many investors ______ all their money in the stock market? A. had lost B. lost C. would lose D. have lost People living in big cities tend to be ______ concerned with air quality than those living in countryside. A. even more B. many more C. much less D. still less Some fast developing countries around the world don’t care about protecting ______ against environmental pollution. A. themselves B. them C. it D. itself According to the new regulations, one ______ pass night driving test for the license. A. need B. can C. must D. may All the residents in the area ______ that they move into new flats within three months. A. are advised B. advised C. have advised D. have been advised She came up with several ideas about the house decoration ______ a fantastic one popped into her mind. A. until B. before C. since D. unless Mary’s success lies in the fact ______ she is co-operative and eager to learn from others. A. because B. which C. where D. that ______ any staircase, I followed a dark passage and it seemed to go on for ever. A. Not to have seen B. Seeing not C. Having not seen D. Not seeing


29. 30. 31.

32. 33.

34. 35. 36. 37. 38.

Unless ______ to speak, most high school students here prefer remaining silent in class. A. invited B. inviting C. being invited D. having invited Doctors insist the growth of wisdom continues after the 40s, 50s and even 60s, ______? A. does it B. doesn’t it C. do they D. don’t they If she accepts this position, she will have no choice but ______ an even greater challenge. A. to meet B. meets C. meeting D. met Donald survived when the car ______ he was in crashed into a truck from the opposite side. A. as B. where C. that D. once A high definition digital camera on this cell phone can show you vividly ______ is around the person you are talking to. A. how B. which C. what D. where Was it the boy’s passion for playing the piano in his childhood ______ led him to be a music college student? A. which B. that C. what D. when I remember ______ Mike for advice since he is regarded by many as a good adviser. A. to be asked B. asking C. to ask D. being asked



Section B Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need. A. advance F. defined B. similar G. approaches C. destruction H. miserable D. cease I. populated

Each word can

E. increase J. shifts

People rarely feel as helpless as they do when attacked by the threat of severe storms. There is nothing that can prevent a hurricane (飓风) or tornado from causing destruction if it reaches a 41 area. History offers numerous examples of storms that have destroyed large numbers of homes and killed many people. But today things are not as 42 as they were in the past. By studying the conditions that cause storms, weather forecasters are better able to predict them and give people in their paths the warning needed in 43 to keep away from tragedy. A storm is 44 as a sudden, extreme change in the normal conditions of Earth’s atmosphere. Examples include a large flood of moisture (湿气) or a sharp increase in wind speed. These types of 45 are generally caused by a dramatic change in air pressure. In fact, air pressure often affects weather more than any other factors. Hurricanes are somewhat 46 to tornadoes because both produce atmospheric vortices. Vortices are cone-shaped depression (低气压) of high-speed winds that can cause a large lot of 47 if they touch the ground. When a storm 48 shore, it brings not only fierce winds but also large amounts of ocean water. Storms require moisture to exist, so they quickly 49 over land. As the storm dies, it creates large thunderclouds that can cause heavy rain, thunder, lightning, and flooding. Tornadoes can also form from the breakup of storms and are often one of their most dangerous consequences.

III. Reading Comprehension
Section A

Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. All over the world, people admire the beauty and grace of butterflies. Butterflies come in every color imaginable, and their 50 display an incredible variety of patterns. The largest butterfly, Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing, has a wingspan (翼展) of up to 280 millimeters and lives in Papua New Guinea. The smallest, the Western Pygmy Blue in the southern U.S., has a wingspan of only 12 millimeters. Sadly, some of these beautiful creatures are now 51 . Estimates indicate that between 15 and 20 thousand species of butterflies exist around the world. A number of these species are endangered, over 20 in Japan 52 . Although that number may seem small, losing even one species would be 53 . Nowadays scientists even look to butterflies as a 54 of the environment’s health, since they are 55 to environmental changes. Many environmentalists around the world are eager to protect the endangered butterflies from extinction. The American Museum of Natural History in New York, for example, has an unusual butterfly exhibit. This exhibit 56 the important role that butterflies play in our environment. In recent years, environmental groups have made significant progress in 57 endangered butterfly populations. Governments throughout Asia have passed laws to help protect endangered wildlife, including butterflies. An area called Butterfly Valley in Assam, India, has become the focus of conscious 58 to protect the butterflies’ habitat (栖息地). Other projects in Serbia, Japan, and Canada are also hoping to 59 . Some of these efforts are already starting to work. The population of the El Segundo Blue Butterfly in California, for instance, has increased by 8 percent since 2010. Finding a cure for the butterfly crisis is, 60 , not just for environmental groups. 61 citizens can plant butterfly gardens to support and enjoy these gentle creatures. A group of female prisoners in Belfair, Washington, are helping to rescue an endangered species called Taylor’s Checkerspot. They recognize how 62 seemingly insignificant creatures can be. The world cannot afford to lose any butterflies. As environmentalist John Muir once 63 , ―When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it 64 to everything else in the Universe.‖ 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. A. colors A. out of control A. nearby A. predictable A. factor A. exposed A. highlights A. preserving A. projects A. set an example A. however A. Distinguished A. graceful A. proposed B. bodies B. in great danger B. though B. possible B. picture B. accustomed B. changes B. controlling B. efforts B. keep the promise B. furthermore B. Leading B. significant B. commented C. wings C. on the fly C. besides C. imaginable C. measure C. sensitive C. replaces C. observing C. steps C. make a difference C. otherwise C. Senior C. pitiful C. promised D. feelers D. out of date D. alone D. terrible D. display D. resistant D. finds D. recognizing D. groups D. take the time D. therefore D. Ordinary D. mysterious D. recommended


