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2014版英语复习方略课件(人教版通用):必修1 Unit 3 Travel journal

Unit 3 Travel journal


(2010· 北京高考)假设你是红星中学高二(1)班的学生李华, 利用
上周末的时间帮助祖父母安排了去北戴河的旅行。请根据以 下四幅图的先后顺序, 写一篇英文周记, 叙述你从准备到送行 的全过程。

Last weekend, I helped my grandparents prepare their trip to Beidaihe. On Saturday morning, together with my grandparents, I searched the Internet for the train schedule, the weather in Beidaihe, and some hotel information. ①In the

afternoon, I went to the train station and managed to buy two tickets for my grandparents although there was a long queue. After dinner, I packed into the suitcase the things my grandparents need, such as clothes, glasses, an umbrella, and a map. The next morning, I went to the station to see them off. ②Waving goodbye to them on the platform, I felt happy for

them and wished them a safe journey.

【尝试运用】 词汇翻译 打包 vt.

pack _____
together with. . . ______________ search the Internet for. . . ______________________ see sb. off _________

网上查询?? 给某人送行 挥手向某人告别 祝某人旅途平安

wave goodbye to sb. __________________
wish sb. a safe journey ____________________

句式仿写 ①尽管很忙, 他还是设法来参加派对。(根据句①仿写) He managed to attend the party although he was very busy. ②用when引导的从句改写句②并把wish改成非谓语形式 When I was waving goodbye to them on the platform, I felt happy for them, wishing them a safe journey.

Ⅰ. 单词盘点 核心速记

transport (n. &vt. ) 1._________ fare (n. ) 2. ____
persuade (vt. ) 3. ________ finally (adv. ) 4. ______

运送;运输 费用


schedule (n. ) 5. ________
(vt. )


stubborn (adj. ) 6. ________ journey (n. ) 7. _______ bend (n. ) 8. _____



(vt. )
(vi. ) attitude (n. ) 9. _______

弯身;弯腰 态度;看法

forecast (n. &vt. ) 10. _______
insurance (n. ) 11. _________ view (n. ) 12. ____ (vt. ) 13.________ beneath (prep. )


风景;视野;观点;见解 观看;注视;考虑 在??下面

联想串记 prefer vt.) 更 喜 欢 ; 选 择 某 事 物 ( 而 不 选 择 其 他 事 14. ______( preference n. )偏爱;爱好 物)→__________( disadvantage n. )不利条件;不便之处 →_________( advantage 反义 15. ____________( 词)有利条件;优势 graduate vi. )毕业;(n. )大学毕业生→__________( graduation n. )毕 16. ________( 业;毕业典礼

organize vt. ) 组 织 ; 成 立 → _________( organizer n. ) 组 织 者 17. ________( organization n. )组织→_________( organized adj. )有组织的 →___________(

determine vt. )决定;确定;下定决心→__________( determined adj. ) 18. _________( determination n. )决心 坚决的;有决心的→_____________( reliable (adj. )可信赖的;可靠的→____( rely vi. )依靠;依赖 19. _______

Ⅱ. 短语互译
1. 改变主意 change one’s mind ________________ give in ______ as usual _______ put up ______ at midnight __________

2. 投降;屈服;让步
3. 照常 4. 张贴;搭建 5. 在午夜

6. ever since 7. be fond of

从那以后 _________

喜爱;喜欢 ___________
关心;忧虑;惦念 _________________ 下决心;决定 _____________ 在某处或某一时间;曾经 _______________________

8. care about
9. make up one’s mind 10. at one point

Ⅲ. 句型透视 1. 强调句型 (It was. . . who/that. . . ) It was my sister who 是我姐姐)first had the idea to cycle __________________( along the entire Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends. 2. insist+宾语从句(从句中谓语动词使用(should) do) Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that she organize 坚持她自己组织)the trip properly. ______________________(

3. 主语+be+adj. +不定式(主动形式表示被动意义)

the air would be hard to breathe 难以呼吸空 When I told her ____________________________( 气)and it would be very cold, she said it would be an
interesting experience. 4. no matter 引导让步状语从句 no matter A determined person always tries to finish the job, _________ how hard it is 无论它多难). ____________(

5. so. . . that. . . 如此??以至于??

were so high that 太高了以至于)we found At one point we _______________( ourselves cycling through clouds.

Ⅳ. 语篇完形 Wang Kun and his sister Wang Wei had a dream of/about taking a bike trip along the Mekong River. They 1.________ where it begins to where it ends. began their trip from 2. ______ once she was 4. __________ determined Wang Wei was so stubborn that 3. ____ change her mind. So though to do something, nothing could 5. _______ Wang Kun had different ideas about the trip but he had to in give 6. __.

