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I、完形填空 There was once a leopard (豹) who was active during the night in the forest. He could hardly 1 at night and, lying in his beautiful 2 , he spent his time watching what was 3 in the forest. This was how he came to 4 that there was a thief in that forest, who came every night with 5 hands but returned loaded up with his stolen things. 6 , the leopard didn’t want to say anything to anyone. He didn’t see it as his 7 .And so, not knowing who the thief was, most of the other animals were 8 , but the leopard 9 the thief’s adventures quietly in his tree each night. One night the thief went on vacation, and 10 having waited a long time for him to appear, the leopard grew tired and 11 to sleep for a while. When he woke up he found himself in a place very different from his 12 tree. He was floating on the water of a small lake inside a cave, and around him he could see all those 13 which, night after night, he had seen being stolen. The thief had 14 his tree and stolen his entire home along with the leopard himself! The leopard felt so 15 that he ran out and went straight to see the angry animals to 16 them where the thief had hidden all their things. They all praised the leopard for having 17 the thief and allowing them to find their lost things. In the end, the animal who 18 most from all this was the leopard, who couldn’t replant his beautiful tree, and he 19 having not been concerned at the problems of the other animals. Now those 20 had become his own. 1.A.see 2.A.cave 3.A.continuing 4.A.understand 5.A.small 6.A.Besides 7.A.chance 8.A.miserable 9.A.described 10.A.once 11.A.pretended 12.A.strange 13.A.places 14.A.sold out 15.A.proud 16.A.warn 17.A.remembered 18.A.won 19.A.permitted 20.A.views B. play B.tree B.serving B.learn B.empty B.Anyhow B.plan B.nervous B.stopped B.unless B.agreed B.usual B.houses B.mark out B.frightened B.tell B.cheated B.needed B.considered B.choices C.sleep C.pool C.offering C.believe C.cool C.However C.business C.calm C.missed C.after C.refused C.similar C.objects C.cut down C.tired C.report C.beaten C.got C.regretted C.problems D.eat D.bed D.happening D.expect D.dirty D.Therefore D.secret D.angry D.enjoyed D.though D.decided D.real D.animals D.cast down D.distinct D.remind D.discovered D.lost D.accumulated D.difficulties

Close2 The other day I was talking to a stranger on the bus; he told me that he had a good 21 in Chicago and he wondered if, by any chance, I 22 to know him . For a moment, I thought he might be 23 ,but I could tell from the expression on his face that he was not. He was 24 . I felt like saying that it was ridiculous (可笑的) to 25 that out of all the millions of people in Chicago I could possibly have ever bumped into his friend. But, 26 , I just smiled and reminded him that Chicago was a very 27 city. He nodded, and I thought he was going to be content to drop the subject and talk about something else. But I was wrong. He was silent for a few minutes, and then he 28 to tell me all about his friend. His friend’s main 29 in life seemed to be tennis. He was an excellent tennis player , and he 30 had his own tennis court. There were a lot of people with swimming 31 , yet there were only two people with private tennis court; his friend in Chicago was one of them. I told him that I knew several 32 like that, including my brother, who was doctor in California. He 33 that maybe there were more private courts in the country, than he 34 , but he did not know of any others. Then he asked me 35 my brother lived in California. When I said Sacramento, he said that was a coincidence(巧合) 36 his Chicago friend spent the summer in Sacramento last year and he lived next door to a 37 who had a tennis court in his backyard. I said I felt that really was a coincidence because my next-door neighbour had gone to Sacramento last summer and had 38 the house next to my brother’s house. For a moment, we stared at each other, but we did not say anything. “Would your friend’s name happen to be Roland Kirkwood?” I asked finally. He 39 and said, “Yes. Would your brother’s name happen to be Dr Rey Hunter?” It was my 40 to laugh. “Yes,” I replied. 21.A.brother 22.A.managed 23.A.expecting 24.A.funny 25.A.think 26.A.indeed 27.A.famous 28.A.began B.teacher B.happened B.lying B.serious B.find B.actually B.interesting B.stopped C.neighbour C.tried C.joking C.careful C.realize C.instead C.noisy C.refused D.friend D.wanted D.talking D.disappointed D.see D.exactly D.big D.failed

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29.A.problem 30.A.just 31.A.suit 32.A.people 33.A.advised 34.A.recognized 35.A.how 36.A.because 37.A.doctor 38.A.hired 39.A.smiled 40.A.chance

B.interest B.ever B.habit B.players B.argued B.realized B.whether B.if B.friend B.visited B.laughed B.pleasure

C.choice C.even C.pools C.strangers C.admitted C.visited C.when C.then C.neighbour C.designed C.cried C.time

D.work D.surely D.river D.friends D.announced D.found D.where D.though D.player D.sold D.nodded D.turn

