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第 3 课时
学校 ____________________________ 任课教师___________ 课型 词汇复习与讲练 教学时间 总第( )课时 教学内容 高中英语词汇突破专练第二单元第一和第三大题 1. 掌握下列重点词汇,并能够通过听、说、读和写加以运用。 administration, admire, admit, advance, advantage, advise, afford, afraid, agree, agreement, aim, alive, all, allergic, allow, almost, amusement, analyze, angle, announce, annoy, answer, anxious 2. 掌握上述重点词汇所构成的下列短语及词组,并能够通过听、说、读和写加以运用。 admire sb. for (doing) sth, be admitted to, have (give) an advantage over, take advantage of, be afraid of, be afraid to do sth, agree with, aim at, advise sb. against doing sth, after all, by / through the agency of, put / place sth. on the agenda, look one’s age, (be) allergic to sth, answer for 3. 对下列词汇(多为八级词汇)要求重点了解,尤其是所构成的固定搭配。 admirable, admission, adolescence, adolescent, adopt, adore, advocate, affect, affection, agency, agenda, aggressive, alcoholic, allocate, allowance, alternative, amateur, ambiguous, ambition, ample, amuse, anecdote, anniversary, 4. 对下列词汇(为八级词汇)只要求了解其基本词义。 agent, agricultural, agriculture, album, algebra, alley, alongside, altitude, aluminium, anchor, annual, antique 作业内容 作业布置 作业要求 专练第 2 和第 4 大题 所需时间 15-30 分 上交时间 把题做在专练本子上, 老师要对做的情况进行抽查, 并在下一课找学生到黑 板上把答案写出。在做题之前,先把解读里的相关内容看一下。


板书设计 教学札记 教学过程 Ⅰ. 检查及校对所布置的作业 Ⅱ. 新授 (在晨读时让学生把第 2 单元的单词听两遍,并跟读) 1. 根据英文释义选用下列单词填空(做此题前先把下列词的词义通一遍,然后再引导做题) allowance; adventure; adore; agenda; admission; affection; adolescence; aggressive; agreement; allocate 1) adventure an exciting experience in which dangerous or unusual things happen 2) adore to love someone very much and feel very proud of them 3) affection a feeling of liking or love and caring 4) aggressive behaving in an angry way, as if you want to fight or attack someone 5) agreement an arrangement or promise to do something, made by two or more people, companies etc. 6) admission permission given to someone to enter a place, or to become a member of a school, club etc. 7) allocate to give something to a particular person etc. especially after an official decision has been made 8) allowance an amount of money that you are given regularly or for a special purpose 9) agenda a list of problems or subjects that a government, organization etc. is planning to deal with 10) adolescence the time, usually between the ages of 12 and 18, when a person is developing into an adult 2. 单项选择(1-15) 1) The _________ of a big business requires skills in dealing with people. 中天教育山东枣庄高考补习学校电子备课高三英语(普通班)教案
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A. adjustment B. administration C. adaptation D. admission administration --- the activities that are involved in managing the work of a company or organization 管理一个大企业需要与人相处的技巧。 2) Gaining ________ to a key university is seen as a key to future success for Chinese parents. A. admission B. connection C. application D. agreement 对中国父母亲而言,考取重点大学被看作是打开未来成功之门的钥匙。 3) Brought up by his grandmother, Tom had a great ___________ for her. A. advantage B. effect C. appreciation D. affection ---a feeling of liking or love and caring 汤姆由他的奶奶抚养长大,他很爱他的奶奶。 4) The unemployed worker finally got a new job through an employment ___________. A. appointment B. agreement C. agency D. attempt 那个失业工人通过职业介绍所最终找到了一份新工作。 5) It’s stressed that problems concerning agriculture should be put on the top of the Party’s __________. A. altitude B. agenda C. agency D. assistance 人们强调有关农业问题应该放在党的议事日程的首位。 6) The two sides have finally reached a(n) ___________, though some small differences still exist. A. decision B. agenda C. agreement D. advance 尽管仍有小的分歧,但是双方最终达成了一致意见。 