The Mekong River begins in a glacier on a mountain

with an altitude of more than 5, 000 metres. It passes 7. ____
through deep valleys, 9. _________ travelling across western Yunnan 8.________ finally flows into the South China Sea. Province and 10. ______

1. 用所给单词的适当形式填空 graduated graduate in physics, and he _________from (1)My brother is a ________ Beijing University in 2012. I still remember the day when we graduation (graduate) went to his __________. organized person, works as the (2)Mr. Smith, who is a very _________ organization He is busy president of a large international ___________.

organizing a conference to be held next week with his __________
assistants. (organize)

reliable —if he promises to do something he (3)John is very _______
rely on him to help you when you are in will do it, so you can ____ trouble. (rely)

2. 完成句子 care about the price, so long as the car is in good (1)I don’t __________ condition. 只要车的状况好, 我不关心价格。 change your mind (2)Maybe you’ll think it over and ________________. 可能你仔细想一想就会改变主意。 It was who became the seventh president of (3)______Hollande ____ France.


(should) be made help (4)The government insisted that plans _______________to people who are out of work. 政府坚持应该制订计划帮助失业的人。 is hard/difficult to understand as a result, the (5)The book __________________________; students lost interest. 这本书很难理解, 结果学生们失去了兴趣。 No matter how tired I am I will insist on finishing the (6)______________________, important task on time. 不管我有多累, 我都会坚持按时完成这项重要任务。

so fast that her daughter couldn’t keep (7)The mother walked __________ up with her. 妈妈走得太快, 女儿都跟不上了。

prefer 核 心 考 点

3年 1考

view 主语+be+adj. +不定式

3年 2考
3年 1考 3年 2考

1. prefer vt. 更喜欢;选择某事物(而不选择其他事物)

n. /v. -ing to n. /v. –ing 与??相比更喜欢??
to do. . . rather than do. . . (1)prefer+ 宁愿做??而不愿做?? (sb. )to do sth. 宁愿/更喜欢(某人)做某事 that从句 (从句谓语动词使用do/should do) (2)preference n. 偏爱;爱好;喜爱

give preference to sb. /sth. 给某人/某物以优惠/优待

in preference to


①I prefer to read while my wife prefers singing to reading. 我喜欢读书, 而我妻子喜欢唱歌不喜欢读书。 ② I prefer to live simply rather than waste the limited resources. 我宁愿过简单的生活也不愿去浪费有限的资源。

③I prefer my English classes to be taught in English only.
(句型转换) should ___ be ______ taught in English =I prefer that my English classes ______ only. 我愿意我的英语课仅用英语来教授。

【点津】表示“宁愿做??而不愿做??‖的句型还有: would do. . . rather than do. . .

would rather do. . . than do. . .

2. persuade vt. 说服;劝说;使??相信

into doing(to do)
(说服)+sb. + persuade out of doing(not to do) of sth. (使相信)+sb. + that. . .

①He finally persuaded his boss to follow him.

②We finally persuaded Ben of the wisdom of this decision. 我们最终使本相信这个决定是明智的。

persuade advise convince 说服;劝服;使相信 劝说(不一定成功)

try to persuade

―使相信;信服;说服”, 常用结构: convince sb. of sth. 或convince sb. that. . .

advised her for many times, I 填空:Though I had ________ persuade her to go abroad with me because her couldn’t _________ convinced/persuaded her that she life experience had _____________________ could not live on without her parents.


(2012· 全国卷Ⅰ)If she doesn’t want to go, nothing you can say
will _____ her. A. persuade C. invite B. promise D. support

【解析】选A。考查动词辨析。句意:如果她不想去, 你说什 么也不能劝服她。persuade劝服;promise许诺;invite邀请; support支持, 赡养。由句意可知选A。

3. schedule n. 时间表;进度表 vt. 为某事安排时间 ① We have accomplished the task on schedule while they ahead of schedule. 我们按时完成了任务而他们提前完成了任务。

②The president is scheduled to make a speech tomorrow.

③His official visit to Beijing is scheduled for June 24 to 27.

【归纳】写出下列短语 on schedule __________ ahead of schedule ________________ be scheduled to do sth. ____________________ be scheduled for _______________

按时间表, 准时
提前 预定做某事 预定为??

