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Words in use


1. The mayor decided to condense his speech in order to leave enough time for his audience to raise questions. 市长决定把演讲的时间缩短,以便给听众留下足够的时间来提问。 2. It was reported that there was a vehicle missing every 20 seconds in the US. If the trends continue, experts predict annual vehicle thefts could exceedtwo million. 据报道,在美国每 20 秒有一辆车失踪。如果照目前的趋势持续下去,专家预测全年汽车 被盗的可能超过二百万。 3. Researchers put patients through a set of psychological tests to determine the negative consequences of sleep deficit. 研究者通过一系列心理测试来确定睡眠不足的负面影响。 4. Too muchexposureto dirty air can cause people to suffer from allergies and diseases that will eventually affect people's health. 过多肮脏的空气暴露会导致人患上过敏症和疾病,最终会影响人们的健康。 5. Moving forward even in the face of great difficulties has become my most important asset in my life since it has helped me accomplish something remarkable. 在我的生活中,即使面对巨大的困难也成为了我生命中最重要的资产,因为它帮助我完成 了一件了不起的事。 6. The lawyer proclaimed they couldn't jump to conclusions because acceptable conclusions must be supported by adequate facts and evidence. 律师宣布他们不能跳到结论,因为可以接受的结论必须得到充分的事实和证据。

7. To help the employees be more communicative, the company is offering workshops for those who may be professionally competent but socially awkward. 为了帮助员工更好地沟通,本公司为那些可能是专业的,但社会尴尬的人提供工作坊。 8. Most parents, in fact, aren't very helpful with the problems that their sons and daughters have in adjustingto their college life. 事实上,大多数的父母对他们的子女在适应大学生活中的问题并不是很有帮助的。 9. You can count how many students passed an exam, but psychological and emotional feelings cannot be precisely measured. 你可以计算出有多少学生通过考试,但是心理和感情的感受不能准确测量。 10. In short, participation in sports is extremely beneficial for college students not only physically but also emotionally and socially. 总之,参加体育运动对大学生不仅对身体,而且在情感上和社会上都非常有益。 U2

1. In our class, most discussions and activities take place in assigned small groups. These groups provide a supportive and safe environment that promotes learning. 在我们的课堂上,大多数的讨论和活动都是在指定的小团体中进行的。这些群体提供了一 个支持和安全的环境,促进学习。 2. It is the development strategy of the company toaccelerate its overseas expansion in order to take a slice of the world market. 公司发展战略,以市场份额为市场,加快海外扩张。

3. Nearly six million people go to see the Mona Lisa every year, attracted by the mystery of her smile. When you're not looking at her, she seems to be smiling; when you look at her, she stops. 每年有近六百万人去看蒙娜丽莎,被她神秘的微笑所吸引。当你不看她,她似乎是微笑; 当你看着她,她停止。 4. To live with a family whose native language is English is the ideal way to further improve one's English and to gain insight into its culture. 生活在一个以英语为母语的家庭中,英语是进一步提高英语水平的理想途径,深入了解它 的文化。 5. There is a real need to boost academic achievement in schools and help with the development of a student's overall character. 在学校里有一个真正的需要提高学习成绩,帮助学生全面发展的角色。 6. Einstein said his scientific discoveries grew from his imagination rather than from analysis , reason and language. 爱因斯坦说他的科学发现是从他的想象中成长,而不是从原因和语言分析。 7. Being a single parent, there is no way for her to calculate the time and energy she has devoted to her children for the past 10 years. 作为一个单亲家庭,她没有办法计算她在过去 10 年中一直致力于她的孩子们的时间和精 力。 8. It is essential that you start by listening because one of the main barriers teenagers and their parents face in forming positive relationships is that neither listens to the other. 你开始听是很重要的, 因为青少年和他们的父母在形成积极的关系中所面临的主要障碍之 一是,他们都没有听对方。

9. We all know the dangers of an earthquake: the destruction to buildings, the troubles can be caused by falling trees, and the terror occurs when the earth actually opens up. 我们都知道地震的危险:对建筑物的破坏,可以引起树木的破坏,当地球实际上打开时, 会发生恐怖袭击。 10. Not until recently have we realized that the increasing world population may lead to a potential gloomy prospectfor humanity: starvation. 直到最近我们才意识到世界人口的增长可能会导致人类的潜在的悲观前景:饥饿。