7) Basketball players’ energy is partly directed upwards, at a 90-degree __________ to the ground. So there's less risk of a collision between two players. A. amount B. ankle C. aim D. angle 篮球运动员力的方向是部分向上的,和地面呈九十度角。这样,两个运动员相撞的风险就比较小了。 8) The plan for the celebration of 30th _________ of our school, which falls on Saturday, came up at the meeting. A. anniversary B. ankle C. aim D. amount 我们学校建校三十周年的庆祝活动的计划在会上被提出。纪念日恰逢星期六。 9) School education should not ignore ___ problems and much more attention should be paid to the boys of ____. A. adolescence ; adolescent B. adult ; adolescent C. adolescent; adolescence D. adolescence ; adult 学校教育不应该忽视青春期问题,应当给处于青春期的男孩子更多的关注。 10) Tired, Jim was fast asleep with his back ________ a big tree. (2010 年高考四川卷) A. along B. below C. aside D. against 吉姆累了,背倚着树,很快就睡着了。 11) Old as he is, he is more ________ than many young people, saying he is the happiest man ________. A. living; alive B. alive; alive C. alive; live D. living; live 尽管上了年纪,他仍然比许多年轻人充满活力,可以说他是世界上最幸福的人。 12) I'm _________ to alcohol. That's why I keep off _________ drinks. A. allergic; alcoholic B. alternative; authentic C. addicted; appropriate D. anxious; amateur 我对酒精过敏。这就是我不沾酒精饮料的原因。 13) The old lady lives in a ______ village far away from the city. She lives ______ but she doesn’t feel ________. A. lonely; lonely; alone B. alone; alone; lonely C. lonely; alone; lonely D. alone; lonely; alone 这位老人居住在远离城市的一个偏僻村子。她独自生活,但她不感到孤独。 14) The stone is _______ two hundred kilograms, and _________ no one can move it. A. nearly; almost B. almost; nearly C. mostly; almost D. nearly; mostly 在单纯表示“时间,程度,进度”时, almost = nearly; 在具体数字前面常用 nearly; almost 可与 no, nothing, none, never 等连用,此时不能用 nearly 代替;nearly 可与 not 连用,意为“相差甚远”,almost 则不能。 这石头接近 200 公斤,几乎没人能搬动它。 15) As there is less and less coal and oil, scientists are exploring new ways of making use of ________ energy, such as sunlight, wind and water for power and fuel. (2009 年高考湖北卷) A. aggressive B. alternative C. instant D. unique 由于石油和煤都越来越少,所以科学家们开始探索新的使用可替代能源和燃料的方法,如使用太阳光、 风、水等。 16) Several universities in America have top-class _________ basketball teams, and talented players often turn 中天教育山东枣庄高考补习学校电子备课高三英语(普通班)教案
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professional as soon as they finish their studies. A. anxious B. alternative C. aggressive D. amateur 美国好几所大学有一流的业余篮球队,有潜质的球员一毕业就会转为职业选手。 17) His _______ directions confused us; we did not know which of the two roads to take. A. ambiguous B. apparent C. arbitrary D. appropriate 他方向指得不明确,把我们都弄糊涂了;我们不知道该走两条路中的哪一条。 18) It is believed that a well-balanced diet with _______ nutrition can make you look younger and more energetic. A. ambiguous B. apparent C. alternative D. ample 人们认为,均衡合理而营养丰富的饮食会使你显得更年轻,精力更充沛。 19) When he was a child, his grandfather told him many ________ on summer nights, which ________ him a lot. A. advice; inspired B. agreements; affected C. anecdotes; amused D. advantages; amazed 当他还是个孩子时,他爷爷在夏天的夜晚给他讲过很多奇闻轶事,使他非常开心。 20) What makes the school famous is that more than 90% of the students have been ________ to key universities. A. accepted B. admitted C. added D. admired 使这个学校闻名的是这个学校百分之九十多的学生被重点大学录取。 21) The government will force companies to _________ any possible measure to reduce air pollution. A. adjust B. adopt C. adapt D. admire 政府会迫使公司采取任何可能的措施来减少空气污染。 22) Fully aware of the importance of health, many people living in cities ________ outdoor sports. A. achieve B. acquire C. adore D. admit 许多生活在城市的人们充分意识到健康的重要性,喜欢进行户外运动。 