4. determine vt. 决定;确定;下定决心

determined __ to start early. ①They __________

Determined __ to ___ do this on my own, I spent ②(2011· 安徽高考)___________

several weeks going door-to-door for a job, but found little
response. 决定靠自己找一份工作后, 我花费了几个星期的时间挨家挨户 地找, 但是没有得到什么回应。 ③Her encouragement determined me to carry on with the

work. 她的鼓励使我决心把这项工作继续下去。
④With determination, I was able to rise up from the ashes. 我


5. view n. 风景;视野;观点;见解

vt. 观看;注视;考虑
观察句子, 写出黑体部分的词性和含义 ①His view of life has changed a lot ever since the experience he had in Africa three years ago. ( n. 观点, 见解 ) ②He climbed up to the top of the church tower to get a better view of the entire city. ( n. 景色, 风景)

③When the old man opened the window, a stranger with a high

hat came into view. ( n. 视野 )
④I got an opportunity to view the movie before it was released. ( v. 观看 ) ⑤We can view the problem in many ways. ( v. 考虑 )


come into view
in view in view of in one’s view

看得见;在可看到的范围内 鉴于;考虑到 在某人看来;依某人的看法

6. care about关心;忧虑;惦念
(1)care for 照管, 关心, 喜爱, 想要

care to do sth.
(2)take care take care of with care

愿意做某事, 想要做某事
注意, 当心 照顾;负责 当心;仔细地

cares a ①(2010· 浙江高考)Li Yue is always warm-hearted and _____ about the class. lot _____ 李越总是很热心, 十分关心班集体。 ②Take care! Don’t let the child fall over. 当心! 不要让孩子跌倒。 ③He handled the instrument with care for fear it should be damaged. 他小心地摆弄那架仪器, 生怕把它弄坏。

【辨析】理解下列区别并选词填空 care about ―关心, 在乎”, 用来表示认为某事重要并产 生兴趣或忧虑, 常用于疑问句或否定句 意为“喜欢”时, 常用于疑问句或否定句; 意为“照顾, 照料”, 是较正式的用语

care for

cared little ___ for money, never _____ cared 填空:Einstein, who _____ about his salary. _____

7. give in投降;屈服;让步(与to连用)

①(2011· 陕西高考)My father could hardly contain his pride in
me, and my mother eventually gave in before my success. 父亲 为我感到十分骄傲, 母亲在我的成功面前也最终做出了让步。 ②Do you think the President will give in to the terrorists’ demand? 你认为总统会向恐怖分子的要求屈服吗?

【拓展】补全下列“give+adv. ‖短语 away give _____ back give_____ off give ___ out give ___

归还 发出(光、热、气味等) 分发;用完;耗尽 放弃;停止

up give ___

8. Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places,
she insisted that she organize the trip properly. 虽然她对去某

些地方的最佳路线并不清楚, 她却坚持要自己把这次旅游安排

从句语气 虚拟语气, 其谓语动词常

意义 坚持要求;坚决 主张 坚持一种说法、 看法或事实 坚持;坚决主张; 硬要

insist (vt. )

(should) do 用__________ 陈述语气

insist (vi. )


should ___ be _____ done at once. ①He insisted that the work (______)

is innocent. 我坚持认为他是无罪的。 ②I insist that he __ on/upon going with you. ③He insists ________ 他坚持要和你一起去。

【 想 一 想 】insist 意 义 不 同 , 后 接 从 句 所 用 的 语 气 也 不 同 ,

suggest亦有类似的用法。根据下面两个例句想一想 suggest的
这两个用法是什么? He suggested that we should leave at once. 他建议我们立即出发。 His pale face suggested that he was weak. 他苍白的脸色表明他很虚弱。

【参考答案】 从句语气 虚拟语气, 其谓语动词 suggest 意义 建议 暗示;表明

常用do/should do

1. graduate vi. 毕业
(1)graduate from graduate in (2)graduation n. after graduation from. . . 从??毕业 毕业于??专业 大学毕业 从??毕业后

from Beijing University___ in English. ①She graduated _____

② After graduation from Harvard University, he went to Europe. 从哈佛大学毕业后, 他去了欧洲。

2. organize vt. 组织;成立

①If you want to speak at the meeting, you should organize your thoughts well before hand. 你要想在会上发言, 应该事先把思路理顺。 organization whose _________ organizers ②The Red Cross is an ___________, organized it in order to help people in trouble. So its work is _________ organized always well _________. 红十字会是一个组织, 它的组织者成立这个组织是为了帮助困 难中的人们。因此它的工作总是很有序的。

3. reliable adj. 可信赖的;可靠的

①He is a reliable person and you can ask him for help.

他是一个可靠的人, 你可以向他寻求帮助。
rely ___ on her is that she is a _______ reliable ②The reason why I ____ reliance person and is worth my _______. 我信赖她的原因是她是一个可靠的人, 值得我信任。

4. change one’s mind改变主意

①(2012· 福建高考)But when I went to the cell phone store, I
almost changed my mind. 但是当我走进手机店时, 我几乎改变了主意。 ②Frequently changing their minds has disappointed us all. 他们经常改变主意让我们大家很失望。


read one’s mind
make up one’s mind keep. . . in mind call/bring. . . to mind fix one’s mind on/upon never mind

看透某人心事 _____________ 下定决心;决定 _______________ 记住?? _________ 回忆起?? ___________

将注意力集中于?? ___________________ 不要紧;没关系 _______________

【点津】make up/change one’s mind中的mind的单复数要随

Have you made up your minds where to go for your holiday? 你们决定好到哪里去度假了吗?