U3 1. Ernest Hemingway's keen insight into his society, ardent love for people and perceptive abilities helped him to form his own peculiar characteristic of writing. 海明威厄内斯特对社会的敏锐洞察,对人的热爱和敏锐的洞察力,使他形成了自己独特的 写作特色。 2. The project is on the point of collapse, and unless something very radicalis done to repair the damage there will be no hope for the project. 该项目是在崩溃的问题上,除非采取了非常激进的方案来修复损坏,否则该项目将没有希 望。 3. It's not unusual for teenagers to go through a(n) phasewhen they feel ashamed of their parents, afraid that they might not live up to their friends' standards. 青少年在他们父母感到羞耻的时候会经历一个阶段,这对他们来说是不寻常的,他们担心 他们可能不会辜负他们的朋友的标准。 4. It is sensible for every family to make earthquake emergency plans and know how to leave the area during the chaos following an earthquake. 每一个家庭都会明智的做出地震应急计划,并知道如何在地震后的混乱中离开该地区。

5. Economists are interested in all the factors that can help to predict the extent to which a price change will affect supply and demand in the market. 经济学家对所有能有助于预测价格变化程度的因素都很感兴趣,这将影响市场的供求关 系。 6. Starting Monday, all foods labeled"organic" must be up to the strict national standards that the government decided to put into effect now. 从星期一开始, 所有的食品都贴上了“有机”的标签, 必须达到国家规定的严格的国家标准。 7. There is more to a woman than her looks, so I resent the fact that after a woman grows old and loses her looks people stop paying attention to her. 看一个女人的长相比较多,所以我对这个事实感到不满:一个女人变老了,失去了她的容 貌,人们不再关注她了。 8. Apart from technological development, the 20th century witnessed an enormous worldwide political, economic and cultural transformation. 除了技术的发展,第二十个世纪见证了一个巨大的全球政治,经济和文化转型。 9. Unlike the practice in China, if you're at a hotel restaurant in the United States, expect a 15-20 percent service charge or add the equivalent amount yourself. 不同于中国的实践,如果你在美国的一家酒店餐厅,预计 15-20%的服务费或添加等值自 己。 10. The change in smoking habits parallels a change in the incidence of lung cancer. The more people smoke, the more chances of occurrence for lung cancer. 吸烟习惯的改变与肺癌的发生率有着相似的改变。吸烟的人越多,肺癌的几率越多。


1. When the police caught up with him, Mr. Foster had to confessthat he'd broken the speed limit. 当警察赶上他,他不得不承认他打破了速度限制。 2. Whenever my boss makes a decision that I don't agree with, I tell him what I really think, though it's tempting to make him happy by telling him his ideas are always right. 每当我的老板做出我不同意的决定时,我就告诉他我的想法,尽管他告诉我他的想法总是 正确的,但这很有诱惑力。 3. As can be probably perceived, a manned trip to Mars may soon commence since scientists have achieved the manned moon mission. 可能会有人认为,自从科学家们已经完成了载人登月任务之后,火星上的载人之旅很快就 开始了。 4. A number of countries are coordinating their efforts to send out food to the area worst affected by the flood. 许多国家正在协调他们的努力,把粮食分发给受洪水影响最严重的地区。 5. State governments and the colleges themselves have granted financial help to students with special abilities and those with financial needs. 国家政府和高等学校对学生有特殊能力和有经济需要的学生给予资助。 6. The committee agreed that his papers deserved a wider circulation because of their essential and fundamental interest to a larger audience. 委员会认为他的论文应该得到更广泛的流通, 因为他们的基本和根本利益是一个更大的受 众。 7. The anger and frustration displayed by the local people who do not understand what is happening to them will be a terrible and dangerous force. 不了解正在发生的事情的当地人显示的愤怒和挫败感将是一个可怕的和危险的力量。

8. Americans defend the right to obtain a gun, and they have consequently been willing to turn a blind eye to the harm that people owning guns have caused. 美国人为获得枪支的权利辩护,他们也因此愿意对拥有枪支的人视而不见。 9. As the finance ministry rejected the deal for its "lack of clarity", it lodged a complaint with the European Commission that this deal was against the law. 由于财政部拒绝了这项协议的“缺乏明确性”,它向欧洲委员会提出申诉,认为这项协议是 违反法律的。 10. Dogs cannot distinguish the color of traffic lights, so the master must make the decision of when it is safe to proceed across the road. 狗不能分辨交通灯的颜色,所以船长必须作出决定,当它是安全的,在马路上继续进行。