A. restricted

B. adapted

C. contributed

D. tied

Section B Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (A) When I was in college, a man named Henry worked as a custodian (看门人) in our student union building. White-haired, with a Pennsylvania Dutch accent, Henry could usually be seen in a baseball cap, a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. He was the custodian, and he was the most respected and most well-known person in the building. Everyone loved Henry, and it was because of all the implicit ways he expressed his love for everyone around him. Henry didn’t have to say, ―I love you.‖ He lived his love. Henry was always excited when he met someone new, and he wanted to know everything about them. He felt it was important to do things for people he valued. And Henry seemed to value everyone he met. He brought in articles or cartoons for certain people, went out of his way to introduce people to each other, kept dozens of names and birthdays in his wallet so he could send cards, and helped students keep in touch with graduates who had written to him. He even assisted students who didn’t have enough money to buy their books. Henry taught me --- and many others he supported --- how to live life to the fullest. Not by skydiving or exploring some foreign countries, but by appreciating where you are in life and valuing those around you. The funny thing is that despite all he did and taught us, Henry truly believed that he was the lucky one --- that he was the one who was gaining so much by getting to know us. But all of us who remember Henry know that we were the ones who were truly blessed. We will never forget the man who taught us that best way to say ―I love you‖ often has little to do with the words. 65. What does the word ―implicit‖ in Paragraph 2 most probably mean? A. Unstated. B. Appropriate. C. Indelicate. D. Charming.

66. According to the passage, working as a custodian in a college, Henry ______. A. made international travels to live a full life B. was a role model of how to be a caring person C. was busy organizing former students’ reunions D. gathered plenty information about the needy students 67. Henry was always excited to meet new people because ______. A. it would make people think highly of him B. he was the most popular person in the college C. it was part of his responsibility as a custodian D. he treasured everything around him in his life

68. Which of the following word cannot be used to describe Henry? A. Gracious. B. Adventurous. (B) File Created DELAYED BAGGAGE REPORT _______________________________________________________________________________ Dear Valued Customer, We regret that your baggage was not available to claim after your recent flight. Everything possible will be done to locate your property and return it to you promptly. For information regarding your delayed baggage, contact the United Airlines Baggage Resolution Center at its 24 hour, seven day a week number: 1-800-335-BAGS (2247) (US – Toll Free) 281-821-3536 (Local Houston Number) Or visit site: http://www.united.com/for/bagtracing As soon as you file your Delayed Baggage Report, United Airlines will begin to trace for your baggage system wide. Our Baggage Resolution staff will make every effort to call you once a day to keep you updated on our progress. So that we can quickly access your records, please refer to the File Reference Number on this receipt when corresponding or calling. Keep this receipt with your claim check and E-Ticket receipt until your baggage is returned to you. In most circumstances, United Airlines will deliver your baggage when it is located. Delivery times vary depending on location. If your baggage has not been returned to you within the initial five-day tracing period, please download a claim form at http://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/baggage/delayed.aspx and return it to us with the required documentation included. http://csmcbagapp.nam.coair.com/bmswtweb/Docs/FileCreatedPrintPC.aspx?ref_num=144… _______________________________________________________________________________ DELAYED BAGGAGE REPORT FILE REFERENCE: ALBUA25876 _______________________________________________________________________________ Name: JOHN JACKSON Contact Number: 802-247-9999 Delivery Address: 66 MOONBROOK DR BRANDON Email: minminvt@yahoo.com VERMONT USA 05745 _______________________________________________________________________________ Bag Tag Description 0037387643 Soft-Side Upright suitcase 0037387657 Non-Zippered, hard side horizontal suitcase

C. Supportive.

D. Sympathetic.

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69. Where does the receipt most probably come from? A. Suitcase Tracing Website. C. Baggage Resolution Center. B. Delivery Center of United Airlines. D. Information Center of the Airport.

