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Unit 4


【单元导航】 Moved by mother’s great love She had died when the rescuers found her.She was buried by the crushed house.Through gaps of those ruins,we can see her last posture(姿态).Being on her knees,the upper part of the body was prostrate (趴着的) forward,with her hands on the ground to support her body.That was something like an ancient who was kowtowing. The rescuers confirmed her death by touching her through the gaps of ruins.They shouted at the ruins again and again,knocked the bricks using the crowbar(铁棍),but no response inside. Then the rescuing team went to next building,suddenly the leader ran back,calling “come here”.He came to the body,stretched his hands under the woman,feeling and touching,then shouted loudly “there is someone,a baby,still living”. Through some efforts , rescuers cleaned up the ruins carefully which blocked her.Under her body lay her baby, who was wrapped in a small red quilt with yellow flowers scattered in red.He was about 3 or 4 months’ old.Since well protected by mother’s body, he was totally safe.He was sleeping on both ears when the rescuer carried him out,and his lovely and peaceful face warmed everyone around him.The doctor along with the rescuing team unfastened the quilt to check if the baby was all right,and he found there was a mobile phone filled in the quilt.The doctor looked at the screen subliminally,a written message was already there: “My dear baby,if you could live,don’t forget how much I love you”.As a doctor,he experienced too much of parting forever;but at this moment,he wept.The mobile was passed,every person who saw this message shaded tears.

Section One
Ⅰ .Leadin

Warming Up and Reading

1.Who can remember what happened in Yushu,in Qinghai Province in the year 2010? A terrible earthquake broke out there on April 14th.More than 2,200 people were killed. 2.Do you know any other natural disasters?



tornadoes;typhoons/hurricanes;volcano eruption;drought;floods;etc. 3.Can you tell some famous land earthquakes? (1)Pakistan Earthquake:On October 8th,2005,a terrible earthquake which measured 7.6 on the Richter scale happened in Pakistan,Afghanistan and India.And Pakistan was the most seriousaffected country, which 38,000 people died,62,000 people injured and 25,000 in people were homeless.(2)San Francisco:On October 17,1989,an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale struck San Francisco.(3)The Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008. 4.Do you know why an earthquake happens? The plates are moving constantly.Sometimes these two plates stop and do not move for years.Then suddenly, they jump and an earthquake happens.As a result of the movement of these plates , west America near the sea has always been a bad place for earthquakes. 5.What do you think may happen before an earthquake? Mice ran out of the fields looking for places to hide.Fish jumped out of bowls and ponds.The chickens and even pigs were too nervous to eat.The dog barked loudly again and again.People could see bright lights in the sky.

Section Four
Ⅰ .Leadin 1.Have you ever written a speech? 2.What is a speech?

Using Language

Speech means an act of speaking formally to a group of listeners. 3.What do you have to consider when you are writing a speech? Please discuss it in pairs. (1)Who is the audience? (2)How can we express ourselves clearly? Ⅱ .What should you include in your speech when you try to write a speech? Read the letter



on Page 30 and imagine you are the student who was invited to give a speech.Now write a short speech,in which you should follow the points in Exercise 2 on Page 30.

Language Points
1. This frightened boy whose mother was lost...is looking for her now.那个受了惊吓 的男 孩……正在找走失的妈妈。

Don’t stand so near the well.You are frightening me. 别站得离井这么近,你吓死我了。 The frightened girl hid herself behind the big tree. 这个吓坏了的小女孩藏在了大树后。 I still remember the frightening experience on the lonely island. 我依然记得在那个偏僻的岛上的骇人的经历。

frighten,及物动词,意为“使惊吓,使害怕”;frightened,形容词,意为“吓坏的,害 怕的”;frightening,词性形容词,意为“令人害怕的”。

fright n.惊吓,害怕

用 frighten 的适当形式填空 (1)It’s frightening to think how easily children can be hu rt. (2)There was a frightening storm last night. (3)Don’t be frightened.We’re not going to hurt you. (4)Some of the children cried out in fright. (5)The young lady was frightened to drive alone. 2. Congratulations! We are pleased t o tell you that you have won the high school speaking competition about new Tangshan.恭喜你!我们很高兴地告诉你,你在以新唐山为主 题的 演讲比赛 中获得第一名。

Congratulations! I hear you’ve passed the examinations. 祝贺你!听说你通过考试了。 Please accept my congratulations on your marriage. 请接受我对您的新婚祝贺。



Congratulations on the success to you! 祝贺你,你成功了!

congratulation,词性名词,常用其复数形式表达祝贺;“祝贺某人某事”表达为 congratulations on sth.to sb.。 congratulate v.祝贺 congratulate sb. on sth.祝贺某人某事

我祝贺你成功。 (1)I congratulate you on your success. (2)Congratulations on your success. 3. Your speech was heard by a group of five judges,all of whom agreed that it was the best one this year.评委会的五个评委听了你的演讲,都认为你的演讲是今年最好的。

The judge thought highly of your speech. 这个裁判对你的演讲高度评价。 Don’t judge a person by his appearance.不要以貌取人。 judge,名词,意为“裁判员,法官”;也可作动词,意为“断定,判决”。 judge...by/from...意为“根据……判断……”。 judging by/from...意为“从……来判断”,在句中作插入语,不受句子主语的限制。 Judging from his accent,he comes from Shandong. 从口音判断,他来自山东。 Judging by his look,he wasn’t pleased. 从表情上看他不高兴。

