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2014 级 上 学 期 第 六 次 例 考

命题:刘言坤 一、阅读理解(共两节,每小题2分,满分40分) 第一节 (共15小题,满分30分)

审题:胡玉朵 李守庄

A Little Tommy was doing very badly in math. His parents had tried everything ----- tutors, cards, special learning centers ----- in short, everything they could think of. Finally they took Tommy to a catholic(天主教的) school. After the first day, little Tommy came home with a very serious look on his face. He didn’t kiss his mother hello. Instead, he went straight to his room and started studying. Books and papers were spread out all over the room and little Tommy was hard at work. His mother was surprised. She called him down to dinner and as soon as he finished eating, he went back to his room, without a word. In no time he was back hitting the books as hard as before. This went on for some time, day after day while the mother tried to understand what was happening. Finally, little Tommy brought home his report card. He quietly put it on the table and went up to his room and hit the books. His mom looked at it and to her surprise, little Tommy got an A in math. She could no longer hold her curiosity. She went to his room and asked, “Son, what was it? Was it the nuns(修女)?” Little Tommy looked at her and shook his head, “No.” “Well then,” she asked again, “WHAT was it?” Little Tommy looked at her and said, “Well, on the first day of school, when I saw that man nailed(钉) to the plus sign, I knew they weren’t joking.” 1. Tommy’s mom felt surprised that his son_______. A. was still the same as usual C. kissed her hello after school

B. ate so much at dinner D. worked hard but said

little 2. The underlined phrase “hitting the books” means “_______” in Chinese. A. working hard C. showing his anger B. beating on the books D. encouraging himself B. Tommy was afraid of being nailed D. Tommy liked playing jokes on others

3. The last sentence in the passage shows that______. A. Tommy felt sorry for the man C. Tommy didn’t like the plus sign

4. From the passage, we can infer that______. A. teachers should be strict with their students B. mistakes might do good sometimes C. a catholic school is much better than other ones D. nuns are good at helping children with their math B There are thousands of products of all colors and shapes in a supermarket, making you believe that they are worth a try. How? Packaging is the silent but persuading salesman. There on the shelves, each bottle, can ,box, and jar has been carefully designed and measured to speak to the inner self of the consumer, because he/she is buying not only a product but also his/her belief in life. Scientists have studied consumer behavior recently and found that the look of the package has a great effect on the “quality” of the product and on how well it sells, because “consumers generally cannot tell between a product and its package. Many products are packages and many packages are products.” as Louis Cheskin, the first social scientist studying consumers’ feelings for packaging, noticed. Colors are one of the best tools in packaging. Studies of eye movement have shown that colors draw human attention quickly. Take V8 for example. For many years, the bright red color of tomatoes and carrots on the thin bottle makes you feel that is it very good for your body. And the word “green” today can keep food prices going up. Shapes are another attraction. Circles often suggest happiness and peacefulness, because these shapes are pleasing to both the eye and the heart. That’s why the round yellow M signs of McDonald’s are inviting to both young and old.

This new consumer response to the colors and shapes of packages reminds producers and sellers that people by to satisfy both body and soul. 5. According to the passage, _____ seems to be able to persuade a consumer to buy the product. A. the pleasing color of the package C. the strange shape of the package A. bring excitement to the consumers attention C. catch the eye movement of the consumers D. produce a happy and peaceful feeling 7. “And the word green today can keep food prices going up ” This sentence suggests that consumers today are _________. A. starting to notice the importance of new food B. enjoying the beauty of nature more than before C. beginning to like green vegetables health 8. It can be inferred from the passage that V8 is a kind of ________. A. vegetable dish B. healthy juice C. iced drink C If you are planning on traveling, there are a few simple rules about how to make life easier both before and after your journey. First of all, always check and doublecheck departure (出发) time. It is surprising how few people really do this carefully. Once I arrived at the airport a few minutes after ten. My secretary had got the ticket for me and I thought she had said that the plane left at 10: 50. When I arrived at the airport, the person at the departure desk told me that my flight was closed. Therefore, I had to wait three hours for the next one and missed an important meeting. The second rule is to remember that even in this age of credit cards ( 信用卡), it is still important to have some local money in cash (现金). Once I arrived at a place at midnight and the bank at the airport was closed. The only way to get to my hotel was by taxi but because I had no dollars, I offered to pay in pounds instead. “Listen! I only take real money!” the driver said angrily. You can

