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【步步高】2017高考英语一轮复习 Unit 2 The Olympic Games素材 新人教版必修2

Unit 2

The Olympic Games

话题词汇 1.athlete n.运动员 2.champion n.冠军 3.cheer v.欢呼;喝彩 4.judge n.裁判;v.判断 5.tournament n.锦标赛;联赛 6.track n.轨道;田径 7.a close game 势均力敌的比赛 8.break the record 打破纪录 9.compete in 在??方面竞争 10.record holder 纪录保持者 经典语篇 (2013·湖南) Directions:Write an English composition according to the instructions given below. 请以下列词语为关键词写一篇英语短文。 match,winner,loser,result 内容:1.自己或他人的一次经历; 2.你的感受。 注意:1.必须使用所给的 4 个关键词; 2.词数不少于 120 个。 佳作欣赏 Last term,I took part in a marathon which was hosted by the school. was I at running that I had confidence to win the match.
② ①

So good

When approaching the finish

line,I found that one of my competitors fell down and got injured.

I could have

chosen to leave him alone and dashed to the end,but I stopped to help him.There was no doubt that the result was not so good and people called me a loser. However,I found that I was also very delighted and satisfied though I was not a winner.Sometimes it is kindness rather than grades that plays a more significant role in our life.

Though I was a loser in the match,I was a winner in my life.


思维发散 1.用过去分词短语作定语改写第①句 Last term,I took part in a marathon hosted by the school. 2.将第②句改为正常语序 I was so good at running that I had confidence to win the match. 3.将第③句改为完整句 When I was approaching the finish line,I found that one of my competitors fell down and got injured. 4.仿照第④句用 it is...that...和 rather than 翻译句子 重要的是你做的事情,而不是你说的话。(2015·陕西宝鸡中学模拟) It is what you do rather than what you say that matters. 5.将第⑤句改为倒装句 Loser though/as I was in the match,I was a winner in my life.

Ⅰ.重点单词 A.写作单词 1.host (vt.)做东;主办;招待;(n.)主人 2.replace (vt.)取代;替换;代替 3.charge (vt.& vi.)收费;控诉;(n.)费用;主管 4.bargain (vi.)讨价还价;讲条件;(n.)便宜货 5.foolish (adj.)愚蠢的;傻的 6.deserve (vi.& vt.)应受;值得 7.compete (vi.)比赛;竞争 competitor (n.)竞争者 competition (n.)比赛;竞争 competitive (adj.)竞争的,有竞争性的 8.admit (vt.& vi.)容许;承认;接纳 admission (n.)准许进入;承认;入场费 9.advertise (vt.& vi.)做广告;登广告 advertisement (n.)广告 B.阅读单词

10.ancient (adj.)古代的;古老的 11.medal (n.)奖章;勋章;纪念章 12.nowadays (adv.)现今;现在 13.motto (n.)座右铭;格言;警句 14.gymnasium (n.)体育馆;健身房 15.stadium (n.)体育场 16.homeland (n.)祖国;本国 17.fine (vt.)罚款 18.poster (n.)海报;招贴 19.hopeless (adj.)绝望的;没有希望的 20.pain (n.)疼痛;痛苦 21.glory (n.)光荣;荣誉 22.magical (adj.)巫术的;魔术的;有魔力的 magic (n.)巫术;魔术 23.volunteer (n.)志愿者;志愿兵;(adj.)志愿的;义务的;(vt.& vi.)自愿 voluntary (adj.)自愿的 24.regular (adj.)规则的;定期的;常规的 regularly (adv.)规则地;定期地;常规地 25.basis (n.)基础;根据 basic (adj.)基础的;基本的 26.athlete (n.)运动员;运动选手 athletics (n.)体育运动;竞技 27.slave (n.)奴隶 slavery (n.)奴隶制度 28.responsibility (n.)责任;职责 responsible (adj.)有责任心的 29.swift (adj.)快的;迅速的 swiftly (adv.)快速地 30.physical (adj.)物理的;身体的 physics (n.)物理;物理学 physician (n.)医生,医师;内科医生 Ⅱ.重点短语 1.take part in 参加;参与 2.stand for 代表;象征;表示

