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英 语 试 题 (满分 100 分 时间 40 分钟) 班级: 第一节:阅读理解(8*3=24分) A Nature responds to climate change.To understand it,we need to monitor key life cycle events—flowering, the appearance of leaves, the first

frog calls of the spring—all around the world.But scientists can’t be everywhere so they’re turning to non?scientists,sometimes called citizen scientists,for help. A group of scientists and educators set up an organization last year called the National Phenology Network.“Phenology” is what scientists call the study of the timing of events in nature. One of the group’s first efforts depends on scientists and non?scientists alike to collect da ta about plant flowering and leafing every year.The program,called Project BudBurst,collects life cycle data on different kinds of usual plants from across the United States. “People don’t have to be plant experts—they just have to look around and see what’s in their neighborhood,” says Jennifer Schwartz,an adviser with the project.“As we collect this data,we’ll be able to predict how plants and communities of plants and animals will respond as the climate changes.” That data will help scientists predict not only how natural communities may change but also how these changes will affect people. Scientists monitoring lilac flowering in the Western United States reported that in years when lilacs bloomed early—before May 20th—wildfires later in the summer and fall are larger and more severe.“Lilac blooming could serve as an alarm bell,” Jennifer says. Improved monitoring is an important step toward predicting how natural communities will respond to climate change. “The best way for us to increase our kno wledge of how plants and animals are responding to climate change is to increase the amount of data we have,”she says.“That’s why we need citizen scientists to get as much information as many places on as many species over as long a time period as we can.” 1.The National Phenology Network is set up to________. A.research how nature makes response to climate change B.keep a record of what is happening in nature C.make a study of the first frog calls of the spring D.judge what plants will die out in the future 2.The task of Project BudBurst is to________. A.grow more plants to improve the climate B.collect information about usual plants C.make citizens tell different plants D.find out how many kinds of plants there are in America



3.By saying “Lilac blooming could serve as an alarm bell”in Paragraph 6,Jennifer meant________. A.lilac flowers could make people feel anxious or afraid B.lilacs could warn people of the danger of wildlife C.the blooming of lilacs could predict the happening of wildfires D.the flowers of lilacs could be used to wake people up 4.This passage is mainly about________. A.why we need to collect data about nature B.when an alarm bell sounds for nature C.what citizen scientists are in America D.how nature responds to climate change

B Every New Year brings renewed expectation for a change,for a better life and for a better you.That’s a wonderful thing,because this fresh start gives us a chance to reinvent our lives and ourselves.Here’s how. Let go Many times we are held back by our previous failures,emotions and barriers.This is all old baggage.Let everything unhappy from the past go.Let go of failures.Let go of fears you’ve built up.Let go of your ideas about what your life has to be like.Let go of longheld beliefs and habits which seem to be burdens to you. Clear away distractions (分心) Clear away email,your favourite blogs and news websites.Clear away the iPhone or BlackBerry,and clear away all the chores that pull at your attention.In fact,if you can,shut off the Internet for a while.You can come back to it after you take a break. Decide what matters most today F orget about your goals for all of this year.Instead,decide what you want to do today.What matters most to you and your life? What are you most passionate about right now?What excites you? What gives you the most fulfillment? Often the answer would be in creating something, making something new, helping others, becoming a better person, and working on a project that you will be proud of.But whatever your answer, have it clear in your mind at the beginning of the day. Reinvent yourself every day Every day,you are reborn.Reinvent yourself and yo ur life.Do what matters most to you.It might be the same thing that mattered most yesterday,or it might not be.That isn’t important.What’s important is today—right now? Be passionate,and be happy! You’ll have a fresh start every single day—not just on January 1 of a new year. 5.Writing this passage,the author seems to be ________. A.strict C.nervous B.peaceful[ D.confident

6.The underlined word “chores” refers to ________. A.modern technology C.online information B.unimportant things D.fashionable devices

