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题一:The woman loves the children ______ she were their mother. A. as B. even if C. as if D. if

题二:He opened his mouth ______ he would say something. A. as if B. even though C. as D. though

题三:In peace ,too, the Red Cross is expected to send help _____ there is human suffering. A. whoever B. however C. whatever D. wherever

题四:The old tower must be saved, ______ the cost. A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. wherever

题五:______ I really don’t like art,I find his work impressive. A. As B. Since C. If D. While

题六:_____private cars are bringing us convenience, they may also cause more traffic accidents and pollution. A. While B. As C. If D. Since

题七:_____ the police thought he was the most likely one, since they had no exact proof about it, they could not arrest him. A. Although B. As long as C. If only D. As soon as

题八:_____ the world economy is in difficulty, _____ we can see, the people of China are full of hope. A.As;不填 C.Though;as B.Because;which D.With;不填


题九:_______ life pace continues to speed up, we are quickly losing the art of enjoyment. A. With B. while C. when D. as

题十:He was about to tell me the secret _______ someone patted him on the shoulder. A. as B. until C. while D. when

题十一:The husband rushed to the hospital _______ he heard that his wife was injured. A. at the moment B. for the moment C. directly D. in a moment

题十二:Mary rushed home _______ she heard the news, only _______ that his wife was gone. A. as soon as; finding C. the moment; find B. immediately; to find D. when; found

题十三:It is morning,_______ the birds are singing. A. since B. for C. because D. as

题十四:It was_______ Lingling was ill that she didn’t come to school. A. for B. because C. since D. as

题十五:_______, you’ll never be able to persuade him. A. No matter how good advice you give C. No matter what good you give advice B. However good advice do you give D. Whatever good advice you give

题十六:_______ many difficulties they may come across, they’ll keep up and hold on until they get them over. A. However B. Whatever C. Whichever D. Whenever

题十七:It was not ____ she took off her dark glasses ____ I realized she was a famous


film star. A. when; that C. until; when B. until; that D. when; then

______ I failed in English a third time, I had no doubt about my gift for foreign languages. A. By the time B. Until C. After D. Unless

题十八:It ______we had stayed together for a couple of weeks ______I found we had a lot in common. A. was until; when C. wasn’t until; when B. was until; that D. wasn’t until; that

—When shall we go planting trees in the hill? —______ it begins to rain, so they don’t need watering. A. Not until
题一: C

B. While

C. Till

D. Unless

详解:句意为:这位妇女爱这些孩子就好像她是他们的母亲。as if 意为“好像” 。

题二: A

详解:句意为:他张开嘴好像要说什么。as if 意为“好像” 。

题三: D

详解:此题考查“疑问句+ever”的用法。句意为:同样在和平时期,无论哪里有人在受苦, 红十字会就被寄以希望送去援助。wherever 意为“无论哪里” 。

题四: B

详解:句意为:不管付出什么样的代价也要挽救这座古老的塔。 句的意思是“这古老的塔必须挽救了,无论花什么代价”。 考查状语从句连词及省略,补全句子应为“whatever the cost is”, whatever 作表语,意 为“不管??什么”。


题五: D

详解:句意为:虽然我不是真正地喜欢艺术,但我觉得他的作品确实能打动人。while 在此意 为“虽然” 。

题六: A

详解:句意为:虽然私家车正在给我们带来便利,但是它们也可能导致更多的交通事故和污 染。while 在此意为“虽然” 。

题七: A

详解:句意为:虽然警察认为他是最大的嫌疑犯,但是因为没有确凿的证据,警察没能逮捕 他。although“虽然” 。

题八: C

句意为:虽然世界经济处于困难时期,但是我们能看得出来,中国人是满怀希望的。 _____ the world economy is in difficulty 与_____ we can see, the people of China are full of hope 之间是让步与转折关系。though 与 as 都表示让步,但 as 引导的从句必须倒 装, 而 though 引导的从句可以倒装也可以不倒装。 所以第一个空选 though; 在 “_____ we can see, the people of China are full of hope”中,_____ we can see 是定语从句,其先行 词为整个主句 the people of China are full of hope,所以第二个空选 as。

题九: D

详解:句意为:随着生活节奏的继续加快,我们正在快速地失去欣赏艺术。 with prep.随着;as cong. 随着。 若用 with 则原题应改为 with life pace continuing to speed up。
题十: D

详解:句意为:他正要告诉我这个秘密,这时,有人拍了拍他的肩。when 当并列连词解时, 是“(在)这时”的意思,常用在 was/were about to do sth.+when+一般过去时”这个句型 中,意思是“某事马上要开始时,突然发生了另一件事。”
题十一: C

详解:directly 为从属连词,引导时间状语从句,意为“一??就??” 。其它选项均为介词


题十二: B

as soon as, immediately, the moment 都引导时间状语从句,都意为“一??就??” 。when 引导时间状语从句,意为“当??的时候” 。第一个空填这四个词的任何一个都可以;第二个 空应是非谓语动词作结果状语,表示意想不到的结果,所以应填不定式。

题十三: B

详解:for 表示推断的理由,从鸟儿唱歌可推断出时间是早晨。

题十四: B

详解:在强调句型中,当对原因状语从句进行强调时,你能对 because 引导的原因状语从句 进行强调。

题十五: D

详解: however 后接形容词或副词, 意为 “无论多么” , 引导让步状语从句, 其句型为: however+ 形容词或副词+主语+谓语或 however + many/ /much,/few/little+主语+谓语;whatever 后 接名词,意为“无论什么” ,引导让步状语从句,其句型为:whatever(+形容词)+名词+主语+ 谓语;no matter 意为“无论, 不管” ,其后要接疑问词,其句型为:no matter+疑问词(+形 容词/副词/名词)+主语+谓语。no matter+疑问词=疑问词+ever。

题十六: A

however 意为“无论多么”其句型为:however+形容词或副词+主语+谓语或 however +many/ /much,/few/little+主语+谓语;whatever,意为“无论什么” ,其句型为: whatever(+形容 词)+名词+主语+谓语;whichever 意为“无论哪个(些) ” ,后接名词,其句型为:whichever (+ 形容词)+名词+主语+谓语;whenever 意为“无论什么时候” ,不修饰任何词, 后面直接跟从句。

题十七: B; B

详解:这是 not?until?的强调句型,即:It + be + not until...+ that+其它部分。 详解:句意为:直到我英语再一次不及格,我才开始怀疑我学习外语的天赋。 not?until?

意为“直到??才??” 。

题十八: D; A

详解:这是 not?until?的强调句型,即:It + be + not until...+ that+其它部分。 详解:句意为:— 我们什么时候去山上植树? — 知道天开始下雨才回去,所以树就不必浇 水了。根据答语,主句用了省略形式,其完整的形式为:We shall not go planting trees in the hill until it begins to rain。not?until?意为“直到??才??” 。


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