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unit1 Festivals around the world 语言点


Festivals around the world
Language points

1. Festival are meant to celebrate important events. 节日就是庆祝重要事件的活动。

1). mean doing sth. 意味着.. This means staying here longer. 2). mean to do sth. “打算,意欲做…某事”主语为某人
What do you mean to do with it? 3). mean sb. to do sth.

He was meant to carry out the task.

4). be meant for
打算给予;打算作……用; 注定要成为

He was meant for a painter.

In some parts of London, missing a bus means _____ for another hour. A. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. to be waiting

2. 英语中表示“发生”的词或短语均为不及物,不 用于被动语态。主语为所发生的事。 词语辨析:take place, happen, occur, come about, break out的比较 1) The wedding will take place tomorrow. 2)In 1919, the May 4th Movement took place in China. take place 发生,举行; 经过安排, 正式的事

? happen
? 1) vi. 发生 ? 2) vi. 偶然发生 Sth. happen to sb. 某人发生某事
? 3)碰巧 happen to

It happens that…

? It happened to rain that day. ? The traffic accident occurred on Wednesday.

? occur “发生,出现”,较正式用词,指事情
? 偶然地、意外地发生或思想突然浮在心头。 ? occur to 想起

? 某人突然想起
? sth. occurs to sb.=It occurs to sb. that…

break out (火灾、战争、疾病)突然发生、爆发
The Second World War broke out in 1939.

come about “发生”, 常指偶然发生的事情。且 很多时候与how 连用。与happen 用法较接近
How does it come about that you were caught by the police?

3. Sometimes celebrations would be held …
now and then

有时候 ; 频率
某时;指过去 或将来的某时 刻 一段时间; 时间段 几次;次数

Sometimes people make mistakes.
Your books will be here sometime tomorrow.
You have to practice for some time to improve your English. I have been to Beijing some times.

at a certain time a period of time

some time

some times many times

(1) vt. vi. 挨饿, 饿死 Millions of people starved to death during the lacking year. (2) 缺乏, 渴望获得be starved of/ starve for The homeless children were starving for love . (3) 感觉很饿(进行时) When will the dinner be ready? I’m starving. (4)starvation : n. 挨饿, 饿死 die of starvation

5. origin
? origin n. 起源,开端(origins);
? ?



出身,来历,血统; the origin of the human race original adj. 原先的,最初的, n. 原物,原件 originally adv. 最初,最先

6. honour/honor
1) 光荣,荣誉(n) They fight for the honour of the country. One must show honour to one’s parents. 2) in honour of 为了纪念 A festival is set in honour of the hero. 3) an hounour 光荣的人或事情 Liu Xiang is an honour to our country. 4) 尊敬,给以荣誉(v) Children should honour their parents.
honourable guests 贵宾 I feel highly honoured by the kind things you said about me.

7. satisfy vt. 使满意 Nothing satisfies him; he is always complaining. The government tries its best to satisfy people’s needs. satisfaction n. 满意、令人满意的人/物 satisfied (人)感到满意的 satisfying/ satisfactory 令人满意的

sb. be satisfied with 对…满意


Your work satisfies me. v. I am satisfied with your work. adj. Your work is satisfying. adj.

8. harm 1) n 损害,伤害 e.g. He meant no harm to you.
harmful adj. 有害的

( He didn’t intend to hurt you.) be harmful to 对…有害 do sb./sth. harm =do harm to sb./sth. =harm sb. 2) harm vt. 伤害,损害 The events has harmed the relations between the two countries.

9. in memory of 纪念,追念
? She set up a charity fund in memory of her

father. ? have a good memory 记忆力好
? in praise of 赞美,歌颂

? in search of 寻找
? in face of ? in need of
面对 需要

in honor of 为了向…表敬意 in charge of 负责,掌管 in favor of 支持,赞同

10. feast
? 1) n. (宗教的)节日,盛宴

Christmas is an important feast for Christians. No feast in the world can last forever.天下没有不散的筵席。
2)vt. 款待,宴请 vi. 大吃大喝. He said he would feast us on turkey. Tourists came to feast their eyes on the natural beauty of the place. 尽情欣赏,饱眼福

11. in the shape of
? 以…的形式,可做表语,状语,补足语,后置定语
? The little cake is in the shape of a panda.

