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Book 1 重要短语/句型 Unit 1 1 wake up 醒来 2 get up 起床 调大声/ 出现 turn 3 turn/switch on 开 turn/switch off 关 turn up down 调小声/拒绝turn to sb for help 向某人求助 4 at the moment 就在那时 6 for 时间持续多

久 7 work one’s way through sth 8 as soon as / the moment get wet/ hurt get+形容词 事/开始学..课程 11 go off go over 复习 13 be filled with 14 personal opinion 17 think of 充满 个人意见 响,爆炸 go through经历,穿过 go on 继续 go into details详细描述 第一个/最后一个做某事 be full of I personally think 个人觉得 16 complain about 埋怨 think out想出 19 as a result 21 come up with 想出,提出 23 wash down 冲洗,咽下 5 switch over 换 I will stay for 4 days. 从头到尾做某事,实现目标 get+过去分词 进展/上 10 take up 占据/ 从 一……就 get on

9 get changed/ dressed/ paid /bored/ lost

go by 时间流逝,经过,放过

12 the first/last to do sth

15 be ready for 为…做准备 考虑,想到 18 in the 18th century 22 between A and B 在之间

20 to do/ in order to为了 (表目的)

24 play an important part/ role in 在..起重要作用 25 would like + to do 想要做某事 26 by 到…为止 27 It takes sb +一段时间 to do花某人多少时间做 人 spend + 时间/金钱 on sth ( in ) doing 28 or 和(用于否定句) /选择/否则 29 at night 在晚上 32 on the farm on a cold/ Monday night 在一个..的晚上 30 be far away from远离 在农场 34 right now 现在 31 go walking/ swimming/ shopping 33 play with 玩耍 35 take a break/ have a rest休息 远程学习/远程教育 觉得某人…

36 distance learning/ education be supposed to do理应做

37 suppose sb/sth (to be) +名词/形容词


38 prevent/stop sb (from) doing sth keep sb from doing sth prevent sb from 39 suffer from 遭遇 阻止某人做 40 be proud of / take pride in以..为骄傲 保护…使其免受伤害

40 to be honest/ honestly speaking老实说 generally/strictly/frankly speaking一般来说/严格/坦白地说 41 add to 增加 add A to B 把 A加到B上 add up to总共有

Unit 2 1 China’s development 中国的发展 2 lift off = be sent up 发射 4 at + 小时 5 choose chose on + 具体哪天 chosen today’s news/world 3 let out 放出,泄露(秘密) in +季节/年 make a choice 做选择

6 separate A from B 把A从B分开 be separated from 被从..分开 7 a feeling of sadness/happiness ..的感觉 8 during the break/ meeting 10. be+ 形容词 to do 11 look back 回顾 休息期间 4 hundred students be happy/sad to do look forward to (doing) 期盼 13 come to an end 结束 16 leave behind 置之不理 9 millions/hundreds/thousands of

12 be strict with sb 对某人严格 15 make great progress 取得大进步

14 express a keen interest in 表达对…的兴趣 17 cause problems/trouble 制造/引起问题/麻烦 18 be famous for 因为..而出名 be famous as 作为 19 expect sb to do 期待某人做 20 on one’s own 独自 of one’s own 自己的 21 make/ give a speech 发表演讲 22 all over the USA/ China / the world全美国 23 come to 到达/总计/逐步 come to realize/ know/ understand 24 pull through 康复 25 give up 放弃 give in 屈服 26 be sorry for sb 为某人感到抱歉 28 commit suicide /crime 自杀/犯罪 29 get on well with sb 与某人相处得好 get together聚会 get into trouble 参与

