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第一节 语法与词汇知识(共 1 0 小题;每小题 l.5 分,满分 l5 分) 1. more effectively with others,more and more people equip themselves with a higher education. A.Compete B.Being competed C.To compete D.Competing 2.There is no possibility Mary can win the first prize in the English Speech Contest. A.that B.what C.whether D.if 3.With the development of e-commerce in China,delivery companies into close contact with people and families. A.get B.have got C.are getting D.will get 4.In northern China,the first meal of the New Year is always dumplings, there is a wide variety of choices in southern Ghma. A.while B.when C.however D.as 5.----I didn?t tell the truth to my head teacher in his office. ---You .Honesty is the best policy. A.could B.should C.could have D.should have 6.Is this university the one you visited the modern laboratories last year? A.which B.as C.that D.where 7. his ideas with us,we would have made more progress. A.If he shared B.Did he share C.Had he shared D.If had he shared 8.----How much do you know about 3D film technology? ----A little.It was not until I saw the hot movie Avatar some about it. A.did I begin to learn B.I began to learn C.that I began to learn D.had I begun to learn 9.Misunderstandings arising from lack of social communication, handled properly, may lead to serious problems. A.unless B.if C.as long as D.once 10.---Can I leave your class a little earlier,Mr Zhang? --- .Every student here should obey our classroom disciplines! A.Go ahead B.Absolutely not C.Of course D.With pleasure 第二节完形填空 (A) I became a grown woman before I knew it. There are many of my friend s, whose 11 have passed away, saying they l2 expressed their gratitude to their mothers until it was too late to tell them. I am very happy my dear mother is still l3 and well. As I grow older and wiser, I realize what a great person she is. I am l4 with my wise mother. I am sorry that words are always escaping me when I was to express thanks to her in her presence,15 they often flow easily from my pen.Besides l6 itself,love,patience,hard work,as well as understanding a l7 teenager and l8 such a proud college student are all my mother has given me. Dear God, I want to ask you to bless her and to help l9 live up to the example she has set. I 20 that I will look as good in the eyes of my children as my mother looks in mine. 11.A.fathers B.friends C.mothers D.sisters 12.A.always B.never C.often D.occasionally 13.A.rich B.young C.alive D.wise 14.A.depressed B.disappointed C.concerned D.blessed 15.A.but B.still C.however D.otherwise 16.A.success B.position C.fame D.1ife 17.A.moody B.happy C.considerate D.good 18.A.scolding B.punishing C.discouraging D.tolerating 19.A.her B.me C.them D.it 20.A.pray B.insist C.wish D.advise (B) I was on my way home to Cincinnati from a business trip to New York,one day later than planned.My wife was admitted to 21 that afternoon for surgery,and I was 22 about getting back as soon as possible. When I 23 at the ticket counter to board the flight, the agent 24 me that I would be responsible for my own luggage when I 25 planes at Kennedy Airport.I had a 26 ,a briefcase with books and a case of equipment 27 for my job as an engineer. “What about the entire luggage?” I 28 , ?? I?ll have only a few minutes to make my connecting 29 . ??“The

airport bus won?t be far away,??she said. I 30 the plane and while it ran on the runway I figured anxiously.Finally I bowed my 31 and prayed,“Lord, please help me make my connecting flight.My wife is 32 me."I took a deep breath and tried to relax during the 45-minute trip. Upon 33 ,I saw the airport bus in the distance and struggled with my luggage.I can?t 34 that plane! “Sir,"someone said behind me,“it looks like you need 35 .??A skycap(搬运工)!“We?ll get you right on the bus,??he said, 36 his dolly(推车)with my luggage.He rolled it along while I walked 37 beside him. As he put my luggage in the airport bus. 38 for my wallet to tip him and thank him.But when I 39 ,he was gone.“What happened to that skycap??,I asked the official next to me. “Skycap?”, he said,looking 40.??The man who helped you is the director of the airport.?? 21.A.hospital B.clinic C.station D.office 22.A.serious B.crazy C.curious D.anxious 23.A.arrived B.attended C.reached D.moved 24.A.guaranteed B.promised C.informed D.showed 25.A.chased B.ordered C.switched D.rode 26.A.ticket B.suitcase C.wallet D.passport 27.A.useless B.comfortable C.broken D.necessary 28.A.doubted B.questioned C.complained D.screamed 29.A.bus B.flight C.train D.subway 30.A.caught B.planned C.boarded D.arranged 31.A.hand B.head C.waist D.chest 32.A.thinking about B.caring about C.worrying about D.counting on 33.A.1anding B.approaching C.1eaving D.lowering 34.A.take B.miss C.1ike D.fly 35.A.job B.help C.money D.ticket 36.A.placing B.fixing C.loading D.putting 37.A.gratefully B.hopefully C.carefully D.curiously 38.A.applied B.accounted C.searched D.reached 39.A.spoke out B.set up C.set out D.looked up 40.A.excited B.moved C.puzzled D.worried 第二部分:阅读理解(共 25 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 50 分) A For most seventh graders,life doesn?t get much harder than a history test.But for Grant Reed of Bellville,Ohio, it?s his own current events that are so painful.