(1)Don’t judge a book A.from 答案 (2) A.Judge 答案 D A B.about

its cover. C.for D.with

from his words,his work is going well. B.To judge C.Judged D.Judging

中国,河北 唐山市政府办公室



200 亲爱的

年7月5日 : 恭喜你! 我们很高兴地告诉你,你在以新唐山为主题的中学演讲比赛中获得第一名。

评委会的五位评委听了你的演讲, 都认为你的演讲是今年最好的。 你的父母和你的学校会为 你而骄傲! 下个月我们市将开放一个新公园, 以纪念在那次可怕的灾难中死去的人们。 并向那些曾 经为幸存者提供过帮助的人们致敬。我们办公室想请你在 7 月 28 日上午 11 点给来公园的 参观者进行演讲。你知道,三十 诚挚的, 张沙 年前的这一天正是唐山发生地震的日子。 在这个特殊的日子里,我们邀请你把家人和朋友一起带来。

Section Five


新闻报道的结构一般分为四个部分:(一)标题、(二)导语、(三)主体、(四)结语。标题是 新闻的题目,是编辑对最有新闻价值内容的浓缩、概括、提炼和再创造。撰写标题是为了撷 取新闻要点、诠释新闻意义、吸引读者阅读。在今天繁忙的现代社会中,报纸的读者大多是 标题浏览者。导语是消息开头的第一段或第一句话,它扼要地揭示出消息的核心内容。主体 是消息的主要部分,它用充足的事实表现主题,是对导语内容的进一步开展和阐释。新闻报 道的结语一般是最后一句话或者一段话,通常对全文内容作概括性的总结,或对新闻事件的 发展趋势作出预测。有时,作者根据报道的事实在结语中提出令人深思的问题。 一般来说,标题、导语和主体是构成新闻报道的必不可少的三部分。可根据新闻报道的 内容来确定是否要结语或其他内容(如事件和历史背景等).有时,还可将它们暗含在主体中。 在写新闻报道时,首先要注意新闻的标题具有语言幽默风趣的特点,有较强的吸引力。 同时,写作依据的材料要充分,要用事实来说话,语言力求简洁。最后,报道中要有亮点, 能引人深思或能让人产生强烈的兴趣。 品味鉴赏 5 月 1 日,高二(3)班的学生志愿者 Li Yue 和 Zhang Hua 去阳光敬老院(Sunshine Nursing Home)开展志愿者 请按下列要点用英语写一则 100 词左右的新闻报道。 1.时间、地点、任务、活动; 2.老人们的反应; 3.简短评论。 注意:报道的标题和记者姓名已给出(不计入总词 数)。 Student Volunteers Brought Sunshine to the 品味佳作 Student Volunteers Brought Sunshine to the On May Day,Li Yue and Zhang Hua,students from Class Three, Grade Two, went to Sunshine Nursing Home and did some voluntary work.Upon their arrival,Li Yue and Zhang Hua were warmly

活动(送水果、打扫、聊天等)。假如你是校英语报的记者, Elderly



Elderly ... By Chen Jie,School Newspaper Student Volunteers Brought Sunshine to the Elderly Li Yue and Zhang Hua are in Class Three,Grade Two.They went to Sunshine Nursing Home and did some voluntary works(应改为 work).When they arrived at (应删 掉) there,Li Yue and Zhang Hua were warmly welcomed,and they gave (应改为 presented) the elderly with flowers and fruits.They started working at once, cleaning the windows and swept (应改为 sweeping) the floor. ∧ (应添加 After) Everything was done, they sat in the yard chat (应改为 chatting) with the elderly. It was time for the volunteers to leave,the elderly thanked ∧ (应添加 them for) their kindness.They said it was such beautiful a day (应改为 such a beautiful day 或 such 改为 so) that they would remember it forever. Li Yue and Zhang Hua were very happy.What they did has taken (应改为 brought) joy to others and enriched their own lives. By Chen Jie,School Newspaper 以我之见

welcomed,and respectfull y, they presented the elderly with flowers and fruits. Then,they started working at once,cleaning the windows and sweeping the floor.Everything done,they sat in the yard chatting with the elderly. When it was time for the volunteers to leave,the elderly thanked them for their kindness.They said it was such a beautiful day that they would remember it forever. Li Yue and Zhang Hua were very happy.What they did has brought joy to others and enriched their own lives. By Chen Jie,School Newspaper

本文用了较高级的表达,如 Upon their arrival,present...with...,enrich their own lives; 独立主格结构:Everything done,they sat in the yard chatting with the elderly.



【趁热打铁】 假如今年 6 月 2 日澳大利亚中学生代表团(delegation)一行十人到你校参观,请以“The Australian Middle School Student Visit Our School”为题写一篇新闻报道, 投寄给当地的 《中 学生英文报》 。主要内 容如下: 1.该团上午 9 时到校,受到师生的热烈欢迎。 2.9 点 30 分举行欢迎大会,校长和外宾分别在会上讲了话。 3.会后参观了校园、实验室、图书馆及校办工厂,并听了英语课。 4.下午 3 时外宾与部分师生座谈。 5.下午 5 时代表团离校。 【参考范文】 The Australian Middle School Student Visit Our School A delegation of 10 Australian middle school students visited our school on June 2nd.They arrived at around 9 a.m..Everyone in our school were really excited about this and gave them warm welcomes.The welcoming ceremony started at 9∶ 30.Our headmaster and foreign friends gave some speeches respectively.After the meeting,our foreign friends visited our classrooms,labs,libraries and schooloriented factories.They felt very happy about them and they decided to take an English class with us.At 3 p.m. foreign friends have a symposium with part of our students and teachers.The delegation team left at 5 p.m..Both they and we had a good time.


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