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高中英语 Unit 1 Great scientists-Grammar 语法课件 新人教版必修5

人教课标版 高二必修5

Unit 1

[例句展示] 仔细观察下列句子中的过去分词的用法。 1. The recovered animals will be released soon. 2. We needed much more qualified workers.

3. Paper

cuts used for religious
purposes are often found in temples.

4. He is a teacher loved by his students.
5. The student dressed in white is my

daughter. = The student who is
dressed in white is my daughter.

[自我归纳] 1. 过去分词作定语时,表示的动作在 ________之前发生,已经完成并具 谓语动作

有____ 被动意义(见句1)。此时,作
定语的过去分词一般是由_____ 及物 动


2. 单个的过去分词作定语一般放在被修 之前(见句1、句2)。 饰的名词 _____ ____________ 作定语要放在被修饰 过去分词短语

________(见句3、句4、句5)。 定语从句

[拓展] 1. 不及物动词的过去分词也可作定语, 一般作前置定语,不表示被动意义, 只强调动作完成。 如:fallen leaves落叶;retired workers退休工人;the risen sun升 起的太阳。

2. 如果被修饰的词是由every / some / any / no + thing / body / one所构成的 复合代词或指示代词those或these等 时,即使是单一的过去分词作定语, 也要放在被修饰词的后面。如:

There is nothing changed here since I
left this town.

3. 过去分词短语有时还可用作非限制 性定语,相当于一个非限制性定语 从句,前后用逗号分开。如:

Some of them, born and brought
up in rural villages, had never seen

a train.

[辨析] 过去分词与动词-ing形式作定语时 的区别: 动词-ing形式作定语时与所修饰的名词之 间是主动关系,表示动作正在进行;而 过去分词作定语时,则表示被动或完成 意义。如: Mr Smith, tired of the boring speech, started to read a novel. The prize of the game show is $30,000 and an all expenses paid vacation to China.

[例句展示] 仔细观察下列句子中的过去 分词的用法。 1. The street is lined with small shops. 2. Tom was astonished to see his father. [自我归纳] 过去分词作表语时,与谓语动词构成 ____结构,表示主语的性质、特征和 系表 状态 ____。


1. 过去分词作表语时与被动语态的区别:
过去分词作表语,主要表示主语的状 态和特征,而被动语态则表示动作。 如: The cup was broken by my little sister yesterday. The library is now closed.

2. 过去分词作表语与动词-ing形式作表


She was embarrassed because she

didn’t know the answer.
Today’s meeting was boring.

3. 有些动词如interest, worry, surprise,


The book is interesting and I’m
interested in it.


1. The murderer was brought in, with

his hands ______ behind his back.
A. being tied C. to be tied B. having tied D. tied

2. The Emperor’s New Clothes is an

______ text. All of us are ______
about it.

A. exciting; exciting
B. excited; excited

C. excited; exciting
D. exciting; excited

3. With ______ leaves ______ in the
earth every year, the soil becomes

richer and richer.
A. falling; burying

B. fallen; buried
C. fallen; burying

D. falling; buried

4. —I’m very ______ with the dish I cooked. It looks nice and smells delicious. —Mm. It does have a ______ smell. A. pleasant; pleased B. pleased; pleased C. pleasant; pleasant D. pleased; pleasant

5. I have read plenty of books ______ by Lu Xun. A. written B. wrote C. writes D. writing 6. His nephew, ______ at sea when he was fifteen, had been his only relative. A. losing B. loses C. lost D. being lost

7. They had beef and ______ for supper.

A. smoking fish
C. fish to smoke _______ for tonight.

B. fish smoking
D. smoked fish

8. She asked if there was anything A. to plan
C. that plans

B. planned
D. planning

用以下单词的正确形式填空: worry, interest, arrive, frighten, continue, concern 1. I’ll beinterested __________ to hear what he has to say. 2. The mayor said that he was ________ worried about the ________ continuedrise of the water level in the river bed.

arrived soldiers are helping 3. Recently ________ to take the victims to safe areas from the flood. 4. Most of the newspaper seems to be __________ concerned with pop stars. frightened of going alone into 5. He was _________ the empty house.

1. Linda worked for the Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining Company, ______ B as 3M. A. knowing B. known C. being known D. to be known
解析:答案B。此处考查过去分词作后置 定语,3M与know之间是被动关系,故用 过去分词表示被动。

2. The disc, digitally ________ in the A studio, sounded fantastic at the party that night. A. recorded B. recording C. to be recorded D. having recorded
解析:答案A。此处考查过去分词作 后置定语,disc与record之间是被动 关系,故用过去分词表示。

3. Don’t use words, expressions, or phrases _______ only to people with D specific knowledge. A. being known B. having been known C. to be known D. known 解析:答案D。know与words, expressions,phrases构成动宾关系, 故用过去分词表示被动。

4. The flowers _______ sweet in the B botanic garden attract the visitors to the beauty of nature. A. to smell B. smelling C. smelt D. to be smelt
解析:答案B。此处为现在分词作定 语,修饰flowers。smell为系动词, 不能用于被动语态,相当于 which/that smells sweet。

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