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(1) Match each word with the correct meaning:
? ? ? ? ?

amateur contradict resemble reject favour bonus


? ? ?


look like support; prefer not professional, part-time anything pleasant in addition suggest that a person is mistaken or not telling the truth refuse to accept

(2) Choose the correct answer: 1. Welcome, everyone! Maria, _____ tell us a little about the Venice Film Festival. A. do B. does C. to do D. doing

2. The Sundance Film Festival only includes small, independent films. That is, it only includes those _______ by Hollywood studios. A. not financed B. not having financed C. having not been financed D. being not financed

3. Our policy is ______ high-quality films regardless of who makes them. A. to including B. include C. included D. to include 4. ______ the film’s quality meets our standards, we include it. A. As far as B. As much as C. As long as D. As many as

5. So, he knew how many actors and directors were making good films ______ to the public. A. unknown B. to be unknown C. unknowing D. being unknown
6. Films from smaller countries that would be overlooked at Cannes, for example, _____ a real chance of winning in Berlin. A. have B. to have C. having D. had

7. _____ we have only existed a short time, our festival has a good reputation worldwide. A. As if B. When C. As though D. Even though

Difficult points

1. Joining us in the studio are Isabel Rose from the Cannes Film Festival…… (L4)

Inverted structure 倒装


In the Louvre Museum is _____ (be) the famous Mona Lisa painting by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci.


Floating _______ (float) on the surface of the pond are lotus flowers which Monet loved to paint.


Sitting ________ (sit) in the classroom are students from Class 8.

Dressed _______ (dress) in the apron is the chef who is going to make a pizza face. Standing (stand) on the top of ? _______ the mountain is a temple dating back to the 13 century. Laid ? _______ (lay) on the pizza were peaches that can serve as ears.

2. I think it is rather suitable, right and proper for me to begin our discussion.

appropriate: 适当的;合适的
It is appropriate for sb to do sth. It is appropriate that…

Free Talk:
? When you attend a film festival, _____________.


In public _______________.

3. We view film as a type of contemporary art. (L 13)



view / regard / treat / take We __________________________ Elvis Presley as “The King of Rock and Roll”. consider / think We ________________Elvis Presley to be “The King of Rock and Roll”.

4. Kathy, I hate to interrupt you, but in defence of the Venice Film Festival, I have to point out that we don’t just feature Hollywood films. (L19) ? interrupt vt. stop sth. temporarily 打断;打扰 ? defence (= defense) n. fighting against attack 防御,保卫; argument used to support an idea 辩护 ? in defence of… = in one’s defence 为…辩护;保卫… in her defence / 为她说句话 in defence of her I must say __________________ that she works very hard.

Please describe the pictures.

interrupt, frightened zebras, in defence of…

Kathy, I hate to interrupt you, but in defence of the Venice Film Festival, I have to … (L19) ? but在口语中,用于I’m sorry, excuse me, I hate to do…来引导有礼貌的提问、请求或 陈述,使得语气委婉。

Free Talk:
Your uncle is going to visit 2010 Expo in Shanghai. He asks you to teach him how to express the following in English:

look after my luggage

open time of the first aid centre

? Excuse me, but…

? Sorry to trouble you, but… ? I’m sorry, but… ? I hate to interrupt you, but…
take a photo for me where is the washroom/ nearest bank…

5.It was then that Robert Redford took over and changed the focus to saluting independent films. (L27)
Emphasized Structure 强调句

Then Robert Redford took over and changed the focus to saluting independent films.





? ?

take over/ take in/ take on/ take up/ take down took down He ________ everything the teacher said. take in We find it difficult to _____ what he teaches. take on He advised me not to ______ too much work. take over Would you like me to ________ the driving for a while? took up He dropped medicine and ______ physics. take on The company decided to ______ a new secretary.

6. Now, if film wins an award at Sundance, there is a good chance it will become famous. (L31-32) ? award
(v.) give sb sth as a prize 颁发;授予 (v.) made by a judge 判定;裁定 (n.) thing awarded 奖品 The judge awarded a large sum of money to

those injured in the fire.
She has been awarded a scholarship to study at Harvard.

She won the best actress award.


There is

a good chance (that)… no chance (that)…

7. Considering the history of our festival, we feel it is important not to favour films from any one country.( L42) considering: present participle, used as adverbial

Tip: 在英语中,一般的现在分词作状语,要求 它的逻辑主语和主句的主语一致,但是, considering, generally speaking, judging from,speaking of 等可以不考虑主 句的主语,它们被叫做“悬垂分词”。

(1) Choose the correct verbs to fill in the blanks using the verbs given.

resemble reject interrupt overlook view
1) These people __________ as their were viewed most dangerous rivals(竞争者). overlook 2) He has been kind enough to _______ my fault. 3) In the back room we found many rejected clothes. ______ 4) She was not beautiful; she did not resemble _______ her mother. (5) Let him have his say on this matter. interrupt Don't _______ him.

(2) After reading the article, you had a strange dream in which you were spending a day with a super star. Please tell others the dream using the expressions you’ve learned today as many as you can.

? ?

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