27 react to 对…的反应 下车 陷入困境 with sb 与…关系密切

get involved in sth


30 be busy with (doing) sth 忙着做 31 so clever a student such a clever student

Unit 3 1. be celebrated by 被…庆祝 2 in recent years/ recently 最近 P31 3. It is said to do / people say 据说 4. family reunion / get-together 家庭团圆 5. be made from in +地点/ into make fun of 取笑 make use of 利用 a lighted candle 7. drive away 驱走 10 be decorated with 12 on time准时 all the time 一直 from time to time 时不时地 14 cover覆盖/报导/包含/支付 15 link A with/ and / to B 把跟连接起来 16 entrance to the reception key to the door answer to the question road to success 由…(材料)组成 of由…(材料)组成 制成/ by +人/up of 由 (成员) 组成 make sense 有意义/讲得通 make a decision/choice 做决定/选择 点燃 一支点燃的蜡烛 8. destroy 9 用….装修 in time及时 destruction 毁坏 burn down 烧毁

6. light lighted/ lit (两个都是其过去式和过去分词)

8. trick sb into doing sth 骗某人做

11 a variety of各种各样的 at times有时 从前 next / this/ last time once upon a time

13 get/receive an invitation收到邀请

17 contribute … to 向…..捐 contributor捐赠人/者 make contributions to 为…做 贡献 18 join in our discussion/talk参加 (正在进行的活动) take part in the Olympic games 参加(大型的比赛活动) join the Party/organization/army/society加入社团/组织/协会 19 marry sb get/be married to sb 与某人结婚 21 depend/rely on依靠,倚赖 20 mark/write down 写下,记下 22 be welcome to do 欢迎做,自由做

Book 2 重要短语/句型


Unit 4 1. in the last thirty years 过去三十年来 2. rapidly (rapid) 急剧地 3. be connected to 与联接 4. growth grow 5. find out 找出,查明 6. be pessimistic/optimistic about 对……悲观/乐观 7. in the future 将来 8. it is clear that…… 很显然 9. entertainment (n.) entertain (v.) 娱乐 10. with the increasing use of e-mail 随着 as the use of e-mail increases with the coming of winter/ as winter comes 11. as if 仿佛;好像 12. take action 采取行动 13. no comment 无可奉告 14. comment on 对….的评论 15. What’s going on? 发生什么事 16. fancy doing 想/喜欢做 17. get in touch with 与某人联系上 keep in touch 保持联系 lose touch with 失去联系 out of touch 18. make an arrangement 做安排 19. hang on (电话用语)别挂线 20. average 平均的 21. be up to 在做…;在忙… 22. depend on 取决于 23. suggest doing 建议做 suggest sb to do 建议某人应做 24.find it hard to imagine 难以想像 find it hard to do 发现做..很难 25 website address 网址 26. historical sites 历史名胜 27 have trouble with sth 某事有麻烦 (in) doing sth 做…有麻烦 28. feel excited about/to do 对…感到兴奋 29. travel around the world 环游世界 30. has a population of … 有人口多少 31. be located on 位于;座落于 32. settle 定居 33. the history of the city goes back 城市有…的历史了 34. some time 一段时间 sometimes 有时 some times 几次/几倍 sometime 在(将来或过去)某一时候 35. made the whole country a nuclear-free zone 使整个国家成为无核区 make Auckland the capital 把奥克兰定为首都 36. protest against 抗议;反对 Unit 5 1. be used to (doing)sth 习惯于做某事 2. come out 出版;发行 3. copy a copy of paper 份 4. make sb +do 使某人做 +形容词 happy/angry 5. continue + doing 继续做(同一件事) + to do 继续做(不同的事情) 6. on stage 在台上 7. warm …up 使…温暖 8. the 30-year-old artist 那个三十岁的艺术家 9. an incredibly cold night 副词修饰形容词 a badly hurt driver a highly successful man