Close3 As l was sitting on the floor in my room, I began to recall an important moment in my life. It was simple but so precious that it has ( 41 ) inside my mind for years. It was a very cold winter evening when a friend of mine got seriously ( 42 ) and was rushed to Westchester Medical Center, where she stayed unconscious for quite a while. Finally she was ( 43 ) . A friend and I decided to ( 44 ) her, so we bought some flowers and were on our way. After quickly parking the car and signing in, we reached her _ 45 , but only a few minutes were ( 46 ) with her. Pretty soon after our ( 47 ) , we were asked to leave by the nurses. We headed out to the car. ( 48 ) did we know that we had to pay for parking. We had no money aside from a spare dollar or two ( 49 ) from our lunch money that day. We had no idea what to do, so I ( 50 ) to pay with whatever money we had, ( 51 ) of course, I was way off. A very sweet-hearted woman cleared her throat and said “Excuse me” in order to catch my ( 52 ) . She handed me a $20 bill. I ( 53 ) that she should give me her ( 54 ) and address and I will ( 55 ) pay her back. She refused. I thanked her for her ( 56 ) and told her how much it was appreciated. She turned to me and ( 57 ) with one sentence, "Thank you. Being able to help you makes me happy, too." Her words were so unusual that I was very ( 58 ) to hear that. .What she did might be considered a small act of ( 59 ) , but it is something I will never forget because it taught me that helping others could ( 60 ) both the givers and the receivers. 41.A.remained 42.A.misunderstood 43.A.awake 44.A.teach 45.A.home 46.A.counted 47.A.arrival 48.A.Actually 49.A.left 50.A.pretended 51.A.and 52.A.smile 53.A.imagined 54.A.account 55.A.certainly 56.A.publicity 57.A.started 58.A.frightened 59.A.respect 60.A.protect B.struggled B.injured B.ill B.pity B.room B.saved B.experience B.Little B.earned B.attempted B.because B.word B.insisted B.title B.probably B.loyalty B.shouted B.anxious B.kindness B.attract C.changed C.punished C.asleep C.visit C.school C.allowed C.disappearance C.Clearly C.exchanged C.afforded C.although C.impression C.thought C.name C.publicly C.creativity C.replied C.calm C.belief C.benefit D.recovered D.scolded D.mad D.find D.office D.added D.interview D.Much D.borrowed D.continued D.or D.attention D.believed D.contract D.honestly D.generosity D.followed D.surprised D.order D.direct

Close4 For most people, graduation is an exciting day, but my graduation day was not. I remember that weekend two years ago. Family and friends had flown in from across the country to ( 61 ) the celebration. But just like everyone else in my class, I had watched the ( 62 ) turn from bad to worse in my senior year. Almost all of us graduates had degrees, but very uncertain 63 . The weeks ahead weren’t ( 64 ) . I knew my small university town couldn’t offer me any opportunities, ( 65 ) I packed up my car and drove to Southern California to find work. But what I thought would take a ( 66 ) dragged into two, and then four, and 100 job applications later, I found myself in the exact same ( 67 ) as I was before. You know that feeling when you wake up in ( 68 ) ? That feeling became a constant in my life. Days felt like weeks, weeks like months, and those many months felt like everlasting 69 . And the most annoying part was no matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t seem to make any ( 70 ) . So what did I do to keep my good sense? I decided to 71 . Something about putting words on a page made everything seem a little clearer — a little brighter. Something about writing gave me ( 72 ) . And if you want something badly enough, sometimes a little hope is all you ( 73 ) !
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I put my ( 74 ) into a children’s book. Beyond the River was the story of an unlikely hero, a little fish, who ( 75 ) to give up his dream. And then one day, without any sort of writing degree or contacts in the writing world — just a lot of hard work and determination — I was offered a ( 76 ) contract (合同) for my first book! After that, things slowly began to fall into 77 . I was offered a second book deal. Then, a few months later, I got an interview with the Walt Disney Company and was ( 78 ) shortly after. Don’t give up. Even if things look ( 79 ) now, don’t give up. If you work hard, things will always get better. Often times our dreams lie in wait just a little further upstream ... all we need is the ( 80 ) to push beyond the river. 61.A.attend 62.A.environment 63.A.choice 64.A.quiet 65.A.so 66.A.day 67.A.town 68.A.surprise 69.A.glory 70.A.appointment 71.A.read 72.A.hope 73.A.lack 74.A.disapproval 75.A.refused 76.A.writing 77.A.ruin 78.A.rewarded 79.A.different 80.A.courage B.hold B.economy B.danger B.busy B.but B.week B.direction B.fear B.complaint B.progress B.think B.wisdom B.find B.disagreement B.managed B.translating B.place B.paid B.unimportant B.chance C.prepare C.opportunity C.desire C.easy C.for C.month C.situation C.delight C.love C.commitment C.write C.pleasure C.bury C.dissatisfaction C.failed C.publishing C.pieces C.fired C.strange C.time D.enjoy D.climate D.future D.long D.or D.year D.habit D.peace D.pain D.decision D.paint D.inspiration D.need D.disadvantage D.decided D.reviewing D.despair D.hired D.tough D.dream