3.as well 又;也;还 4.in charge 主管;看管 5.one after another 陆续地;一个接一个地 6.pick up 拾起;搭载;接收 7.be admitted as...被接纳为?? 8.run the race 参加比赛 9.play an important role in 扮演重要角色;起重要作用 10.every four years 每四年 Ⅲ.经典句式 1.I lived in what you call “Ancient Greece” and I used to write about the Olympic Games a long time ago. 我生活在你们称之为“古希腊”的地方,我过去也经常写有关很久以前奥运会的情况。 2.No other country could join in,nor could slaves or women! 别的国家不能参加,奴隶和妇女也不能参加! 3. Women are not only allowed, but play a very important role in gymnastics, athletics, team sports and... 妇女们不但被允许参加,而且还在体操、竞技、团体运动等比赛项目中起着非常重要的作 用?? 4.It’s a great responsibility but also a great honour to be chosen. 被选上既是一种巨大的责任,也是一种莫大的荣誉。 5.There’s as much competition among countries to host the Olympics as to win Olympic medals. 国与国之间争取奥运举办权的竞争,就跟争夺奥运奖牌一样激烈。 Ⅳ.课文语法填空 Pausanias and Li Yan are talking about the similarities and differences 1.between the ancient and modern Olympics.The ancient Olympic Games were first held in Athens, in 2.which only men from the Greece had the honour to compete.The champions 3.were awarded(award) olive wreaths as prizes.The modern Olympics started in 1896.From then 4.on,athletes from all over the world have come to take part in the games 5.every four years.There are two main sets of Games—the Summer and the Winter Olympics.All countries can take part 6.if their athletes reach the standard to be admitted to the games.There are over 250 sports.To host all the competitors,7.a special village is usually built,with a stadium,a very large 8.swimming(swim) pool,a gymnasium as well as seats for those who watch the games.The winners of the first 9.three places

are awarded gold,silver and bronze medals.The motto of the Olympic Games is— “Swifter,Higher and 10.Stronger(strong). ”

1. admit v.?常指勉强?承认?agree?;承认?过错、罪行?,招认,招供?confess?; 准许??进入?allow...to enter?;容纳?hold? [应试指导] (1)后跟非谓语动词的用法;(2)写作高频词汇 ?1?admit sth./doing sth.承认某事/做某事 admit+n.+to be...承认??是?? admit sb./sth.into/to 允许某人/物进入??;成为??中的一员 be admitted as...作为??被接受 ?2?admission n.进入;入场费;承认

(1)You must admit the task to be difficult. 你得承认这个任务是艰巨的。 (2)How many students have been admitted to the school this year? 今年这所学校有多少学生入学? 多维训练 (1)单句语法填空 ①Joe is proud and stubborn,never admitting(admit) he is wrong and always looking for someone else to blame. ②He admitted cheating/having cheated(cheat) in the exam. ③We all admit him to be(be) foolish. ④Do they charge for admission(admit)? (2)同义句改写

He had to admit that he had done wrong.(改为简单句) He had to admit having done/doing wrong. (3)单句改错 ①He admitted us to enter the building.去掉 enter ②He was admitted a member of the club.admitted 后加 as 2. charge n.要价,收费;指控,控告;指责,谴责;主管,掌管?the control over?;