10. be full of feelins 充满感情 be filled with anger 充满愤怒 11. manage to do sth 成功地做成某事 succeed (in) doing / be able to do 12. impress sb 给留下印象 be impressed by 对…..印象深刻 Her words impressed me a lot. I was greatly impressed by her words. 13. pick up 拾起;学会,接收 14. as soon as 尽快 15. by by working hard 通过(方法/手段) 16. combine A with/and B 把 A 与 B 结合 17. some 某个 Some Mr. Wang wanted to see you. 18. be different from 与……不同 19. as a result of 结果是 20. potential + of 做….的潜能 + to do 21. be made to do 被使去做 22. in some ways 从某种程度上来说 23. so…that…如此… 以致于… 24. shave off 剃掉 with all his hair shaved off 头发剃掉 (with 引导伴随 状语) She came in with a big smile. with a book in hand 25. because of his talent 由于他的天赋 because he is talented 26. see it as a two-way exchange 把它看作是双向交流 27. be related to 与..有关 . 28. remain + adj (young/ active ) 保持 Unit 6 1. during his lifetime 在他有生之年 during one’s lifetime 在某人有生之年 2. at high speed 快速/高速 3. work as 从事..工作 . 4. on the left/ right side 在左/右边 5. (eyes) be fixed on/upon 盯着 be drown to 目光被…吸引 6. show an/one’s interest in 对….表现出兴趣 7. leave the audience guessing 让观众猜想 8. value 价值 valuable 有价值的 9. be deep in thought 陷入深思 lost in thought 陷入深思 10. add… to 增添 11. in details 详细地 12. hide hide oneself be hidden 隐藏 13. blame sb for 因为…责怪某人 be to blame 某人应被责怪(被动) The driver is to blame for the accident. 14. upon /on doing 一…就… On hearing the sad news, she cried. 15. throw away 扔掉 lay down 放下 put away 放好,存钱 take down 记下,取下 You should put away some money for rainy days.


16. be directed at 主要针对 17. pay attention to 注意 We should pay attention to our mistakes. 主动 Our mistake should be paid attention to. 被动 18. on a large scale 很大程度上/范围 19. be surrounded by 被…围绕/环绕 20. at / from an early age 在/从非常早的时候(开始) at the age of 在….岁的时候 21. date back to 始于;追溯到 22. everyday life 日常生活 23. laugh at 嘲笑 24. be good for 有益于,适于 25. be used for +名词/ing 做..用 . be used to do 26. each time 每次 27. hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸 28. What I remembered most is moving a lot. 我记得最清楚的是经常搬家 29. share…with…和……共享 30. leave out 省去;遗漏 31. according to 根据 32. come up 开始;发生;被提出 33. pretend + to do 假装做 + to be doing 假装正在做 She pretended to be reading when I came in. 34. at least 至少 35. go wrong/ bad 由好到坏的变化 36. lose ones temper 发脾气 37. be concerned about = care about 关心 38. with their parents encouragement/ help 在家长的鼓舞/帮助下 Book 3 重要短语/句型 Unit 7 1. in general/ generally speaking 4. employee 雇员,雇工 5. the + 形容词 8. 11. 13. 15. 17. 一类人 employer 雇主 the rich/ poor achieve (success/dream/goal) (成功/理想/目标) 10. before long 不久以后 12. according to 根据 2. be out of job 失业 3. honestly / frankly speaking 老实说/坦白说

6. in search of 寻找(介词短语) 7. pick up 接收,用车接,捡起,学(会) achieve 完成/实现/取得 set sail 启航 9. long before 很久以前

be forced to do sth 被迫做 commit suicide/ crime 自杀/犯罪 16. part of 一部分

14. commit a murder 杀人 get into trouble for sth 因……陷入困境

18. persuade sb to do sth = persuade sb into doing sth 说服某人做某事


persuade sb not to do sth = persuade sb out of doing sth 说服某人不做某事 19. try to persuade sb. to do sth. 表示劝而不服 20. be known as + 职业/身份 21. above the water 在水上 23. on the beach 在海边 25. up-to-date 现代的 29. special discount 特价 27. attract/attack 吸引/攻击 be known for + 贡献/成就 22. on the edge of 在边缘 24. educational area 教育基地 26. up to 达到/多达 28. watch out 小心 30. body and soul 身心 be known to sb