Cloze5 Last January I was given a chance to work in another country. At first, I lived a ( 81 ) life, but soon I met a new friend Mark and we were really nice. Then something ( 82 ) happened. Mark suffered from kidney stones(肾结石),which had to be ( 83 ) as soon as possible. But it was not as ( 84 ) as that! Mark could not ( 85 ) the operation, which made him very ( 86 ) . I didn’t know how to help him because I didn’t have any money either. ( 87 ) , I never lost hope. Instead I tried to think of other ( 88 ) and told him not to worry. Before leaving the hospital, I asked the doctor to do the operation and promised to ( 89 ) the cost the next day. Well, what I said must have been ( 90 ) because the doctor agreed to do it! But how was I going to get the money? Although it could be ( 91 ) , I decided to do something. I tried to borrow money but failed. I tried ( 92 ) my things but no one wanted them. Then I had the idea of talking to my ( 93 ) . I asked him if I could have my next two months’ salary (工资)in advance ---- without even thinking on how I would ( 94 ) for two months with no money. He was ( 95 ) at first, but after having been told the reason he ( 96 ) agreed! Upon getting the money, I ran to the hospital and paid all the bills. Mark, with ( 97 ) in his eyes, didn’t know to thank me. Friendship may not only be found at the happy moment but sometimes in the ( 98 ) time of your life! I’ve done a good thing by being a(n) ( 99 ) friend and I think it is well worth the ( 100 ) . 81.A.modern 82.A.strange 83.A.removed 84.A.terrible 85.A.stand 86.A.anxious 87.A.Besides 88.A.reasons 89.A.avoid 90.A.encouraging 91.A.challenging 92.A.saving 93.A.friend 94.A.wait 95.A.surprised 96.A.partly 97.A.care 98.A.best 99.A.supportive 100.A.time B.lonely B.wrong B.reduced B.painful B.consider B.ashamed B.Somehow B.ways B.pay B.concerning B.dangerous B.collecting B.relative B.live B.excited B.secretly B.appreciation B.shortest B.sensitive B.money C.colorful C.unexpected C.examined C.simple C.perform C.embarrassed C.However C.conditions C.cut C.interesting C.serious C.donating C.boss C.run C.tired C.willingly C.satisfaction C.busiest C.active C.mention D.great D.unclear D.protected D.special D.afford D.disappointed D.Therefore D.treatments D.raise D.convincing D.silly D.selling D.doctor D.work D.amused D.nearly D.doubt D.hardest D.attentive D.effort

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Close6 Many people are constantly waiting for their life to start. "When I'm older I'll do this" and "In a few years I'll do that." They think the life they are ( 101 ) is boring and meaningless. Who has never viewed himself or herself ( 102 ) worthless and unattractive? In others' eyes, you are always "the funny one" and become loud and overconfident to mask what you are actually feeling, ( 103 ) few people know about the way you feel. All of us may ( 104 ) from depression and frustration, lose guidance and support, and thus need ( 105 ) physically, or spiritually. Just think like this way: ( 106 ) feelings I am feeling will eventually go away. I need to stop feeling so sorry for myself and actually want to ( 107 ) . I am an incredibly lucky person who has come from a family ( 108 ) there is full of love and support. I have to be the one to make the ( 109 ) to change my way of thinking. All the good things and all the wonderful people in my life would pass eventually too. ( 110 ) I am feeling miserable, my life is still going on and I am missing out on ( 111 ) those precious moments. We all have terrible things which happen to us and will ( 112 ) each of us differently. The most important thing to remember is that our ( 113 ) aren't what define us. What defines us is how we ( 114 ) what has happened to us and how we change the way we think about it. We can either let it become us or we can use our newly-found ( 115 ) to change the little bit of world around us all. There's something much bigger than us and our problems. It is always ( 116 ) to remember that there is always someone who is in a ( 117 ) much worse than our own. Nevertheless, I am well on the ( 118 ) to becoming the person I want to be and I have goals and expectations of myself. I am now ( 119 ) that my life has started. It started years ago and it's not ( 120 ) over yet. It's happening right now. Yours is too. 101.A.making 102.A.of 103.A.and 104.A.suffer 105.A.growth 106.A.Pleasant 107.A.relax 108.A.where 109.A.mistake 110.A.Because 111.A.calculating 112.A.attract 113.A.characters 114.A.care about 115.A.wisdom 116.A.difficult 117.A.game 118.A.turn 119.A.aware 120.A.even B.predicting B.as B.or B.arise B.service B.Horrible B.move B.what B.difference B.While B.practicing B.treat B.problems B.make up B.energy B.unnecessary B.relation B.way B.surprised B.nearly C.experiencing C.for C.so C.differ C.aid C.Sensitive C.learn C.that C.decision C.Unless C.forgetting C.affect C.advantages C.deal with C.chance C.impossible C.position C.corner C.afraid C.only D.expecting D.with D.but D.result D.sacrifice D.Complicated D.change D.which D.comment D.When D.appreciating D.benefit D.experiences D.wait for D.patience D.important D.distance D.direction D.worried D.much

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