1. The "discipline" message asks people to save, while the "enjoy yourself" message asks people to spend; therefore, they contradict each other. 纪律”的信息要求人们节约,而“享受自己”的信息则要求人们花费;因此,他们互相矛盾。 2. It is a(n) paradox that in some odd way world peace appears to depend on our spending millions of pounds on weapons that can kill us all. 这是一个悖论,在一些奇怪的方式世界和平似乎依赖于我们的花费数百万英镑的武器,可 以杀死我们所有。 3. It is far more effective for parents to allow for the child's perspective and let him make his own choice rather than make a decision for him.


4. When you are writing any directions for people, you've got to be direct and explicitto make everything rightly understood. 当你为人写任何指示的时候,你必须是直接的,明确的,让一切都是正确的。 5. The new teaching program was suspended last semester because the teachers in the department protested its demand for more intense work. 新的教学计划被暂停了,因为在这个部门的老师抗议需要更强烈的工作。 6. He is a very considerate and generous person, and he is also one of those who can often derive pleasure from helping others. 他是一个非常体贴和慷慨的人,也是一个能从帮助他人中获得快乐的人。 7. Many children are addicted to computers, so they often defy their parents and play the computer games for hours every day. 许多孩子都迷上了电脑,所以他们经常无视他们的父母,每天玩电脑游戏。 8. My roommate is always very optimistic, and that's why he still retains his good humor after all the setbacks. 我的室友总是很乐观,这就是为什么在挫折之后,他仍然保持着良好的幽默感。 9. There is a widely held suspicion that the politician, though retired, still has great power and is manipulating events behind the scenes. 有一个广泛怀疑的政治家,虽然退休,仍然有很大的权力,并在幕后操纵事件。 10. The organization has been working with local authorities as well as regional government and officials totackle the problem of climate. 该组织一直在与地方当局以及区域政府和官员合作,解决气候问题。

Expressions in use U1 1. Since we have invited all the other neighbors to our 25th wedding anniversary party, we feel

obliged toinvite the Browns too. 既然我们已经邀请了其他所有的邻居来我们的结婚第二十五周年纪念日的聚会,我们觉得有 必要邀请布朗一家。 2. Most of the time, no one will care about natural disasters, and they won't be serious about

avoiding disasters till one has really struck. 大部分时间,没有人会关心自然灾害,他们不会认真地避免灾难,直到来一个真正的袭击。 3. When you run into a friend that you haven't seen for a long time and have a good chat with

him, you may feel very happy and delighted. 当你遇到一个你很久没有见过的朋友,和他聊天时,你会感到非常高兴和愉快。 4. It is very important to distinguish between facts and opinions in order to have a better

understanding of what a reading passage is talking about. 区分事实和意见是很重要的,以便更好地理解阅读文章所说的是什么。 5. Though he was very excited about being elected as president of the student association,

many extra responsibilities have been thrust upon him ever since then. 虽然他对被选为学生会主席感到非常激动,但自从那时以来,许多额外的责任都被他推到了 他身上。 6. The doctor, having no knowledge that I was allergic tothis particular drug, prescribed the

medicine. ... 我对这种特殊的药物过敏... 7. It's understandable that, without any support, a 16-year-old can easily get lost in a committee

of people in their forties.

这是可以理解的,没有任何的支持,一个 16 岁的容易迷失在一个四十多岁的人委员会。


It is hoped that some new high-tech companies will be attracted to this small, old town to

encourage loans for building houses and factories. 希望一些新的高科技公司能吸引到这个小的老镇来鼓励房屋和工厂的贷款。 9. It doesn't make sense to buy that expensive coat when these cheaper ones are just as good.