5. When I told her the air would be hard to breathe and it

would be very cold, she said it would be an interesting
experience. 当我告诉她那里空气稀薄, 呼吸困难而且天气很冷时, 她却说 这将是一次有趣的经历。

句型 特点

主语+系动词+形容词+不定式 常用不定式的主动形式表示被动含义 常用形容词有difficult, hard, easy, comfortable,

使用 条件

pleasant, interesting, exciting等 不定式和句子的主语构成逻辑上的动宾关系

①Tom is not easy to please; as a result, he is hard/difficult to

get along with.
汤姆不容易取悦, 所以他很难相处。 difficult __ to _______. answer ②The question is very _______ 这个问题很难回答。

【高考链接】 (2012· 辽宁高考)This machine is very easy _____. Anybody can learn to use it in a few minutes. A. operating B. to be operating

C. operated

D. to operate


用它。在“be+性质形容词+不定式”结构中, 应用不定式的主 动 形 式 表 示 被 动 意 义 。 常 见 的 此 类 形 容 词 有 easy, hard, difficult, interesting, heavy, pleasant, comfortable, safe, dangerous, impossible等 , 该类形容词说明的是不定式的性质。

Ⅰ. 用所给词的适当形式填空 disadvantages (disadvantage). 1. Living in a big city has many _____________ graduated (graduation) from 2. It is three years since he _________ Harvard University. scheduled (schedule) on Tuesday morning. 3. The meeting is _________ preference (prefer) for any one 4. A teacher should not show __________ of his pupils.

determined 5. My teacher’s talk woke me up, and I was __________ (determine) to study harder. viewed (view) by many people as a 6. The Internet is ______ revolutionary education tool. organizing (organization) an English 7. They insisted on __________

Speech Contest. bent 8. She ____(bend)forward to pick up the newspaper.
Finally (final), they decided 9. They talked about it for hours. _______ not to go. reliable (rely) man. 10. I found him an honest and _______

Ⅱ. 完成句子 is difficult to carry out 1. As far as I am concerned, the plan ____________________. (carry) 依我看, 这项计划难以实施。 not to think about the future 2. At the moment, he preferred _________________________. (think)此刻, 他宁愿不考虑未来。

be persuaded into buying/to buy things 3. Don’t let yourself ____________________________
you don’t really need. (persuade) 不要被说服买你并不需要的东西。

to care about 4. He doesn’t seem ____________the situation he is in. (care)

Hardly/Not waiting to see my father I took the plane 5. _______________________________,
instead of driving my car. (wait) 由于迫不及待地要见到父亲, 我改乘飞机而没有开车。 Never giving in his personality, so you need not worry 6. ______________is about him. (give)

从不屈服是他的个性, 因此你没必要为他担心。
hadn’t done anything wrong 7. He insisted that he _________________________and that he (should) be set free (do; set) _________________. 他坚持认为他没有做错任何事并且坚决要求释放他。

No matter when he comes again he’ll be welcome. (when) 8. ____________________________,

不管他何时再来, 都会受到欢迎。
We’ve been good friends 9. ______________________ever since we met at school. (be) 自从在学校相遇后, 我们一直是好朋友。 10. His father is a very stubborn person. Once he decides to do

changing his mind impossible. (mind) something, ________________is
他的父亲是一个很固执的人。一旦他决定做什么事, 改变他的 主意是不可能的。

Ⅲ. 话题写作
先将下面几个句子翻译成英语, 然后连成一段小短文。 1. Susan一直梦想着到丽江旅游。 2. 她很愿意和好朋友玛丽一起去。 3. 尽管玛丽很固执, Susan还是决定去说服她。 4. 最终玛丽做出让步, 并同意和她一起去旅游。 5. 正是这次旅游改变了她的看法——玛丽十分容易相处。

_____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________


Susan had been dreaming about travelling to Lijiang and
she preferred her friend, Mary, to go with her. Although Mary was stubborn, she determined to persuade her to travel together. Finally, Mary gave in and agreed to travel with her. It was the travel that changed Susan’s mind that Mary was easy to get along with.

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2014版英语复习方略 课时提升作业(三) 必修1 Unit 3 Computers(人教版通用)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。今日推荐 180份文档 CET四六级高分通关宝典 ...