23) The date of the meeting has been ___________ from November 10 to November 3. A. advanced B. allocated C. delayed D. progressed 会议日期已从 11 月 10 号提前到 11 月 3 号。 24) What advantages do you think she ________ other girls in applying for the position? A. takes of B. gets over C. takes up D. has over 你认为她在申请这个职位上比其他女孩具有什么优势? 25) The teacher__________ the student against dropping out of school. 老师劝那个学生不要退学。 A. advised B. agreed C. advertised D. allocated 26) The drug did not ________ his health, and, in fact, it seemed to have no ________ at all. A. effect; effect B. effect; affect C. affect; affect D. affect; effect 这种药没有影响他的健康,事实上,似乎一点效果都没有。 27) Who else except a millionaire in the world could __________ to use such an expensive car as Werke (宝马)? A. pay B. afford C. appreciate D. admire 除了百万富翁外谁能付得起钱买像宝马这么贵的汽车呢? 28) My view on the project is the very opposite to yours. That’s to say, I don’t _________ you at all. A. agree on B. agree to C. agree with D. agree about agree with 同意;赞成;与…一致;适合; agree to 同意;赞成(提议;安排;计划等);agree on 对…取得一致意 见;商定;达成协议 关于这项计划我的观点和你的相反,也就是说,我一点也不赞成你的意见。 29) This project ________helping poor children living in remote areas receive education. A. adapts to B. aims at C. intends to D. concentrates on 这项工程旨在帮助偏远地区贫困的孩子接受教育。 30) It has been __________ that candidates shall remain in their seats until all the papers have been collected. A. announced B. declared C. advocated D. reported 已经宣布,在所有试卷收上来之前,应试者必须留在座位那里。 Ⅲ. 本课要点回顾 (在临下课 5 分前将所板书的要点进行回顾) Ⅳ. 预习作业布置 (在下一节课上,将对本课所练习的重点内容进行检测)


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第 4 课时
学校 ____________________________ 任课教师___________ 课型 词汇练习与检测 教学时间 总第( )课时 教学内容 教学目标 作业布置 高中英语词汇强化训练第二单元 通过强化训练达到专练第二单元总的目标,通过做题进行检测。 作业内容 训练第 1 题和第 3 题 所需时间 10-20 分 完成时间 把这两道题抄做在作业本上,书写要规范、工整。如果课上时间充足,可在 做题要求 课堂上做,如果时间不充足,留在课下做。要求学生不要看任何参考资料, 独立完成。老师对作业要进行及时批改和讲评。

板书设计 教学札记 教学过程 Ⅰ. 检查作业:抽查专练的第二和第四大题(可以让学生到黑板上把答案写出) 1. 根据汉语意思写出下列英语短语及词组 1) 因(做)某事而钦佩某人 admire sb. for (doing) sth. 2) 准许某人入学 admit sb. to /into 3) 优于;胜过 have / gain / win an advantage over 4) 利用某事 take advantage of sth. 5) 建议某人不做做某事 advise sb. against doing sth. 6)(出于恐惧)不敢做某事 be afraid to do sth. 7) 担心某事发生 be afraid of doing sth. 8) 毕竟;终归;还是 after all 9) 把某事提到日程上 put / place sth. on the agenda 10) 容貌与年龄相符 look one’s age 2. 完成句子 1) 大多数人钦佩别人的其中一种品质就是他(她)乐于承认自己的错误。 One of the qualities that most people admire in others is the willingness to admit one’s mistakes. 2) 这对好心的夫妻决定收养这个被亲生父母抛弃的女婴。 The kindhearted couple decided to adopt the baby girl abandoned by her natural parents. 3) 她丰富的经验使她比其他求职者具有有利条件。 Her rich experience gave her an advantage over other applicants for the job. 4) 在日常生活中,我们应提倡节约用水以防止水被滥用。 We should advocate saving water in our daily life to prevent it being abused. 5) 他不敢走过那座窄桥, 因为他担心会掉进河里。 He was afraid to walk across the narrow bridge because he was afraid of falling into the river. 6) 动物园里的动物变得更具有攻击性并经常袭击游客,是因为游客经常袭扰或伤害动物。 That animals in the zoos become more aggressive and often attack tourists results from the fact that tourists often annoy or hurt the animals. 7) 尽管我不适合那里的天气,如果你允许让我去,我也同意去。 Though I don’t agree with the weather there, I agree to the trip if you allow me to go. 8) 你根本不该指控他偷盗。毕竟他是个孩子,更为重要的是,他总共只偷了两元钱。 You shouldn’t accuse him of stealing at all; he is a child after all. Above all, he only stole two yuan in all. 9) 政府应向低收入家庭和下岗工人划拨一些生活补贴以帮助他们度过难关。 The government should allocate some living allowances to lower income families and laid-off workers to help them out. 10) 他是个有抱负的人。他的目标是成为一位伟大的发明家。他现在正尽全力去实现他的梦想。 He is a man of ambition. His aim is to become a great inventor. He is now trying his best to make his dream come true. 11) 你如果采纳了他的建议,你就会容易地适应新环境。 If you adopted his advice, you would adapt to the new environment easily. 12) 我怀着一种既好笑又不相信的复杂心情听了他讲述的冒险经历。 I listened to his adventure with a mixture of amusement and disbelief. 中天教育山东枣庄高考补习学校电子备课高三英语(普通班)教案