“Honestly,I don?t want to die,"Grant says.Last year,doctors at Nationwide Children?s Hospital in Columbus found a tumor(肿瘤)in Grant?s brain.They cut it out,but the surgery left him with stroke—like symptoms.Plus,he had to go through months of radiation and chemotherapy to try to stop the spread of the disease. Yet, through it all, Grant has shown remarkable determination, which he owes, partly, to Ohio State football. His parents,Troy and Denise,were both in the OSU marching band and fell in love during halftime of the Michigan game . His cat is named after the team Buckeye . His wardrobe is painted scarlet(the color of the team?s sportswear). The point is, almost nothing mattered more to Grant than Ohio State football-until he got sick, of course. ??I didn?t like the word cancer,”Grant says.So he decided not to use the word.Instead,the kid named his cancer Michigan and insisted everyone in his life refer to it as such,because Ohio State always beats Michigan.That was something he could understand and make it into a competition.He was going to beat this disease. It?s now been more than a year since Grant issued that announcement.“And if you look at his scans,”Dr.Randal Olshefski at Nationwide Children?s says,“There?s nothing there.There?s a big space, but there?s no tumor.?? “Grant is beating Michigan.And although much of it has to go to science,don?t discount the semantics(语义 学).You have to do something to make it a disease you can fight.And for Grant,that was naming it Michigan.”his parents say. This weekend,Ohio State and Michigan will be battling like their lives depend on it.But in this house,the Reed family will be watching with a calm insight:it?s just a game. 41.What?s the main idea of the first paragraph?

A.History is a difficult subject.B.Grant suffered a serious disease. C.The operation was successful. D.The tumor has spread all over. 42.From the second paragraph,we can infer that . A.Grant was born a football fan B.football makes a full man C.interest is the best teacher D.God helps those who help themselves 43.Why did Grant name his cancer Michigan? A.Because he dare not face it. B.Because he doesn?t want to die. C.Because Michigan is his favorite teamD.Because his favorite team can always beat Michigan 44.Apart from radiation and chemotherapy, is helping Grant beat the disease. A.the semantics B.his strong determination C.the football game D.his cat Buckeye 45.By saying that it?s just a game,we can infer that the Reed family . A.has lost interest in the match between Ohio State and Michigan B.believes Michigan will surely beat Ohio State this weekend C.has a better understanding of life D.views the match as a matter of life and death B Although they are an inexpensive supplier of vitamins,minerals,and high—quality protein,eggs also contain a high level of blood cholesterol(胆固醇), one of the major causes of heart disease. One egg yolk, in fact, contains a little more than two—thirds of the suggested daily cholesterol limit. This knowledge has caused egg sales to drop in recent years,which in turn has brought about the development of several alternatives to eating regular eggs.One alternative is to eat substitute eggs. These egg substitutes are not real eggs, but they look somewhat like eggs when they are cooked.They have the advantage of having lower cholesterol rates,and they can be scrambled or used in baking.One disadvantage, however,is that they are not good for frying, poaching, or boiling. A second alternative to regular eggs is a new type of eggs, sometimes called“designer??eggs. These eggs are produced by hens that are fed low-fat diets consisting of ingredients such as canola oil, flax, and rice bran. In spite of their diets,however,these hens produce eggs that contain the same amount of cholesterol as regular eggs.Yet,producers of these eggs claim that eating their eggs will not raise the blood cholesterol in humans. Egg producers claim that their product has been described unfairly。They use scientific studies to back up their claim.And in tact studies on the relationship between eggs and human cholesterol levels have brought mixed results. It may be that it is not the type of egg that is the main determinant of cholesterol but the person who is eating the eggs.Some people may be more sensitive to cholesterol from food than other people.In fact,there is evidence that certain dietary fats stimulate the body?s production of blood cholesterol. Consequently, while it still makes sense to limit one?s intake of eggs,even designer eggs,it seems that doing this without regulating dietary fat will probably not help reduce the blood cholesterol level. 46.According to this passage,which of the following is a cause of heart disease? A.High-quality protein B.Cholesterol C.Canola oil D.Minerals 47.The main cause of the recent drop in egg sales is . A.the production of substitute eggs and designer eggs B.the changes in hen?s diet C.the increasing price D.People?s knowledge of the high level of blood cholesterol in eggs 48.Which is the best way to cook substitute eggs? A.Boiling. B.Baking. C.Frying.D.Poaching. 49.What?s the main purpose of this passage? A.To advertise for substitute eggs. B.To warn people of the danger of heart disease by eating eggs. C.To inform people of the relationship between eggs and cholesterol. D.To tell people that fat intake is more dangerous than egg intake. 50.Which of the following statements is NOT true? A.It has been proved that some dietary fats stimulate the body?s production of blood cholesterol. B.Some people are insensitive to cholesterol from food. C.It is the type of egg that determines the level of cholesterol in one?s body. D.Controlling one?s intake of eggs and dietary fat is likely to reduce blood cholesterol. C There's nothing like experiencing history to understand it.So instead of reading about the U.S.Civil War in textbooks,some schoolchildren in Virginia are creating videos related to the conflict,in which the northern Union and