7.Which of th e following is the writer’s suggestion according to the passage? A.Stopping using hitech devices to avoid troubles in your B.Seizing the moment,but not to make a plan for the far C.Forgetting everything about and from the past. D.Making yourself a person reborn every day. 8.The most suitable title for the passage is “________”. A.Work Effectively in a New Year B.Reduce Stress in a New Year C.Freshen the Start of Every New Day D.Live a Better Life in Every New Day 第二节 完型填空(20*2.5=50 分) “It is never too late and you are never too old to start something new!” says Englishtown__1__Ellen Rema.Ellen began to learn English at the age of 50,and in just a few years,she has made__2__progress! Ellen chose to study at Englishtown because no evening classes were__3__in the German countryside where she lives.At Englishtown,she joins__4__classes online and speaks with live native Englishspeaking teachers. “Englishtown is a wonderful place to__5__.” she says.“My son always says,mom,you are a bit__6__.He cannot understand why I spend so many hours studying,__7___love it.I do it for myself.” In 2001,Ellen began with the first level of Englishtown and quickly__8__.“I spent hours and hours studying,”she said.“Maybe I wanted too much in a short time.I finished all my__9__after 2 years,but noticed I still had__10__difficulties.” Instead of__11__,she chose to press on.After four years at Englishtown,she’s still studying in the online classroom,but now to perfect her already__12__English,she has set new__13__for herself and__14__understanding grammar points. “Studying online is never__15__,but you need selfdiscipline,selfmotivation and staying power,”she says.“If you really want to learn,never quit even when you notice d ifficulties or when you think there is no__16__.Practice,practice,practice!” Ellen says studying English isn’t all about hard work.It should also be__17__! “I really like the online conversation classrooms,”she says.“I have learned so much about other cultures and traditions.I’m open for all __18__.” Ellen has been able to __19__ her English to use by visiting England five times! “I’m very thankful to Englishtown because most of the English I know now was learned here,” Ellen says.“My life has __20__ with Englishtown.”

life. future.

1.A.professor C.student 2.A.amazing C.discouraging 3.A.satisfied C.attended 4.A.conversation C.listening 5.A.live C.entertain 6.A.crazy C.worried 7.A.though C.while 8.A.dropped C.awarded 9.A.channels C.courses 10.A.comprehen ding C.grammar 11.A.fighting back C.turning away 12.A.significant C.broken 13.A.goals C.means 14.A.turns off C.focuses on 15.A.interesting C.shocking 16.A.vision C.struggle 17.A.fun C.weakness 18.A.measures

B.friend D.reporter B.challenging D.disturbing B.offered D.represented B.composition D.reading B.eat D.study B.tired D.attractive B.but D.when B.brushed D.progressed B.schedules D.papers B.reading D.vocabulary B.giving up D.looking around B.shabby D.excellent B.decisions D.conclusions B.gets off D.puts up B.boring D.unwilling B.success D.tendency B.waster D.wonder B.topics

C.timetables 19.A.take C.make 20.A.ruined C.changed

D.fashions B.set D.put B.started D.Turned

第三节:短文改错(20*1.3=26 分) A Last year,I was addicted with playing computer games.I found it hard to breaking away from the bad habit.My teacher talked to my parents about this ,and they made me to promise not to play those games again.I tried hard,but I found it uselessly.The moment my fingers left the keyboard,I would feel very uncomfortable.Because I was determined to forget the games, I still could not concentrate on the lessons giving in classes. Fortunately,psychological advisor in our school came to know this.He talks with me about his problem.At last,he offered his advices on how to get rid of the addiction.Now I can manage to control myself. B Nowadays millions of people of all age take pleasure in a hobby which is both interested and fun.And every year more and more people start a stamp collection of your own and discover an interest which can even last lifetime.Starting your collection of stamps are easy because they are nowhere.Holiday and birthday postcards and letters send by your friends and relatives can provid e you for stamps from all over the world.But once you’ve started collecting seriously,you will probably want to join in the Stamp Collectors’ Club which exist to add more stamps to your collection.


英语参考答案 第一节:阅读理解(8*3=24分) A 篇【解题导语】 自然界如何随着气候的变化而产生相应的反应,科学家们为了得到更充分的数据, 与有关人员成立了专门组织进行研究。 1.解析:选 A。推理判断题。根据第一、二段内容可推知,成立这个组织是为了发挥众人的作用, 协助科学家更好地研究自然界如何对气候变化产生反应。 2.解析:选 B。细节理解题。根据第三段内容可知,Project BudBurst 的任务是收集普通植物的信息。 3.解析:选 C。推理判断题。根据第六段内容可推知,Jennifer 的意思是紫丁香开花可以预测野火的 发生。 4.解析:选 D。主旨大意题。文章第一段的第一句开门见山地点明了主题,由此可判断 D 项正确。 另外,最后两段的内容也是线索提示。