当这些便宜的衣服都是很好的时候,买那件昂贵的外套是没有意义的。 10. A few years later, Franklin got married, started his own printing shop, and was looked upon as a successful young businessman. 几年后,富兰克林结婚,开始了自己的印刷店,被看作是一个成功的年轻商人。 U2 1. Because women often restrict their diet in an effort to control weight, they may not consume

enough iron-rich food and are liable to experience an iron deficiency. 因为妇女经常限制他们的饮食来控制体重,他们可能没有摄入足够的铁丰富的食物,而且容 易缺铁。 2. Some reform advocates ignore the impact of class size on student achievement, and they are

in favor of what they call as a priority: teacher effectiveness. 一些改革倡导者忽视了班级规模对学生成绩的影响,他们赞成把他们称为优先权的问题:教 师效能。 3. Because of easy access to the Internet, the new breakthrough to create something truly

creativeis bound to happen anytime now. 因为互联网的便捷,新的突破,创造出真正有创意的东西,必然会发生在任何时候。 4. Indeed, if teachers want to speculate about how far students might get in life, a better

measurement than grades might be how hard the students try.

事实上,如果老师想推测学生在生活中可能获得的成绩,一个更好的测量成绩可能会是多么 困难的学生尝试。


Nature has (1) invested these animals (2)with a capacity for not showing fear.

自然投资了这些动物,它们没有表现出恐惧的能力。 6. During the weeks of discussion, delegations from groups who are interested in the resolution

may call on representatives to stand up for their point of view. 在几周的讨论中,对有兴趣的代表团的代表团可以呼吁代表站起来,供其观点。 7. Plato was a superb writer, and his works are part of the world's great literature. Most of his

existing work is in the form of dialogs and letters. 柏拉图是一位杰出的作家,他的作品是世界文学的一部分。他的大部分现有的工作是在对话 和书信的形式。 8. Young people should enter into a broad flexible training program, through which they can

learn a lot and be prepared for their future careers. 年轻人应该进入一个广泛的灵活的培训计划,通过这个他们可以学到很多,并为未来的职业 生涯做好准备。 9. The young man is very happy and proud to be in the company of the old professor because

he always feels great when talking with him. 年轻人在老教授的身上感到非常高兴和自豪,因为年轻人在和老教授在一起谈话时总是感到 很愉快。 10. One day they passed more than 20 villages in succession , and some of these are said to have stretched for six miles or more. 一天,他们连续 20 多个村庄通过,其中一些据说已经伸展了六英里以上。 U3 1. As the result of her divorce, she was obviously saddled with the double burden of playing the

role of both mother and father. 她离婚的结果,显然是背负着扮演母亲和父亲的角色的双重负担。 2. Do not be intimidated by people who think they are smarter than you, and don't back off

when facing competition; inner confidence is important. 不要被那些认为自己比你聪明的人所威胁,不要在面对竞争时退缩,内心的自信是重要的。 3. As our sweet childhood gives way to adolescence's temptation of love, we begin to learn, as

adults, that most pleasures do not last forever. 随着我们甜蜜的童年被青春期的爱的诱惑取代,我们开始学习,作为成年人,大多数的快乐 不可以永远持续下去。 4. In the economic recession, employers resorted to the reduction of costs, most particularly in

wages, in order to survive in the competitive world markets. 在经济衰退中,雇主采取了削减成本,特别是在工资,以生存竞争的世界市场。 5. People from abroad can take part in the intensified language program because schools have

to make allowances for(体谅) students whose English is not their first language. 来自国外的人可以参加强化的语言课程,因为学校必须让学生们的英语水平提高,而不是他 们的第一语言。 6. Talking about negotiations, once an agreement is made, the Chinese sometimes wonder at

the slow pace in which Westerners implement the decision. 谈论谈判,一旦达成协议,中国人有时会感到惊讶,西方人对这一决定的执行速度是缓慢的。 7. Earthquakes occur without warning; however, it is claimed that some animals can feel

earthquakes prior to occurrences because of their highly sensitive organs. 没有警告的地震,但是,它声称,一些动物在地震之前发生可以感觉到,因为他们有高度敏 感的器官。 8. An allowance can be based upon/based on your child's age, your own financial resources, the

expenses it will cover and the goals you and your child wish to accomplish.