? The boy placed his toys in the shape of a

plane. ? in the form of 以…的形式 ? in the hope of 希望…

12. They offer food, flowers and gift…. 词语辨析:offer, provide, supply offer 主动提供。offer sth to sb; offer sb sth provide 供给(所需物,尤指生活必需品)。 provide sth (for sb); provide sb with sth.

supply: 供应(所需要或所要求之物)。 supply sth to sb; supply sb with sth

选词填空:offer, provide, supply

When I meet difficulty, my roommates will_____me he offer

他们悬赏找回丢失的珠宝。 offered They_______a reward for the return of the lost jewel 政府得提供这些老人们吃穿。 The government needprovide to_________these old people with food and clothes.

每个月都得供应足够的电。 supplied Electricity should be _________enough every month

13.dress up 盛装,打扮 dress up as… 打扮成… dress sb. up… 打扮某人… dress sth. up… 装饰,掩饰某物… dress sb. in… 给某人穿上 be dressed in… 穿着(…衣服)

You don’t have to dress up. Come as you are. Children love dressing up in Halloween. She dressed up in a long evening dress.

选词填空:dress, put on, wear. 1. She is _______ a gold ring. wearing

dressed 2. She hurriedly _______ her son and took him to the kindergarten.
put on 3. Remember to ________ your coat. It is cold outside.

14. play a trick/ joke on sb 15. arrive (v) arrival (n) The arrival of the plane has been delayed. On my arrival at school, Mr Li was there. ____ on one’s arrival\on arriving 某人一到达就 16. depend(依靠) v. independence (n) 独立 independent adj 独立的 自主的

17. gain
? 1)gain vt. 获得,得到,受益 ? gain a reputation 获得声望 ? gain weight/height 增加体重,高度 ? gain time 赢得时间

? He gained the admiration of the whole world.
? 2) n. 受益,获利 ? No pains, no gains. ? He put a lot of money into the firm with the hope

of gain in the future.

18.People are grateful because their food is gathered for the winter 采集,收集,收割 gather information/evidence/flowers gather (in) crops 收割庄稼 gather/collect 都有收集、聚集 的意思, gather是最普通用语,指把散的东西收集起来; collect 指经过挑选之后集中在一起,强调有目 的有计划地选择 eg. collect stamps

19. Some people might win awards for--award. n. 奖, 奖品
She showed us the awards she had won. v. 判给, 授予 后接双宾语 award sb. sth.= award sth. to sb.

award sb. a metal 授予某人奖章 reward 奖赏,回报,给…报酬, 不能接双宾语; reward sb. for sth. 因 …奖赏某人; reward sb. with sth. 用某物酬劳某人

She rewarded herself with a cup of coffee

after a whole morning’s hard work.

20. admire sb/sth (for …)

They admired our garden.

I admire him for his success in business. We all admire him for his courage and bravery. 我们都钦佩他的勇气和胆识 21. look forward to(介词) + n/ v-ing 盼望,期待 I’m looking forward to his coming.
--ward 向着…方向 backward 向后 forward 向前

22. day and night 日夜
? I think of you day and night.
? Workers were forced to work day and night. ? 拓展:

all day (long) 一整天 by the day 按日计算 ? day after day 日复一日 ? to this day 迄今

22. as though= as if 好像,仿佛

1)在look, seem 等系动词后引导表语从句
It seems as though our team is going to win.

2) as though+名词/不定式/形容词/介词短语/分词
She left the room hurriedly as though (she was) angry. 3)

? 当说话人认为所叙述的不是事实或极少有可

能发生或存在的情况时,从句要用虚拟语气 ? He behaved as if/ though nothing had happened. ? He talks as if/though he knew everything. ? He looks as if he were ill.
一般过去时(与现在事实相反) as though+ 过去完成时(与过去事实相反) would/cold/might+动词原形 (与将来事实相反)

23. People love to get together to eat, drink and have fun with each other. have fun意为“过得快乐”同义词组 have fun with sb. 跟某人一起尽情玩耍 同义: have a good time with sb

have fun ( in ) doing sth.开心地做…

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