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【江西专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(二十九):Unit 4 Global warming](新人教选修6)

课时作业(二十九) [选修 6 Unit 4 Global warming]

(限时:35 分钟)

Ⅰ.单项填空 1. A fire broke out in the building at about 7: 30 on Tuesday morning, ________ in the death of a young girl. A.having resulted B.resulted C.being resulted D.resulting 2.Strangely, Mr. Green, also ________ to the new policy, made no remark in the discussion. A. opposing B. oppose C. opposed D. having opposed 3.Although police could be seen everywhere, they seemed to be searching the houses almost ________. A. at ease B. at random C. at risk D. at length 4.This restaurant has become popular for its wide________of foods that suit all tastes and pockets. A.range B.circle C.area D.division 5.________ everyone here, I'd like to thank our special guest for his entertaining speech. A. Thanks to B. In case of C. Instead of D. On behalf of 6.We firmly believe that war never settles anything. It only ________ violence. A. runs into B. comes from C. results in D. begins with 7.Personal success or failure is of no________, but the future of man cannot be ignored. A.consequence B.independence C.competence D.intelligence 8.—What on earth are the police busy with? —They have been looking into how the plane crash ________. A.came out B.came up C.came down D.came about 9. Li Hua, who was busy preparing a report, couldn't ________ the loud noise, so he kept all the windows shut all day long. A.put up with

B.come up with C.catch up with D.keep up with 10.—Have you got any idea for the summer vacation? —I don't mind where to go________there's sun,sea and beach. A.as if B.as long as C.now that D.for fear that 11.We should make use of what we have learned and we don't ________ learning by rote. A. insist B. assess C. acknowledge D. advocate 12.They are ready to take________action regardless of________consequence. A./; a B.the; the C./; the D.an; the 13.They worry about the health of the world, and they are strongly ________ to war. A. opposed B. referred C. stuck D. devoted 14.Her ________ had never been good enough for her hopes to be realized. A. problems B. reputations C. challenges D. circumstances 15.—Jack,you seem in high spirits. —________We won the match 4∶0. A. Guess what? B. So what? C. No wonder. D. No double. Ⅱ.阅读理解 One of the world's great natural wonders is in New Mexico, in the southwest of America. Nature has created huge moving hills of pure white sand. These sand dunes cover more than seventythousand hectares of desert. It is one of the largest sand dune fields in the United States. The bright white sand dunes are always changing,always moving, like waves on the ocean.Driven by strong winds, the sand moves and covers everything in its path. It is like a huge sea of sand. You may wonder how anything can live in this extreme environment of a white sand desert. There is not much rain.The heat in summer is intense. The sand lacks nutrients.Plants and animals struggle to survive. A few kinds of plants grow quickly to survive burial by the moving sand dunes. Several kinds of small animals have become white in color in order to hide in the sand. More than five hundred thousand people visit White Sands each year. They climb on the dunes and observe the moving sea of sand. White Sands is about twenty four kilometers southeast of the city of Alamogordo, New Mexico. In the visitor center at the entrance of the park, you can find out special activities and guided walks. You can drive about thirteen kilometers into the center of the dunes. It is like driving on a lonely white planet.Along the way there is information that tells about the natural history of White Sands. You can also explore the dunes on foot, seeing some unusual and beautiful plants and flowers. Signs along the trail tell about the plants growing in the sand. You can even camp there overnight. But you must be careful. It is easy to get lost in the waves of moving sand especially during sandstorms. There is no water to drink. The temperature can rise to thirty eight degrees Celsius in

summer. There is no shelter from the sun's rays. White Sands is part of America's National Parks System, and it is just one of the unusual examples of America's natural and cultural treasures. 16.Which of the following plays a major role in making for the extreme environment? A.Plants and animals. B.Strong winds. C.Intense heat and little rain. D.Many people. 17.Walking on dunes, people will ________. A.enjoy the beautiful sight of sand moving B.see many kinds of white plants and animals C.find out some special activities D.get lost easily and quickly especially during storms 18.What do we know about White Sands from this passage? A.It is one of the largest sand dune fields in the world. B.You can get to know its natural history while driving in it. C.The temperature here can rise to thirtyeight degrees Celsius any time. D.You are not allowed to camp here overnight. 19.What is the main purpose of the passage? A.To attract tourists to White Sands. B.To describe the history of White Sands. C.To introduce guided tours to White Sands. D.To explain the power of nature at White Sands. Ⅲ.阅读表达 阅读下面短文并回答问题。 [1]How to protect child Web fans from unsuitable material online while encouraging them to use the Internet has long been discussed. [2]For some parents, the Internet seems like a jungle, filled with dangers for their children. But jungles contain wonders as well as dangers. With good guides and some education, the madness for the Internet can be safely conducted. “Kids have to be online. If we tell our kids they can't have access to the Internet, we are cutting them off from their future.” [3]Most kids have started to use search engines. Many of them are great for finding tons of interesting Internet sites, but they can also locate places where you might not want your kids to go. There are search engines designed just for kids. One certain software contains only sites that have been selected as safe. The most popular way to limit access would be to use what is known as a “content screener”. But this can be wholly reliable, and the best thing parents can do is to talk to their kids and let them know what is OK or not OK to see or do on the Internet. Another way is that Mum or Dad is nearby when the child is surfing the Internet. [4]A few other tips: —Don't put the PC in a child's room but ________ where Mum or Dad can keep an eye on things. That also makes the Internet more of a family activity. —Ask your child what he or she has been doing and about any friends they make online. —Tell your child not to give online strangers personal information, especially like address and phone number.