70. From the receipt we can learn that John Jackson ______. A. must have filed his Delayed Baggage Report already B. couldn’t deal with his delayed baggage on line until July 17, 2012 C. should call 802-247-9999 for the information about his delayed baggage D. may not know anything about his delayed baggage during the first five days 71. Which of the following information is not provided in the receipt? A. The description of the customer’s checked suitcases. B. The regular routine of the delayed baggage tracing. C. The contact phone number of Albany N.Y. Airport. D. The customer’s delayed baggage file reference number. (C) The candidate longing for election to the highest office in the United States must be native-born American citizen who is at least 35 years old and who has lived in the United States for at least 14 years. The election course is complicated, and the road to the Oval Office is long. Potential candidates must present papers stating their intention to seek their party’s recommendation; delegates then choose from among those running some months later at the national conferences. Before that, however, each state holds a primary election that determines how the state’s voters want the party’s delegates to vote. Methods of choosing the delegates vary from state to state. At the conferences, there are speeches and often heated discussions. It may take several rounds of voting before delegates can agree on a candidate. On the final day of the meeting, the presidential candidate announces his or her choice for vice president. Election Day, by law, is the Tuesday that follows the first Monday in November. On this day, registered voters may cast their votes for president, vice president, and candidates for other federal (联邦), state, and local offices. The popular vote, however, does not determine who will be president. The president is chosen by a vote of the Electoral College, a group of 538 citizens from the 50 states and the District of Columbia who are chosen to cast votes for the president and vice president. The rules for choosing electors, as with the delegates, vary. Each state also decides whether its electoral votes must reflect the popular vote. The number of electors in each state is determined by the number of representatives and senators (议员) that a state sends to Congress and, therefore, may change every 10 years, depending on the results of the United States census (人口普查). The winner must get at least 270 of the electoral votes when the Electoral College meets in December of the election year. The election results are not official, however, until the following January, when Congress meets in a joint conference to count the electoral votes. At the end of the road to the Oval Office is the swearing-in ceremony, at which the new or

reelected president takes the oath (誓言) of office on January 20. 72. Which of the following is not a requirement for candidates for the presidency of the USA? A. Minimum age of thirty-five years old. B. Previous experience in an elective office. C. Native of the United States of America. D. Bottom residency of fourteen years in the States. 73. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? A. Election results are not authorized until the first month of the coming year. B. Ways to select the delegates of each state are very much the same in the USA. C. The successful presidential candidate wins a maximum number of electoral votes. D. A party’s potential candidate is chosen months before its national conference is held. 74. We can conclude from the passage that ______. A. the candidate who wins the popular vote will be the winner of the election B. the electors don’t have the right to vote against their registered voters’ will C. the presidents of the United States are theoretically picked by the citizens directly D. the change of a state’s population barely has effect on the presidential election 75. Which of the following might be the best title of the passage? A. The Various Ways of Presidential Election in the USA B. The Qualifications for Being the President of the USA C. The Rules for Choosing Presidential Candidates in the USA D. The Process of the Election for the President of the USA Section C Directions: Read the following text and choose the most suitable heading from A-F for each paragraph. There is one extra heading which you do not need. A. Take some appropriate exercise. B. Look on the bright side of your life. C. Provide yourself with a nutrient diet. D. Realize your depression and relieve it. E. Fight your depression by talking with others F. Get your fancy and sense of happiness back.

76. Try to identify any situations that have contributed to your depression. When you know what has got you feeling blue and why, talk about it with a caring friend, for talking is a way to release the feelings and to receive some understanding. If there’s no one to tell, pouring your heart out to a journal works just as well. Once you air out these thoughts and feelings, turn your attention to something positive. Feeling connected to friends and family can help relieve depression and it may also help them feel there’s something they can do instead of just watching you hurt.