southern Confederate states fought over several issues,including slavery,from l861—1865. In one scene, children act as two Union generals, meeting at the Kaploan Klver in central Virginia.The l2-and l3-year-olds are producing a mini—video on the key role temporary pontoon bridges(浮桥)played during the war.After building and crossing a pontoon bridge, Union soldiers defeated a Confederate army in the Battle of the Wilderness. In another scene,students act as soldiers who are marching to the river with guns.Today,the area is part of a national military park . Park Educational Coordinator Peter Maugle shows the children how to hold the fake guns. “Hopefully they will understand why these places are important through projects and programs like this, and they will make an effort to keep these places preserved for future generations,??he said. Another background is a plantation where much of the Battle of the Wilderness was fought. At this location, another group of children is focusing on the diary of a woman who lived in the region during the war.Student director John Ashley says the experience has made him think more about the human aspect of the war.Filmmaker Ghil Hong donated his time to help the students, who have understood it quickly.“They are trying to convey the emotions during the Civil War.They really focus on wanting the story to be accurate,??Hong added. With help from advisors,the children also research,write,and edit the videos.Alexis Albert got a chance to try out directing and learned a lot about Civil War history in the process. “It helps me more as a student understand it more than reading a book and looking at words,"he said. The project is sponsored by the Journey Through Hallowed Ground,which raises awareness of historical sites from Pennsylvania to Virginia, including many Civil War battlegrounds. 51.The first paragraph mainly tells US that . A.some US students are making videos on the Civil War B.US students don?t like reading history textbooks C.The Civil War broke out for abolishing slavery. D.The Civil War of America lasted for four years 52.The important role that the pontoon bridge mentioned in the second paragraph played lies in that . A.the two generals met on it B.it contributed to a victory of Union soldiers C.it looks like a beautiful picture D.it was build over the Rapidan River 53.Peter Maugle did much to get the students to know . A.how to march like real soldiers B.how to make fake guns C.why the national military park is important D.what the area will be like in the future 54.The group of children is focusing on the diary to . A.know more about history of the plantation B.know more about the human nature during the war C.spend their spare time in the plantation D.make up more stories for the film 55.The Journey Through Hallowed Ground sponsors the project to A.direct the children to research,write,and edit the videos B.teach the children more about the Civil War history C.earn more money by attracting more tourists to the military park D.make the public pay more attention to the historical sites D Expressions about water are almost as common as water itself.But many of the expressions using water have unpleasant meanings. The expression “to be in hot water” is one of them.“Hot water, ,was used 500 years ago to mean being in trouble. One story says it got that meaning from the custom of throwing extremely hot water down on enemies attacking a castle. That no longer happens.But we still get in “hot water”.When we are in “hot water”,we are in trouble.It can be any kind of trouble-serious or not so serious.A person who breaks a law can be in hot water with the police.A young boy can be in hot water with his mother if he walks in the house with dirty shoes. Being in “deep water” is almost the same as being in hot water.When you are in deep water you are in a ditticult position Imagine a person who cannot swim being thrown in water over his head.You are in deep water when you are facing a problem that you do not have the ability to solve. You can be in deep water, for example, if you invest in stocks without knowing anything about the stock market. “To keep your head above water” is a colorful expression that means staying out of debt.A company seeks to keep its head above water during economic hard times.A man who loses his job tries to keep his head above water until he finds a new job. “Water over the dam” is another expression about a past event.It is something that is finished.It cannot be changed.The expression comes from the idea that water that has flowed over a dam cannot be brought back again.