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13) 面对问题,你首先应该分析一下,然后设法找到正确的方法加以解决。 Faced with a problem, you have to analyze it first and then try to find an appropriate approach to it. 14) 如果你这样开车,你就得对所产生的后果负责。 If you drive like this, you'll have to answer for the consequences. 15) 当他宣布竞赛的结果时,大家都静静地倾听,急切想知道是谁获胜了。 Everyone was silent as he announced the result of the competition, anxious to know who was the winner. Ⅱ. 新授 1. 讲练强化训练的完形填空(在老师讲解前,给学生留出约 15 分钟做题) I often read of incidents of misunderstanding or conflict. I’m left 1 . Why do these people 2 mistrust and problems, especially with those from other races? I was growing up in Kuala Lumpur in the early 1960s, when children from different races and religions played and studied together in 3 . At that time my family lived a stone’s 4 from Ismail’s. And no one was bothered that Ismail was a Malay Muslim and I was an Indian Hindu --- we just 5 our differences. Perhaps, our elders had not filled our heads with unnecessary advice, well 6 or otherwise. We were nine when we became friends. During the school holidays, we'd 7 the countryside on our bicycles, hoping to 8 the unexpected. At times Ismail would 9 my family as we made a rare shopping trip to town. We would be glad of his company. When I was twelve, my family moved to Johor. Ismail’s family later returned to their village, and I 10__ touch with him. One spring afternoon in 1983, I stopped a taxi in Kuala Lumpur. I 11 my destination. The driver __12__ my instructions but did not move off. Instead, he looked 13 at me. “Raddar?" he said, using my childhood nickname. I was 14 at being so familiarly addressed (称呼). Unexpectedly! It was Ismail! Even after two __15 we still recognized each other. 16 his shoulder, I felt a true 17 , something hard to describe. If we can 18 our children to be themselves without 19 , they'll build friendships with people, regardless of race or religion, who will be by their side through thick and thin. On such friendships are societies built and 20 we can truly be a band of brothers. (根据 2012 年高考福建卷改编) 1. A. aggressive B. addicted C. puzzled D. excited 2. A. violate B. handle C. assess D. create 3. A. harmony B. trouble C. secret D. panic 4. A. drop B. throw C. move D. roll 5. A. refused B. made C. sought D. accepted 6. A. paid B. meant C. preserved D. treated 7. A. explore B. search C. discover D. desert 8. A. get through B. deal with C. come across D. answer for 9. A. admire B. lead C. follow D. accompany 10. A. lost B. gained C. developed D. missed 11. A. stated B. ordered C. decided D. chose 12. A. analyzed B. acknowledged C. announced D. adopted 13. A. anxiously B. carelessly C. disappointedly D. fixedly 14. A. astonished B. annoyed C. allergic D. awkward 15. A. departures B. months C. years D. decades 16. A. Pulling B. Measuring C. Scratching D. Grasping 17. A. adaptation B. acquisition C. affection D. ambition 18. A. persuade B. allow C. affect D. forbid 19. A. liberty B. prejudice C. privilege D. sympathy 20. A. still B. otherwise C. then D. instead 1-5 CDABD 6-10 BACDA 11-15 ABDAD 16-20 DCBBC 2. 短文填空 (根据课堂的情况进行灵活操作,可留作学生课下的背诵范文) Ⅲ. 本课要点回顾 (所板书的内容) Ⅳ. 预习作业布置 (预习专练第三单元的第一和第三大题) 中天教育山东枣庄高考补习学校电子备课高三英语(普通班)教案
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