v.收?费?,要价?ask an amount of money for...?;控告,起诉;指责?accuse sb.of?;
充电 [应试指导] 熟词新义的考查 ?1?charge sb.with ?doing? sth.=accuse sb.of ?doing? sth.指控某人犯??罪 charge sb.money for sth.因某物收某人钱 ?2?free of charge 免费 in charge of 掌管?表状态? take charge of 掌管?表动作? in the charge of 被??掌管;由??负责 (1)She charged me 24 for the book. 这本书她向我要价 24 美元。 (2)We can deliver goods to your door free of charge. 我们可以免费送货上门。 (3)A week later,I volunteered to take charge of English study in my class. 一个星期以后,我自愿负责班级里的英语学习。 多维训练 同义句改写 (1)Police have charged Mr.Bell with murder.(用 accuse 改写) Police have accused Mr.Bell of murder. (2)He is in charge of the class. ①The class is in the charge of him.(用 the class 作主语改写) ②He takes charge of the class.(用 take charge of 改写) (3)用定语从句连接(1)(2)两句 Mr.Bell,who is in charge of the class,has been charged with murder by police. 3. bargain n.便宜货;vi.讨价还价;讲条件 ?1?bargain with sb.about/over...? = make a bargain with sb.about/over sth.? 就??和某人讨价还价 bargain for/on 预料到;料想到

?2?a good/bad bargain 买得?不?合算 It’s a real bargain.这可真是个便宜货。

(1)Dealers bargain with growers over the price of coffee. 商人与种植者就咖啡的价格进行商洽。 (2)You’ve got a good bargain there. 你做了一笔很划算的交易。 多维训练 (1)在我看来,那辆车的价格真便宜。 In my opinion,the car was a bargain at that price. (2)我与出租车司机讨价还价。 I bargained with the taxi driver about/over the price. (3)这次考试之难出乎我的意料。 The exam was more difficult than I had bargained for/on. (4)我们说定了,如果你能把马修也邀请来的话我就做东。 I’ll make a bargain with you.I’ll play hostess if you’ll include Matthew in your guest?list. 4. as well 也;又;而且?相当于 too,also? ?1?may/might as well 表示委婉的建议,一般是针对当时的情况提出另外的提议。意思是 “不妨??,还是??吧” 。 ?2?as well as 用作连词,连接两个相同的成分,如名词、形容词等,通常不位于句首, 相当于 not only。 ?3?当主语含有 as well as 时,谓语动词须和 as well as 前面的主语在数上保持一致。此 外,还有 together with,along with,with,besides,but,except,including,rather than 等。 ?4?as well as 作介词,相当于 besides,in addition to,意为“除??之外?还有?? ?” ,后面通常接名词或动词?ing 形式。

(1)The deadline of the project is near,so we might as well get some help. 工程的期限快到了,因此我们最好寻求点帮助。 (2)Future agriculture should depend on high technology as well as traditional methods. 未来的农业应依靠传统方式,也要靠高科技。 多维训练

(1)用 as well 和 as well as 填空 —I heard that the famous player as well as his coach would come to our school for a visit. —I heard the news as well. (2)单句语法填空 ①My sister,as well as her classmates who were(be) late for class,was(be) criticized by Mr.Hunt. ②Now that you’ve got a chance,you might as well make(make) full use of it. ③—What does Mr.Li do? —He works on newspapers as well as teaches(teach) us English. (3)同义句改写 The workers want to reduce working hours as well as increase their pay.( 用 not only...but also...和倒装结构改写) Not only do the workers want to increase their pay, but they also want to reduce working hours.

5. compete v.竞争;比赛 多维训练 单句语法填空 (1)Max will compete in a race with/against others for the first place. (2)The two companies are in competition with each other. (3)There’s a lot of competition(compete) between computer companies. (4)Their prices are better than any of their competitors(compete). 6 deserve v.值得;应得;应受(报答或惩罚)(should have or be given) 多维训练 单句语法填空 (1)They didn’t deserve to win(win). (2)I think your suggestion deserves trying/to be tried(try). (3)This suggestion deserves consideration/considering/to be considered(consider). 7. stand for 代表?represent?;象征;支持?support?;主张;容忍,忍受?常用于否 定句??put up with 多维训练

(1)写出下列句子中 stand for 的汉语意思 ①The five?star red flag stands for our country.代表 ②He has been acting very strangely these days.I can’t stand for his actions at all. 容忍;忍受 ③The committee still keeps silent about the investigation,so no one knows what they stand for. 主张;要求 (2)短语填空 stand out,stand for,stand by ①How can you stand by and see him accused of something he didn’t do? ②The new road sign is easy to read;the words stand out well. ③I disagreed fundamentally with what the party stood for.