“Throwing cold water”also is an expression that deals with ideas or proposals.It means that one doesn?t like an idea. For example, you want to buy a new car because the old one has some problems. But your wife throws cold water on the idea because she says a new car costs too much. 56.The expression “hot water” . A.has a long history B.is not used nowadays C.means arguing with others D.only means serious trouble 57.Which of the following expressions have the similar meaning? A.“Throwing cold water” and “deep water” B.“Hot water??and“deep water" C.??Deep water??and??water over the dam?? D.“Hot water??and“water over the dam" 58.If you signed an agreement with Tom yesterday and want to change it now,Tom may refuse and say . A.You should keep your head above water B.You can?t throw cold water C.It is water over the dam D.Don?t be in deep water 59.Tom borrowed a lot of money,so he has to to keep his head above water. A.find a well-paid job B.break the law C.swim to the shore D.invest in stocks blindly 60.What would be the best title for the passage? A.An important word in English B.Expressions about water C.Several common expressions D.Water and everyday English E Teen models are not difficult to find. An online agency features both models young as well as older. Those who are looking for child models to show off their products and make them look better can find what they are looking for by hiring children models from these online modeling agencies.This is less expensive than trying to go through large modeling agencies that often cost thousands of dollars for the client(客户). Many of those who are selling children?s products and have websites for parents and children are looking for teen models.As a result,there is more of a need for young models to participate in the field of modeling.The best way for clients to hire models that will not end up costing them a fortune is to use an online modeling site.An online modeling site will have portfolios(档案)of models young as well as old.Someone who is looking for teen models can find a variety of different children when they take a look at these sites. Online teen models usually work for less money than offline models,although they are still paid well enough to make it worth their while to model.Clients who are looking for young models can go on an online modeling agency to look for portfolios of the teens that they will want to use in their advertising campaigns.Parents or guardians must agree to the modeling offers and the agency will act as a go-between for both the teen models as well as the clients who are looking for young models.A percentage goes to the agency,just as is the case online and the rest goes to the teen models.www..com Clients can look through portfolios for the young models and get the ones that are right for what they are looking for to advertise for them.It is now affordable for anyone to hire teen models when using an online modeling agency site.Parents of young models can also use these sites to get their teens a chance to get a head start in the world of modeling. 61.What is the main advantage of online modeling agencies? A.They can help the clients to train teen models in a short time. B.They can make the products look much better. C.They can offer teen models that cost client s less money. D.They can advertise for the clients and cost them less money. 62.Why are teen models in greater need?. A.Most parents don?t want their children to work as models. B.Those who sell children products need more teen models. C.Most children don?t want to delay their studies because they work. D.Teen models earn less money so they don?t want to do the work. 63.To hire teen models,the clients are advised to . A.make use of online modeling sites B.look through newspapers C.find modeling agencies D.advertise on the Internet 64.According to the author,the agency plays a part of . A.looking for teen models B.judging good teen models C.hiring good t een models D.working as a middleman 65.The online modeling sites can offer teen models a good chance to .

A.have an advantage from the beginning B.become famous in the future C.make a lot of money for future use D.beat the other models 第Ⅱ 卷(非选择题,共 45 分) 第一节 阅读表达(共 5 小题;每小题 3 分,满分 l5 分) [1]In Finland winters are long and cold,with temperatures rarely rising above freezing,and the nights never seem to end.In addition,those who live in the far north of the country have to cope with the“polar night??,a period of 51 days on end during which the sun never rises.But the Finns have invented a way of staying warm and happy-the sauna(桑拿). [2] Almost every house in Finland has one; in a country which numbers just five million inhabitants, there are an estimated two million saunas. [3]Saunas have been around for a long time.The first written reference to the sauna dates back to the l2th century.At first,the sauna was just a heated hole in the ground used for bathing.But over time,as the population became more settled, it became an above—ground room separated from the main house. Today, however, most modern houses include a sauna,in addition to a shower or bath,in the bathroom. [4]For Finns the sauna is part of life from childhood,and an experience to be shared with family or friends.It is usual for men and women to take turns to have a sauna.In public saunas there will be separate saunas for men and women. The aim is to relax and sweat, after which you can have a shower, or just run about in the snow outside. Some people even dive into a nearby lake! [5] But are saunas healthy? . For example, although some people think that it is possible to use a sauna to lose weight,most doctors would advise against it.More realistic claims made in favor of saunas include improving blood circulation, getting rid of toxins(毒素),helping people who have breathing problems,and relieving tired muscle.What?s more,research by the Finnish Medical Society suggests that people who regularly have saunas reduce their chances of catching colds by up to 30 percent. 66.What is “polar night”?(no more than 20 words) ________________________________________________________________ 67.What does the information in Para.2 suggest?(no more than l5 words) _________________________________________________________ 68.What?s the main idea of Para 3?(no more than 10 words) ________________________________________________________________________ 69.List three things that people usually do after taking saunas. ① ② ③ 70.Fill in the blank in Para.5 with proper words.(no more than 10 words)_______________________________ 第二节 写作(满分 30 分) 2 月 26 日,学校在大礼堂为高三学生举行誓师大会,以鼓励高三同学继续拼搏,取得理想的成绩。请写一 篇短文张贴在你校墙报的英语专栏。 内容包括:1.听取专家报告; 2.师生代表发言; 3.你的感受。 要求:1.不要逐句翻译,可适当增加细节,使文章连贯; 2.字数在 120—150 之间 提示:誓师大会 oath—taking rally



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