77. Depression affects a person’s thoughts, making everything seem miserable, negative, and hopeless. If depression has you noticing only the negative, make an effort to notice the good things in life, say considering your strengths, gifts, or blessings may help. 78. With depression, a person’s creativity and sense of fun may seem blocked. Exercise your imagination by painting, sewing, writing, dancing or composing music, and then you not only get those creative juices flowing, you also loosen up some positive emotions. Take time to play with a friend or a pet, or do something fun for yourself, or find something to laugh about — a funny movie, perhaps, because laughter helps lighten your mood. 79. Taking a 15-to 30-minute brisk walk every day --- or dancing, jogging, or biking if you prefer makes you feel less depressed. Once you get in the exercise habit, it won’t take long to notice a difference in your mood. In addition to getting aerobic exercise, some yoga poses can help relieve feelings of depression. Two aspects of yoga --- breathing exercises and meditation --- can help people with depression feel better. 80. In depression, some people may not feel like eating at all, while others might overeat. If depression has affected your appetite, you’ll need to be extra mindful of getting the right nourishment, for proper nutrition can influence a person’s mood and energy. So eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and get regular meals even if you don’t feel hungry, try to eat something light, like a piece of fruit, to keep you going. Section D Directions: Read the passage carefully. in the fewest possible words. Then answer the questions or complete the statements

―Neither a borrower nor a lender be.‖ Although this might be excellent advice in matters concerning family and friends, borrowing and lending are frequently the foundation of a booming economy. A loan is a sum of money borrowed for a limited period. A loan may be obtained from an individual or from an institution such as a bank and is generally granted at a specific rate of interest. Interest is the fee that the borrower pays to use the money. An extremely high rate of interest --- and certainly any amount more than law permits --- is called usury. Lending money can be a risky business, for there is always the possibility that the borrower may not be able to pay the loan. For this reason, a lender generally requires the borrower to register something valuable of his or hers, known as collateral (抵押), as a part of the loan agreement. A house or an automobile, investments in the stock market, even the value of a business, are all examples of collateral that a lender may be willing to accept in the event that the borrower fails to pay the loan.

There are two major sorts of loans: consumer loans and commercial loans. A consumer loan is one that is made to an individual, and it may be to buy a house or an automobile or to finance an education. A commercial loan may be used to start a new business, pay for new equipment and staff, or expand an office or factory. The business of making loans also contributes to a healthy economy by enhancing the employment market. Loans allow consumers to buy and improve homes, creating jobs for carpenters, architects and etc. Loans enable businesses to expand, and when these businesses open a branch office or a new store, they also increase their consumption of office supplies, furnishings, and computers. In a booming economy, money circulates quickly, and each deal represents earnings for someone. It may be reasonable to say that a certain level of debt is normal, even necessary, to a healthy economy as long as the individual borrower or business is careful and try not to take on more than a manageable amount of debt. (Note: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN TEN WORDS.) 81. ―Neither a borrower nor a lender be.‖ is excellent advice for keeping good family and friends while it is __________. 82. What is the purpose of collateral in a loan agreement? 83. Different from commercial loans, consumer loans may be used to __________. 84. How can the individual borrower or business profit from a booming economy?

第 II 卷 (共 45 分)
I. Translation
Directions: brackets. Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the

1. 我最喜欢的运动是打网球。(play) 2. 应该给予孩子们更多心理上的抚慰。(comfort) 3. 不管多么困难,我们都应该按时完成这项利民工程。(however) 4. 人们很少仅仅因为这座城市的生活节奏太快而决定离开。(Rarely) 5. 她既然认为自己没有做错什么,那又何必要违心地当众认错呢?(against)

II. Guided Writing
Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 下图是一个孩子被父母送出国留学时的一幕。 请针对图片反映的社会现象, 谈谈你对此 事的看法。你的作文必须包括: ? ? 描述图片内容 谈谈你的看法

(三)长宁区 2013 届高考英语一模卷 第I卷 I. Listening Comprehension Section A 1~5 ACBAD 6~10 BCACD Section B 11~13 BDB 14~16 ACD Section C 17. appointment 18. examined 19. 14 20. Tuesday 21. oven 22. special soap 23. clean our toilets 24. avoid floating (around) II. Grammar and Vocabulary Section A 25~29 BCAAC 30~34 DBDDA 35~40 DACCBB Section B 41~45 IHAFJ 46~49 BCGD III. Reading Comprehension Section A 50~54 CBDDC 55~59 CAABC 60~64 ADBBD Section B 65~68 ABDB 69~71 CAC 72~75 BACD Section C 76~80 DBFAC Section D 81. not for building / developing a booming / fast-growing economy 82. To prevent the borrower from not paying the loan. / … 83. fulfill / achieve the purpose of personal development / … 84. By being careful and avoiding being in too much debt / … 第 II 卷 I. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Translation My favorite sport is playing tennis. Children should be given / provided with more psychological comfort. However difficult it may be, we must finish the project that benefits ordinary people on time. Rarely do people decide to leave the city only because of its too fast pace of life. Why did she admit her mistake against her will in public since she thought she had done nothing wrong? II. Guided Writing 略

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