8. I lived in what you call “Ancient Greece” and I used to write about the Olympic Games a long time ago.,我生活在你们称之为“古希腊”的地方,我过去也经常写有关很 久以前奥运会的情况。 句型公式:介词后的宾语从句 what 引导的从句作介词 in 的宾语,并在从句中作 call 的宾语,Ancient Greece 作宾补。 ?1?介词后不跟 that 引导的宾语从句,这时需要用 it 作介词的形式宾语,再接 that 宾语 从句;但 what,which,whom 等连接词引导的宾语从句可放在介词后面。 ?2?介词后可接 whether 引导的宾语从句,但不接由 if 引导的宾语从句。 (1)There are mixed reports about whether he remains in custody. 至于他是否仍被关押则有不同的报道。 (2)You can rely on it that he will come on time. 你要相信他会准时来的。 多维训练 (1)单句语法填空 ①The message you intend to convey through words may be the exact opposite of what others actually understand. ②Our teachers always tell us to believe in what we do and who we are if we want to succeed.


③—Have you finished the book? —No.I’ve read up to where the children discover the secret cave. ④Could I speak to whoever is in charge of International Sales please? ⑤As a new diplomat,he often thinks of how he can react more appropriately on such occasions. (2)单句改错 ①You can depend on that he will help you.on 后加 it ②My parents were not interested in if I went to school or not.if→whether 9. No other countries could join in,nor could slaves or women !,别的国家不能参 加,奴隶和妇女也不能参加。 句型公式:nor+情态动词/助动词/be 动词+主语 句型“nor/neither+情态动词/助动词/be 动词+主语”用于否定陈述句之后,表示“?? 也不” ,相当于 either 用于否定句。 ?1?“so+情态动词/助动词/be 动词+主语” ,是另一种倒装句型,意为“??也是如此” , 表示上句所谈到的情况也适用于另一主语,so 用来代替上句的内容。 ?2?如果下文表示的是对上文的赞成或肯定,则仅把 so 放于句首,其后用正常语序。 ?3?如果表示前面两件事或两件以上的事也适合于另一人或物时,则需要用 So it is/was with...或 It is/was the same with...。

(1)—You forgot your purse when you went out. —Good heavens, so I did. ——你出去时忘了带钱包。 ——天哪,我确实忘了。 (2)Mary was born in Australia and she lived in the United States.So it was with Jane./It was the same with Jane. 玛丽在澳大利亚出生,在美国居住。简也是。 多维训练 (1)—He works very hard. —So he does(他确实如此),and so do I(我也一样). (2)She doesn’t like them and nor does Jeff(Jeff 也不喜欢他们). (3)—He is a student and he studies hard. —It is the same with me/So it is with me(我也是). 10. There’s as much competition among countries to host the Olympics as to win Olympic medals.,国与国之间争取奥运会举办权的竞争,就跟争夺奥运奖牌一样激烈。

句型公式:as...as... as...as...像??一样;正如 ?1?结构特点:第一个 as 为副词,修饰形容词或副词的原级。第二个 as 为连词,引导状语 从句;也可是介词,其后加名词或代词。 ?2?否定式:not as/so...as...不如??。 ?3?表达倍数关系句型时则表达为:倍数+as...as...。 ?4?当 as...as 中间有名词时,应采用如下格式:,as+adj.+a/an+n.+as 或 as+adj. +n.?复数或不可数?+as。 ?5?as...as one can/could=as...as possible 尽可能??。

(1)Obviously,the boy doesn’t work as hard as many of his classmates. 显然,这个男孩不像他的许多同学那么刻苦。 (2)The geography teacher tells us that China has almost the same size as the USA but its population is six times as large as that of the USA. 地理老师告诉我们,中国在面积上与美国几乎一样大,但是人口却是美国的六倍。 [特别提醒] 在 as+ adj.+ a/an+ n.+ as 结构中形容词放在不定冠词 a/an 之前,同样的结构还有: so/too/how+adj.+a/an+n.+...。 多维训练 (1)——和那件连衣裙相比,我更喜欢这件。 ——我也是,但它贵一倍。(2015·重庆巴蜀中学模拟) —I like this dress better than that one. —So do I,but it costs almost twice as much as that one. (2)同义句改写 You must help him as much as possible.(改为复合句) You must help him as much as you can. (3)翻译句子 她的声音像她妈妈的一样甜美。(as...as...) She has as sweet a voice as her mother.