B. he special taste of the product D. the belief in the product B. attract the consumers’

6. If a package or a product is round in shape, it can ____________.

D. paying more attention to their

D red vegetable

imagine how terrible I felt at that moment. The third and the last rule is to find out as much as you can about the weather at your destination before you leave. I feel sorry for some of my workmates who travel in heavy suits and raincoats in May, when it is still fairly cool in London or Manchester, to places like Athens, Rome or Madrid, where it is already beginning to get quite warm during the day. 9. Where is the writer most probably from? A. Britain B. The USA C. Italy D. Greece B. offered to pay in pounds D. tried to pay by credit card C.hot and wet D. cool and rainy 10. When the writer found he had no dollars to pay the taxi driver, he _________. A. asked the driver to give him a free ride C. gave the driver some fake money A.warm and dry B.cold and dry

11.Generally, in May the weather in London is________. 12.The writer mainly tells us________. A.how to make life easier C.how to enjoy ourselves on the trip D Mood (心情) , say the experts, are feelings that likely to become fixed, having effects on one’s outlook (way of looking at things) for hours, days or even weeks. That’s great if your mood is a pleasant one, but a problem if you are sad, anxious, angry or simply lonely. Perhaps the best way to deal with such moods is to talk them out; sometimes, though, there is no one to listen. Scientists offers a lot ot tranquilizers(镇定剂) and anti-anxiety drugs. What many people don’t realize, however, is that scientists have discovered the effectiveness of several non-drug methods to make you free from an unwanted mood. These can be just as useful as drugs, and have the added benefit of being nonpoisonous(无毒的). So next time you feel out of sorts, don’t head for the drug store-----try the following method. Of all the mood-changing self-help techniques, aerobic exercises( 有氧运 动)seem to be the best cure for a bad mood. “If you could keep the exercise, you’d be in high spirits,” says Kathryn Lance, author of Running for Health and Beauty. Researchers have explained biochemical and various other changes that

B.how to be well prepared for a trip D.how to schedule our trip

make exercises compare favorably to drugs as a mood-raiser. Physical work such as housework, however, does little. The key is aerobic exercises-----running, cycling, walking, swimming or other repetitive and sustained activities that increase the heat rate and circulation(循环),and improve the body’s use of oxygen. Do them for at least 20minutes a time, three to five times a week. 13. It can be inferred from the passage that______. A. when one is in a bad mood, he or she must not work very well B. the best way to overcome a bad mood is to talk to oneself C. some drugs are more effective than physical exercises D. taking drugs is at risk of being poisonous 14. The phrase “feel out of sorts”, as is used in the second paragraph, could be best replaced by_______. A. put things in order C. search for tranquilizers B. are in a bad mood D. want a mood-raiser

15. Which of the following best describes the organization of this passage? A. An exercise and its importance are explained B. A problem is examined and solutions are given C. Two different views of a problem are presented D. Recent development in medicine are described 第二节 (共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) E Six Ways to Improve Reading Comprehension Help your child keep what he reads --- a crucial skill, especially as he gets older and needs to gain important information from textbooks. Let him read aloud. This forces him to go slower, which gives him more time to process what he reads. 16 Provide the right kinds of books. 17 He should recognize at least 90 percent of the words without any help. Stopping to figure out a word makes it tough for him to focus on the overall meaning of the story. 18 To gain meaning from text, your child needs to read quickly and smoothlya skill known as fluency. Rereading familiar, simple books gives your child

practice at decoding words quickly, so he'll become more fluent. Talk to the teacher. If your child is struggling strongly with comprehension, he may need more help with his reading-for example, building his vocabulary or practicing phonics skills. Supplement class reading. If his class is studying a particular theme, look for easy-to-read books or magazines on the topic. Some previous knowledge will help him get better prepared and make his way through tougher classroom texts. Talk about what he's reading. This "talking processing" helps him remember and think through the themes of the book. 19 . For example: Before: "What interests you in this book?" During: " 20 . Is it turning out the way you thought it would?" After: "Can you summarize the book? What did you like about it?" A. Reread to build fluency. B. Plus, he's not only seeing the words, he's hearing them, too. C. What's going on in the book? D. Do you know all the characters' names in the story? E. Make sure your child gets lots of practice of reading books that aren't too hard. F. He should recognize at least 90 percent of the words without any help. G. Ask questions before, during, and after a reading session. 二、完形填空(每小题1.5 分,共30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项 (A、B、C 和 D)中 , 选出最佳选项。 It surprised me—every time I saw Joe,he was smiling. It didn’t __21__ whether he had to stop at a stop light,or if he were the seventh person in __22__ at the bank, and the service stopped just before he got there. Joe __23_ smiled. It made me wonder why he seemed so __24__ every day. Having observed Joe with other people,I __25__ something else also. Joe asked people how they were doing,and really seemed to listen to their __26__.If someone were hurting,he had __27__ for him and kind words,and offered to