31. sth terrible happened to sb一些可怕的事情发生在…上 32. It took less than a single day to change my hair from black to white. 不用一天 时间我的头发就变成白色的了 33. all at once/ all of a sudden 突然 34. be covered with 被…覆盖 35. survive (v.) –-- survival (n.)存活 37. in the direction of向着……方向 38.tie A to B 把A捆在一起B 39. go over 复习; 超过,仔细检查/核对 40. try to do 努力做 41. dive into the sea 跳进水中 43. bring sth to a conclusion 总结 come to a conclusion / draw a conclusion 得出结论 44. in the end 最后 Unit 8 1. think about 考虑 4. get ready for 7. 5. 2. talk with 和…谈话 be busy preparing for 8. look for寻找 fit on = try on 试穿 fit 健康的 忙于做准备 3. make full preparations for … 为…做充分准备 6. imagine sth / doing sth / sb’s doing /sb doing from …to…从…到… 9. 衣/物 fit(适合) (v.) 人/物 be fit for = be fit to do适合做 10. 11. 13. 14. prefer to 宁愿 45. adapted from 摘自 46. expect sb to do sth 期望某人做某事 42. sink/sank/sunk 沉没 36. at great speed 高速

(1) prefer reading ..to watching 12. on the horizon 将要发生 be born into /在…(家庭)出生 17. at that time

(2) prefer to read.. rather than watch accommodation 住处;膳宿 between… and…在…之间 be born in在…(地点)出生

15. in return作为…回报 16. trade with sb. 和…做生意 在那时候 18. serve sth/sb 为…服务 19. be ruled by由…统治 20. be amazed by 惊奇于


21. 22. 23. 24. 26. 29. 32. 33. 36. 37. 40. 41. 42.


leave an impression on 留下印象

describe sth as sth 把…描述成 be available to 可得到的 pay for 付款 25. be confused by 迷惑 28. stand by 支持 31. wait for 等待 be exhausted 累坏了 27. be captured by 被捕获 on one’s way to在路上 30. in preparation for准备 The race was on 比赛开始了 make progress 取得进步 be on 34. realize 认识到 break into pieces使)成为碎片

35. break down 抛锚 run out of 用完

break out 爆发

have difficulties with sth / have difficulties (in) doing sth 做某事有困难 38. despite 尽管 keep the record保持记录 breake the record 破记录

39. record 纪录

hope to do sth希望做某事 spend … doing sth花费…做 to my wife 致我的妻子 43. fail to do sth 没有做成… 2. convenient 方便的 5. reduce pollution 减少污染

Unit 9 1. benefits of cycling骑车的好处 4. save energy节省能源 3. There are plenty of places to park bikes. 有很多停车的地方 6. To take the bike, you have to insert a special card. 为了骑这车,你必须插入一张特别的卡。 7. within weeks 几周之内 9. mean to do 打算做 10. so far 至今 12. take place发生 15. the road to 通向…之路 18. get/be stuck in 困住 20. compare to比较 19. 8. thanks to多亏 mean doing 意味着 11. take part in 参加 13. all the time 一直 16. be addicted to 沉溺于 stress out精神紧张 mean (that)

14. persuade sb of sth 使某人相信 17. it took sb sth/time to do sth 某人花费(时间金钱等)做某事 21. go up 上升

22. in the last/past 10 years 在过去的10年 23. suffer from 遭受(困苦、打击等) 24 . be related to 和……有关系 24. major causes of global warming 25. be bad for 对……有害 26. carry on 继续 27. make excuses 找借口 32. complain 抱怨 carry out 实施 31 on average 平均 33. thanks to 多亏; 幸亏



34. 36. 37. 38. 39.


average 平均上

35. be fed up with 饱受, 厌烦 对...无益 offer sb. sth.

have little benefit on... rely on 依靠; 依赖

provide sb. with sth. / provide sth. for sb. 提供某人某物 take part in / join in / attend ; join


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