Ⅰ.语境填词 1 . No one is sure how the ancient( 古 代 的 ) Egyptians built the pyramids near

Cairo.(2015·四川) 2.For kids,happiness has a magical(有魔力的) quality.(2013·天津) 3.Having pets is an excellent way of developing in children the love of animals and responsibility(责任).(2013·陕西) 4. After all, many older people don’t begin to experience physical(身体的) and mental decline until after age 75.(2015·广东) 5. The lady walked around the shops, keeping an eye out for bargains(廉价品). (2010·江 西) Ⅱ.单句语法填空 1 . For example , people volunteer to express(express) personal values related to unselfishness , to expand their range of experiences , and to strengthen social relationships.(2015·江苏) 2.It struck me that playing against the other team was a great learning moment for all the girls on the team.(2015·全国Ⅱ) 3.It is a truth finally and universally acknowledged that a single woman with brains deserves to have(have) equal opportunities to men.(2013·福建) 4.As a long?distance swimmer,she would compete against herself and the obstacles presented by distance,danger,cold,and exhaustion.(2012·天津) 5. Alice put it in the newspaper, admitting(admit) that though she liked it, she didn’t know where it came from or what it really meant.(2014·广东) 6.She had blind trust in what she learnt at college.(2013·浙江) 7.Another argument against television is that it replaces(replace) reading as a form of entertainment.(2015·广东) 8. It was not until near the end of the letter that she mentioned her own plan.(2013·天 津) 9.It’s a great honor for me to tell you something about our English club which lasts for two months.(2010·湖南) 10.Customer care is obviously here to stay and it would be a foolish(fool) company that used slogans such as “we do as we please” .(2011·浙江) Ⅲ.短语填空 as well,take part in,stand for,one after another,pick up 1.We will take these books to your school to take part in the summer camp in July this year.(2015·天津) 2.She was able to transfer her new wisdom to other parts of her life as well.(2015·福

建) 3.One after another,the next six drivers arriving at the tollbooth were informed, “Some lady up ahead already paid your fare.”(2014·广东) 4.In China,these knots stand for friendship,love and good luck.(2013·新课标全 国Ⅱ) 5.Peter drove to Ann’s house to pick up his dog,and saw Thomas and Jack crying in the window.(2014·山东) Ⅳ.完成句子 1.四川将建设更多的高速公路以促进当地的经济发展。 More expressways will be built in Sichuan soon to promote the local economy.(2015·四 川) 2.通过它我不但可以挣很多钱而且也能获得一些社会经验。 Not only will I earn much money but I will also gain some social experience through it.(2013·山东) 3.那主要是因为与以前相比,购物是一个完全不同的经历。 That is mainly because shopping is a very different experience to what it used to be.(2014·北京) 4.那不是我的生日,也不是复活节、圣诞节或任何其他送礼物的时刻。 It wasn’t my birthday, nor was it Easter or Christmas or any other gift?giving occasion.(2013·福建) 5.这就是我推荐另一类书籍——文学类书籍的原因。 That is why I recommend another category of books:literary books.(2014·浙江)

写作素材 (关于奥运会) 1.对运动员来说能够参加奥运会是巨大的荣誉。 2.运动员只有通过定期的比赛,得到认可才能被允许 参加奥运会。 3.他们为奖牌也为荣誉而战,因此他们值得表扬。 提示: 黑体部分用本单元词汇表达, 并且请使用 only 引导的倒装句, whose 引导的定语从句。 连句成篇 (将以上句子连成一篇 50 词左右的英语短文) It’s a great honour for athletes to take part in the Olympic Games.Only when athletes have taken part in the regular competitions and get recognition can they be admitted into the Olympics.They compete for glory as well as for medals so they deserve to be praised.