—Tell your child never to talk to people he or she meets online over the phone, send them anything, accept anything from them or agree to meet with them unless you go along. 20.What is the passage mainly about? (no more than 10 words ) ________________________________________________________________________ 21.What's the consequence if we forbid children to surf the Internet? (no more than 8 words) ________________________________________________________________________ 22.Please fill in the blank in Paragraph 4 with proper words. (no more than 6 words) Don't put the PC in a child's room but ________________________ where Mum or Dad can keep an eye on things. 23.Which of the suggestions mentioned in the passage do you think is the best one? Why?(no more than 30 words) ________________________________________________________________________ 24.What does the word “them” (Line 9, Paragraph 3) probably refer to? (2 words) ________________________________________________________________________

课时作业(二十九) Ⅰ.1.D 考查非谓语动词。result in 导致,与句子主语 the fire 是逻辑上的主谓关系,故用 v.?ing 作结果状语,选 D,排除 B、C;又因为 A 表示发生在谓语动作之前,明显不对,也可 排除。 2. C oppose sth.强调动作; be opposed to sth.强调状态, 此处用 opposed to the new policy 表示处于反对新政策的状态中。 3.B 考查介词短语。此处 at random 意为“随意地”。句意:虽然到处都可见到警察, 但他们似乎在随意地搜查房子。 4.A 考查名词词义辨析。range 范围。句意:这家饭店因为其适合各种口味和各种消费 层次而很深受欢迎。circle 阶层,圆圈;area 地域,方面;division 部门,界限。 5.D 考查介词短语辨析。on behalf of“代表”。句意:我代表在座诸位感谢我们的特 邀嘉宾令人愉快的讲话。thanks to 幸亏;in case of 如果,假使;instead of 代替。 6.C 考查动词短语辨析。result in 导致。句意:我们坚信,战争不能解决任何问题,只 会导致暴力。run into 撞上;come from 来自;begin with…以……开始。 7.A 考查名词词义辨析。句意:个人的是非成败无足轻重,但人类的未来不容忽视。 independence 意为“独立,自主”;competence 意为“能力,胜任,称职”;intelligence 意为 “智能,理解力”。consequence 意为“后果,重要(性)”,of no consequence“无足轻重”, 根据句意可知 A 项正确。 8.D 考查动词短语辨析。come about 意为“发生”,符合句意。come down 下来;come out 出版;come up 被提出。 9.A 考查动词短语辨析。put up with 意为“忍受”,符合句意。句意:李华正忙着准 备一份报告, 他不能忍受噪音, 因此他整天关着所有的窗户。 come up with 提出; catch up with 追上; keep up with 跟上。 10.B 考查连词。as long as 只要,引导条件状语从句。 11. D 考查动词词义辨析。 insist“坚持认为; 坚决要求”, 后面接动名词时须用 insist on; assess“评价;估价”,不符合句意;acknowledge“承认”,与句子意思不符;advocate“主 张;提倡”。 句意:我们应该学以致用而不要死记硬背。 12.C 考查冠词。第一空中 take action 采取行动,是固定短语;第二空是特指“行动带 来的后果”,故用 the。 13.A 考查短语辨析。根据语意可知,此处应为“反对” ,所以用 be opposed to。句意: 他们关注世界的健康,并且他们强烈地反对战争。 14.D 考查名词。problem 意为“问题”;reputation 意为“名声”;challenge 意为“挑 战”;circumstance 意为“境况,境遇(尤指经济情况)”,常用复数形式表示。根据句意可知 选 D。 15.A 考查交际用语。句意:——Jack,你看上去很兴奋。——你猜猜看为什么?我们 4 比 0 赢得了比赛。Guess what?你猜怎么着,猜猜看;So what?那又怎样?No wonder.难怪。 Ⅱ.美国新墨西哥的白沙是世界自然奇观,以其极端的环境和独特的沙丘吸引着四面八方 的游客。 16.C 细节理解题。根据第三段前三句的内容可知形成这种极端环境的最主要的因素是 酷热和少雨。 17.A 细节理解题。根据第二段第二句以及倒数第二段第一句的内容可知,走在沙丘上 人们可以欣赏沙丘移动的美景。 18.B 细节理解题。根据第五段的内容可知开车在白色沙丘上行驶时,你可以了解它的 自然历史。

19.A 写作目的题。文章第一段是概述,叙述了美国新墨西哥州的白沙这一世界自然奇 观,下文则是更为详细的介绍,所以文章意在吸引游客游览这个地方。 Ⅲ.本文为说明文。主要就如何保护孩子安全上网给出一些建议。 20.How to protect children from danger online. [ 解析 ] 综观全文以及本文主题句即本文第一句“ How to protect child Web fans from unsuitable material online…”可知本文主要讲述了如何保护孩子,避免他们上不安全的网站。 21.We are cutting them off from their future. [解析] 由第二段最后一句“If we tell our kids they can't have access to the Internet, we are cutting them off from their future.”可知答案。 22.keep it in the place/area [解析] 由空前的“Don't put the PC in a child’s room but”与空后的“where Man or Dad can keep an eye on things”可知。 23.The last one. Because the world on the Internet is different from the true world. We must learn to protect ourselves. [解析] 本题为开放性问题,考生可以根据自己的理解自由回答,但答案要符合题目要求, 而且要合情合理。 24.The kids. [解析] 由划线词所在句“… to talk to their kids and let them know …”可知此处应该指的 是“孩子们”。