__28__ in any way he could. It made me think...What if I tried to smile more?A(n) __29__ of sorts began when I went to the grocery store. I smiled as I went up and down the aisles...and people I didn’t even __30__ smiled back at me. Some even __31__!The little kid in the cart(购物车) who was giving his mother a __32__ time saw me smile and __33__ talking...and,you guessed it. He made a shy little attempt at a smile. The man in the handicapped(残疾的) cart __34__ a person to reach something...I could get that for him. The smile even transferred over to him, and he __35__me. As I drove home,I was smiling. I __36__ what I had just learned,and when someone passed me and gave me a(n) __37__, I smiled at him. He looked puzzled. Now I know a smile is a small thing,but what if we were all to try to smile a few more times each day?I couldn’t believe how __38__ I felt. Nothing in my life had changed,__39__ maybe it had. For what I learned was that such a small thing could __40__ not only my spirits,but those around me as well. 21.A. work 22.A.order 23.A. always 24.A. naughty 25.A. decided 26.A. answers 27.A. guidance 28.A. perform 29.A. experiment 30.A. meet 31.A. glared 32.A. spare 33.A. stopped 34.A. persuaded 35.A. thanked 36.A. worried about 37.A. gesture 38.A .normal 39.A .so B.happen B.debt B.eventually B.happy B.judged B.complaints B.respect B.attempt B.life B.touch B.greeted B.long B.tried B.accepted B.changed B.thought about B.address B.great B.for

C.matter C.hand C.immediately C.active C.noticed C.excuses C.sympathy C.bother C.project C.know C.approached C.hard C.kept

D. last D.line D.still D.Humorous D.considered D.comments D.protection D.help D.program D.contact D.escaped D.great D.enjoyed D.invited D.looked over D.ticket D. complicated D.till

C.supported D.needed C.encouraged C.talked over C.call C.reasonable C.but

40.A. realize 三、语法填空




Alice was a stubborn girl __41__ always wanted to be a singer. Music was the ___42__ important thing in her life. She took lessons for years and ___43___ (practice) hard, but in spite of all the efforts she made, her voice didn't improve. In fact, it didn't get better, it just got ____44___ (loud). Her teacher ___45___ (final) gave up and stopped the lessons, ___46__ Alice refused to give in, and one day she decided to give a concert and invited her teacher ____47__ (attend).The teacher was very worried about ___48__ to say after the concert. She knew it would be terrible and it was. She didn't want to tell a lie, but she didn't want to hurt Alice's feelings, either. Then she got an idea and went backstage (后台)to greet her pupil. "Well," said Alice, "What do you think of __49___ singing?" "My dear," said the teacher, "you'll never be better ___50__ you were tonight." 四、短文改错 Yesterday I went shopping with my wife. We have a lot of things to buy them. We drove to the center of the city and stopped their car in front of the shop. An hour late, we came back to the car. But it is strange that we couldn't open the door. So we asked policeman for help. He was glad to help us. A few minute later, he got the door open. Just then a man came up and shouted angrily. "How are you doing with my car?" We were surprising and went to see the number of the car. What do you think we did then? We had to speak sorry to the man again and again. 五、书面表达 假如你校要举办一次主题为“How to communicate with our parents”的英语 演讲比赛,请你用英语写一篇演讲稿。要点如下: 1、尊重并信任父母;2、常与父母聊天; 3、换位思考问题。 注意:1、词数 100 左右;2、可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3、参考词汇: 换位思考 put oneself in one’s shoes;4、行文必须符合演讲稿的格式。 How to communicate with our parents

Hello, everyone. _____________________________________________________

A 篇 DABB 21-25CDABC 语法填空 41.who/that 42. most 46. but 短文改错 1. have 改为 had 2.去掉 them 3.their 改为 our 4. late 改为 later 43.practiced 44. louder 45. finally 49. may 50. than B 篇 ADBB C 篇 ABDB D 篇 DBB E 篇 BEAGC 26-30ACDAC 31-35BCADA 36-40 BABCD

47. to attend 8.what

5. is 改为 was 6. asked 后加 a 7.minute 改为 minutes 8.How 改为 What 9.surprising 改为 surprised 10. speak 改为 say How to communicate with our parents Hello, everyone. I’d like to share with you my ideas about this topic. Parents are the people who love us most, so it’s necessar y to keep a good relationship with them. Here are my ideas on how to make it easier to communicate with parents. First, we should respect and trust our parents. Don’t be rude to them even if they have done something wrong. They have experienced more and always try their best to protect us from dangers. Second, if we often talk with them about our life and experience, we will know each other better. Third, if sometimes we don’t agree with our parents’ decision, we should try to put ourselves into their shoes and we will soon understand them. Thank you for listening.


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