Ⅰ.阅读理解 A The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896.There were nine sports: cycling, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, track and field, weightlifting, rowing, wrestling and shooting.Sailing was also to have taken place,but had to be cancelled because of bad weather at sea. In the first Olympics there were no real team sports.Then,slowly,a few team sports joined the program.Football and hockey were the first team sports introduced into the Olympics in London in 1908.Then in 1936, at the Berlin Olympics, the Germans brought in handball and the Americans had basketball accepted as an Olympic sport. It often happens that the country that introduces a new sport into the Olympics then goes on to win the gold medals.In 1904,at the Olympics in St.Louis,the Americans introduced boxing and won all seven events.Five horse riding events were introduced into the 1912 Stockholm(斯德哥尔摩) Olympics,and Swedish riders won four of them.And in 1964, at the Tokyo Olympics, two sports which are very popular in Japan were introduced:judo and volleyball.The Japanese won all three gold medals in the judo, and also won the first women’s volleyball competition.Some new sports have recently been added to the Olympics.In Los Angeles,in 1984,baseball was introduced and became an Olympics sport.In Seoul(汉城),Korea in 1988,table tennis was introduced for the first time,and tennis returned as an Olympics sport.Unlike tennis,some sports, such as golf and rugby( 橄榄球 ) , have been tried in the Olympics but have never returned. 1.The text is mainly about A.the ancient Olympic Games B.the Olympic sports C.the ancient and modern Olympic Games D.how many events are in the Olympic Games .


答案 B 解析 主旨大意题。本文主要讲了奥运会一些团体运动项目的引进,不是讲古代和现代奥运 会,所以 A、C 两项不正确;本文并没有列举所有的运动项目,所以 D 项也不正确。 2.Football was first introduced into the Olympics in A.1908,in London C.1904,in St.Louis 答案 A 解析 细节理解题。由第二段第三句可知 A 项正确。 3.Judo and volleyball are the two sports which are very popular in A.Britain C.America 答案 B 解析 细节理解题。由第三段中的“And in 1964,at the Tokyo Olympics,two sports which are very popular in Japan were introduced:judo and volleyball.”可知选 B。 4.Which of the following sports is NOT a team sport? A.Basketball. C.Judo. 答案 C 解析 由常识可知。 B Foxes and farmers have never got on well.These small dog?like animals have long been accused of killing farm animals.They are officially classified as harmful and farmers try to keep their numbers down by shooting or poisoning them. Famers can also call on the services of their local hunt to control the fox population.Hunting consists of running after a fox across the countryside,with a group of specially trained dogs,followed by men and women riding horses.When the dogs eventually catch the fox,they kill it or a hunter shoots it. People who take part in hunting think of it as a sport.They wear a special uniform of red coats and white trousers,and follow strict rules of behavior.But owning a horse and hunting regularly are expensive,so most hunters are wealthy. It is estimated that up to 100,000 people watch or take part in fox?hunting.But over the last couple of decades the number of people who are against fox?hunting,because they think it is brutal(残暴的),has risen sharply.Nowadays it is rare for a hunt to pass off without some kind of conflict between hunters and hunt opponents(阻止


B.1936,in Berlin D.1988,in Seoul


B.Japan D.Korea

B.Football. D.Baseball.