津贴可以根据你的孩子的年龄,你自己的财政资源,费用,它将覆盖和目标你和你的孩子想 完成。

U4 1. She authorized her partner to carry out the daily responsibilities on her behalf when she was

on her business trip. 她在出差的时候,授权她的合伙人对她进行日常的责任。 2. On hearing the latest news about your mother's ill health, I took the liberty ofcanceling your

reservation at the Sheraton. 听说你母亲病了健康的最新消息,我将擅自在喜来登取消您的预订的自由。 3. There was an obvious indication that the police who have to enforce the new law were not

immune to the general discontent. 有一个明显的迹象表明,警察必须执行新的法律并不能对一般的不满情绪产生免疫力。 4. When she heard of her failure in the experiment, her eyes were filled with tears; whether it

was of shame, frustration, or grief was difficult to tell. 当她听到她在实验中失败的时候,她的眼睛里充满了泪水,无论是羞耻、沮丧、悲伤,都很 难说出。 5. Rose knows that continuous letters from John, together with countless roses, are aimed at

making her fall in love with him. 罗斯知道,连续的信件和数不清的玫瑰都是为了让她爱上他。 6. Expelled from public school for drinking and smoking and then failing in show business as a

singer, she joined her father's business 10 years ago. 她因酗酒和吸烟而被学校开除,在演艺事业上失败了,她 10 年前参加了父亲的生意。 7. Since the great scandals in banking, many people in the country have beenpessimistic about

the prospects of economic recovery within a few years. 由于银行业的巨大丑闻,许多国家的人对未来几年内经济复苏的前景感到悲观。 8. The parents were quite happy to go along withour suggestion because it had taken their

most important concerns into consideration. 家长们很乐意听建议和我们的一起去,因为这是他们最重要的考虑。 U5


People who work in offices are referred to as "white-collar workers"for the simple reason that

they traditionally wear a white shirt with a collar and a tie to go to work. 在办公室工作的人被称为“白领工人”,是因为他们通常穿着白衬衫,带着衣领和领带去上班。 2. When the police arrived, he had already destroyed the evidence that was at odds with his

earlier statement made a few hours ago. 当警察来的时候,他已经破坏了与他早些时候发表的声明不一致的证据。 3. In order to persuade his daughter to put off the marriage, the father quoted statistics showing

mixed-race couples had higher divorce rates than same-race couples. 为了说服女儿推迟结婚,父亲援引统计数字显示混合种族夫妇离婚率较高,比同一种族的夫 妇高。 4. The mother made the decision to give cough medicine and Aspirin to her sick child without

consulting with the child's doctor. 母亲在不与孩子的医生商量的情况下,决定给她生病的孩子咳嗽药和阿司匹林。 5. Both professional experts and school teachers say that children tend to do their utmost

when they see their parents making similar efforts. 专业的专家和学校的老师都说,当孩子们看到他们的父母做出类似的努力时,他们会尽最大 的努力。


As she entered the most dynamic period of her career, Kylie took stock of her success and

tried to analyze the strong impact of her college education. 当她进入她职业生涯的最活跃的时期,她把她的成功的股票,对她的大学教育的强烈冲击做 出估计(判断)。 7. The chief executive George Grey is confident that current growth levels can be maintained

since all the group's development projects stay on track . 首席执行官灰是有信心的,目前的增长水平可以保持,因为所有的集团的发展项目留在轨道。 8. It is very important for students to understand and take in new information. Besides, they

should examine and judge information carefully and then make the right decisions. 对学生来说,了解和领会新信息是非常重要的。此外,他们应该仔细检查和判断信息,然后 做出正确的决定。

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(高班) 必会单词词组(翻译与阅读) Unit 8: 1...2、阅读 25% (25 道客观题) 3、15 选 10 ...汉译英) 5、作文 20% 考试范围:大学英语 2 高班...
牛津英语7A Unit2 单词和词组句子默写
花更多的时间在某方面 2. 初一 7A Unit2 单词词组句子答案 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21....
(Li Ming) 10.See you later! 四.默写 26 个字母: 三年级上册英语第单元单词词组:姓名: 一.写出下列词对应的英语: 1.朋友___ 2 苹果___ 3.小猫___...
英​语​卷​2 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档年夏季测试卷 青少年...听力部分(30%) 听力部分(30%) 一.听录音,选出你所听到的单词词组 10% ...
高​中​英​语​单​词​短​语11. 必修 1 单词短语 Module...make money 赚钱 10. 11. 12. 13. 【单词】 1. liquid 2. expand 3. ...