B 篇 【解题导语】 新年给人们带来新的期盼,人们期盼过上更好的生活,活出更好的自我。在此 篇文章中,作者给出了很多有益的建议,告诉我们如何过好崭新的每一天。 5. 解析: 选 D。 态度意图题。 通读全文尤其是从第一段第二句中提供的信息“That’s a wonderful thing, ” 和倒数第二段的最后一句“Be passionate,and be happy!”都可得知作者的写作笔调是欢快的,充满自信 的。 6.解析:选 B。词义猜测题。 根据第三段第二句中 chores 后的定语从句“that pull at your attention”可 知,此处作者建议清除所有不重要的东西,故 B 项正确。 7. 解析: 选 D。 细节理解题。 根据倒数第二段中的“Every day, you are reborn.Reinvent yourself and your life.”和最后一段的“You’ll have a fresh start every single day”可知 D 项正确。 8.解析:选 C。主旨大意题。新年带给人们新的期望,我们如何度过崭新的每一天?作者从四个方面 给了我们建议,故 C 项正确。

第二节:完型填空(20* 2.5=50 分) 【解题导语】 有志者,事竟成。一位 50 岁才开始学习英语的老人,凭借顽强的毅力,取得了可喜 的成绩。 1.解析:选 C。由第二段的第一句可知她是 Englishtown 的一名“学生”。 2.解析:选 A。她 50 岁开始学英语,仅仅几年后,就取得了“惊人的”进步。后三项分别表示“挑 战性的”“令人气馁的”“烦扰的”,都不符合语境。 3.解析:选 B。在她居住的德国乡村没有“提供”夜校课程,所以她选择了网络学习方式。 4.解析:选 A。根据本句后半句中的内容可知她参加的是在线“会话”课程。倒数第二段中的第三 句也是答案提示。 5.解析:选 D。根据第二段第一句中的内容可知 Englishtown 是一个极好的“学习”场所。

6.解析:选 A。下一句提到她的儿子难以理解她为什么花那么多的时间去学习,由此可知他认为妈 妈有点儿“疯狂”。 7.解析:选 B。他不能理解的是妈妈为什么花那么多时间学习,“却”乐在其中。 8.解析:选 D。她从第一级开始学习,并且很快“取得进步”。此处 progress 作动词,表示“进步, 进展”。 9.解析:选 C。她在两年后学完了所有的“课程”。A 项表示“渠道,频道”,B 项表示“时间表”, D 项表示“论文,报纸,试卷”,都不符合常识。 10.解析:选 C。根据第 14 空后面的内容可知她察觉到自己仍然有“语法”方面的困难。 11.解析:选 B。她没有“放弃”,而是坚定地继续学习。A 项表示“还击,抵抗”,C 项表示“把 某人拒之门外”,D 项表示“寻找”,都不符合语境。 12.解析:选 D。为了使她本来 已经很“优秀”的英语更出色?? 13.解析:选 A。虽然她的英语已经非常优秀,可是她又为自己制订了新的“目标”。 14.解析:选 C。她为自己制订了新的目标,并且“集中”理解语法要点。 15.解析:选 B。本句的后半部分提到“但是你需要自律、自我激励以及忍耐”,由此可知她认为在 线学习一点也不“乏味”。 16.解析:选 B。如果你真的想学习,即使当你遇到困难或者认为不会有“成功”的时候,也决不要 放弃。 17.解析:选 A。结合本句前后两句中的内容可知学习英语也应该“很有趣”。 18.解析:选 B。她对所有的“话题”都感兴趣。A 项表示“措施”,C 项表示“时间表”,D 项表 示“时尚”,都与语境不符。 19.解析:选 D。通过五次参观英国,她已经能够“使用”英语。put...to use 是固定搭配,表示“利 用,使用”。 20.解析:选 C。 Englishtown 使她的生活发生了“改变”。

第三节:短文改错(20*1.3=26 分) A Last year,I was addicted with breaking playing computer games.I found it hard to away from the bad to break

habit.My teacher talked to my parents about this,and they made me to\ promise not to play those games again.I tried hard,but I found it uselessly .The moment my fingers left the keyboard,I would feel very useless

Because uncomfortable. I was determined to forget the games, I still could not concentrate on the lessons Although/Though giving in classes. given


talks his ∧ Fortunately, a psychological advisor in our school came to know this.He with me about talked my problem.At last,he offered his advices on how to get rid of the addiction.Now I can manage to control myself. advice

B age interested take pleasure in a hobby which is both and fun.And ages interesting your own and discover an interest which can even their

Nowadays millions of people of all

every year more and more people start a stamp collection of

are nowhere ∧ last a lifetime.Starting your collection of stamps easy because they are .Holiday and birthday is everywhere postcards and letters send for by your friends and relatives can provide you stamps from all over the sent with the Stamp Collectors’ Club

world.But once you’ve started collecting seriously, you will probably want to join which exist to add more stamps to your collection. exists


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