者).Sometimes these incidents lead to violence,but mostly opponents discourage the hunt by misleading riders and disturbing the trail of the fox’s smell,which the dogs follow. Noisy conflicts between hunters and opponents have become so common that they are almost as much a part of hunting as running after foxes itself.But this year supporters of fox?hunting face a much bigger threat to their sport.A Labour Party member of Parliament(英国议会),Mike Foster,is trying to get Parliament to approve a new law which will make the hunting of wild animals with dogs illegal.If the law is passed, wild animals like foxes will be protected under the ban in Britain. 5.Wealthy people in Britain have been hunting foxes to A.benefit the farmers B.get entertainment C.show off their wealth D.limit the fox population 答案 B 解析 推理判断题。根据第三段第一句“People who take part in hunting think of it as a sport.”可知参与猎狐的人认为猎狐是一种运动。运动与竞技体育不同,其本身即是一种 娱乐消遣。因此选 B。 6.The opponents of fox?hunting often discourage the game by A.using violence B.taking legal action C.seeking help from farmers D.confusing the fox hunters 答案 D 解析 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段中的“...but mostly opponents discourage the hunt by misleading riders and disturbing the trail of the fox’s smell...”可知选 D。 7.A new law may be passed by the British Parliament to A.protect wild animals like foxes B.control fox?hunting on a large scale C.prohibit farmers from hunting foxes D.standardize the behavior of fox?hunting 答案 A 解析 细节理解题。根据文章最后一句“If the law is passed,wild animals like foxes will be protected under the ban in Britain.”可知选 A。




8.What can be inferred from this passage? A.Limiting the fox population is unnecessary at all. B.Killing foxes with poison is not allowed by the law. C.Hunting foxes with dogs is considered cruel and violent. D.Fox?hunting causes conflicts between hunters and farmers. 答案 C 解析 推理判断题。根据第四段第二句“But over the last couple of decades the number of people who are against fox?hunting,because they think it is brutal(残暴的), has risen sharply.”可知选 C。 Ⅱ.七选五 How to Love Your Parents Even if you think that your parents are mean?spirited at times,loving your parents is a normal and fulfilling part of life.You love them for the fact that they created you,raised you,and are in part a source of who you are.Here are some ways to love your parents. 9 A gentle “good morning” and “I love you” will warm a coldest heart.Remember that they brought you into this world.Without your parents,we might still wander at an unknown corner in an unknown world. Respect them more and cherish these moments.You can use these moments to learn from them when you’re off on your own.It’s OK to get angry but angry actions don’t help you or your parents.Act calmly,cool off,journal about your feelings,or talk to a friend. 10 Obey their requests.It will make your attitude better and earn you more respect from them.It may seem like you are going through hell when you don’t get what you want or you have to clean.However,you had better remember they keep a roof over your head when it’s cold, raining, snowing, or too hot.Understand that parents are human beings and make mistakes. 11 parents? Keep company with them.Do things with your parents like watching TV,or go somewhere with them. 12 Listen to their old stories and learn from them.You will find they are your teachers in this way or another. Some people simply may not be able to love their parents. 13 Seek help if you are being abused in any way.Parents do not have a right to harm you. A.Forgiveness is the key.

Since you can forgive your friends ,why not forgive your

B.Tell them you love them every morning. C.Parents will in turn express their love to you. D.After this,share your feelings with your parents. E.Please remember parents are as important as friends. F.Anyway,spend as much time with them as you can. G.There can be realistic reasons for this,family violence for example. 答案 9.B 10.D 11.A 12.F 13.G Ⅲ.短文改错 Zhang Xiaowen,who is sixteen,a middle school student in Northern China.She is one of the best student in her class and she was won an award for young scientists last year.When seating in the classroom she looks just like all her classmates.And after class her life is obvious different.She was born without the ability to use her legs and she has no feeling below the waist.She had to use a wheelchair to get around.And it often takes her a little long to do everyday things,such as getting out of bed, getting dressed and going to the school.So far she has created many programmes and one of which received an award at her province’s science fair. 答案 ∧ Zhang Xiaowen,who is sixteen,is a middle school student in Northern China.She is one of the best last year.When student in her class and she was won an award for young scientists students seating in the classroom she looks just like all her seated/sitting

And obvious classmates. after class her life is different.She was born without the But obviously ability to use her legs and she has no feeling below the waist.She wheelchair to get around.And it often takes her a little had to use a has

long to do everyday things, longer

such as getting out of bed,getting dressed and going to the school.So far she has created many programmes and one of fair. which received an award at her province’s science them


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